Best Countertop Convection Ovens: Buyer’s Guide And Expert Recommendations

We tested and analyzed 7 different countertop convection ovens during the course of our review. In the end, we selected the Breville BOV845BSS Smart Oven Pro Convection?as the best convection microwave based on its affordability, features, and strong build quality.

The future of our kitchens is becoming clearer with each passing day. It?s common to find smart and powerful yet compact kitchen appliances in many homes today. These cool appliances make it easy for our home chefs to prepare great meals. A quintessential example is the convection oven which is slowly becoming a must-have kitchen appliance.

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Best Countertop Convection Ovens: Our Top Picks




Breville BOV845BSS Smart Oven Pro Convection
Breville BOV845CRNUSC Smart Oven Pro Countertop Convection
BLACK DECKER Countertop Convection Toaster Oven
Best of the best

Our top pick is the Breville BOV845BSS convection oven. It?s closely related to the Breville BOV845CR convection oven which we’ll review later in this article. In the lines below, we shared our experience with the Breville BOV845BSS oven.

At first sight, you’ll concur that Breville put in much effort to ensure this unit is aesthetically appealing. Apparently, they were tired of seeing ovens that looked weird and awkward, hence, the need to create something different.

Our test unit was silver in color and it blended nicely with the white background of the kitchen.

The unit measures 15.75″ x 18.5″ x 11″ and can fit into a reasonably small space on your countertop. Internally, the unit has a capacity of 0.8 cu. ft. and is backed up by 1800W of electric power.

Given its sizeable dimensions, this convention oven can comfortably fit a 13 Inch baking pan. This, in turn, implies that you can use it to make that 13 Inch homemade pizza you’ve been longing to make for your kids.

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Features We Love



Editor’s Note:

Given the temperature requirements of convection ovens and microwaves, it comes as no surprise that this unit has a temperature range between 120oF and 450oF. Additionally, it is equipped with 10 preset cooking functions such as broil, bagel, toast, roast, bake, slow cook, reheat, keep warm, pizza, and cookies.

We tried out the slow cook feature and it works perfectly well. Did we mention that there’s a hi/low setting for the slow cook-function, You’re certainly going to love it.

Breville included an Enamel baking pan, an enamel broil rack, and a non-stick pizza pan in this oven. This saves you some money as you no longer have to buy a new pan.

We were particularly in love with the non-stick pizza pan as the pizza one of us made with it didn’t stick to the pan. This Breville convection oven can accommodate 6 slices of toast. The rack inside the unit is a magnetic auto-eject one.

You’ll appreciate the rack when you want to remove hot items.

To the right side of the unit, you’ll find the control dials and the display screen. It may take a couple of hours to get used to this dial especially if you are used to having buttons on your microwave.

However, you will love the dials when you eventually get used to it. The controls allow you to switch between temperatures in either F or C as well as do other tasks.

Budget Pick 

Did you know that this Black Decker convection oven is so affordable that it cost about $34 less than Apple’s Pencil for iPad Pro? Well, now you know. Let’s see if the Black Decker can match its competitors on our list.

The Black Decker is aesthetically appealing to the eye with its silver color and a design that stands out. Its low price is the second thing that will attract you to the unit. Depending on your needs, there are two variations of the unit to choose from: the model with dual racks or the other with three racks.

This depends on your needs. If you intend to do more of toasts, the three rack model will be a better choice.

The unit measures 22.8″ x 13.4″  x 15.5″ and sports a fairly large interior. Surprisingly it accommodated our 12 Inch sized pizza. Slice wise, the unit was able to accommodate 6 slices of toast.

Black Decker took time to make a unit that fits in these everyday items continuously. After cooking, cleaning the unit is a breeze as the trays inside are removable. In addition to that, the interior is made with the non-stick material.

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Features We Love



Editor’s Note:

Unlike our top pick, the Breville BOV845BSS oven, this Black Decker oven doesn’t have dials. Instead, it comes with a plethora of buttons for easy control.

Within an hour, a novice to this unit will become familiar with the controls. In addition to that, the display screen is quite smaller than the other models, but that’s what you get from a budget convection oven.

The unit comes with just 8 preset cooking functions which include cookies, broil, potato, frozen snacks, bake, pizza, bagel, and toast.

You’ll love the 120-minute timer which you can use to control your cooking. There’s an indicator light that shows the unit is ready to deal with your selected task.

It’s quite surprising that a unit that costs this little is able to handle quite some of your baking and roasting tasks.

Premium Choice 

The Breville BOV845 smart convection oven is the second Breville unit to grace this list of the best convection ovens. After spending half a day testing it, we had to crown it the best premium choice convection oven. Did we even mention that it’s inexpensive?

One of the things that will capture your attention about this unit is the Cranberry Red color. Honestly, the color is what many of us have not seen. Surprisingly, it blended well with the white countertop background although the color made it appear like it was in your face?.

Aside from the Cranberry Red color, the unit is also available in Black Sesame and Stainless steel color. The stainless steel color is a slight variation of the other two and costs less than both.

The unit packs a punch of power, roughly 1800W sit under the hood. It is accompanied by 5 precisely placed quartz heating elements that deliver the power to where it’s needed.

This allows the unit to heat up pretty quickly and get your food ready in no time at all. As usual, we found the interior lights effective for monitoring our dishes while it cooked.

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Features We Love



Editor’s Note:

There are 10 preset cooking functions available in this unit. They include the reheat, slow cook, pizza, bagel, toast, bake, roast, broil, cookies and warm.

Breville claims the slow cook feature on this unit automatically switches to keep warm when the slow cook cycle is complete and you haven’t removed the food yet. With regards to this claim, we tested out the feature, and it worked. An applause for Breville, please.

The interior is pretty much spacious, able to contain 6 slices of toast. As well, you can make 13 inch pizza right in the oven without even bothering about it sticking to the walls of the oven. The pans and the walls are non-sticky. Furthermore, the rack is magnetic and auto eject.

This helps for easy removal especially when it’s darn hot.

The unit is controlled using knobs. It’s as easy to control as its sibling we reviewed above. A couple of hours and you will master it. We like the sizeable display screen which keeps you updated on the functions you’ve selected. It’s neither big nor small, just the right size.

Best Large Convection Oven 

Oster Extra Large Digital Countertop Convection Oven

The Oster Convection oven is a blend of finesse and craftsmanship. It’s rectangular design and resplendent silver color blends nicely with any kitchen irrespective of the kitchen’s interior d’cor. From the name, it?s easy to guess the capabilities of this unit.

First, it’s a standard oven that can accommodate 18 slices of bread for toast. In addition to that, it can also accommodate two 12 Inches pizza. So if you haven’t made homemade pizza for your kids in a while, the HomeLabs convection oven will help you do that.

The oven measures 24″ x 21.5″ x 16.7″ and has 2 rack positions that offer flexibility while cooking. With its dimensions, we thought a rotisserie wouldn’t fit in as described in the product’s copy. However, it took a little bit of squeezing to get a family sized chicken in and out of the unit.

Did we mention that it was well cooked with the right amount of browning? The transparent glass window allowed us to keep an eye on it as it cooked.

There’s no dedicated cooking function button for cooking a full chicken out of the 6 preset cooking buttons. The others include pizza, cookies, bake, toast, broil, defrost, and convection.

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Features We Love



Editor’s Note:

The crumbs tray in the unit is removable giving you the opportunity to clean the unit thoroughly after cooking.

Controlling your cooking is done via the dials on the unit in contrast to the buttons on competitor models. The temperature range for this falls between 180F and 450F. This is a similar temperature range with our overall best convection oven.

For cooking flexibility, Oster equipped this unit with two rack positions. We, however, use the two rack positions so that heat will be evenly distributed on the food.

In addition to that, the unit comes with its own bake pan and a broiler rack. The baking pan and the interior of the unit are non-sticky, thus allowing for easy cleaning after use.

Best For Gourments 

If you’re a gourmand, you know, someone who enjoys food in great quantities ? you’ll love this convection oven. Here is our review of the Wolf Gourmet WGC countertop convection oven.

The Wolf Gourmet convection oven sports a distinctive design, something different from what we are used to. The unit features a combination of stainless steel and plastic parts.

In addition to this combo, it’s readily available in three different colors; red, black, and of course, stainless steel. The only way you notice a color change is when you look at the control knobs which are simply fine, we’ll talk about the controls in a jiffy.

We were left wondering why Wolf Gourmet would equip this unit with only 6 preset cooking functions given the fact that the unit cost almost ten times more than the Black Decker convection oven we selected as our budget pick.

The available preset cooking options include bake, proof, roast, broil, toast, and warm. This means you won’t be doing any automatic slow cooking in this unit.

Oh, and you won’t be defrosting or making pizza automatically either. You’d have to manually enter the correct settings for making those.

This Wolf Gourmet countertop oven makes up for its deficiencies through other channels. It comes with precise temperature control, convection, and probe features which are a huge selling point of the unit.

The probe attaches to your food if you select the probe feature. It then delivers the required temperature to the internal parts especially if you’re cooking chicken.

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Features We Love



Editor’s Note:

The internal is spacious enough to accommodate a 13 Inch pizza or 6 slices of toast. There are three rack positions all of which slide smoothly thus making it easy to put and remove your food pans.

In terms of temperature, the unit has a fairly wide temperature range and delivers perfectly in that aspect. The temperature is controlled via the control knobs.

It is backed by five heating elements placed in the precise positions in the oven’s interior. As with the other models, this oven has a non-stick interior that allows for easy cleaning.

Furthermore, there is a removable steel crumb drip tray that keeps all the crumbs together so you can easily pull them out of the oven.

To the right side, you’ll find the control panel with its LCD screen and control knobs. The knobs are easy to use and responsive.

So far, we’ve seen more ovens with control knobs than button controls. This is a clear indication that control knobs are gradually taking over button controls.

Best Cuisinart Convection Oven 

There’s no way we’ll conclude this review without mentioning the Cuisinart Steam & Convection oven. If you’ve used any Cuisinart product before, you’ll agree with us when we say they know the nitty-gritty of their market.

They never fail to deliver, and certainly, this steam & convection oven attests to their expertise and ingenuity.

The Cuisinart steam & convection oven is aesthetically pleasing, to say the least. Its exterior is made of stainless steel which gives it a shiny finish.

It sits on black rubber clad legs that help to reduce friction on smooth surfaces. The unit measures approximately 18″ x 15.5″ x 10.8″ and is large enough to accommodate a 12 Inch pizza.

We tried fitting a 4.5lbs chicken inside it and it fit in nicely without any hassles.

Cuisinart claims that this steam convection oven cooks 40% quicker than the conventional oven. However, we didn?t put the unit to test based on that criteria.

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Features We Love



Editor’s Note:

The unit is powered by 1800W of power and is designed to deliver up to 120 minutes of steady uninterrupted steam when you’re using the steam mode.

There are a lot of things you can do with the steam mode ? the positives are just unlimited. You can even cook rice with it. We didn’t cook rice, however, as we didn’t want to eat rice.

The steam bake setting on this unit can warm food in less than 5 minutes as long as you use a low temperature.

To the right side of the unit, you?ll find the control knob and the LCD screen. They’re both easy to use. Beneath the control knob is two other buttons; the Steam light button for light steaming function and the light button.

The water reservoir for the steam function is located just beside the control buttons. Removing and fixing back the reservoir is pretty easy.

Cuisinart equipped this unit with 9 preset cooking functions to make cooking faster and simpler. The cooking functions include bake, steam, broil, proof bread, roast, etc.

Unfortunately, the unit doesn’t have a defrost function.

The interior is made of non-stick material. This allows for easy cleaning. Did we mention that there are dual rack positions inside it?

Best KitchenAid CConvection Oven 

KitchenAid KCO275AQ Convection Oven

The last convection oven we’ll review is the KitchenAid KCO convection oven. Here’s why we included it in our review.

Dubbed the Blue Toaster Oven, the KitchenAid convection oven is one convection oven you can’t overlook no matter how hard you try. It’s one of the few convection ovens to be offered in a variety of colors.

We had aqua sky, white, stainless steel, cobalt blue, gloss cinnamon, majestic yellow, and onyx black colors to select from. Eventually, we picked the Aqua sky color since it’s rare in the convection oven industry.

The unit comes equipped with a plethora of functions to aid your cooking. There are 9 preset cooking functions to select from. They include reheat, keep warm, Asado roast, broil, cookie, bagel, pizza, bake, and toast.

Unfortunately, there’s no defrost function on this oven. The oven features dual rack layers that add flexibility to cooking.

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Features We Love



Editor’s Note:

The KitchenAid convection oven measures 15″ x 18″ x 13.87″, a tad lesser than the Cuisinart Steam Oven we reviewed above. It can comfortably accommodate a 12 Inch pizza. If you want to make toast, just toss in 6 slices of your bread and they’ll be ready in record time.

For easy cleaning after cooking, the interior of the unit is made with a non-stick material. This is in addition to the 12 Inch non-stick pan that comes with the unit. Furthermore, the unit also comes with a cooling rack, a non-stick tray, and a 12 Inch broiling rack.

We were able to effortlessly fit in a full chicken into the unit and it cooked well although it took a little more time than we expected.

Controlling the KitchenAid oven is easy, thanks to the dial controls. The presence of a knob on this model further buttresses the point that dials are gradually replacing the buttons on many kitchen appliances.

Countertop Convection Ovens Buying Guide

Statistics from a 2016 survey showed that about 30% of products ordered online were returned. One of the chief reasons why people return products is because it didn’t meet their expectations. Often times, it’s not the fault of the product. Some shoppers are oblivious to the factors they need to consider when buying a product.

In this last part of this article, we’ll share important tips on what you need to know before you buy a convection oven.

Countertop Space

If you have a small kitchen or limited countertop space, you should check out the space you have allocated for the unit. Be sure to include the required free space on all sides so that your unit doesn’t get damaged or damage something else.

Having taken note of this, cross-check the dimensions you have with the information provided by the manufacturer. The oven you end up buying should have dimensions that are lesser than the measurements you already have.


Convection ovens come in various sizes. For most homeowners, the countertop sized models are ideal. Bakeries and restaurants with large cooking demands need bigger ovens. It all boils down to your cooking demands.

The size of your convection oven will greatly influence the size of what you cook inside it. For instance, if your oven is small, don’t expect a 13 Inch pizza pan to fit inside it.

Ease of Use

The controls on the unit must be easy to use and should not inconvenience you in any way. Both digital and dial controls are good if you know how to use them. The buttons and their typo should be clearly written.

Interior Coating

If the interior is coated with materials that allow stuff to stick onto it, cleaning will be an arduous task. In lieu, opt for models with non-stick interiors. A great way to find out is to check the product packaging. Most manufacturers include it since it?s a major deciding factor.


To get more out of your convection oven, the unit should sport a handful of features such as the following;

Preset Cooking Functions: Preset cooking functions make the job easier. You simply place your pan inside the unit and select the corresponding preset function. The machine will take care of the rest. This saves you the stress of having to know the correct settings for each and everything you want to cook. These settings can also include heating a variety of heating options.

Energy Efficient: Just because you want to use a convection oven doesn’t mean you should increase your electricity bill. Look out for energy efficient convection ovens and save on energy.

Extra Pans and Racks

In the course of reviewing the products we selected, we came across some ovens that came with their own pans and racks. Look for models that come with pans and racks. It’s a great way to save money, no matter how little.

Internal Lights

Sometimes you would want to take a look inside the unit. If your oven lacks glass doors and interior lights, it may be difficult to see how your food is doing especially at night.


Hope you still have some juice left in that glass?

To wrap up this review, we’d like to point out that owning a convection oven is important. Take time to look for the model that suits your needs. Slow and steady wins the race.

Happy Shopping!

Colin Matthews

Colin is a passionate chef by trade and a kitchen nerd on the side. Growing up in the kitchen, Colin has always had a passion for learning the absolute best way to cook a dish. He quickly realized most kitchens have duplicate cookware and small appliances and had to decide which ones were going to be the “keepers” – causing him to take a closer look at all his products.

As it turns out, small differences make a big impact on the experience. Whether it’s how hard you have to press a microwave button, to how long a cast iron skillet stays warm after you turn off the heat, these little difference changed everything.