Bavarian Edge Kitchen Knife Sharpener by BulbHead

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Knife sharpening is a skill. Not Everyone can do it even if they have the material to sharpen it. However, if they have an easy to operate best knife sharpener, then they can sharpen it and one such knife sharpener is Bavarian Edge Kitchen Knife Sharpener by BulbHead. You might have seen this product on the TV. But, it’s important to review the product to check whether it has what it takes to be one of the top sharpeners.

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Key Features

High Quality With Single-Beveled Japanese Blades Sharpening Ability

This is a major improvement when it comes to the blades used in the knife sharpeners. The product uses fast response edges, which helps in sharpening the Single-Beveled Japanese Blades just in few seconds. Placement of the knife is important here. It can sharpen the edges if the knife is placed at particular angles such as 30 degrees of inclination.

Sharpen, Hone and Polish

As the technology used in this product allows you to do all the three actions, it is definitely one of the better products. The edges have thickener material, which will help in removing any irregular surfaces and hone the surface to suit for all purposes. Further, minute granules will help in polishing the edges.

Durability with Ultra Strong Tungsten Carbide

The durability of a sharpener depends upon its material rigidity. If the material is smooth or if it does not have a stronger surface, it will break during the sharpening process. However, this product has Tungsten Carbide material, which allows the users to clean the hardest knives.


The design looks little complex if you look at the product. However, it is flexible in nature. However, it is interesting to see how long they last as the spring might lose its elasticity after some time. If there is a reduction in elasticity then sharpener might require repair.

Two Independent Arms with Spring Action

The knife sharpener is not like the conventional Japanese sharpeners or grind down edge sharpeners, which may destroy the knives. This includes two arms, which moves swiftly with spring action. Because of this, there will be no unwanted extra force on the knives.


  • Can sharpen a commercial knife, Japanese, boning, chefs, serrated, pairing knives, etc.
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Razor sharp knife in just a few seconds
  • Ideal for a smooth and a serrated knife
  • Tungsten carbide is strong and contours and flexes different types of blades
  • Lifetime money back warranty/guarantee
  • The Spring action of the arms are independent and it helps you in sharpening the blades in different angles
  • Easy to store it
  • Quick sharpening
  • High-quality, Honing, polishing and sharpening the ability
  • Very Light in weight


  • Product’s Manufacturer information is not given properly on the product package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tungsten. This means you will get better durability.

Optimal angle would be 30 degrees. If you go below that then it will be considered as razor sharper and this device is for knives not razors.

Commercial knives have better quality materials. Yes, you can Sharpen the commercial knives. Better quality knives are very easy to Sharpen compared to the low-quality knives as they break easily.

No. You cannot. First of all, the manufacturer has clearly mentioned that you should not Sharpen the ceramic knives. It might be because it will loosen the spring.

No. It is one of the better ones. Because it cannot Sharpen the dull knives very effectively, it is not the best knife sharpener.

It says lifetime money-back guarantee but we feel contacting the manufacturer may be a tough job.

Not much. It is around 1. 05 pounds and this is a nominal weight when you consider knife sharpener.

Yes. But the sharpening is not that good. Rather, it has better honing capabilities.

Yes. You can hang it on the wall.

There is no clear mentioning of the manufacturer except that it is a Bavarian sharpener from Bullhead. It can be expected that it was made in either China or the USA.


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