The 8 Best Bosch Ranges Of 2021 [Complete Review And Guide]

The kitchen’s most essential centerpiece is a stunning range that makes your cooking more comfortable. However, it’s hard to choose a suitable cooking range with the overwhelming products in the market. 

There are several brands amongst which Bosch is one of the most reliable ones. They are engineered with utmost care to ensure the best range of innovative design and the latest technology. 

Bosch 800 Series HEI8056U is suitable for you as a baker, restaurant-style chef, gourmet cooking, and more. This model has Genuine European convection that allows even baking. With its fast preheat function and five cooktop elements, you can prepare a large variety of food in no time.

Scroll down to find out all about the best 8 Bosch ranges, their features, and much more. 

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Best Bosch Ranges: Our Top Picks




Best of the best

This 30-inch slide-in electric range comes with five smooth top elements and a capacity of around 4.6 Cu.ft. It has European convection and a warming drawer as well. 

It features eleven specialized cooking modes with a temperature conversion. There are a fast preheat option and eight pass broil elements. Its warming zone helps to keep your dishes warm and an easy-to-operate touch control system. 

These electric range measurements are width- 31 1/2 Inches, Depth- 28 7/8 Inches, and height-36 1/2 Inches. 

The only drawback some buyers might face is that it is not fingerprint-resistant. 

This newly designed stainless steel Bosch range comes with a full-depth and prevents any scratches. You can easily fit it into all freestanding range areas. What makes it unique is the stunning built-in look. 

Enjoy even baking results with the mesmerizing European convection on several levels. With Bosch, you won’t face any technological obstacles in your cooking procedures. They come up with world-class, top-notch, powerful appliances to meet all your needs. 

Moreover, it has eye-appealing features like a Kitchen timer that saves your time and energy. Plus, it has a Sabbath mode, is Star-K certified, and allows temperature conversion.

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Premium Choice

This 30-inch, slide-in induction range comes with four induction elements and has a capacity of around 4.6 Cu.ft. It comes with Flex Induction technology. It also has a Speed boost, which offers enough power to cook quickly. 

The Power move feature in this range divides the flex induction into three preset power zone levels. You just need to move the cookware up and down to alternate the power levels. It also has an exceptionally Quiet close door technology, which makes your cooking process noiseless. That’s not all! 

It features European convection with a precise selection to make your cooking experience incredible. 

Moreover, its four burners and a self-cleaning feature make you clean the mess easily without any hassle. 

The only disadvantage some buyers might feel is; it lacks a hot surface indicator light. 

Shop this range now, which comes with a touch control, a meat probe, a Safe start feature, and an eight-pass broil element. Indulge in a breezy gourmet cooking experience with genuine convection. 

The induction technology featured in this range is safe and fast. It results in magnetic waves that heat the pan directly for rapid boiling and intense searing without leaving the surface hot. So, invest now in this incredible range with eye-catching technology. 

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Editor’s Choice

The Autochef features of this 30-inches range consume less energy and adjust the heat based on searing and frying to offer stunning results. It comes with genuine European convection, warming drawer, and easy-to-operate touch controls. Plus, you can opt for fast preheat, and you don’t need to wait any longer to bake your favorite meals.

It comes with a Speed boost option that makes your cooking easier. The four burners with 4.6 Cu.ft oven capacity make it a perfect choice for users. Moreover, it has a Precise Select feature, the self-cleaning feature, and the Safe start option. 

These features allow your kids to operate it without mistake. This option will enable you to get started with your cooking process once you place the cookware right. 

It comes with a Precise select feature that allows easy changing of the temperature of heating elements, a kitchen timer, Sabbath mode, and is Star-K certified. 

Indulge in an efficient, fast cooking method with this Bosch induction slide-in range. It offers even baking results on all three racks. Create a massive range of delicious meals with this self-cleaning design that offers easy maintenance. 

It also allows you to get immediate results with the induction cooktop. Boil water twice with the Speed Boost feature that consumes less time. 

Shop now and indulge in a mesmerizing cooking experience. 

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Best Slide-In Dual Fuel  

Shop this 30-inch, slide-in dual fuel range now that comes with a potent dual-stacked burner with 20000 BTU.  Serve a range of delicious food and tantalize your tastebuds with these 800 series by Bosch. It provides a primary oven capacity of around 4.6 Cu.ft. If you seek an integrated appearance of the range, this low-profile design is the ideal choice. 

No more sounds of the door slamming as the dampened hinges in this range softly close the door shut with Quite Close technology. 

The only downside some buyers might face is that it lacks induction and is not fingerprint-resistant. 

A built-in warming drawer allows your food to stay piping hot until your guests are at home. It also features a self-cleaning function that helps in easy maintenance and prevents the pileup of spills. 

The convection system allows the even spread of heat all over the area to offer consistent cooking results. It has adjustable racks that enable you to accommodate several dishes simultaneously. 

This Bosch range also comes with a temperature probe that allows you to monitor the cooking progress easily. Have fun cooking with this elegant design and efficient oven.

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Best Temperature Conversion

This 30-inch, slide-in gas range comes with five sealed burners and offers the buyers 4.8 Cu.ft capacity. Plus, it comes with fingerprint resistance and features a warming drawer that keeps your meals warm. 

It comes with standard convection and offers temperature conversion. The sealed burner cooktop comes with five burners and provides easy to operate touch controls. Get hands-on with this Star-K-certified range, which features continuous cast-iron grates. It also features a self-cleaning option that allows easy cleaning and maintenance of the range. 

It offers a one-year warranty to the buyers and has a proof mode feature as well. 

The only drawback some buyers might face is that it lacks any features of Google Home, Alexa, and steam cleaning. But at this price, it offers stunning features with Sabbath mode, glide racks, and much more. 

Bosch’s traditional slide-in range comes with an 18000 BTU central burner. Nine cooking modes offer you a stunning gourmet-grade cooking style. Accommodate any chef’s taste with the convection option. Fiverr burners provide flexibility to the users having an output range of 5000-18000 BTU. 

As Bosch, Shop now believes in top-notch performance, elegant design, and stunning touch controls. Imagine your kitchen with an ingeniously incredible kitchen range with an integrated look and offers top-notch performance to the buyers. 

A kitchen with a Bosch oven is flexible and provides a custom fit, which seems luxurious for all dinners and parties you host. 

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Best Induction Slide-In

Bosch 800 with the black stainless-steel ranges offer a captivating, aesthetic look to the kitchen. Invest in this 30-inch slide-in range that features 4.6 Cu.ft capacity, four induction elements, and incredible eleven specialized cooking modes. 

It comes with European convection for easy cooking with even heating. It also features a warming drawer that keeps your meals warm. 

Get hands-on Precise Select featured in this range to help you select temperature and other cooking modes quickly. There is also a temperature conversion feature with fast preheat, which saves your time and energy. 

Moreover, it comes with a temperature probe to monitor cooking easily without any hassle of opening the oven and checking it back and forth. 

There is a Safe start option that prevents the children from accidentally operating it. With this awe-inspiring range, you get an 8-pass broil element with a smooth top cooktop. Indulge in a breezy gourmet style cooking experience with four burners, induction, and convection features. It comes with a Sabbath mode, offers a self-cleaning feature to get rid of the mess immediately. A hot surface indicator light is there for warning. 

Enjoy efficient and fast cooking with this 30″ range that comes with three racks and allows even baking. Moreover, the Autochef feature regulates the temperature and allows searing frying and more. 

The only drawback that you might face is that it is not fingerprint-resistant. 

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Best Electric Slide-In 

Do you love convection ranges that are black stainless steel and are of slide-in type? Then get hands-on this 30-inch electric slide-in range with five smooth top elements and a 4.6 Cu. Ft European convection capacity. Plus, it springs a warming drawer that keeps your meals warm. 

This range has eleven specialized cooking modes to indulge in an incredible cooking experience. 

Moreover, it emanates temperature conversion and a fast preheat option that saves your time and energy. Plus, it also stems eight pass broil element with enough space for cooking. The touch control in this range also offers easy to use a pad, making it easier for buyers. 

The only shortcoming you might face is it’s not resistant against fingertips and lacks the hot surface indicator light. 

Overall, it’s a stunning range with a self-cleaning feature. This newly designed feature comes with a flushed built-in look and has genuine European convection. 

Enjoy baking on several levels with a warm drawer that keeps your food warm. The European convection in this range offers even baking results overall racks. 

Other features seen in this range include a warming zone, a kitchen timer, a highly operational touch control, a temperature conversion for convection cooking. Plus, an extra-large oven window door allows easy monitoring. 

The temperature range of this oven is around 100- 450℉. The premium feel of this range is because of the heavy-duty metal knobs. 

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Best Freestanding 

Bosch offers a craft brilliance to overcome all technological obstacles. This brand ensures to provide robust and precise appliances with intuitive and world-class performance. Get hands-on with this 30-inch freestanding gas range with five sealed burners and offers 3.6 Cu.ft. Capacity oven with elegant design. 

It comes with stunning three cooking modes with a double ring power burner and continuous cast-iron grates. Moreover, it comes with constant cast-iron grates and a convection technology that allows even cooking. Plus, it stems from heavy-duty metal knobs and noiseless closing of the door with the dampened hinges. 

The number of burners in this range is around 5, with a total cooktop BTU of 48000. The front left burner comes with 5000 BTU, and the back left burner with 10000 BTU. The central burner has 18000 BTU, the back right burner 5000 BTU, and the front right burner 10000. 

The only disadvantage some buyers might find is that it’s not resistant to fingerprints.

The sealed burner cooktop in this range comes with five burners. Shop this industrial-style gas slide-in range that offers superb cooking performance with an efficient cooking experience. 

Prepare quick food options with the 18000 BTU central burner. The touch controls, stainless-steel elements, and heavy-duty metal knobs make it a perfect appliance. 

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Best Bosch Range Buying Guide

With several ranges offered by Bosch and that too engineered with love and care while ensuring to offer 100% innovative designs and technology to the buyers. You can opt for a massive range of products, but choosing the best one and considering the most suitable option is one of the daunting tasks. 

Have a look at our detailed buying guide once you are done scrolling through the best 8 Bosch ranges to learn all about the stunning features.

Differences between the benchmark series and the 800 series? 

The striking difference between benchmark series and 800 series includes:

  • The Benchmark series comes with a Flex induction zone, while the 800 series lack it.
  • 800 series come with an Autochef feature, while Benchmark lacks it. 
  • Benchmark series is only available in stainless steel. The 800 series is available in both black stainless and stainless. 
  • You need to pay $700 more for the Benchmark series, but you get Flex induction with this range. 
  • 800 series and Benchmark series come with identical ovens, but the Benchmark series features two lights. Both of them are Star K Certified, comes with the self-cleaning property, features 4.6 Cu.ft. Oven Capacity, eight pass broiler system, and European convection. 

Flex Induction Vs. Autochef: Which Is Best?

Flex induction and Autochef are the two identical ranges offered by Bosch. Have a look at what they are:

Flex induction is the coolest feature that is present in induction cooktops. It’s known as flex because the flex zone allows you to utilize it as a large burner or several smaller ones. You can use a large pan for even heat all over the place with zero cold spots. But as the flex zone is made from several minor heating elements, you can simultaneously utilize it for several small pans.

Flex induction ranges come with a power move feature. It divides the flex area into three power levels allowing you to move pans based on the power level. 

For instance, if you are searing proteins on the pan and want to decrease the sauce’s temperature, move the skillet over the central zone. For keeping the dishes warm, move them over the rear zone without changing any settings. 

Autochef, on the other hand, is exclusively offered by Bosch and 800 series cooktops. Autochef feature allows you to control the cooking temperature keeping the precise set point. The Autochef range comes with an innovative sensor. It measures the pan’s temperature and applies enough energy over the elements to deliver accurate cooking results. 

The cooktop heats well to the desired temperature to place food over the pan at an appropriate time. Moreover, the Autochef comes with cooking charts that tell you the cooking time.

Induction vs. gas vs. electric cooktops:

Induction cooktops use alternate current for inducing heat on the cookware and are safe to touch. Such cooktops have metallic elements underneath the cooktop surface. The alternate current passes through the metallic element as soon as you turn on that oscillates back and forth. 

This cooktop results in an electromagnetic field that heats the pan but not the cooktop surface. You need iron or stainless-steel pots for the induction cooktops. Induction cooktops are safe to touch. They are energy efficient, heat instantly, and have an easy-to-clean surface. 

Electric cooktops with coil are cheaper and work well with any form of cookware. They are ideal for simmering or low-temperature cooking. However, they are relatively inefficient, slow to modify the temperature, and slow in heating. 

Electric radiant ceramic cooktops look stunning. These electric ceramic radiant cooktops have halogen lamps or coiled metal elements that radiate heat over the tempered ceramic glass surface. 

They have a flat surface that is easy to clean, and they work well with all cookware types. Plus, they are reasonably responsive to temperature changes. However, they are expensive, complicated to repair, and you need to put extra effort into cleaning. 

Gas cooktops result in instant heat through the gas. They are highly responsive to temperature changes. Plus, they are cheaper to operate, accommodates wok burners, unique trivets. However, they are hard to clean, need a gas supply, and risk combustion or fire. 

Controls and Operation:

Bosch 800 series induction range is effortless to use. You just need to turn it on, choose a burner, and then select a set adjustment number. It comes with a total of seventeen settings. Now set the timer for a single burner and set Panel lock, kitchen timer, speed boost. 

The indicator lights featured on this range let you know that the burner is on and the lights for different functions like burner timer, speed boost, panel lock, and kitchen timer. 

You don’t need to switch off the induction burner as it shuts off automatically after 60 seconds. 

Cooking Power & Range:

Bosch offers ranges with seventeen power levels with complete control on each recipe. This function allows you to set different cooking zones with an increment of 0.5. 

The ranges with a Power boost channel enhance the power over a selected zone over the turbocharging cooking process. 

Using Power Boost allows you to boil 2 liters of water in three times faster time than over a conventional glass-ceramic top. On the other hand, the gas cooktop models feature a high-power wok-style burner that offers 18Mj/h. It is perfect for flat pans or wok. 

The 36″ gas range tops feature six burners, including 18k BTU dual burners with 77K power. The dual flame ring burner in range tops offers even distribution of heat plus uniform cooking process. 


The Bosch ranges are available 30 inches wide. It has unique features like 4 to 5 cooking elements, warming drawer, Power Move, Speed Boost, pyrolytic self-clean, meat probe, convection, and more. 

Best Bosch Range FAQ

Unfortunately, there are no slide-in ranges designed to be positioned at the end of the cabinet. It’s because the sides are left unfinished.?

No Benchmark is only available in stainless steel, while the 800 series is present in both black stainless and stainless.?

The speed boost is a type of unique induction property with extra power for one or dual burners for a limited time, which is around 10 minutes or less. With Speed Boost, the induction burner operates over a higher wattage for cooking or boiling quickly.?

Yes, you can replace the freestanding stove with the Bosch slide-in. Make sure there is some tile backsplash beside the existing range extending over the countertop level.?


Our top-pick is Bosch 800 Series HEI8056U, which is the best slide-in electric range that comes with a 4.6 Cu.ft and features European convection with a warming drawer. Get hands-on with this range with 11 specialized cooking modes, temperature conversion, and several stunning features. 

Our Bosch ranges runner-up is Bosch Benchmark Series  HIIP056U, which is the best slide-in induction range of 30-inch with an oven capacity of 4.6 Cu.ft. Moreover, it comes with Flex induction and Speed boost technology that makes it a stunning choice.

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