Top Picks for The Best Electric Grill Of 2021: Expert Reviews & Price Comparison

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If you?re big on eating and love grilled foods, an electric grill for your home may be just what you need. The market is full of great grills for selection and here we set out to determine which models really are worth the tag ?best electric grill? and worth consideration. If you?re looking for advice on which electric grill is best for you, you?re in the right place!

Our Review on the Best Electric Grill

Like mentioned above, the electric grills available for selection on the market are quite a lot. To narrow down that vast amount into the list we compiled, we considered a number of important factors which will also be shown later on in the guide. We have strived to be as objective as possible and ensure we present you with only the best selection of electric grills that you can opt for.


Best Electric Grill: Our Top Picks

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Professional Electric Grill Reviews

Best of the Best ? Best Overall Electric Grill – George Foreman GGR50B

George Foreman GGR50B

Features We Love

  • 240 square inch surface.
  • Non-stick surface.
  • The wattage of 1600.
  • Temperature control system.

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#137815″]

  • Cooking surface is non-stick coated.
  • Good amount of cooking area.
  • Comes with an adjustable stand to switch between indoor and outdoor use.
  • Superior temperature control features.
  • Has approval for use inside apartments.
  • Removable grill plate for better cleaning capability.
  • Marginally sloped surface for easier drainage of excess drippings during grilling.
  • Well priced given the features offered.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Light and compact.
  • Made of quality metal for durability.

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#891212″]

  • The temperature control system doesn?t indicate actual temperatures.
  • Power supply cord is quite short.

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The George Foreman GGR50B is a solid piece of kitchenware and fully deserves the title of best electric grill here on our list. It makes great food and is quite easy to clean and maintain, hence why it takes the top spot for us.

Full Review of George Foreman GGR50B

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Best Value for Money ? Great Electric Grill Buy – Cuisinart GR-4N

Cuisinart GR-4N

Features We Love

  • 2 grids of up to 180 square inches.
  • Dual adjustable heat control.
  • Built with stainless steel.
  • 1500 watt power consumption.

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#137815″]

  • Comes bundled with 5 cooking options.
  • Big yet compact cooking space.
  • Made of durable stainless steel.
  • Removable cooking plates for better cleaning.
  • Accurate temperature controls.
  • Indicator lights to keep you aware of progress.
  • Versatile in the number of applications it can be used for.
  • Simple and straightforward to use.
  • Comes from a trusted manufacturing brand.

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#891212″]

  • Needs a bit of time to heat up.
  • Drainage capabilities could be better.

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In compiling our list of the best electric grills, the Cuisinart GR-4N had to show up for a number of reasons already shown above. It is quite a versatile piece of equipment which offers a lot of cooking options and as such is very much worth the investment towards it.

Full Review of Cuisinart GR-4N

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Best Budget ? A great low-cost electric grill – Hamilton Beach 38546

Hamilton Beach 38546

Features We Love

  • Build material is Aluminum.
  • 180 square inch cooking surface.
  • 1400 watt power consumption.
  • Non-stick cooking surface.

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#137815″]

  • Removable cooking grids for better cleaning.
  • Cooking grids are dishwasher safe.
  • Features two cooking areas of up to 180 square inches.
  • The cooking plates are PFOA free.
  • Has a grease tray to hold drippings when grilling.
  • The plates are double sided for use as either grills or griddles.
  • Non-stick cooking surface.
  • Dual heat control system.
  • Made of durable aluminum.

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#891212″]

  • Heating time is quite long compared to other models.
  • Quite heavy for its size.

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The Hamilton Beach 38546 undoubtedly deserves a spot on our list here. It is cheap and comes bundled with a lot of great and desirable features that would normally cost more in other models. If you?re fishing for something cheap, but sturdy and versatile enough for your kitchen, this would definitely do the job.

Full Review of Hamilton Beach 38546

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Best for Indoor Use? An electric grill for the indoors – Hamilton Beach 25361

Hamilton Beach 25361

Features We Love

  • 118 square inch cooking surface.
  • Built using stainless steel.
  • Non-stick cooking surface.
  • 1200 watt power consumption.

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#137815″]

  • Features a viewing window on the lid.
  • Great 118 square inch cooking surface.
  • Cooking plates are removable for easier cleaning.
  • The plates are dishwasher safe.
  • Made of sturdy stainless steel.
  • The grilling surface is non-stick.
  • Convenient temperature control system.
  • Boasts of great heat distribution.
  • Virtually smokeless.
  • Highly rated among many consumers.

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#891212″]

  • Tailored for indoor use alone.
  • Parts of the casing are made of plastic.

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There is little in the way of demerits that the Hamilton Beach 25361 has to offer. Going by the number of features it offers, size, power consumption rate, and other considerations, it is quite a good buy for anyone who goes for it. For those looking for an electric grill for exclusive indoor use, this would be your best bet.

Full Review of Hamilton Beach 25361

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Best for convenience? An electric grill that delivers just enough – DeLonghi BG24

DeLonghi BG24

Features We Love

  • 1500 watt power consumption.
  • 72 square inch grilling surface.
  • Aluminum body.
  • Non-stick cooking plates.

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#137815″]

  • Comes coupled with a tempered glass lid which has a number of uses.
  • The grilling surface is non-stick coated.
  • Made of strong and durable Aluminum material.
  • Even heat distribution is guaranteed due to its heating element placement.
  • Small and compact size for extra convenience.
  • Simple operating procedures.
  • Multiple temperature control levels.
  • Cool touch handles for added safety.
  • Features indicator lights to always keep you in the know.

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#891212″]

  • Quite heavy for its small size.

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For us, the DeLongji BG24 is without a doubt a great electric grill. If all you need is a simple electric grill to cater to your needs with little to no fuss at all, this is the one to go for. Taking into account its features and price as well, it?s a great steal for anyone who buys it.

Full Review of DeLonghi BG24

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Best Electric Grill Comparison Table

BrandProduct NameSize (In²)MaterialNon-stickTemp. ControlPower Consumption (Wattage)RatingPrice
George Foreman George Foreman GGR50B240MetalYY16004.4$89.99
Cuisinart Cuisinart GR-4N200Stainless SteelYY15004.4$91.72
Hamilton BeachHamilton Beach 38546180AluminumYY14003.6$64.99
Hamilton Beach Hamilton Beach 25361118Stainless SteelYY12004.4$79.99
DeLonghiDeLonghi BG2472AluminumYY15004.1$61.99

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Buying Guide when choosing an Electric Grill

As seen from the section above, the number electric grill models available on the market is quite big. Choosing the best for you can be quite a task if you don?t know what factors to look at before making a purchase. To help you with that, we?ll highlight a few things you should consider in order to help you make a well-informed decision.


This aspect of consideration can be quite simply the first that needs assessment. Electric grills as we have seen come in a number of sizes, but it all comes down to what size really works for you. If you?re buying it for home use, think of it in terms of the number of people in your family that you?ll be cooking for at a go. If you have a significant number of people in your family, then a larger sized grill would be most ideal to adequately and efficiently handle serving them up with delicious grills. Otherwise, if you live alone or it?s just you and your partner, a small convenient sized electric grill would do just fine.

Non-stick Surface

Next on the list of things to consider is the type of cooking surface that comes with the electric grill. Though nowadays most products do come with non-stick coating, there are some that still don?t offer this feature. Non-stick coating has, however proven to provide a better cooking surface than the alternative and that?s why it made our list of considerations. When cooking, the food being worked on doesn?t stick to the grill?s surface which would otherwise mean it would get burnt or overcooked. Another advantage posed by non-stick surfaces is that they are very easy to clean since bits of food rarely tend to get stuck on these types of surfaces.

Temperature Control

When cooking any kind of dish, it is paramount that the working temperature is well regulated to avoid over or under cooking whatever you?re making. In this case, grills, ?especially need great temperature controls since attaining the perfect grilled food needs precise temperatures. With this in mind, take note of what kind of temperature controls the make and model of the electric grill you want to go for offers. Some simply have dials marked ?low, medium, high? and such, but the best electric grill models offer more precise controls. They feature actual temperature scales and markings so you can turn the grill?s heat up or down accurately as your dish requires.

Power Consumption (Wattage)

Next on our list of considerations is the power consumption rate. Electric grills obviously consume electric power. The question you need to ask is just how much power does it need to consume in order to work? Most of the models’ are available within a range of 1200 to 1800 watts. The amount of power it consumes relative to its size and dimensions is what you really need to look at. If you?re looking for bigger sized models, they are more likely to have higher wattage levels so this shouldn?t really deter you from buying them. Smaller sized models with high wattage levels, however, should be avoided since that virtually implies inefficiency.


The build material of the device is also something up for consideration when buying an electric grill. A lot of buyers tend to actually be quite choosy when it comes to this point. If you?re wondering why to consider the following:

  • Some build materials can be easily corroded by a number of things, including exposure to water and air.
  • Some build materials aren?t all that reliable when it comes to durability.
  • Some build materials to make the overall weight of the device heavier or lighter.

With that in mind, you can see why the material is an important consideration when making this purchase. Stainless steel and aluminum are mostly used to make some of the best electric grills in the market since they offer both durability and protection from corrosion such as rust.


Everyone has a budget when they?re out shopping for something. Considering what a substantial investment buying an electric grill is, you also need to pay special attention to this aspect to ensure you get all your money?s worth. After looking at other aspects such as size, build quality and material, functionalities and so on, you need to add them all up and determine if the final price tag on the electric grill is worth it. This particular aspect is relative for all of us so it?s all really down to your budget and personal taste. If you feel something is worth the price, go for it, otherwise keep looking till you find something satisfactory.

Frequently Asked Questions

[mks_toggle title=” Are Electric Grills Expensive?” state=”close “]This really depends on the kind of budget you?ve set for yourself and the model you?re looking at. There are a lot of very affordable electric grills which are well built and come with great features and also more expensive ones. The size and number of features provided also go a long way in determining the price.[mks_toggle title=” What is the best electric grill on the market?” state=”close “]According to our research, the George Foreman GGR50B is the best electric grill on the market. Having factored in a number of considerations such as a number of features, versatility and build quality and so on, it emerged the best in our hunt for the best electric grill. [mks_toggle title=” Where can I find electric grills?” state=”close “]You can buy electric grills are through a number of means. The simplest and most convenient way nowadays is to search for the kind of model you want online and order it through trusted online markets such as Amazon. They can also be found in supermarkets and stores that deal exclusively with kitchenware as well. [mks_toggle title=” Are all electric grills the same?” state=”close “]Though they primarily all do the same job which is to grill your food, not all electric grills are the same. They differ based on a number of factors. These factors can include aspects such as:Their size.The manufacturer.A number of features provided.Build material.Power consumption rate.Temperature control systems.[mks_toggle title=” Do electric grills consume a lot of power?” state=”close “]Electric grills don?t all consume a lot of power. Their power consumption rate is quite relative to their size. Bigger sized electric grills would consume more power compared to smaller sized ones since they?d need bigger or more heating elements to drive the electric grill to cook and properly function as expected of them.[mks_toggle title=” How do I clean an electric grill?” state=”close “]Cleaning electric grills is quite a simple affair. Most models comprise of detachable parts which allow you to clean them easier. Some parts are even dishwasher safe, so it?s simply a matter of detaching them and throwing them into the dishwasher. The main body, however, should never be immersed in water, but instead, be wiped down clean using a damp cloth or something similar. [mks_toggle title=” Can I use electric grills outdoors?” state=”close “]Electric grills are primarily designed for indoor use. That being said, however, some electric grills come with a number of added features that can allow them to be used outdoors. They can be:Stands which allow you to place them on as you grill outside.An alternative energy source which is easily available outside to power it’s [mks_toggle title=” Do electric grills produce smoke?” state=”close “]Electric grills are great for indoor use because they do not really produce smoke. Unlike outdoor grills which burn fuels such as wood or charcoal in order to grill, electric grills have heating elements which are powered by electricity. The tiny bit of smoke that can be potentially produced is given off when the food is in contact with the grilling plates. [mks_toggle title=” Can I control the heat on electric grills?” state=”close “]Yes, you can. Electric grills come with temperature control dials which allow you to regulate the amount of temperature that courses through the grilling plates. The point to note here is just how much control these dials avail since some offer simple indicators like ?high or low? instead of actual temperature scales which allow for better precision. [mks_toggle title=” How big are electric grills?” state=”close “]Electric grills come in a wide range of sizes. Depending on the number of people you want to service using the grill, you can buy a large sized grill or a relatively small one.

Maintenance Guide for Electric Grills

Seeing how much of an investment electric grills are and the convenience they can provide, it is of utmost necessity to properly take care of and maintain them. This can be done so by adhering to the following points:

After you are done using them in any particular session, always remember to unplug them from the power outlets. Not minding this can lead to a number of problems for you such as:

  • If left on and no cooking is taking place, it is consuming power unnecessarily.
  • If left unattended to in this state, it can be a fire and safety hazard. Considering you may have a family in your home, this can be especially dangerous since children can get burnt quite easily if they come into contact with it if they don?t know how to properly handle it.
  • The heating element and the cooking surface can get damaged if the grill is turned on and no cooking is taking place.


  • The electric grill must be unplugged before you consider conducting any kind of cleaning. This is because water or any sort of moisture can damage the inner workings of the grill.
  • Immersing the whole body of the electric grill into a sink full of water or into a dishwasher in the name of cleaning it will damage it as stated in the point above.
  • If you don?t regularly clean your grill, bits of food will start gathering on your grill which not only makes it dirty but a health hazard since it can contaminate whatever fresh food you may be working on later.
  • Fr best results you can follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer on how to best clean your grill.


If some part of your grill breaks down, it is imperative to have that part replaced by a genuine spare before you use it again. Not adhering to this:

  • Can result in the permanent destruction of your grill.
  • Means you fit in sub-par replacement parts which can also further damage your grill.


If you?re searching for the best electric grill for your home, this guide will prove a worthy helper. As seen from the sections above, a lot of considerations need to be taken into account before making this kind of purchase. We hope this guide has proven objective and clear enough to help you in your shopping for an electric grill.