Best Budget – Hamilton Beach 38546

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If you are big on eating and yet conscious of your taste, you need to consider grilling with Hamilton Beach 38546! This three-in-one grill combo is all you need to griddle, grill and grill/griddle in one. Apart from the reasonable pricing, other factors make this kitchen apparatus a darling to make homemakers. We will expound the benefits of the best electric grill below:

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Key Features

Expandable cooktop

The two cooking plates can be swapped, expanded and gathered to your requirement. You can use one half as a frying pan. Further, you can join the two plates to have a large barbeque grill top for the entire family. In case you want to have a grated salami, all you need to do is turn over the grooved side up as the cooking surface.

Centrally placed oil drain

The excess oil is usually a downside to perfect and tasty cooking. But the manufacturers of this best electric grill devised a center drain to capture all the excess fat and direct them to the tray below. This contraption helps your food maintain the nutritious and healthy flavor you savor every time in your meal.

Different cooking compartments

Another worthy addition to the cooking platform is its ability to prepare different meals. The two removable and dual-sided plates offer you this luxury. You can separate the two cooking plates to distinguish each half to different meal plans. While one plate could make a low heat, pan-fried egg toast, you may simultaneously opt the other range to concentrate on delivering a high heat barbeque. This option allows for a wholesome family meal while saving time and energy.

Separate control knobs

The twin cooking platform is made possible by the two separate control knobs. You can use one on low heat setting and the other on high heat. These split functions allow you to control the different pans individually. As a result, you perform two quick meal preparations using one device.

Dishwater ready

One big thumbs up for the grill is the non-stick barbeque plate. Apart from allowing you to make many delicious foods without leaving any scrum and burnt pieces on the surface, it also provides for a quick dish wash once you complete cooking. Accordingly, you save time both during food preparation and cleaning up.


  • Extractable cooking pads for better cleaning.
  • Cooking grids are dishwasher safe.
  • Have a large cooking area of up to 180 square inches.
  • Safe cooking plates – made from PFOA-free compounds.
  • A grease trap for capturing oil drippings when grilling.
  • Double sides surface for grills or griddles.
  • Non-stick cooking surface.
  • Dual heat control system.


  • Doesn?t come with a cover to protect food during cooking.
  • Quite heavy for its size.

Frequently Asked Questions

[mks_toggle title=”What?s the total cooking area of the grill?” state=”close “]When the two plates are combined, the cooking area is increased to 180 Square inches. [mks_toggle title=” What is the wattage of the grill?” state=”close “]The grill uses 1400 watt and the standard 110v of power. [mks_toggle title=” What?s the main frame of the made of?” state=”close “]Predominantly, it?s manufactured of aluminum. This makes it light while quick to heat retention. [mks_toggle title=” Can I use the grill outdoors?” state=”close “]Yes, you can. Although it?s designed mainly for indoors use. If you desire using it outdoor, you need to put it under a canopy and plug it to a secure power source. You would need to a longer power cable. Like with all electrical gadgets used outdoor, you need to be vigilant. [mks_toggle title=” What is the dimension of this grill?” state=”close “]The grill measures 12.5 x 23 x 6.7 inches and weighs 9.5 pounds. [mks_toggle title=” Does it come with any warranty?” state=”close “]Yes, it has a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. [mks_toggle title=”How does it drain excess oil?” state=”close “]The grill comes with a center oil trap. The excess oil is meant to flow through the wipe holes provided. Ensure that the oil doesn?t overflow. Or else, you will have grease trapped in the base plate above the oil tray. Use just enough oil for cooking since it?s already non-stick surfaced.


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