The 5 Best Electric Cooktops of 2021 [Reviews and Buying Guide]

Reviews of the Best Electric Cooktops

GE Profile PP7036SJSS 36″ Stainless Steel Electric Cooktop

The best electric cooktop is the GE Profile PP7036SJSS 36″ Stainless Steel Electric Cooktop. It is equipped with a handful of features that make cooking less stressful. There are 5 elements, the unit is easy to control via the knobs, a SyncBurner feature not to mention the Keep Warm feature. 

Most of us still remember the electric coil stoves, which were a pain to clean and an eye-sore to boot. Now we have elegant, flat surfaced electric cooktops that are easy to clean, efficient and a work of art in and of themselves.

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Electric Cooktops: Our Top Picks

 Product's nameElementsWidthMore information
GE PP7036SJSS 36 Inch Smoothtop Electric Cooktop with 5 Radiant Elements, Sync, Versatile Burners, Keep Warm Setting, Control Lock Capability, Red LED Backlit Knobs, ADA Compliant Fits GuaranteeGE PP7036SJSS 36 Inch Smoothtop Electric Cooktop...530 inches
Best Overall
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Whirlpool W5CE3024XB00 W5CE3024XB 30' Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop, OSFAWhirlpool W5CE3024XB00 W5CE3024XB 30" Black...430 inches
Budget Pick
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GE PP9830DJBB Profile Series Electric Cooktop with 4 Burners and 3-Speed Downdraft Exhaust System, 30', BlackGE PP9830DJBB Profile Series Electric Cooktop with...430 inches
Premium Choice
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Frigidaire Gallery 30 Inch Electric Cooktop, Black Ceramic Glass 5-Burner Flat Range, FGEC3067MBFrigidaire Gallery 30 Inch Electric Cooktop, Black...530 inches
Best 30-inch
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Ramblewood 2 Burner Electric Cooktop, EC2-30Ramblewood 2 Burner Electric Cooktop, EC2-30220 inches
Best 2 Burner
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Expert Reviews of the Best Electric Cooktops

Here’s our in-depth review of the selected electric cooktops.

Best Overall – GE Profile PP7036SJSS 36″ Stainless Steel Electric Cooktop

GE PP7036SJSS 36 Inch Smoothtop Electric Cooktop

The GE PP7036 stainless steel electric cooktop is our top pick as the overall best electric cooktop. It looks every inch like an induction cooktop save for the presence of control knobs instead of soft touch buttons. The unit measures about 36” x 6” x 20.38” (WHD) and is available in just the stainless steel color.

In total, the cooktop will take about 36” of space on your countertop. Make sure to keep quite a good deal of distance between the unit and other kitchen appliances.

For this review, we spent roughly seven hours testing the unit. At a glance, the unit comes across as a strongly built cooktop. Indeed, it is and you’ll find out after constant usage.

The GE PP7036 electric cooktop has five elements, each of which measures various inches. Available sizes include 6, 7, 8.5, and 13.5 inches respectively. Each of the elements has varying power requirements, thus, the wattage of this electric cooktop is between 1200W and 3000W.

Features We Love

  • 5 elements for cooking different meals simultaneously.
  • SyncBurners which cater for extra-large cookware.
  • Handy cooking settings like keep warm setting and melt setting.
  • Massive 36” surface.


  • The five burners make cooking food simultaneously much easier.
  • We like the SyncBurner settings which are designed to cater for large cookware.
  • The keep warm and melt settings are both handy for doing minor warming tasks.
  • You’ll love the stainless steel color of the unit


  • Cast iron pots can’t be used.

There are a few features that make cooking a less daunting task. The unit is equipped with settings such as Keep Warm setting.

This allows you to place a pot on the unit and the food will be kept warm for as long as the unit is on. Additionally, there is a melt setting for melting food item that can be melted.

Two of the burners on the unit are SyncBurners that auto adjusts to suit your cookware.

The surface of this cooktop is made of glass. Therefore, it is advisable not to use a cast iron pan for cooking on it. This electric cooktop requires a 220V wiring.

Furthermore, a 40amp service is required for installation. The installation should be done by a professional to ensure the right requirements are met. However, DIY geeks with experience in electrical wirings can get through it with a little bit of stress.

Budget Pick Whirlpool W5CE3024XB 30″ Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop

Whirlpool W5CE3024XB00 W5CE3024XB 30″

Two things make this Whirlpool electric cooktop stand out; price and design. We had no other option than to choose it as our budget electric cooktop for the reasons we mentioned below.

First, it’s a 30” unit and requires a countertop space of about 30” (29.5” x 20.5”). The unit sports 4 elements with dimensions ranging from 6” to 9” and has a watt rating which hovers between 1200W and 2500W, depending on the element in use.

In addition, Whirlpool added a cool hot surface indicator light to warn people. This, in turn, keeps them away from the unit when they’re not cooking on it.

The Whirlpool W5CE electric cooktop is pretty much affordable for users who are on a budget. It costs just a couple of hundred bucks and works just fine.

However, it doesn’t have many features. Controlling the unit is smooth and seamless, thanks to the dishwasher safe control knobs. You can easily turn the knobs even if you’re wearing gloves.

Features We Love

  • 4 elements.
  • Dishwasher safe knobs.
  • Hot surface indicator.


  • Easy to install.
  • It’s quite affordable.
  • There is a hot surface indicator that notifies people of how hot the surface is.
  • The unit is easy to clean and can be cleaned while it’s still hot.
  • Suitable for most cookware.


  • It scratches easily.

Installing the unit is pretty easy although we had a professional in the house who took care of it. During our review, we noticed a few scratches here and there. No, we didn’t intentionally try to scratch the unit with our pots nor did we take extreme care while placing the pot on it.

You don’t need any special type of cooking pots/pans for this cooktop. This is in contrast with the requirement of procuring new cookware for induction cooktops. More so, the largest burner accommodates large pots nicely.

Premium Choice – GE Profile 30″ Downdraft Electric Cooktop

GE PP9830DJBB Profile Series Electric Cooktop

GE is a brand that is synonymous with making quality household appliances. We spent several hours testing the GE 30” downdraft electric cooktop and here’s what we think.

The GE Profile 30” downdraft electric cooktop is one unit that is designed for homeowners with a flair for premium quality appliances. It’s designed to stand out amongst its peers and it sports a few features you won’t find on other electric cooktops.

One of such features is the exhaust system. The exhaust system on this unit is the rectangular grille in the center. Its primary duty as described by the manufacturers in the product manual is to pull smoke and steam out while you’re cooking.

The exhaust is positioned carefully in between the 4 burners and it does an effective job – at least, we saw results whilst testing the unit.

Features We Love

  • Exhaust system.
  • Available in three color options.
  • 4 burners.
  • Indicator lights to warn you of hot surfaces.


  • There’s an exhaust system which works effectively to remove smoke and steam while you’re cooking.
  • The cooktop is available in three different colors and can blend with most kitchen backgrounds.
  • There are indicator lights and hot surface warning lights that warn you of hot surfaces.
  • The control knobs are easy to use.


  • None we can think of.

This cooktop measures about 29.75” x 2.19” x 21.88” (WHD). It has 4 burners with measurement ranging from 6” to 9”. In that same vein, the burners have a power rating ranging from 800W to 3000W respectively for each burner.

To use the exhaust system, you need to connect the unit to a transition hole using a duct pipe. It’s pretty much easy to do if you follow the instructions. However, you can save time and have a professional install it for you.

There’s an indicator light which comes on to warn you of a single burner that is on. Additionally, this unit has the Hot Surface Indicator Lights which indicate multiple burners that are still hot.

Keeping this unit clean is a task even though GE added some cleaning materials in the box for this purpose. It’s susceptible to easy scratches because of the smooth-top glass top. However, this is something every owner of cooktops made with glass tops has to deal with.

A little bit of research showed us that this unit is also available in stainless steel and white colors. These three colors will blend seamlessly with your kitchen irrespective of the color you opt for.

Best 30-inch Electric Cooktop – Frigidaire FGEC3067MB 30″ Smoothtop Electric Cooktop

Frigidaire FGEC3067MB 30″

The Frigidaire 30” electric cooktop is the third 30” cooktop to grace this review list. It doesn’t have all the coolest features, but it’s still worth every penny you spend on it.

One of the things we love – you’ll like it too – is the design of this unit. The black color is fine and blends nicely with any kitchen. However, we’d love to see this unit available in more colors.

It sports its control knobs on the right-hand side in contrast to the conventional lower-middle position on other models. This gives it some sort of mature look. The control knobs feel great and can be operated wearing gloves.

Each of the knobs controls one out of the five burners. With regards to power rating, this unit has a 3000W power requirement and is certainly within range, no doubt.

Features We Love

  • 3000W power requirement.
  • 30” countertop space required.
  • Easy to use controls.
  • Keep warm setting.
  • Hot surface indicator


  • With 5 burners at your disposal, you’re at liberty to cook as many dishes as you want anytime.
  • We love the placement of the control knobs. They are also easy to use.
  • The keep warm setting allows you to place a pot on a burner and keep the food warm.
  • A hot surface indicator is included to warn you of hot burners.


  • It doesn’t come with child lock.

The burners have varying sizes, with the largest ones sitting close to the bottom of the unit. Dimensions range from 6” to 9” with power requirements ranging from 1200W to 3000W. On the larger elements, you can cook with small pots because of the markings of the burners.

In that same vein, cooking with a 10” pan or pot wouldn’t be bad although we didn’t try it during our review.

This Frigidaire electric cooktop doesn’t have an exhaust system, unlike the GE unit we reviewed above. This, however, doesn’t affect its functionality in any way. You only have to deal with the steam and smoke when cooking.

Lest we forget, this unit is equipped with the Keep Warm setting – you already know what it does, don’t you?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a child lock button. This is a deal breaker, no doubt because homeowners with young kids in the house are at risk here. Save for that, we didn’t have any other issues with this Frigidaire cooktop.

Installation isn’t simple nor is it hard. We’d like to say it’s a tie between both. However, professionals won’t find it difficult putting the unit together.

Best 2 Burner Electric Cooktop – Ramblewood 2 Burner Electric Cooktop

Ramblewood 2 Burner Electric Cooktop, EC2-30

We included the Ramblewood electric cooktop in our review list because it was too good to be left out. It’s a best seller on Amazon and as such, it has the right to rub shoulders with any product we’ve reviewed so far. However, it does lack the 4 burners which all the units we’ve reviewed so far have.

The Ramblewood electric cooktop is pretty small in size and weighs just a couple of pounds. It measures 12” x 20” (WD) and has a depth clearance of 3.5”. This is ideal for homeowners with limited countertop space that desire to save on space on their countertops.

Unfortunately, this comes at a price, as the unit has just 2 elements. One of the elements can accommodate larger pots up to 9”. This can be a serious drawback for anyone looking to cook multiple dishes simultaneously.

There are two small control knobs located at the lower bottom of the unit. They feel quite easy to use and respond almost immediately they are touched. The two burners combined have a power requirement of 3000W.

Features We Love

  • It is pretty compact.
  • Has two burners.
  • 3000W power rating.
  • Responsive and easy to use control buttons.
  • Indicator light showing hot surface.


  • This electric cooktop is easy to use and has responsive control knobs.
  • It is compact sized hence it won’t take up much space on your countertop compared to the 30” and 30” models.
  • There are two burners with up to 3000W of power for cooking your meals.
  • The unit has hot surface indicator lights warning you of a hot surface.


  • Two burners may slow down your cooking speed.

There are not many features in this unit aside from the hot surface indicator. Additionally, there is no child safety lock on the unit. It would have been a good thing to see the child lock on this unit.

Installation is pretty simple. There are concise installation instructions provided in the product packaging.

Electric Cooktops Comparison Table

GE Profile PP7036SJS5.053000W36 inches$$$$
RambleWood 24.923000W20 inches$
Whirlpool W5CE30244.942500W30 inches$$
GE Profile Downdraft4.943000W30 inches$$$$$
Frigidaire FGEC30674.853000W30 inches$$$

Factors to Consider When Shopping For The Best Electric Cooktop

In this section of the article, we’ll discuss the factors to consider before buying an electric cooktop.

A quick tip: Food will always taste better with filtered water, which is why I use an undersink water filter for my stews, soups, braising and beverages.

Your Budget

The first thing you’d want to consider is your budget. Electric cooktops don’t always come cheap although you’ll find models that go for half a thousand dollars or less. Having a fairly large budget will definitely make you look out for pricier models with better features and specifications.


The second thing you should have in mind is the size of the unit you’re about to purchase. Most of the models in the market are either 30” or 36”. If you’re replacing an old model, take note of the cutout measurements on your countertop before you purchase a new unit. Doing this will save you the stress of having to return the unit if it doesn’t fit.

The size also determines how many cooking zones the cooktop will have. Therefore, if you want more cooking zones/elements, you should go for a large model. The large sized one also has enough space for more controls and can accommodate larger pots and pans depending on your cooking needs.


Electric cooktops often sport control knobs instead of digital touch controls. However, there are certain models that sport touch controls. It is pertinent to note that most touch controls are made from plastic materials, thus, they are susceptible to melting. To prevent that, manufacturers use control knobs after testing to know which materials work fine on the knobs.

Type of baseplate

The baseplate refers to the material used for making the cooking surface of the cooktop. White enamel, stainless steel, and glass-ceramic are the three most popular materials. The most commonly used is the stainless steel baseplate whilst the glass-ceramic is the most expensive.

Extra Features

Some notable extra features to look out for in an electric cooktop include

  1. Child Lock: This protects the unit from being used by children.
  2. Timer: Cooktop timers can be used to program the cooktop to turn off a burner or all burners at the desired time. This is handy when you’re cooking more than one meal on a cooktop with up to 4 elements.
  3. Automatic Pan Size Recognition: As in the case of induction cooktops, electric cooktops which have this feature have burners that auto-adjust to suit the size of the pan placed on the burners. This is not a standard feature on all electric cooktops. Most don’t have it, including the high-end models.
  4. Keep Warm: The keep warm feature allows you to keep food placed on a particular burner warm for as long as that burner is still turned on.
  5. Hot Surface Indicator: The hot surface indicator light warns you of burners that are still hot. It will keep you from accidentally touching/allowing your bod toy come in contact with that surface.

Final Words

We’ve reviewed these products and shared these buying tips to guide you as you make this important purchase. Don’t forget to know your dimensions especially if you are replacing an old unit.

In addition to that, look out for other colors that might blend seamlessly with your kitchen.

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