Best 24-Inch Ranges For 2021 [Buying Guide And Reviews]

The small size of 24-inch ranges makes them popular among small home and apartment holders. Although they are small, most of them have the same features you will find in their larger counterparts.

We have been closely assessing different cooking ranges, both in-person and online, for a very long time now. In-depth details will be given around the cooking ranges they are looking for. The GE JAS640RMSS to be right at the top when it comes to the best 24-inch ranges. 

This cooking range features a total of 2.9 cubic feet oven capacity, a storage drawer, 4 radiant burners, a ceramic glass cooktop, and a host of other features. Moreover, this cooking range is not going to break your wallet either. 

This guide will provide you with some of the best 24-inch cooking ranges you will find on the market. Plus, it also contains a buying guide that will highlight some essential points you must keep in mind when buying these products. 

So, keep reading to find everything you need to know about the best 24-inch ranges of 2021!

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Best 24-Inch Ranges




Best Overall 

This GE 24-inch range features 4 radiant burners with a smooth top design. This electric unit’s oven capacity is 2.9 cubic feet, and it also features a storage drawer. So, you won’t need any additional storage space to place your go-to cookware as you can place it within your cooking range’s storage. 

Additionally, this cooking range also comes with a steam clean feature to maintain the oven space without scrubbing. The cleaning cycle will run for about half an hour, and you won’t experience any odors or burnt food leftovers after that. 

It also comes with an in-oven broil feature, and there is a large window to keep an eye on your food without even opening the door. 

The range also comes with a ceramic glass cooktop that is comfortable to wipe clean. The oven also boasts an interior light to monitor the cooking process in progress. 

This cooking range also features front controls that makes everything very easy and accessible. Moreover, the unit is ADA compliant and UL-listed

The freestanding unit is easy to install and features a hot-surface light indicator too. However, you won’t find a temperature probe on it, and the finish is also not fingerprint-resistant. So, you will have to do some manual cleaning to keep it looking fresh. 

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Best Slide-In

Here’s another one by GE, and the freestanding unit has a slide-in design. This gas range comes with four sealed burners, and due to the slide-in construction, the unit can contain spills and make cleaning very easy. 

Apart from that, the cooktop also has an edge-to-edge design that also boasts heavy-duty cast-iron grates. You can enjoy the versatility of this cooking range with its decent-sized cooking surface that allows you to handle a variety of cookware.

The in-oven broil feature is present in this cooking range as well, and so is the steam clean. So, fast cooking and easy cleaning can be comfortably done. The modular design gives you a look for a modern unit, so you can flip it down to create that modern slide-in look.

There are front controls on this model as well, and you can access them easily. 

But that is not it! 

This range features an oven space of 29 cubic feet, and your purchase also includes an LP conversion kit. This cooking range is CSA and California Prop 65 certified and is ADA compliant as well. 

The continuous cooking grates present in this oven allow you to freely move your cookware from one burner to another without any problems. But this model, like the previous one, doesn’t feature fingerprint resistance, and you will have to wipe it down to maintain its looks frequently. Nevertheless, it has a steam-clean feature, making cleaning the oven space effortless with a 30-minute cycle. 

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Best 24-Inch Electric 

This freestanding cooking range by Whirlpool runs on electricity and features 2.96 cubic feet of oven space. There are four radiant elements present in the cooktop, and the design features Upswept SpillGuard. With this design, the cooking range has raised edges, which means the spills can be contained easily, and you can wipe them clean easily. 

There is a hot-surface light indicator as well, and you can prevent yourself from burning if the grates are too hot to touch just by having a look at this light. Similarly, there is a hot-oven light indicator too.

Moreover, the cooking range features a couple of 8-inch elements for you to cook different dishes at once. The 6-inch elements are useful for preparing sauces or any of those side dishes. The range comes with a wide oven window for you to see what’s going on inside it. This cooking range is UL-listed and ADA compliant. 

But you will still not get a fingerprint-resistant finish on this and will have to do some manual cleaning. 

The cooking range also comes with a warming drawer so you can place your food when it’s ready and serve it whenever you need it. 

The control knobs are comfortable to use, and the burners can produce over 6000W of output. So, you can comfortably prepare any recipe using this cooking range. 

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Best For Premium  Quality

This Whirlpool unit comes with a broiler drawer that separates it from the rest of the category ranges. It will allow you to use high temperatures for quickly melting, crisping, and searing your favorite foods. 

This 24-inch gas range features a freestanding design, and there are 4 sealed burners present on it. These sealed burners are very simple to clean and are sealed to prevent any food debris from falling into them. 

One of these burners is the AccuSimmer burner to maintain low heat evenly when cooking your favorite soups and sauces. Plus, these burgers reduce fuel consumption, and you are more in control of what you are cooking. 

You can simultaneously handle different recipes with this design as there is a separate burner for high heat, and you can use the oven and the cooktop. This kind of versatility is not easy to see in this range size category. 

The cooktop also features a high-eat burner, and you can use it to serve warm food fast. The grates of this range are made of cast-iron, and they are continuous in design to move around your pots and pans with ease comfortably. These grates are dishwasher safe, and you can clean them whenever they get messy. 

The oven capacity is 2.96 cubic feet, and the cooking range is ADA compliant. All the burners on this cooking range can produce more than 42,000 BTUs, and you can use them to create a variety of dishes with ease. 

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Best Freestanding Range 

The freestanding 24-inch cooking range by Frigidaire features a 1.9 cubic feet oven space, and there are four different coil elements that it has. These coil elements have porcelain bows, and they can heat up and cool down fast. Cleaning them also becomes a more manageable job due to these bowls. 

The oven space could have been a bit bigger, but it still is enough to prepare different recipes simultaneously. Another feature of this cooking range is that it comes with a storage drawer, and you can use it to place your frequently used cookware here. 

What’s more here is this cooking range also features a hidden bake element that will allow you to keep the bottom clean and with ease. There are color-coordinated knobs present on this cooking range, and they match the finish of this cooking range for a neat look. 

The cooking range has a compact design, but it can still conveniently hold 10 lbs of turkey without any issues. This range is also ADA compliant and features Frigidaire’s even baking technology, which means you won’t have to worry about any hot spots at all. 

But there is a catch! 

This cooking range doesn’t come with preheat oil high heat burners. This means you will have to time your cooking process and to serve well. The unit also features a hot-surface light indicator that will keep you safe from burning yourself.

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Best Budget

This model by Frigidaire is the best if you are looking for a budget option. There are four burners present on the top, and the oven capacity of this unit is 1.9 cubic feet.  

This model comes with continuous grates, and you can easily shift your cookware from one burner to another. The burners have a sealed design, which means you won’t have to deal with any food debris falling into the burners. So, cleaning them is quite comfortable. 

It also comes with a storage drawer that you can use as an extra storage space to place your frequently used cookware. Like the previous model, this one also features color-coordinated knobs that match the finish of the range. 

There are some additional features that you will enjoy using. These include the Vari-Broil system’s likes, even-bake technology, hidden bake elements, and two flat racks you can place in the oven and cook different dishes at once. 

Two finishes are available in this model, but none of them come with any fingerprint resistance. Therefore, you will have to do some manual cleaning and frequent biases to maintain the fine shine on this model. 

You will also notice that the oven window this range comes with should have been a little bigger. There is a light inside it to see what’s going on, but a bigger window would have been much more convenient.  

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Best 24-Inch Ranges Buying Guide

There are not many brands currently on the market that have different varieties of 24-inch ranges. We have highlighted some of the most important features you must consider when buying these 24-inch cooking ranges. 


Most of the 24-inch ranges come with four burners and seem to be the industry standard. But some models might also feature five. The thing is, you need to make sure they produce enough BTUs so you can enjoy the flexibility in cooking with them. 

Most of the models will feature high heat cooking burners ranging from around 8000 BTUs. There will be another burner for low heat cooking that might produce around 2500 BTUs. You need to decide what numbers suit your needs. 

Oven capacity 

You will be utilizing your oven as much as you use those burners on the top of it. So, you need to look for the right oven capacity as well. Most of these models will come with a single oven, while the capacity might differ. 

2 to 3 cubic feet oven capacity is what you should look for. You will find 2 cubic feet ovens mostly because of the size and dimensions, but you can find 3 cubic feet oven capacity if you need to cook more food in one go. 

Gas vs. electric 

Another choice you will have to make is choosing the right fuel source. You can find gas or electric cooking ranges in the 24-inch category. And they both have their pros and cons. Gas cooking ranges can produce high heat. They handle a range of different foods and easy to control. 

But they are not very precise in their cooking temperatures plus, they are not 100% safe. Electric ranges are safe and precise in their cooking temperature, but you need to get used to the digital controls that they feature. It’s just a matter of your personal preference which power source you choose over the other. 


Of course, these cooking ranges are small in size, but that doesn’t mean you will have to compromise on material quality. 

If you are looking for quality materials, you will have to go for the high-ranked brands in the market. These ranges have to go through a lot of work daily, so they need to be made of quality materials to withstand that toll.  

Make sure to go for stainless steel materials because they can resist rust and corrosion very well. You can also go with steel, but your range will become pretty heavy. Grates made of cast iron can be solid, but they do need some regular maintenance. 

You can choose to go for ceramic glass tops, which can be easy to clean, but you will have to be careful while using them, or you will break them. 


Gas ranges are less safe than electric, so you will have to be a little more careful when looking for these if you have children or pets in your house. 

Electric ranges are better in this regard because they come with various features like automatic shut off, hot surface indicator lights, or remote access that can make your unit safe. 

If you are looking for these features, you should probably go for electric ranges because they are better than gas. 

Appearance and design

You also need to consider your cooking range’s design and appearance, especially if you have a modern style kitchen. The stainless-steel finish will be the most typical one because it goes well in almost all kitchen decor. 

But you can also consider enamel ceramics and glass if you are going for a different look. If you have kids or pets at home, you will have to be more careful with glass or ceramics because they are fragile. 


Most people don’t even consider this point when looking for a cooking range. But easy to maintain cooking ranges are very convenient to have. Those glass tops are manageable, and if your range is fingerprint-resistant, it will be even better for you.

Additional features 

There are some additional features you can consider as well. Some ranges come with a warming drawer, while others come with a storage drawer. Larger windows allow you to see inside the oven conveniently. 

Digital temperature displays are more comfortable to measure the heat, while continuous grates are convenient to move around the cookware. These are the tiny details you can look for when buying a range to add convenience to your overall cooking experience. 

Best 24-Inch Ranges FAQ

They both have their positives and negatives. Electric ranges are safer with their accurate temperature controls and digital displays. They are also equipped with some modern smart features like hot-surface indicator lights, automatic shut-off, and others.

Gas ranges, on the other hand, are better when it comes to going old-school. They are far easier to operate, and they can produce a lot of BTUs as well. It’s just a matter of your personal preference that you choose a gas range over an electric unit or vice versa.

Dual fuel configurations are only available in larger models with bigger oven capacities. This Is a feature that you will seldom find in a compact model like a 24-inch range. So, you won’t find a dual fuel 24-inch cooking range from any brand.

24-inch cooking ranges are gaining massive popularity because more and more home designers are reducing kitchen sizes to extend the living space along with bedroom square footage.?

The cooking range manufacturers know this fact and are introducing more and more features in this size. Of course, it’s not going to compete with a top 36-inch or 48-inch model, but it’s not that far either.


There you have it. We have reviewed the best 24-inch ranges for you. Now it’s your turn to pick a suitable range depending on your requirements. Our top pick for this roundup is the GE JAS640RMSS because it comes with 2.9 cubic feet oven capacity and four burners. It also comes with a storage drawer, and the unit boasts a ceramic glass top. You can also use the in-oven broil feature for fast heating and steam clean for easy maintenance. One of the best features of this unit is that it comes with a large viewing window. 

The runner-up is the GE JGAS640RMSS, which comes with a slide-in design, and contains spills quite well. This unit also features four sealed burners with an oven capacity of 2.9 cubic feet. This unit features high-quality cast iron grates, and it has a modular design you can transform when needed.


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