8 Best Empava Cooktops For 2021 [Buying Guide And Reviews]

Empava stands at the forefront of household cooking. In fact, we’ve named Empava as our favorite induction cooktop. Its cooking ranges and stoves take a lot of the weight off your shoulders and make life easier for household chefs. 

One major factor that accounts for Empava’s popularity is; affordability. Its cooktops are tailored for the average user, so it makes sense that they can be bought by the average user too.

But choosing an Empava cooktop is not easy. Between any two Empava cooktops, the size and burner layout vary drastically.

Which is why we’ve jotted down our picks for the top 8 Empava cooktops. Take a look at our recommendations, and don’t forget to check out the buying guide at the end. If you want to complement your cooktop, you’ll need top-notch induction cookware.

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Best Empava Cooktops: Our Top Picks




Best Induction 

For an ultra-sleek and flush induction cooktop, choose the Empava electric stove. This is a 36-inch induction cooktop that features minimal cleanup, flexible heating, and a friendly UI.

Empava features its own Flexi bridge burner technology. Through this, you’re able to control the temperature of two separate heating elements simultaneously. This goes hand in hand with the continuous burner design. In other words, you can ,merge two heating zones into one to accommodate larger pots. 

You can only do this with the heating zones on the sides though, which are rectangular. So you may not get even heat distribution if you use a circular pot. However, you’ll be able to fit a griddle. 

As for the burner output, the center burner can reach an output of about 13,000 BTUs. The side burners can reach an output of 9,000 and 7,000 BTUs. 

What’s more, this Empava induction cooktop features a Power Boost Mode. The cooktop will rapidly heat up any food or leftovers while consuming more power. Each burner can be boosted this way for only 5 minutes. 

It also features a cooking timer that can be set up to 99 minutes (1.5 hours). After the timer ends, the stove will turn off automatically. You also get a Hot Surface indicator, which flashes a bright red, H, on the hot surface.

However, since it’s an induction cooktop, you cannot use pots and pans made from non-magnetic materials. It’s also a bit louder than other ranges.

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Best Electric Stove 

If you like a bit more flexibility when cooking, try this 30-inch induction range from Empava. This is a smaller cooktop that is coated with Vitro ceramic for a smooth shiny surface. It features 4 heating zones, each with a different size and asymmetrically placed.

Initially, the asymmetrical placement of the heating zones may look unappealing. But it helps cram varying sizes of burners into a smaller product and leaves some space to rest hot pots. 

Speaking of which, the Empava induction cooktop incorporates a smart pot sensor. It senses the size of your pot or pan and only activates the induction area needed to heat it. This not only means more even heating but also cuts down on power wastage. 

Cleanup is a breeze with this Empava range. The glossy glass surface calls for just a simple wipe. Since the surface stays relatively cooler, stains are less likely to get burnt onto the face of the stove. 

Unfortunately, the interface isn’t polished. Unlike previous models where the controls were more visual, the UI in this is much less dynamic. You can’t visually tap on the burner icon to turn it on. Instead, each burner has its own controls that take up more space.

The control options, however, remain the same. You get a 99-minute timer along with a hot surface indicator, a child lock, and a Power Boost mode. You also get to choose from 9 different heating levels that allow for high-temperature cooking.

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Best Electric Stove 

The Empava 24 induction cooktop is a space-saving cooking range that features two large and distinct burners. The entire surface is made from Vitro ceramic and finished with tempered glass. If you have a small 24″ oven surface or countertop clearance, this model will save you a lot of space.

Each burner features 9 unique temperature settings that can be altered using the individual controls. They can reach incredible temperatures of 460 degrees Fahrenheit. This is enough to boil over water 50% faster than usual rapidly. 

Each burner also has its own child lock, so you can lock one burner while you use the other. There’s also a 179-minute timer, allowing for up to 3 hours of care-free cooking. On the topic of safety, you also genefit from a Hot Surface indicator and an automatic shut-off. 

The tempered glass surface makes the Empava cooktop relatively easier to clean up. And stains don’t tend to burn up on the surface. 

But you don’t get the Power Boost mode, which would make reheating more accessible. To add to that, the surface is prone to scratching and smudging very quickly. And you may find yourself cleaning the cooktop too often.

Overall, this is a great choice for people who have a smaller kitchen and want to benefit from an induction cooktop. It is low-profile (as shallow as 3 inches), and delivers incredible power beyond what other cooktops offer. 

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Best Gas 

Empava 30" Stainless Steel 5 Italy Sabaf Burners Stove Top Gas Cooktop EMPV-30GC0A5

For those who like to cook traditionally, Empava offers this 30-inch stainless steel gas cooktop. It features 5 world-renowned Italian SABAF burners, each with the latest thermocouple technology. And it’s convertible to LPG, making it a suitable choice for RVs and mobile homes.

The burners offer a wide temperature range, from 12,000 BTUs to 4,000 BTUs. This implies anything from simmering to boiling and even steaming. 

Each burner features an auto-shutoff that prevents house fires and hazards. This is facilitated through its new and improved thermocouple flame-out technology. The burners are all sealed and require nothing but warm soapy water to clean them. And the stainless steel surface is resistant to discoloration and permanent staining.

But that’s not all. Even the heavy-duty cast-iron grates can be cleaned in the dishwasher. And the grate design is continuous, making pot transfers easy and simplistic. Additionally, this unit is convertible to LPG, so you can cook in your preferred way. 

You may find this unit heats up too fast. This is because the temperature adjustment is rather coarse, and the knob doesn’t have any specific temperature markings on it. 

Also, this isn’t a suitable choice for slow-cooking. It doesn’t maintain a low enough temperature and automatically shuts off if left on for long. 

This is still a great cooktop for high-temperature applications. It uses the cheapest cooking fuel, and you get multiple safety features. 

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Best Gas Stove

Here’s another 30-inch gas cooktop from Empava, this one with a sleek, more futuristic design. It has a completely black coloration, with a flat design and 5 SABAF burners. The control knobs face up instead of jutting out from the side, allowing the cooktop to sit flush in your counter.

This Empava gas cooktop utilizes 5 burners from SABAF, the world’s leading brand of stove top burners. All of these burners have been integrated with flame-failure thermocouple technology. It works similarly to an auto-shutoff feature where the burners turn off automatically if left unattended.

You get 4 different burner sizes, with BTU outputs as high as 12,000 BTUs. This makes it an ideal choice for simmering and saut’ing. 

The cast-iron grates feature a precision laser-cut design that follows through to the control knobs. What sets this cooktop aside from similar models is its unique construction and cutout. It has a flat bottom, and the burners are not recessed. This not only allows for a low-cut cooktop option but also prevents liquids from pooling up.

The surface is always a wipe away from being clean, though you may need soapy water for heavier stains. And each cast iron grate is completely dishwasher-safe. 

You can also convert this cooktop to work with PG, and get the whole package’s conversion kit. 

Moreover, you may run into a common problem where one or two of the burners will not light up and you need to press the knob down and hold it for a few seconds, which can be annoying.

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Best 24 Inch Gas

The Empava 24-inch gas stove is a cooktop that knows how to manage space. It crams 4 burners of varying sizes onto a 24-inch stainless steel trim. And it’s not short of the features found in larger Empava ranges.

With 4 world-class Italian SABAF burners, you get to cook a range of stews and sauces. The smallest burner, which has an output of 4,000 BTUs, can even hold smaller cups and pots for heating butter and marinades. The burners are asymmetrical, and the largest burner has a 12,000 BTU output.

The burners are also fully equipped with a thermocouple flameout technology. This allows them to turn off if they’ve been turned on for too long and a flame hasn’t been ignited yet. Which makes gas leak highly unlikely.

Stainless steel is the main construction material, along with cast iron in the grates. The grates have a continuous design, but there’s a large gap in the middle, which may hinder pot transfers. 

One good thing about the construction materials is they are extremely manageable. The cast-iron grates can simply be popped into the dishwasher for quicker cleaning. 

Adding to that, you get an LP conversion kit, allowing for hassle-free conversion. This is a great choice of cooktop for all types of cooking. It can handle rolling boils, simmering, stir-frying, and even caramelization. But it’s not suitable for outdoor use, particularly in the rain, since the appliance is electric and not water-proof.

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Best Electric

For an ultra-slim, ultra-space-saving electric cooktop, go for the Empava IDC12B2. This cooktop measures only 12 inches in width and carries much of the same technology as induction cooktops.

To start off with, this design accommodates two burners. Each of these can reach temperatures as high as 460℉. You get to choose from 9 different temperature settings. And 6 and 8 power levels on the left and right burners respectively. Each burner also features its own child lock and timer, allowing for a much more precise cooking experience.

This is a good model for frying, boiling, stewing, and simmering. The 179-minute timer lets you cook for up to 3 hours with no worries. 

The interface is much less visual than other stoves in the same range. However, there are only two burners, and the separate controls simplify usage. The cooktop stays cooler than traditional electric stovetops. And a large ,H, icon underneath the surface warns you of any residual heat.

However, this cooktop, much like other electric stovetops, is not compatible in the rain. And it works on the principle of magnetic induction. So you need a magnetic-bottom pot or pan. It also doesn’t include a Power Boost function, which would allow for rapid reheating. 

But it’s still a great choice for people who are looking for an extremely small cooktop. Its small size prevents you from using larger pots, and the two heating zones can’t be merged either. 

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Best Electric Stove Induction

If you’ve got more space to spare, you’ll be quite content with this 36″ model from Empava. It has a large flat design, with separate controls for each burner. And it cuts down on both cooking and cleaning time, with its smooth tempered glass finish.

This is a fully-equipped electric cooktop that indirectly heats your cookware, meaning the surface itself doesn’t get hot. A hot surface indicator tells you whether the cooktop is safe to touch. And an integrated child lock keeps your children safe.  

You get 9 different temperature settings for each heating element. This means your cooking can range from melting butter to boiling water. You also get a Power Boost mode, which briefly enhances power and rapidly heats up the food. 

To better conserve power, the Empava uses a pot sensor. This sensor only heats up the portion of the burner required according to the pan size. 

Unfortunately, you can’t merge two heating zones. So your choice of cookware is mostly limited. You can’t even accommodate a griddle on this if you want uniform heating.

And the interface doesn’t have the feature where you tap on the burner icon to choose its settings. Instead, there are separate controls for each burner that uses more space. 

The Empava 36″ Stove is a decent cooktop for people who have a larger clearance. You get a Power Boost mode, a safety shutoff, and 70% faster heating times than regular gas cooktops.

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Empava Cooktop Buying Guide


Choosing the size of your cooktop depends on how much clearance you have. You can choose to place your cooktop either over an oven range or on an empty counter. You can most of the time manage a good 30 to 36 inches of clearance (measured from left to right). However, in rare cases, you may be able to manage only 24 inches of clearance.

Go even lower and you get the 12-inch stove. At this point, you’re compromising a lot on size, and you shouldn’t go for this stove unless you the heavier oneneed to. 

Also, consider the depth of the stove and how long it is. The depth (from top to bottom) can be anywhere from 3 inches to 36 inches (for a combined stove plus oven range). The length (front to back) can be between 15 and 20 inches. It is best to measure the length of your counter beforehand. 

Burner Layout:

Consider the way burners are laid out. A common layout is two burners on either side with the largest and most powerful one in the middle. For 4-burner layouts, it’s just four burners uniformly distributed on the cooking surface.

However, some burners, especially in induction cooktops, can be asymmetrically placed. This is usually to save space by getting rid of the white space between the burners. It also allows for a more dynamic range of burner sizes.

Additionally, consider how many burners you need. You can’t comfortably fit 4 burners in a 30″ layout. But below that, you’re mostly confined to just two burners. Most people don’t even need 4 burners, but you never know when you may need to cook a lot of food.

A special type of burner found on induction cooktops is the bridge burner. This is the vertical burner in which there is no demarcation. It can behave as two separate burners, or as one larger burned for griddles and fish kettles. Do not forget to clean your cooktop.

Consider the Add-Ons:

There isn’t a lot you can add on to your cooktop. But you surely have a few options. You can look for hooks and bars to hang your essential tools from. Also consider adding an oven underneath the stove, or buying an oven plus stove cooking range combined.

In gas cooking ranges, particularly look for an LP conversion kit. This allows you to use your cooktop on LP fuel, as they normally work on natural gas. 


Finally, consider the power output of each burner. Depending on the type of fuel you’re using and the cooktop size, the heat output can range from 12,000 BTUs to 4,000 BTUs. This roughly translates to the power usage of 1000 watts to up to 3000 watts. The power consumption directly impacts your electric or gas bill. The cost-savings found is one of the main benefits of the induction vs gas battle.

Best Empava Cooktops FAQ

To use induction technology, the cookware must have a magnetic bottom. Most new stainless steel and cast iron cookwares are compatible with Empava’s induction technology. Additionally, you can look at the bottom of the cookware for an induction symbol. This looks like coiled up wire.?
In general, copper, aluminum, and ceramic cookware are not compatible with Empava’s induction technology. Neither is heat-resist glass and round-bottom cookware.

Hearing noises from your Empava induction cooktop is normal. In fact, it is the same sound that you find in the True Induction models. The noise could either be attributed to the cooling fan, or to vibrations in your cookware. Specifically, if you’re experiencing a cracking sound, it is most likely due to the cookware having multiple layers. Try using a single-ply cooking pot, the one that is heavier.

Using the cooktop is simple. Press the ON/OFF button to start the cooktop. Then place your pot onto the desired heating zone. Select a suitable temperature for your food by selecting the +/- buttons. To turn it off, first, move the temperature to the 0 marks, then press the ON/OFF switch.
You can toggle other options too, such as the Power Boost mode by pressing the B button. This will show a P next to the heating zone where Power Boost is on. You can also merge two zones by pressing the Flex zone key next to the burner.


While not as powerful as the induction range, the Empava’s cooktops take the hassle away from everyday cooking. They make housework easier to manage and let you have a lot more leisure time. And it comes in a wide variety of cooktops too, ranging from 12 inches in size to up to 36 inches.

What’s more, you get to choose what type of fuel you want. Be it gas, induction, or electric; Empava has your back at all times and is a leader in the induction cooking field.

We looked at just 8 of the many cooktops offered by Empava. And we can bet that there’s a cooktop made just for you. 

So go out there and find the right Empava for yourself today.

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