Bertazzoni 36″ Gas And Electric Range Reviews

The right oven can make all the difference in your kitchen. After all, the oven is arguably the centerpiece for the entire room and determines a lot about the kinds of dishes you can make. A cheap or ineffective oven will limit your cooking options and make the entire place look worn down. But a great oven can enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen and let you make the most of your cooking skills.

The Bertazzoni Master Series 36″ Electric Oven definitely appears to be one of the latter models. But let’s dive into this Bertazzoni review guide in more depth to see if it’s worth your time and money.

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Best Overall 

The Bertazzoni Master Series 36″ Electric Oven is the perfect complement to kitchens that see a lot of business. It’s able to integrate with most existing kitchen layouts. It also comes with all the burners and extra features you could need to make all manner of dishes or dinners. The oven even includes an additional two-year warranty, which covers parts and labor if there’s an issue during the manufacturing process.

All of these aspects make the high asking price a little more palatable. There’s a lot to think about before deciding whether to purchase this oven, so let’s dive into the details.

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Buying Guide

Things to Consider Before Buying a Bertazzoni Range

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  • It’s a convection oven, meaning it uses several fans to circulate hot air around your food. This ostensibly has the effect of cooking your food more evenly. But the Bertazzoni does struggle a bit in this regard depending on the temperature settings and what you choose to cook. Its convection status also means you can use this oven for nonfood applications, like school projects that require a bit of baking.
  • It’s easy to take apart, meaning you’ll be able to clean it thoroughly whenever you like. You can even take the feet off of the oven if you want to lower it to fit with your countertop, although be advised that it’s quite heavy!
  • It’s safe. Each burner comes with a formal regulator that can stop fires or other hazards from arising. This means it’s a great choice for those with families or kids who are liable to pull at the burner buttons now and again.
  • The burners are designed for different functions. This is a little different from regular ovens that have relatively similar burners across their cooking surfaces. With this oven, you can use different burners for different cooking needs, like fast cooking or simmering.
  • This is electric, but it also comes in gas format. The prices aren’t that different depending on the variant you choose, though each comes with different advantages. Electric ovens heat up a little more quickly and can often cook your food more evenly. But gas ovens allow for finer control as you can change the temperature of your burners relatively instantly. Many professional chefs prefer gas ovens for this reason.

Bertazzoni Range Review: Features and Benefits


The Bertazzoni has a lot to like. For starters, it can be ignited with one hand and features a thermocouple safety device on every burner. This limits the possibility of accidental fires being started even with an electrical failure or faulty wiring. Families or those with kids will really appreciate this.

Continual grading is also included in its design, as is a back guard to prevent backsplash. It features several cooking zones, a simmer ring, a full width gas infrared broiler. That means the oven comes with all three major functionalities a kitchen cooking up needs: stovetop cooking, oven cooking, and broiling all in one.

The top of the oven is built with several designated cooking zones, ranging from dual work to rapid cooking to auxiliary. You can preset the temperature settings for the cooking zones if you need to handle multiple dishes at the same time.

The oven interior additionally has multiple preset functions you can initiate for easy cooking. These are things like bake, convection, broiler, fast preheat, or even or specific cooking modes like one designated setting for pizza. Those with busy lifestyles will appreciate being able to set and forget this oven to some extent thanks to these features.

Technical Specs

In terms of specifications, the Bertazzoni is about 36 inches across. It can be adjusted between 35 inches to 37.5 inches tall depending on whether you use the bottom feet. It also features a deep oven volume of about 5.9 feet cubed: plenty of space for full meals. It features five burners with knobs made of solid metal, so they won’t melt even under high temperatures. As an electric oven, you don’t need to worry about a gas leak or smell permeating throughout your home.

Brand Reputation

Bertazzoni has a decent brand reputation, particularly among those who want something that looks and feels high-quality without the expected price tag. They’re also known for taking customer complaints seriously.


The authentic Italian design of the oven imparts it both with aesthetic elegance and extra durability. The metal knobs are designed to resist heat damage and continue functioning even after lots of use. They’re also ergonomic.

The oven door closes softly and quietly, and it features tempered edge-to-edge triple glass. Not only does this make the oven window more difficult to break but it also makes it easier to clean. The aluminum metal of the burners and the cast-iron material of the grates are both very tough and will last for a long time to come.


Sizing is a bit trickier to judge because whether it’s right for your kitchen depends on the size available. It’s far from the largest oven on the market, but it’s also not the smallest electric kitchen appliance around. The top of the stove measures 36″ x 27 3/8th”, which affords you plenty of cooking space across the five burners. This does take up quite a bit of space in a kitchen, so it’s better for larger apartments or homes.

However, all this extra space is put to good use considering that you get five burners as opposed to the regular four. Those with studio apartments may want a smaller cooking appliance to accommodate their more extreme space restrictions.

The interior oven volume is among the largest in its class of oven, making it excellent for Thanksgiving dinners or for larger family get-togethers. You shouldn’t have any difficulty stacking multiple dishes on top of one another, especially since there are several shelves on either side of the oven interior.


The Bertazzoni really shines when it comes to performance. It’s one of the best electric ovens on the market for key cooking tasks like boiling water: capable of getting a pot roiling in under six minutes. The oven’s five main burners also include a dual-ring power burner that can produce up to 19,000 BTUs of heat. The smallest burner can get up to 750 BTUs for simmering or for gentler cooking tasks.

On the interior, the oven shows its excellence once again. It utilizes dual convection fans that produce even heat distribution through the seven included shelf levels. This is ideal for experienced chefs or home cooks that want their food to be cooked evenly.

Performance is also bolstered by the sensitive temperature gauges. These allow you to control the interior of the oven during preheating and baking stages. The temperature gauges can tell you exactly how high or low you need to crank the temperature for your ideal cooking environment.

All in all, the Bertazzoni is a precision tool that works well for home cooks who want the best.


Cleaning the Bertazzoni isn’t too difficult thanks to its design. The matte and/or textured color on the top and side of the oven make it easy to tell when a splatter or grease stain is present. It can also help you maximize the visual impact of your space once everything is clean.

The maintop is also designed to align with countertops as it’s integrated with various kitchens and appliances. This makes it less likely that food or grease will drip down the sides and out of reach, and makes it easier to clean up spills.

As mentioned above, the oven door glass is tempered and triple-layered to let you clean it without too much effort. The cast iron and aluminum elements of the burners are also resistant to wear and tear. They can be hand washed or thrown in a dishwasher depending on your preference.


The Bertazzoni calls for a high asking price thanks to its fantastic design and innovative controls. You can find it on Amazon or from other online marketplaces. Prices will generally range between $3500 at minimum, but you’ll more often find variants of these ovens around the $4000 range, particularly if they come in color. Stainless steel models are usually a little cheaper, though this isn’t necessarily a downside. Stainless steel is famous for its ability to resist corrosion and may end up looking better in the long run than even the best matte coating. Still, this aspect depends on the aesthetic of your kitchen.

Be prepared to plunk down between $3000 and $5000 for one of these top-tier ovens when all is said and done. Additional accessories like a cast iron griddle or porcelain trays may drive up the final asking price. It’s still a good idea to get these cooking tools if you want to use the oven to its maximum effect.


Despite all of the excellent positives, there are a few negatives you may experience when using this oven. Most egregiously, the interior oven doesn’t cook evenly all the time. Specifically, the left side of the oven tends to be a little hotter than the right side, meaning you may need to rotate your dish around to get even cooking.

This is annoying at best and a little frustrating at worst, especially considering the high asking price for the oven already. Tracey Moss of Amazon said it best: I would give it close to 5 stars for the burners. However, on the oven side, not so much.

Additionally, the cast-iron grates are beautiful and durable but can scratch the surface of the oven if you pick a stainless steel model. Ovens with matte surfaces fare a little better in this regard, but it’s still a design oversight. Over time, you may find that the stainless steel surface of your oven top looks clawed up like an animal got to it.

BestBertazzoni FAQ

Generally speaking, Bertazzoni has a pretty good reputation with its customers and across the market at large. They’re well-known for producing relatively affordable ovens that look a lot more expensive than they really are. They’re also known for producing ovens and oven accessories within reasonable quality limits, even at a fast pace.

The result is that most people like their Bertazzoni ovens, but repeating issues like uneven heating in the oven interiors have stuck around for some time. 

The exact cost of a Bertazzoni Range will vary, but you should expect to spend anywhere between $3000 and $6000 depending on the exact model you purchase and the vendor. Most ranges hover around the $4000 mark.

A sealed burner (also called closed) has a cap over the flame. This ends up allowing you to control the direction of the heat, making a safer cooking experience but less overall BTU output. The reverse is true for an open burner, which has better oxygen flow and a higher BTU output. Thus, open burners can warm things more quickly but are a little more dangerous.


Overall, we’d recommend the Bertazzoni Master Series 36″ Electric Oven for most users. Despite its problems with uneven interior heating, its other aspects, like its top-tier stovetop design, quality aesthetic, and ease of use, all make it a fine kitchen centerpiece. Most will end up liking its performance, especially for the majority of their cooking needs. You can check it out for yourself right here.

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