AcuRite 00620A2 Oven Thermometer Review

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Most modern ovens have high-quality digital temperature indicators. However, sometimes due to the interference and issues with the calibration. Sometimes, when the original thermometer goes bad you might want to find the best oven thermometer and to make it easier for the users we are reviewing AcuRite 00620A2 Oven Thermometer.

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Key Features

High-Quality Stainless Steel

The stainless steel used for the construction of this oven thermometer. Stainless steel will be good even if there is any mixture or adulteration. As this thermometer has a better quality stainless steel, you will not see any kind of wear and tear in the thermometer early. The AcuRite stainless steel body is uniform and feels sturdy in the hands.

Measures temperatures from 150 degrees to 600 degrees

When you buy a thermometer, you should find a thermometer, which can withstand high temperature. They should be able to measure a high degree of temperature. As this thermometer has 600 degrees of measuring ability. This is enough for any household and even it is enough for some of the restaurants as well.

Durability with protection glass lenses

Glass can definitely withstand a high level of temperature and for a clearer view, you should buy a thermometer, which has protective glasses with high visibility. As the material has stainless steel, the Glass is further protected by the steel itself. As it is NSF certified, it is expected that the thermometer will have better durability.

Design with a wide base and big dial

When you have a thermometer but there is not enough base for a better base, it is difficult to place the thermometer on the grill. Big base allows you to hang the thermometer properly. As it has a big 2.5-inch dial, you can see the readings and the hand very clearly. Scales are clearly visible and the markings are very bright. If the grill is very thick this will not have better balance.

Suitable for all kinds of grills but with just degree F induction

Even though it is compatible with all kinds of grills even if it is thick or thin. However, the degree of Fahrenheit representation is good. They could have provided with the degree Celsius marking for better understanding. As degree F is the major unit used by the Americans, it is also valid.


  • NSF certified.
  • The wider base area to allow for better placement on the oven racks.
  • This has a wide temperature scale up to more than enough 600 F.
  • Conveniently sized with the 2.5inch dial.
  • The temperature scale of the thermometer includes the stages of the oven cooking.
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel, which guarantees durability and clear protection from the corrosion.
  • Brightly colored indicators or the pointer for highly accurate readings of the temperature on this scale.
  • The scale on the thermometer is precisely marked and they are very vivid.
  • The dial on the thermometer and the glass lens are made of the tempered glass.
  • Also, it is suitable for all kinds of grills.
  • Conveniently priced product
  • Comes with company warranty guarantee.


  • The base of the thermometer may not look wide enough for the larger oven racks.
  • Temperature scale has readings in degree F but not Celsius.

Frequently Asked Questions

[mks_toggle title=”Are the marking visible even after heat and moisture?” state=”close “]The markings are bright but if the moisture is high, it is difficult to see.[mks_toggle title=” What kind of glass is used?” state=”close “] Most probably tempered glass.[mks_toggle title=”Can I replace the chain with a better one?” state=”close “]Don’t worry as it has a better quality chain.[mks_toggle title=”What is the warranty period?” state=”close “]10 years of warranty.[mks_toggle title=”Does this show results from the time go?” state=”close “]No. As it needs the temperature to rise above 150 degrees it takes a few minutes. [mks_toggle title=”Is it American made?” state=”close “]No. It is made in China.[mks_toggle title=”Do I need to remove it after the use?” state=”close “]No. There is no need to remove it unless you are cleaning the oven.[mks_toggle title=”Does this Crack when put this into the oven?” state=”close “]No. As it can withstand 600 degrees Fahrenheit it will not crack.[mks_toggle title=”Does this get hot too quickly?” state=”close “]Obviously, as the thermometer needs to detect the temperature inside the oven.

[mks_toggle title=”Does this include Celsius ratings?” state=”close “]Only ratings available on the thermometer is Fahrenheit but no Celsius representation.


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