True Induction 30" Electric Built-in Induction Cooktop Stove Review

True Induction 30″ Electric Built-in Induction Cooktop Stove Review

True Induction 30" Electric Built-in Induction Cooktop Stove Review

If you usually like to buy home appliances with top ratings by other users, you will definitely want to have the True Induction 30″ Electric Built-in Induction Cooktop Stove model. This induction range cohas excellent safety features, as well as cutting-edge technological solutions. Let’s take a look at its pros and cons.

Key Features

4 burners

This model has 4 very good burners. The pan zones are rather large. The burners differ in size and are therefore suitable for different pans and pots. There is one small, one medium and two large burners.

Pan detector

Pan detector is a very useful feature, especially when it comes to energy efficiency. This model has a pan detector which activates the heating mode only after you put the pan/pot onto the burner surface. Furthermore, the surrounding zones do not get warm. The pan sensor detects when you remove the pot and the device automatically shuts down.

2-year warranty

The manufacturer provides a good warranty. It lasts for 2 years. Similar models usually come with a 1-year warranty.

Safety features

This induction range is equipped with various safety features important for easy and effortless handling, as well as the protection of your children, elderly, and yourself. It has children safety systems, safety turn-off feature, very good controls, and a simple user interface.


  • Energy-efficient
  • Time-saving
  • Has 4 burners
  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • 30-inch
  • High-quality
  • Children safety features
  • Sleek design
  • Quick response time
  • Touch controls
  • Safety turn-off system
  • Has a black ceramic glass surface
  • It is easy to clean
  • Not very noisy
  • Seamless surface
  • Power-sharing technology
  • Simple to use
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • This model doesn’t have the self-clean system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the best induction range according to the users?

Answer: Yes, according to the users, is it. They were very satisfied with the burners, safety features, as well as the quick response by the appliance. Furthermore, the users were happy with the 2-year warranty.

In comparison to other similar products in the market, this is a very good choice, a great value for money, and a good-looking appliance that will enrich your kitchen.

What is the power-sharing technology? How does it improve my appliance performance?

Answer: The power-sharing technology enables using all burners at the same time. As this model comes with the power-sharing technology, you can use all four burners simultaneously. You will not experience any problem with your power supply.

True is oriented to energy saving and efficient cooking technologies. This is why this advanced power-sharing feature allows splitting the wattage between the burners.

We must emphasize that the appliance requires 240 volts in order to use all four burners simultaneously.

What kind of certificates does this model have?

Answer: This model is well-known for its safety features and certificates, including the ADA (energy-efficiency) certificate and the UL 858 (safety) certificate.

What is the heating technology and performance of this device like?

Answer: This device is very good at saving energy. With its quick response time, even heat distribution and instant heat adjustments, it gives the best possible performance among the devices belonging to this category.

How can I clean this appliance?

Answer: As this model does not have the self-clean system, you will have to clean it yourself. However, the good news is that the unit has a ceramic glass surface. It is very easy to clean it. You will need a mild detergent, warm water, and a soft wipe.

Never use abrasive wipes, wires, or aggressive cleaning products to clean this appliance.

Does this model have any safety features?

Answer: True Induction 30-inch built-in induction range has excellent EZ touch controls, child safety system, turn-off upon removing the pot, and a very simple user interface which disables making any kind of a wrong move with this appliance. You don’t have to learn any special controls to manage the burners.

Furthermore, the already mentioned auto turn-off system makes it impossible to forget to turn off your appliance. It is a very safe product which saves energy, time, and provides you comfort while preparing food.


True Induction 30-inch induction range deserves one of the best ranks among all products of this kind in the market due to its superb design, excellent safety features, 4 burners, pan detector technology, the auto shut-off feature, as well as warranty. Its only flaw is the fact that it does not have the self-cleaning system. However, it is a great value for money and the best choice according to the users.


Colin Matthews

Colin is an aspiring chef having completing his degree in culinary arts in California. His guilty pleasure is buying the latest & greatest (and sometimes, useless) in kitchen cookware and gadgets.

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