Reviews Of The Best Electric Can Opener Of 2021

Opening cans manually is a task of the past since electric can openers arrived in our lives. You cannot deny how uncomfortable it was to use those old antiquated manual can openers that did not do a good job at opening cans. It was more than common that after a lot of effort, you would be left with a half-opened can full of sharp edges. It was almost a miracle when electric can openers arrived to save the hands of thousands. An electric product which could open cans easily and flawlessly with no effort at all. No more sharp edges, no more discomfort, no more kitchen messes.

Our expert review on the best can opener

After thorough research, we have found five amazing models that make our list of the best electric can openers you can find in the market today. The models on this list are affordable and elegant models made of high-quality and durable materials. Some count with more features than others, but we want you to know all the options there are for you, so you can choose the one that fits you the most!

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Best Electric Can Opener: Our Top Picks




Best of the best

Even though this is the most expensive option you will find in this list, there is no doubt that this is the best of the best. You will not find all the incredible features this model offers in another electric can opener.

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Features We Love



Editor’s Note:

Besides getting an electric can opener that works flawlessly and counts with an automatic shutoff system, and washable features, this Oster model comes with a knife sharpener and bottle opener. Oster delivered us one of its finest products.

Best Value 

One of the most affordable high-quality can opener models you will find today is the Hamilton Beach 76380Z. It is amazing the number of features it counts with if you compare it with its price.

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Features We Love



Editor’s Note:

Hamilton has become one of the most trusted brands, which manufactures quality products when it comes to the kitchen. One such product is Hamilton Beach 76380Z Classic Chrome Heavyweight Can Opener, which by far attracted many users to become one of the best electric can opener. Even though it is really good we need to test the product and compare it with the price to decide whether the product is really best or just around average.

Best Budget 

One of the cheapest and best electric can openers you can find on the market today is the Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe. Even though it can open only standard-size cans, its design and features might surprise you.

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Features We Love



Editor’s Note:

Opening a can can be a little difficult at times because of many reasons. Some of them are sharp edges, hard surface, tight closing, aluminum sealing, etc. In such scenarios, it is important to find a can opener, which can open the can with just a hard push. Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener is definitely one such best electric can opener available in the current market. Let’s see how durable and good it is.

Best for senior

Battery-operated & Easy to Use by Kitchen Mama

If you were looking for an affordable option you could easily carry anywhere you go, this model is excellent for you. Very small, very easy to use, and very effective, the Kitchen Mama electric can opener can be used by anyone, anywhere!

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Features We Love



Editor’s Note:

Technology has changed our lives in a better way. With the introduction of embedded systems, it has become easier for us to just push a button and things will be ready. One such tool is Kitchen Mama One-Touch Electric Can Opener, which is one of the best electric can openers with one touch. This little tool has its own pros and cons. Let’s just go through them to understand the effectiveness of the product.


Best Simple Model 

Even though it is a bit more expensive and does not count with all the features the previous Hamilton Beach model counts with, this model is a favorite amongst many. Due to the way it opens the cans, there is no need for people to wash it heavily.

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Features We Love



Editor’s Note:

Some of the electric can openers cut the lid from the top by infusing the blades in the middle. This will lead to the spilling and seeping. Hamilton Beach (76606ZA) Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Can Opener does the job without any of those hassle-filled cutting. With an automatic lever, this can opener in one among the best electric can opener. Why are we saying so? Let’s check and analyze.

Best Electric Can Opener Buying Guide

We want to buy an electric can opener when we have decided it is enough of the discomfort of using a manual one when we have had enough of kitchen messes, spills, and sharp edges. In order to buy the best can opener, there is, we must study carefully all its features.

The high quality of these products will depend on the following features:


The size of the can opener you choose will depend a lot on where you want to use it. If you are looking for a more practical and easy-to-carry opener, small ones will suit you best. If you are looking for one for your kitchen, a bigger one will work perfectly.

The size of the can opener will influence directly on what type of cans it can open. If you need to open only small standard-size cans, a small can opener is a good choice. If you need to open bigger cans, you will need bigger and more powerful options.


Weight is an important factor when we take into consideration who is going to use the electric can opener. Seniors are the most affected by weight. They want and need an item that can open cans with no effort, an item that can automatically shut off after finishing its task. It is important to add a light item that can be used and carried anywhere easily.


The warranty of a product is a very delicate and important aspect of it, especially when it is an electric one. It is necessary to highlight if a product counts with a full or limited warranty.

If it is a full warranty, you can receive the full replacement or repair of the product if something happens to it during the time of the warranty. If it is a limited warranty, you can receive only the broken part of the product, and perhaps not even its repair.


It is highly important to take into consideration the material of the can opener you want to buy. Some people consider plastic is a very long-lasting material, others consider that plastic might be disposable and non-durable.

Metal is indeed a more durable option than plastic, which is why plastic and metal can opener are the favorites. It is a very good pro when a can opener is made of stainless steel since it guarantees an efficient and long-lasting performance.

Power source

The power source of a can opener can affect its performance and is something to be aware of if you must repair it in the future.

The simplest power sources you can find are batteries. Then you have corded engines and motors as power sources. If the can opener you choose is equipped with a motor, you must make sure it is a high-quality and powerful one that can guarantee the efficiency of the performance.

Type of cans it can open

Since we are talking about can openers, there is no doubt one of the most important features there are in this list is what type of cans it can open. Some people require only openers for standard-size cans, but others have a wider variety of cans. It is vital to make sure if an item like this one can open tall cans as well.


We must be honest in this last one feature: it is more than obvious that the color of the model you choose will not affect directly to its performance. However, when we are buying an item for our home, especially for our kitchens, one of the things we want the most, besides its efficiency, is that it looks good on the kitchen.

There are many options on the market: plastic ones with vivid or pastel colors that can suit certain kitchen. There are some black and silver options that can suit more fancy kitchens.

Maintenance Guide for Can Openers

Having seen what entails buying and using a can opener, it’s only prudent that we take a look at how to best maintain it as well. For many of us, we always buy products just to use them and never really focus our attention on how to best maintain them for long continued service. Below we’ll discuss a few measures to take in order to ensure your can opener is well maintained.


This is something quite a few people take for granted really with much of their kitchen equipment. Can openers need to be kept constantly clean so they can be used at any time when the need arises? On cleaning electric can openers, keep the following points in mind:

  • First of all, keep in mind that this is an electric device. The first step before you even consider cleaning it is to first make sure it is safely powered off and unplugged from whatever source of power it has. This is the first precaution to take for both your safety and for the can opener.
  • After every use of the can opener, make sure to wipe it down with a suitable cloth or material. This prevents the bits of food it may have come in contact with from sticking onto its body or blade. If ignored, these bits of food could end up potentially dulling the can opener’s blade. They could also potentially contaminate the food in any other containers you happen to open later on.
  • You should not attempt to clean a can opener in a dishwasher. Also dipping the whole can opener in some water can be disastrous. We all know electricity and water don’t agree well, so doing either of the mentioned activities in the name of cleaning can be detrimental to it. It can mess with its internal wirings and structure and end up totally wasted.
  • Considering the material your can opener is made out of, you might have to consider how you clean its blades. Some models have been reported to occasionally form rust around them as a result of wiping them down with moist cloths. You can try switching to occasionally wiping them down with alcohol to prevent this. Also, you could try wiping it down using a cloth dabbed with cooking oil after cleaning it so that it can prevent the formation of rust when left to rest.

How you use it

It’s no secret we sometimes use some of the equipment in our kitchen to get some things done in place of the proper equipment for the job. Can openers, however, stick to doing just that, opening cans. Using them for other purposes like cutting some other stuff, it wasn’t intended for can go a long way in damaging it over time:

  • If you use it to cut materials harder than what it was intended for, the blade might incur some long term damage which in the long run will cost you extra money to replace that you certainly didn’t want to spend.
  • Also, having it work on materials or objects it wasn’t intended for can strain the mortar that drives them to cut. This can weaken it over time and as a long term result of this it can stop functioning properly or break down entirely.

As such it’s prudent to keep to the guidelines provided for by the manufacturer on how to properly use your can opener at all times.

How you store it

This is another aspect most of us often take for granted. A lot of us are used to just placing them anywhere around the kitchen, but this has proven disastrous for some. Take the following points into consideration on how you store your can opener:

  • Can openers are important tools, but they can also be a safety hazard around your kitchen. If you have kids around your house, can openers be kept out of their reach since many of them don’t know how to properly use them. They can end up seriously injuring themselves or simply damaging the device altogether.
  • Proper storage or placement after you’re done using them is also important. If you leave them in spaces where they can be easily knocked over, they can fall and incur some pretty serious damage. You may end up having to replace some parts or buying a new one altogether.
  • Building on another point mentioned here as well, electric can openers shouldn’t be stored in moist or damp areas. This can cause damage to its inner workings or over time it can develop rust.


As well built as most of them are, they can occasionally break down due to a number of reasons. Whatever the reasons, consider the following:

  • If your can opener is powered by batteries, ensure they are all well charged up and if they’ve begun losing their potency, immediately replace them so as to retain the best possible service from your can opener.
  • Replacement parts for some of the components of the can opener should be bought from a trusted supplier. In most cases, the manufacturer can supply them to you. Replacing these parts with fake or sub-par parts can result in the malfunctioning or total breakdown of the can opener.

Most of the best practices on how to keep your can opener working smoothly can be found in the user manual supplied by the manufacturer. Reading it as well as keeping these points in mind as well can go a long way in ensuring your can opener stay in top shape and continues serving you longer.

Best Electric Can Opener FAQ

 Without a doubt, the automatic shutoff system. Even though most electric can openers count with this system, it is highly important to verify this information when buying the item.

The automatic shutoff system is very simple to understand. It consists of the ability of the can opener to stop immediately after opening the can, without needing some to push any button. As soon as the blade opens the can, it will stop, making no mess, leaving no sharp edges, and allowing you to remove the can with a simple touch.

 Indeed, it is a great thing if an electric can opener counts with a removable blade or any other feature. When we buy a kitchen item, one of the things we must always consider is how easy it will be to clean it.

Yes, electric can openers leave no messes behind, but depending on the way the blade cuts the can (side-ways or its top), the blade can get dirty. Therefore, a washable blade is a great feature for can openers.

 According to our in-depth research and consideration of a number of factors, the Oster FPSTCN1300 Electric Opener emerged the best overall. It boasts of a number of excellent features such as its compact size and weight, good cover warranty and the fact that it’s made out of good quality stainless steel which means guaranteed durability. It also has some excitable extra features like the knife sharpener it comes coupled with.


There are plenty of models and brands of electric can openers in the market today, but only a few meet all the features and requirements people look for when they want to buy one.

The models that were previously discussed count with great size and weight, are made of the best long-lasting material, are equipped with a potent power source, can open almost all types of cans, count with a very good warranty, and are aesthetic models that will fit perfectly in any kitchen.

It is now your decision to choose the model that suits your needs the most amongst all the five best ones we have described here for you. Consider the extra features it might bring, the automatic shutoff system, the removable, washable features, and who, where, and how often will people use it before buying the item.

After reading this guide, you will be more than ready to buy the best electric can opener you need.

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