Reviews Of The Best 30″ & 36″ Gas Cooktops Of 2021

Selecting a cooktop for your kitchen can be a hard nut to crack. There are a plethora of cooktops to choose from.

From the electric cooktops to induction cooktops, and of course, gas cooktops, the long list of products can sometimes be confusing. New homeowners and others remodeling their kitchen are typical examples of people who face this issue.

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Talking about gas cooktops, many individuals are reluctant to get gas cooktops for their kitchen. They pointed out fears such as non-ease of use, cost, maintenance, and installation. We?re about to review the best gas cooktop units in this article and our goal is

  1. To clear your doubts about gas cooktops.
  2. Tell you the benefits and demerits of using gas cooktops.
  3. Share with you important shopping tips you must know before you make a purchase.

At the end of this article, we?re sure you won?t hesitate to get a gas cooktop for your kitchen.

Gas Cooktops: Our Top Picks




Here’s our in-depth review of the selected electric cooktops.

Expert Reviews of the Best Gas Cooktops


The overall best gas cooktop is the Frigidaire FGGC304 gas cooktop. It’s one of the few gas cooktops which have what it takes to make cooking much easier for you. This unit measures 30″ x 5″ x 21.8″ (WHD) and should fit in a space of about 30″.

At a glance, you’ll find out that the unit has about 5 burners, 4 of which are sealed. According to Sears, a sealed burner emits flames via a protective cap instead of directing the flame on your cookware.

One advantage of having a sealed burner is that it makes the task of cleaning your cooktop and cookware easy.

Additionally, the burners have a BTU rating between 450 to 18,000BTU. Based on design, the center burner on this Frigidaire cooktop has more offers more heat.

Frigidaire placed the control knobs for this unit sit on top instead of the front side. We do like the position since you don’t need to look down before turning any knob.

The controls are easy to use, and sport a ridge in the middle that makes gripping it easy, even if you’re wearing a glove.

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Features We Love



There are cast iron grates on the cooktop. This allows you to easily slide your pots from one burner to another while cooking. For your cooking needs, the unit is compatible with both natural gas and propane.

Cooking on multiple burners is easy and won’t feel crowded except if you use large cooking pans on all the burners.

Frigidaire offers this unit in only stainless steel model which scratches easily.

Premium Choice

For high-end gas cooktops, the Fotile 30″ Stainless Steel 5-Burner is our top pick. With 5 sealed burners, a stainless steel finishing and a cast iron grate, this Fotile gas cooktop is a premium cooktop for kitchens.

As earlier mentioned, it sports 5 burners, all of which are sealed. The burners have a maximum Btu rating of about 21,000 Btu. This is the highest we’ve seen so far in this review.

The five burners are regulated by the control knob which is aptly positioned on the bottom of the unit. All the knobs are made with high-quality metallic materials and they are responsive to turns.

We love the auto igniter function of this machine. Even if you blow off the light, it still ignites automatically again till you turn off the burner.

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Features We Love



While we are usually budget conscious, if you are thinking of splurging, look no further. The Fotile 30″ Stainless Steel is top of the line and will add the most classy of touches to any kitchen. One of the things we didn’t like about our test unit was the burn stains on the stainless steel.

However, we were able to get that off using the Easy Off Stovetop Cleaner which completely removed those burn stains. The grates on this cooktop lift up easily allowing you room to clean the unit.

Out of the box, this Fotile unit is designed to work hassle-free. To support customers, Fotile offers a full 5-Year warranty on this purchase – pretty generous (but expected at this price point).

Editor’s Choice

The Empava 30″ stainless steel gas cooktop is a budget-friendly gas cooktop for homeowners on a tight budget.

In this review, we shared our experience with the unit.

The first thing you’ll notice about this Empava unit is that it sports 5 burners. Unfortunately, there are no continuous grates on this cooktop, so you won’t be sliding your pots from one burner to the other easily.

However, the grate is made of high-quality materials and is dishwasher safe.

Aside from the grates, the burners and regulation valves are also made from high-quality materials as described in their user manual – only constant use and time will prove them right or wrong.

We, however, love the fact that the grate and the knobs are dishwasher safe. Keeping your gas cooktop clean after each meal can sometimes be a lot of work if there’s much dirt.

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The cooktop measures about 29.52″x 20″x 4.52″. All the burners on the unit are sealed ensuring that your cooktop remains clean irrespective of what you’re cooking.

We like the stainless steel finishing of this unit. Surprisingly, it doesn’t give out scratch easily compared to the Frigidaire unit we reviewed above. Control wise, the knobs feel solid and are responsive to every turn.

The buttons give you unlimited control over the burners which have a Btu that ranges between 3000 and 12000. The unit can be powered by propane or natural gas.

Out of the box, it is set for natural gas and as such, needs a professional to set it for propane.

There’s a 36″ model if you’d love something that big.

For safety, Empava fitted this unit with the auto shut off safety sensor. This prevents the gas from flowing when the unit is not in use. A very handy security feature, if you must say.

Best 36-inch Gas Cooktop

The GE JGP3030DLBB 30 Inch Gas Cooktop gas cooktop is the by far the best 36″ gas cooktop we’ve seen so far. It’s spacious enough to accommodate 5 medium sized cooking pots, thanks to its rectangular shaped design and its 5 burners. The burners have Btu range between 5,000Btu and 20,000Btu.

To make cooking easier, GE installed continuous grates on this cooktop. Therefore, you can easily slide your pots from one burner to the other without any hassles.

In its entirety, this GE cooktop measures 36″ x 3.75″ x 21″. Out of the box, it’s ready for use with natural gas. However, with a few tweaks here and there, a professional will set it up for liquid propane.

Did we mention that it comes with its propane conversion kit? Oh, we forgot to mention that GE includes a cast iron griddle insert.

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Features We Love



At a glance from afar, one would appreciate the stainless steel finishing. Surprisingly, it doesn’t stain easily like its counterpart, the Fotile 30″ Stainless Steel 5-burner which we reviewed above.

You can easily control the cooktop via the control knobs. We, however, didn’t like the fact that the control knobs were made of plastic thus making them susceptible to melting as a result of heat.

GE makes up for this with the responsive control of the knobs. Surprisingly, you’ll realize that almost all the burners have a low simmer setting courtesy of the valves GE put in them.

To ensure your safety, there’s an indicator light that shows you a burner is still on. This reduces the risks of getting burned by your own cooktop.

We also appreciate the safety lockout knob which automatically locks all the other knobs. If you have little kids in the house, you’ll definitely appreciate this feature.

Benefits of Using a Gas Cooktop

At a glance, here are a few benefits you get if you use gas cooktops in your kitchen.

Less Time To Heat Up

It’s no news that once you turn on a gas cooker, the heat released most times is sufficient for cooking although you might need to set the temperature. Comparing it to the electric cooktop, one will realize that an electric cooktop will need to heat up first. Therefore, the time taken for it to heat up is lost especially if you want to cook a fast meal.

Greater Control Over Temperature

Gas cooktops offer better temperature controls in comparison with other cooktops especially the electric models. They do so by maintaining precise temperatures required for cooking meals.

No Need To Replace Your Cookware

Electric and induction cooktops require the use of special cookware on it. This significantly increases the cost of owning and using the cooktop. On the other hand, a gas cooktop works with most types of cookware so you don’t need to replace your pots and pans.

Long-Term Cost Efficiency

Gas cooktops may cost more than their other cooktop models that use electricity when purchasing them. However, in the long run, they tend to be more cost-effective. This is as a result of the cheaper cost of gas compared to that of electrically powered units.

The Best Gas Cooktop Buying Guide

Here are some important things you should consider before you get a gas cooktop for your kitchen.

Kitchen Space

The first thing you should take before you make your purchase is the kitchen space at your disposal. Answer questions such as where will the unit be installed? Is there enough space for this gas cooktop on my countertop? Should I opt for a small model with two burners or do I get one with five burners? Answers to some of these questions will be instrumental to your selecting a model that suits you.

For models that will be installed on the countertop, ensure you have measurements for your countertop. Then, take note of the cooktop’s measurement and see that it tallies or is lesser than your measurements.

When your cooktop arrives at your home, we suggest getting a professional to install the unit for you. Gas cooktops are not to be toyed with.

Size of the cooktop

This refers to the overall size of the unit and is directly influenced by the available kitchen space and your cooking needs. Your cooking needs determine the number of burners the unit will have.

It is important to note the space between the burners. This will allow you to get a unit that can accommodate all your cooking pots irrespective of its size. If you intend to use your gas cooktop for barbecuing, you should look out for oblong shaped cooktops that can accommodate a hotplate.


How much are you willing to dole out for your new gas cooktop? The more the features & the bigger the size of the cooktop, the more it will cost.

Consider the type of burner/Btu level

There are various types of burners you’ll find on a gas cooktop. You should check the product description to know if the unit has any of these burners that will suit your needs.

  1. Large Burners: Large burners are by all means large and can be used for cooking a variety of items. They heat up fast too and caution must be taken to reduce the temperature especially when non-stick cookware is being used to reduce the chances of food getting burnt.
  2. Wok Burners: Wok burners are dedicated burners designed for the rapid flow of heat. They get heated faster than large burners, thus, they are useful for quick boiling and stir-fry cooking. Non-stick fry pans, stock pots, and round bottom woks cookware are suitable for use on wok burners.
  3. Medium Burners: They are useful for cooking foods that respond to quick temperature changes e.g. simmering casseroles and rice.
  4. Simmer Burners: Suitable for cooking items that require little heat. A simmer burner is useful for melting chocolate or butter.

The Btu level of a burner refers to the British thermal unit used to measure the amount of heat needed to raise one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit – that’s some scientific jargon. Burners have BTU ratings which usually start from 5000 Btu and can go up to 8000.


Most gas cooktops come sport control knobs. They should be sizeable and should be easy to use even if you are wearing gloves. Neatly labeled control knobs will help you know which knob controls which burner. The labels should be clear for easy reading.

If you have younger children, you should consider models with controls on top to reduce the chances of kids turning on the unit.

Must be Easy to Cleaning

Cleaning a gas cooktop is not as easy and as straightforward as cleaning other cooktops. You should opt for models with removable trivets. Furthermore, the cooktop’s top should have a catchment area that holds spills – there will always spill while you’re cooking no matter how much you try to prevent it.

Endeavor to clean the spills as soon as possible to prevent your cooktop’s burners from clogging. A clogged burner results in poor heat flow. In the long run, the unit will look untidy and the already baked-in dirt will be difficult to remove.

Ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning. Take note of the recommended chemicals and cleaning products for your cooktop. Furthermore, the control knobs should be removable and easy to put back. This allows for thorough cleaning.

Type of Trivet

Look for units that have cast iron trivets. Though they may be expensive, they are more durable than the enamel model not to mention that they are also studier.


Continuous grates on your cooktop can be very helpful if you don’t want to lift your pots. You just slide the pot to another burner and continue your cooking while you do something else on the previous burner. Though it isn’t an essential feature, it’s worth having.

Safety Features

Some handy safety features you’ll need include a hot surface indicator light and a child safety lock. Though they aren’t a must-have, however, having them on your unit can sometimes be a lifesaver.

In addition to these two, one important device you should install alongside your gas cooktop is a flame failure device. It cuts off gas supply when the flame goes out thereby protecting you. If your unit doesn’t come with it – which is unlikely to happen- then have the handyman install them for you.


As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, gas cooktops offer more cooking flexibility than other cooktops. If you’re looking to avoid buying new cookware, or perhaps, you intend to save in the long run, a gas cooktop will definitely be a great investment.

We hope you found this review helpful.

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