Best Calphalon Dutch Ovens [Reviews and Buying Guide]

Shopping for a Calphalon Dutch Oven? The Classic Hard-Anodized Nonstick 7-Quart is the best model from the brand. While many other of the companyís Dutch ovens are dishwasher-safe, this exceptionally durable pot comes with extra features that make for convenient cooking.

This review and buying guide is a result of careful research of over two dozen Calphalon Dutch ovens out of which we present the top models and their best use.

The Top Calphalon Dutch Ovens Reviewed

 Product's nameStovetop CompatibilityCapacity/Special FeaturesBest ForMore Info
No products found.No products found.Gas, electric, halogen, and glass stovetops6.62 liters, (6 to 8 servings);
Straining lid, measuring marks, pour spout
Best OverallNo products found.
No products found.No products found.Induction, gas, glass, and electric stovetops4.73 liters (4 to 5 servings);
Tight-fitting tempered glass lid
Best High-End OptionNo products found.
No products found.No products found.Gas, electric, and glass stovetops4.73 liters (4 to 5 servings); Silicon glass lid rims, two pourBest Budget OptionNo products found.
No products found.No products found.Induction, gas, electric ring, halogen, and glass stovetops4.73 liters (4 to 5 servings); Straining holes, fill marks, domed lidBest No Nonstick OptionNo products found.
No products found.No products found.Induction, halogen, gas, ceramic, and electric stovetops4.73 liters (4 to 5 servings); Domed tempered glass lidBest DesignNo products found.
No products found.No products found.Gas, halogen, electric ring, and glass stovetops8.04 liters (8 to 10 servings);
Stay-cool stainless-steel handles
Best Large CapacityNo products found.
No products found.No products found.Gas, electric, glass, and halogen stovetops4.73 liters (4 to 5 servings); Tight-fitting tempered glass lid, stainless-steel stay-cool handlesBest for SearingNo products found.
No products found.No products found.Electric, glass, and gas stovetops4.73 liters (4 to 5 servings); Flat tempered glass lidBest Space-Saving DesignNo products found.

Find the Right Calphalon Dutch Oven for You

No products found.

Best Overall

No products found.

No products found.

The Classic Hard-Anodized Nonstick model is a tough-looking Dutch oven with a double-layered exterior and a nonstick interior both made from 100% hard-anodized aluminum. This quality gives it a rough appearance that resists stains and prevents chips.

Besides durability, the high-quality material prevents food from sticking and burning, and also makes the pot a breeze to clean. The weight combined with the flat base means the pot can sit on almost any stovetop.

The large pot can accommodate a whole chicken. It features two wide metallic loop handles for easy lifting, a lid with a strainer combined with a pour spout that allows for easy draining of veggies and noodles. Measuring marks etched into the pot makes for convenient cooking.

On top of it all, the pot has an incredibly low price tag it can easily pass as our best budget option.

However, you might be slightly disappointed if you prefer a wide collection of colorful cookware to choose from since this Dutch oven only comes in black. Thatís not a deal-breaker for many people, though, because what it lacks in variety, the Classic Hard-Anodized Nonstick Dutch oven makes up for in significantly longer lifespan.


  • Ideal choice for large families
  • Double layer nonstick interior is easy to clean
  • Distributes heat evenly


  • Not suitable for induction stovetops
  • Base tends to wrap over time
No products found.

Best High-End Option

No products found.

No products found.

If you are looking to invest in a high-end Calphalon Dutch oven, the Premier Stainless-Steel 5-Quart model might be worth considering. It is not called a ďpremierĒ Dutch oven for nothing. The elegant pot delivers precision cooking performance, thanks to its heavy-gauge aluminum core that does a great job of absorbing, distributing, and retaining heat for long periods.

For oven use, the product is rated for up to 450oF, so you can easily move it from any stovetop to your kitchen oven. Lifting it between surfaces is pretty easy because of the wide loop handles. Plus, the tight-fitting lid traps steam for more flavorful cooking.

Most Calphalon Dutch ovens are not suitable for use on induction stovetops, and that is what really sets this model apart from the rest. The potís design includes a magnetic stainless-steel construction, making it compatible with induction stovetops as well as other heat sources.

With its fully clad, three-layer metal construction, this Dutch oven is ideal for exceptional searing, sautťing, and browning. You can put it in a dishwasher for hassle-free cleanup but hand washing will make the pot last even longer.

The Dutch oven has a lifetime warranty, allowing customers to shop more confidently.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Compatible with induction stovetops
  • Durable tempered glass lid for everyday use


  • Metal might leach during the first few uses
  • Tend to stick a little
No products found.

Best Budget Option

No products found.

No products found.

Our budget pick is the Simply Calphalon Easy System Nonstick 5-Quart Dutch oven. While it might come at an affordable price, this model is definitely not a low-quality product.

Calphalon put a great deal of ingenuity into piecing this pot together, and the result is a multi-layer nonstick Dutch oven constructed from hard-anodized aluminum for improved durability. In addition to the good-quality construction, the pot dons a chic, modern design that blends with most contemporary kitchen dťcor.

Choose this pot if you want to cook flavorful meals because the lid tightly covers the pot and the silicon rims ensure moisture does not escape during cooking. To make everyday cooking truly easy, this model features not one but two pour spouts, allowing you to conveniently drain liquids from both sides of the Dutch oven. All you have to do is align the built-in straining holes on the glass lid with either of the pour spouts to neatly drain liquids from your food.

The over 4-liter capacity pot has a wide-enough diameter to cook meals for an average-sized family. With an interior etched with fill marks, it is a lot easier to measure what you want to cook and avoid a boil-over.


  • Silicon rims on lid for a tighter seal
  • Capable of draining liquids from both sides of the Dutch oven
  • Etched fill marks for easy measuring of liquid or dry ingredients


  • Handle can get really hot since the silicon-wrapped part is rather small
  • Pot wall not high enough to catch splatters
No products found.

Best Stainless Steel

No products found.

No products found.

If you want a Calphalon Dutch oven but are concerned about nonstick cook surfaces, the Classic Stainless-Steel 5-Quart Dutch oven might just be the right product for you. This model comes in a brushed stainless-steel construction with an impact-bonded aluminum base. Whether you plan to use it for browning or searing meat, this unique construction ensures fast and even distribution of heat throughout the pot.

Similar to the other Dutch oven models on this list, this option also comes with time-saving features. This includes fill lines to help you keep an eye on your measurements and a pour spout for convenient draining of liquids (you donít need to buy a separate colander for this purpose). Also, the cover has built-in straining holes that can be aligned with the pour spout to drain liquids.

The double-riveted ergonomic handles are long enough to provide a secure grip, and they stay cool when used on stovetops. You can also use it in an oven and broiler.

For greater convenience, this Dutch oven model is dishwasher-safe. However, consider washing it by hand to prolong the lifespan of the stainless-steel. In case of any manufacturing defects, the product is backed by Calphalonís full lifetime warranty.


  • Great choice for average size families
  • Safe for use on several heat sources, including induction stovetops, electric ring, and glass
  • Backed by a full lifetime warranty


  • Doesnít have the heft or density of other similar-sized models
  • Most foods will stick to the pot unless preheated correctly
No products found.

Best Design

No products found.

No products found.

Painstakingly designed with a polished, stainless-steel exterior and a satin-finished interior, the Trip-Ply Stainless-Steel 5-Quart Dutch oven does not only look great in most kitchens but also offers outstanding cooking performance.

This Calphalon Dutch oven has two fine layers of stainless steel with an aluminum core. Together, these materials combine to provide greater heat conductivity and even heat distribution. You can use the pot on all stovetops, including induction, electric, and ceramic stovetops.

With a transparent tempered glass lid, you can easily monitor your food to prevent burning. Also, moisture and flavor have little to no chance of escaping since you donít have to open the cover.

Tri-Ply Stainless-Steel 5-Quart has cast loop handles that are wide enough for a secure grip. It also features a non-porous cooking surface that is safe for use with just about any kitchen utensil.

One of the remarkable features of this pot is the domed lid with inside points. This feature makes it possible to cook extra flavorful meats because the lid allows continuous self-basting. It is also a great choice for browning and braising meats, as well as for preparing stews and soups. Its versatility gives you the best bang for your buck.


  • See-through tempered glass lid seals tightly
  • Can go from stove or oven directly to the table
  • Reflective inner and cook surface for easy food monitoring


  • Can scratch easily
  • Shallow pot, might not be suitable for some purposes
No products found.

Best Large Capacity

No products found.

No products found.

The Contemporary Hard-Anodized Aluminum Nonstick 8.5-Quart Dutch oven has a capacity of slightly over eight liters, making it the ideal choice for large cooking, such as entertaining or family reunions.

It comes in a sleek, eye-catching design that blends nicely with most modern kitchen dťcors. The exterior color is not merely surface coating. Instead, it is a result of the hard-anodizing process, which every piece in this product line undergoes. Thatís why the color wonít fade and the pot wonít peel, crack, or chip, even when you clean it in a dishwasher.

But beyond aesthetics, the large Dutch oven features long, stainless-steel handles that remain cool during cooking on stovetops. You can also use it in a kitchen oven, as long as you donít exceed 450oF. Plus, you donít have to remove the tempered glass lid for oven use.

Regardless of its large size, you donít have to worry about excessive seasoning before use. The nonstick surface encourages healthy eating habits by allowing you to cook all your favorite meals using less fat. Also, the heavy-gauge aluminum construction means your food will cook nicely because it distributes heat evenly.

This Calphalon Dutch oven, like others, comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Excellent option for large cooking
  • Long, brushed stainless-steel handles
  • Great build quality


  • Might be too shallow for some cooking purposes
  • Slightly less sturdy and doesnít have enough heft for its size
No products found.

Best for Searing

No products found.

No products found.

If searing tops the list of things you want to do with a Dutch oven, you may want to look at the Signature Hard-Anodized Nonstick 5-Quart Dutch oven. With a superior three-layer nonstick interior, this option is a great choice for evenly searing, browning, and sautťing food. But thatís not to say you canít use it for braises, stews, and stocks. Calphalon designed this pot for multiple uses.

Unlike most other models, this Signature cookware is oven-safe up to 500oF and works well with a variety of heat sources, including gas, electric, halogen, and glass stovetops. The heavy-gauge, hard-anodized aluminum construction ensures the cookware will deliver precision performance for years to come.

The pot features loop stainless-steel handles that are wide enough to allow for a firm grip when moving it between surfaces. The handles donít get hot when cooking on stovetops, so you donít have to worry about getting burned when you touch them.

You can use this pot to conveniently cook for a family or group of four to five persons. Put it in a dishwasher when you are done or hand-wash it if you prefer. The build quality is durable enough to withstand long-term wear and tear.


  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Superior nonstick quality compared to Calphalon Classic models


  • Lightweight lid might not tightly cover the pot
  • Pot might move during stirring as the bottom does not offer friction
No products found.

Best Space-Saving Design

No products found.

No products found.

If there is not enough room in your kitchen cabinet, you may want to choose the Premier Space-Saving Nonstick 5-Quart Dutch oven.

Instead of the usual handle (or knob) in the middle of the lid, the handles are located at the sides. This unique cover design allows you to stake multiple pots in any order and save space, as long as all the pieces are the same diameter.

This cookware will not dent or warp easily because it is made using the thickest gauge available. Apart from improving durability, the heavier gauge makes the Dutch oven sturdier and prevents it from tipping over easily.

While you can find nonstick options in Calphalonís Classic product line, this Premier model has a superior nonstick quality that lasts up to 40% longer than Classic models. What this means for users is a near-impossible chance of food sticking to the pot during cooking.

After use, you can choose to clean the Dutch oven in a dishwasher or hand-wash it. In any case, the hard-anodized exterior and the three-layer nonstick interior are tough enough to resist chips and metal utensils, so you donít have to worry about scratching the pot.


  • Stainless-steel handle stays cool while cooking on stovetops
  • Stacks and nests multiple pots and pans
  • Withstands metal spoons, spatulas, and whisks


  • Might be cumbersome to remove the lid while cooking
  • The handles on the lid can get very hot

Calphalon Dutch Ovens Buying Guide

What to Look for When Buying Calphalon Dutch Ovens

Calphalon is one of the few brands that manufacture dishwasher-safe Dutch ovens. As the first cookware company to perfect the process of hard-anodizing aluminum pots, Calphalon Dutch ovens are usually reliable and most of all, moderately priced.

But as you may have already guessed, not every Calphalon Dutch oven will suit everyone. Keep an eye out for the following features, as they will help you decide which model best meets your needs.


Can a Dutch oven be too big for your needs? Yes, it can! Hereís the deal. It is not economical to buy a large Dutch oven if you donít have a sizable number of people to feed. You will be wasting money, as there will only be a small amount of food on the cooking surface while heating a large oven.

Conversely, you simply cannot overfill a small-capacity Dutch oven to cater to a large number of people.

Your safest bet would be to work out the best capacity that suits your need. Dutch ovens are measured in quarts. A generally safe assumption is to take one quart as equal to one serving. With this rule, you can easily determine which capacity will feed the number of people you plan to cook for with the pot.

Compatibility with Stovetop

It is frustrating to end up with a Calphalon Dutch oven that is not safe to use on your stovetop. Most models are compatible with several heat sources, including gas, electric, halogen, and glass stovetops.

However, you need to make sure that the specific option you want to buy suits your stovetop. This is particularly true if you use an induction stovetop, as not many Calphalon Dutch ovens are induction-capable.


Most of the models on this list have tempered glass lids. But there are a few differences to take note of before choosing one.

First, some lids are equipped with silicon rims that make them fit tightly for extra sealing. In many models, you will find lids with built-in strainers for easy draining of liquids.

While all of these features are great, they might cause moisture to escape, especially if the pot features a pour spout. If you choose a Calphalon Dutch oven with these features, you need to make sure the lid fits nicely each time you use it.

If cooking flavorful dishes are your thing, you may want to consider a dome-shaped lid, as these are better at trapping moisture and allow for continuous self-basting.

Some models have lids with loop handles similar to those on the pot. These are your best bet if you have limited storage space.


Consider buying a Calphalon Dutch oven with ergonomic handles that are long or wide enough for secure grips, especially if you are choosing a large-capacity model. Sturdy handles make lifting a breeze, even if a heavy Dutch oven is filled to the brim.

It is also a great idea to go for options with stay-cool handles, as these will not get hot when used on stovetops. However, it is best to use a thick towel or an oven mitt if you plan to use the pot in an oven, even if it has stay-cool handles.

Heat Resistance

The best Calphalon Dutch ovens are oven-safe, with most of them capable of withstanding temperatures between 400oF and 450oF. It is important to carefully consider this factor before buying one because using a pot at higher than ideal temperatures can quickly damage it.

If you plan to do a lot of searing and browning, you should probably get a Calphalon Dutch oven rated for temperatures up to 500oF. But you can choose models with lower heat resistance if all you mostly do is preheat the pot on a stovetop before transferring to an oven to gently cook stew or broth.


Most Dutch ovens are not dishwasher-safe. Thankfully, Calphalon makes dishwasher-safe models. While this capability might not be absolutely necessary, you might want to consider it if you want extra convenience. In any case, even if you choose a dishwasher-safe Calphalon Dutch oven, the standard recommendation is to hand-wash it.

FAQs for Calphalon Dutch Ovens

Can a Calphalon Dutch oven go in the oven?

Yes, Calphalon Dutch ovens are oven-safe up to 450oF. While you can put it directly in the oven, it is best to preheat it or start cooking on a stovetop before moving it to your oven to finish cooking, depending on the recipe. Most Calphalon cookware with rubber or plastic handles can withstand high temperatures in the oven.

Can Calphalon glass lids go in the oven?

Yes, you can put Calphalon tempered glass lids in the oven at temperatures not exceeding 450oF. All Calphalon glass lids undergo a process of thermal tempering, resulting in glass lids that are up to four times stronger than regular glass. However, the Select and Simply collections feature glass lid handles covered in silicone, meaning they are ideal for temperatures up to 400oF. Calphalon glass lids are not broiler-safe.

Is Cuisinart or Calphalon better?

Both brands are known for using high-quality materials, although there are differences in advanced construction. Cuisinart makes low-cost standard nonstick aluminum cookware, which translates to more affordable products. Conversely, Calphalon offers hard-anodized aluminum options with a more solid feel at relatively higher prices. But when it comes to withstanding high temperature, Cuisinart is oven-safe up to 500oF while Calphalon range between 400oF and 500oF, depending on the specific product line.

Is Calphalon Signature or Premier better?

Both product lines are considered high-end offerings from Calphalon and come in both stainless steel and nonstick options. Both Premier and Signature collections are dishwasher-safe and are available in hard-anodized aluminum constructions. However, the Signature collection is your best bet if you plan to cook at temperatures exceeding 450oF.

Is Calphalon made in China?

The majority of the brandís Premier stainless-steel sets and some of its aluminum cookware lines are manufactured in Toledo, Ohio. However, the company sources many of its construction materials from a handful of Asian countries and Germany. Calphalon has also moved many of its product manufacturing to China. Its cast-iron products, in particular, are made in China.


Calphalon makes excellent Dutch ovens in all of its product lines. The best model, in our opinion, is the Classic Hard-Anodized Nonstick 7-Quart Dutch Oven. Apart from the durable construction, the potís strain lid, pour spout design, and inner measuring marks, all make for hassle-free cooking. The long stainless-steel handles donít get too hot when cooking on a stovetop. Plus, the large Dutch oven is moderately priced, making it a widely popular choice.

But if you prefer a medium-sized model that works well for both small and average-size families, you should consider buying the Simply Calphalon Easy System Nonstick 5-Quart Dutch Oven. Similar to our best overall choice, this option features measuring marks, a pour spout, and a built-in strainer. The Premier Space-Saving Nonstick 5-Quart Dutch Oven might be perfect for you if you have a small storage cabinet or kitchen. Its unique flat glass cover makes it easily stackable.

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