Reviews Of The Best Electric Skillet Of 2021

You probably already own your own favorite skillet that you use when frying, searing and preparing your favorite dishes. So why consider purchasing an electric skillet? One fantastic reason is because an electric skillet can get you out of your kitchen and free you to spend more time with your lunch or dinner guests.

The great thing about an electric skillet is that it has its own source of heat. You’re free of the stove. All you need is a place to plug it in. They all come with a heating element and some offer you the option of a detachable heating element making cleaning easier. Some even feature interior non-stick surfaces and glass lids to facilitate cooking. Let’s take a look at what an electric skillet does and the best electric skillets on the market.

What does it do and why should I purchase an electric skillet?

The electric skillet is designed to assist you in various cooking tasks. What can you use it for?

Like a regular frying pan, it can be used for frying or sauting. From a breakfast of pancakes or bacon and eggs to sauting your favorite vegetables, the electric skillet can allow you to prepare these dishes in any room in your home. Imagine saut’ing onions on your outdoor deck during a barbeque.

Your electric skillet can function as a heating dish for keeping food warm when serving in the dining room or again outdoors. This is a great consideration if you want to spend more time with guests. Use it to cook meals outdoors. Maybe you’re cooking for two and don’t want to go to the trouble of preparing your outdoor grill. If you have access to an electrical outlet, with the electric skillet, your problems are solved.

Finally, it’s a great tool for people who don’t like to cook, or who cook for themselves alone or for fewer people. Why use the stove or oven if you are cooking for two? And energetically it will be more economical than turning on that electric oven.

During our search, we found some great electric skillets for you to consider. We analyzed the pros and cons of each skillet and prepared this buyers guide for the best electric skillet.

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Best Electric Skillet Buying Guide




Saladmaster Oil Core Electric Skillet Model 7817
De'Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet With Glass Lid 16" X 12"
Presto 06620 11-Inches Electric Skillet
Best of the best

Here we are considering the very best in electric skillets. This is an expensive electric skillet but the quality is above and beyond anything else we looked at. And Saladmaster cooking utensils are known to last for years and years with proper care.

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Features We Love



Editor’s Note:

The Saladmaster brand is known for excellence and above all for durability. These products are built to last a lifetime and then some. The Vapo-Valve system locks in moisture allowing to maintain flavor, and cooking without butter, oils or fat if you so choose.

Best sellers 

This is one popular electric skillet. Judging from over 2000 reviews on Amazon, this product is well worth the money spent when purchasing. You can use it as a frying pan or cook an entire meal. The pan is quite large and can easily prepare meals and dishes for a larger family.

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Features We Love



Editor’s Note:

This electric skillet will fry, roast, bake or stew. The base and handles detach allowing for easy cleaning and storage. The glass lid and stay-cool handles allow the skillet to perform as a buffet server. For everything this pan offers and considering the very reasonable price, it definitely deserves its place as one of the best electric skillets on the market.

Best Budget 

Even though this electric skillet is smaller than others, it can still cook more than enough food for two people. Due to its comfortably small size, it can easily find a place in any kitchen, especially for those with limited space. Priced for limited budgets.

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Features We Love



This mini electric skillet is ideal for kitchens with limited space, dorm rooms, campers, etc.. It stews, fries, and grills. Easily cooks food for 2 or more people. The cover is made of innovative EverNu plastic and will not bend or dent. The very affordable price makes it one of the best electric skillets available.

Best Value

De'Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet with Glass Lid 16" x 12"

This is an impressive electric skillet. Customer feedback highlights its short heating time and versatility in roasting, grilling, stewing, baking and much more. The glass lid allows you to check on your food and the heat resistant handles allow for easy transport without an oven glove.

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Features We Love



Editor’s Note:

This electric skillet is reasonably priced with a beautiful design. It is large enough to prepare dinner for a larger family and is energy efficient. Considering its price, this DeLonghi BG45 electric skillet earns its place as one of the best electric skillets to purchase.

Best Small Skillet

This electric skillet is perfect in size for couples, students, singles or even travelers and would easily be useful in campers, offices, dorms, or traditional kitchens. It’s perfect for baking casseroles, a small roast or many of your favorite dishes. It features a tempered glass lid on a die-cast aluminum body with heat resistant handles.

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Features We Love



Editor’s Note:

The Nesco ES-08 Electric Skillet offers a good quality non-stick surface. It is particularly indicated for singles or small families so if you don’t need to prepare large quantities of food, this might be the perfect electric skillet.

best electric skillet Buying Guide

These versatile kitchen appliances are literally a must-have if you want to facilitate your cooking. There are many different types and brands available, so you’ll want to consider your personal needs when selecting the model that is best for your cooking requirements.

Features to consider when selecting an electric skillet

Non-stick surfaces

To Teflon, or not to Teflon! Some electric skillets feature Teflon or other type of non-stick coating. For consumers who like a non-stick surface, this will be a feature to look for when selecting. If you prefer to avoid Teflon because it could flake into your food, there are models that do not offer the non-stick surface.


Depending on where you want to place your electric skillet, you may give importance to the shape. They can be found in square, rectangular, oblong or oval versions. Larger rectangular versions will offer greater cooking capacity.


Dimensions vary anywhere from six to eighteen inches. The very large electric skillets are convenient if you will be cooking for larger groups of people. Smaller versions are ideal for college students or office kitchens and for campers. Consider the number of people you normally cook for when choosing. Also, consider what types of food you will be cooking in your pan. If you want to roast or cook for larger groups, you’ll want to check out how high the sidewalls are because a skillet with a deep dish will allow for these types of meal preparation.

Type of Cooking, Temperature, and Settings

Your being able to control the temperature of your electric skillet will have an effect on how your food turns out. If you want to deep fry, you may want to look for an electric skillet that can heat up to 450℉. Depending on what you want to cook, check to see if the heating element can support your temperature needs. Some models will simply state high, medium or low while others will either show the actual temperature or use numbers from 1 to 5. Some skillets will also feature extra settings and even inserts for baking or roasting. An electric skillet that offers you a variety of temperatures is a good option regardless of what you want to cook. Check on the widths of the bottom and sides as well. Thinner versions may not guarantee even heating throughout.

Side Measurements

Side measurements can be extremely useful if you are going to be pouring in liquids for large meals.


Are the featured handles heat resistant? Stay-cool handles are much safer and permit you to avoid using oven mitts when cooking with your electric skillet.

Glass lid or not!

A glass lid will allow you to check the food during cooking without having to lift it to peek. If you raise the lid, some of the heat will escape. Some skillets come with steam vents located directly on the lid. Without a steam vent of some type, pressure can accumulate within causing leakage of liquids over the sides of the skillet. Also, check out the height of your lid. A higher lid means roasting or cooking larger foods. Glass lids should be made with tempered glass to guarantee that the lid can support a high cooking temperature, thus avoiding shattering due to heat while cooking.


eveDoes the skillet come equipped with a drainage spout? After cooking, you may find your skillet filled with greasy liquid. A spout for drainage will allow you to just pour any liquid out of the skillet with no mess. These spouts can be particularly convenient when draining greases or oils in avoiding drips and spills.

Cleaning and Dishwasher safe

This may not seem like an important aspect when purchasing your new skillet, but imagine having cooked a great meal, and then afterward losing time because you have difficulty cleaning it. For many people, this would be a source of considerable frustration. Some skillets will need to be cleaned manually while others can be placed in a dishwasher. Consider the cleaning options each model offers. If you have a dishwasher and use it, this option can be a real time-saver and a great convenience. Make sure the model you choose has an electric plug that is removable or that the skillet can be completely submerged in water.


Do your research on how durable the skillet is that you ‘re thinking about buying. You’re spending your hard earned money and you don’t want to be spending it for a new skillet on a yearly basis.


Don’t forget to look for a warranty. You’ll want to choose a company that stands behind their products and will repair or replace a faulty appliance.


How much you can afford to spend, may be the deciding factor in choosing your new electric skillet. Some electric skillets fall into the budget-friendly category, while others can stretch your budget to extremes. Clearly, the more features an electric skillet offers, the more costly it will be. If you need a good basic simple skillet for your cooking needs, there are a multitude of choices that are great products and very affordable.

best electric skillet FAQ

  • Economical and Fast – Less expenditure on energy and faster, more even cooking. With a lid, the cooking should be even quicker.
  • Size – The electric skillet is smaller than a regular stove which would make it an attractive cooking option depending on your kitchen. It also can be packed away and stored when not in use.
  • Ideal for summer cooking – When you don’t want to overheat the entire kitchen in summer by turning on your oven, the electric skillet is a fantastic option.
  • Price – Even if you can find electric skillets that are very expensive, it isn’t necessary to raid your bank account to purchase a good product. And the reasonably priced ones are durable and can last several years.

No, they are similar, but a griddle usually doesn’t have sides or a lid. The griddle will not contain liquids and does not retain heat as well as a skillet will.

You can cook more types of foods than we can mention. Casseroles, roasts, pancakes, grilled cheeses, chicken, donuts, bacon, and eggs.just about everything.

This depends on the model you choose. Some skillets will be dishwasher safe, which eliminates the problem for you. If you select a skillet that cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher, check to see if you need to purchase a specific cleaning product for it. The cleaning instructions should be included with the product, and you can always consult the manufacturer’s website and/or product page.

Basic Cleaning and Maintenance of an Electric Skillet

  • Always allow the skillet to cool before cleaning to prevent damaging the inside coating.
  • Take the control plug out of the connector once it has cooled.
  • Wash the front of the skillet in hot soapy water but keep the connector plug out of the water. Use a nylon scraper on the inside to protect the coating. Wash the outside, always avoiding getting water on the connector entry. Dry and let sit to air dry any water drops or humidity that may have entered the connector entry.
  • Wash the lid by hand or in a dishwasher.
  • Always use silicone or soft plastic kitchen utensils when cooking with a non-stick electric skillet to avoid damaging the coating.

Safety Tips For Your Electric Skillet 

  • Check that the handles, legs, and lid are all attached in a secure manner before using.
  • Avoid touching the surface with bare hands.
  • Avoid using numerous extension cords to cook.
  • Switch the electric skillet on when the probe is plugged in.
  • Never remove a skillet filled with hot oil or grease.
  • Unplug the skillet after you have finished using it.
  • Allow the skillet to cool down by itself before attempting to clean it. Do not try to cool it using cold water.
  • Do not wash it with the power still plugged in.
  • Do not submerge the skillet in water unless the manufacturer states that this is safe.
  • If the electric cord is damaged, have it replaced by an authorized technician.

Best Brands

We have selected as the best brands for electric skillets:

  • Saladmaster
  • Presto
  • DeLonghi
  • Nesco



An electric skillet is a wonderful kitchen appliance to own. It can maintain a constant cooking temperature much better than a plain frying pan on top of your stove. It doesn’t overheat your kitchen as a stove would, which makes it a great option in the summertime. If you need to entertain unexpected guests, your electric skillet will offer you a terrific advantage in whipping something up while not being tied down in the kitchen. It’s versatile, it’s cost-efficient and in the end, it may be fun as well. Consider your needs, then consider your options when choosing the best electric skillet for your cooking adventures.

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