AdmetiorT803BH Kitchen Oven Thermometer Review

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When you are searching for a thermometer for your oven, which can detect even high and low temperature, then you should consider AdmetiorT803BH Kitchen Oven Thermometer as it has few features, which places this thermometer in best oven Thermometer class. The company has placed the product at a decent price but you should buy a pair of the thermometer.

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Key Features

Stainless steel housing

One thing to understand about Iron, stainless steel and glass material is their behavior under high temperature. If the temperature is high the Iron becomes soft and hot. This reduces its durability. Glass and stainless are good when they are used together. This thermometer has a housing made from stainless steel and glass.

It has temperature detection from 50 degrees to 500 degrees

Some of the oven temperatures provide higher temperature detection but not the lower temperature detection as it is not needed in most of the cases. However, at times for a low-end temperature cooking. This allows the oven thermometer to detect the heat quickly as detection ability starts at 50 degrees.

Large display with good hanger

When the display is large, it is extremely easy to see the temperature readings even from a larger distance. With big 3.25 inches of display, it also has a strong hanger. The hanger has right cut so that you can hang them on the grill very easily. The markings are perfect and visibility is very high.

Light and portable design Design

Not all the oven thermometer are light. This has a 3.25-inch dial and you might think it must be heavy. No, it is not heavy rather it is very light. Large dial with portable design allows you to place the thermometer in the oven properly. The company has decided to sell the thermometer in pairs, which is a disappointment.

Thick base and anti-corrosion

Thick bases are important. Firstly, it will allow you to place the thermometer properly. Secondly, there will be less wear and tear. On top of that, this thermometer has anti-corrosion property. As vapors can affect the material and the thermometer, anti-corrosion property with NSF certification is a good thing to consider.


  • Light and highly portable.
  • Features a highly conveniently sized dial display with 3.25 inch
  • Features both degree C and the degree F temperature scales.
  • High-temperature range withstands up to the mark 500 F.
  • The temperature calibrations and the markings are perfect and vivid.
  • NSF certified.
  • Good solid and thick base, which allow for the placement on the oven racks.
  • Stainless steel based body for high durability and an anti-corrosion technology.


  • Occasional inaccuracies were reported.
  • Not waterproof.
  • No warranty or guarantees provided.
  • Occasional pointer inaacuracy or failure.

Frequently Asked Questions

[mks_toggle title=”What is the temperature range?” state=”close “]From 50 degrees to 500 degrees.[mks_toggle title=”How to recalibrate it?” state=”close “] There is no way. Sometimes heat has effects just let them self recalibrate.[mks_toggle title=”Does this have dual temperature ratings?” state=”close “]Yes. They have both degree F and degree C marking.[mks_toggle title=”How bright are the markings?” state=”close “]They are bright enough but not shiny.[mks_toggle title=”Are the two thermometers the same?” state=”close “]Yes. Both are the same in every aspect from design to the specification.[mks_toggle title=”Does it have a hanger?” state=”close “]Yes. The hanger is not only strong but it also has a long structure but not very long. You can even add one if you want.[mks_toggle title=”Can I remove the dial?” state=”close “]No. It is perfectly molded in the stainless steel. You cannot remove the dial and it is not at all a good idea to remove the dial.[mks_toggle title=”Does this go through the color change?” state=”close “]After the use, there was not much change in the color. The colors stay as it was before. But the heat does have a little bit of effect on the body for sure when you use it for a longer period of time.[mks_toggle title=”What should be the best place to place this thermometer inside the oven?” state=”close “]Anywhere but the main thing is you can see the thermometer clearly. So hanging them at an angle will help you.[mks_toggle title=”Can I buy just one thermometer?” state=”close “]No. They come in a pair and you have to buy them as a pair.


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