Best Gas Ranges For 2021 [buying Guide And Reviews]

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Gas-powered ranges heat up faster and operate at less cost as compared to their electric counterparts. Besides, many experts believe gas ranges give you precise temperature control while cooking. A decent gas range should have high-power BTU, sufficient burners, and adequate oven capacity.

After scouring through the internet for hours and reviewing several gas ranges, we think the best gas range on the market is the GE JGBS66REKSS. The 30-inch freestanding range has five cubic feet of oven space, 18,000 BTU oven, 15,000 BTU boil burners, and five sealed burners.

But that’s not all? We have reviewed the best gas ranges from the top brands of the industry. 

Keep reading and find out which brands are the best for your kitchen!

Top Gas Ranges Reviewed

Product ImageProduct's namePrimary oven capacityNo. of burnersBest ForMore Info
GE Profile PS930YPFS5.3 Cu. Ft.
Best OverallView latest price
Frigidaire Gallery GCRI3058AF

5.4 Cu. Ft.4

Best budgetView latest price
Wolf M Series IR36550S ST

5.3 Cu. Ft.
5Best Smart connectivity
View latest price
Bosch Benchmark HIIP056U
4.6 Cu. ft
4Best Slide-inView latest price
KitchenAid KSIB900ESS

7.1 Cu. Ft.
4Best CapacityView latest price
Viking 5 Series VIR53014BSS4.7 Cu. Ft.4Best Freestanding
View latest price

Find the right Gas ranges for you 

1. Ge JGBS66REKSS Best Overall 

The best gas range money can buy the one by GE. It comes with an oven capacity of 5 cubic feet, and there are five burners in it.

You will miss some latest features on this range, such as the temperature probe, hot surface light indicator, or a digital display. But it still does a fine job for a traditional model. There are five different finishes available, and it can produce more than 50,000 BTUs with all its burners. 

The oven comes with two racks that can be adjusted in six different positions. You will also get a preheat signal that is audible and automatically shuts off when not in use. 

This oven still comes with an electronic clock and timer. There is a delay bake option to precisely time your recipes. With the control lock feature, you can prevent any accidental changes to your baking time or temperature. 

The cooking grates are edge-to-edge and dishwasher safe. The range features a simmer burner that will cook slowly at low heat. There is a central burner that can produce up to 15,000 BTUs.


  • It comes with a preheating signal that is audible.?
  • The range can automatically shut off.?
  • It also features a delay bake timer.?
  • Edge-to-edge cooktop that is dishwasher safe.?
  • All the oven controls are lockable.?
  • The oven comes with two racks that can be adjusted in 6 positions.?


  • Highly prone to fingerprints.?
  • There is no digital display on it.
  • No hot surface indicator or temperature probe.

2. Whirlpool WFG320M0B – Best Budget

This Whirlpool range won’t break your wallet. It comes with four different burners and an oven space of 5.1 cubic feet. The cooking range features continuous grates, and you can conveniently move around your pans and pots. 

It doesn’t come with any temperature probes or hot surface indicators but comes with potent burners that can produce around 50,000 BTUs. It also comes with a digital display that shows the timer and temperature. 

The oven boasts delay bake features to prepare your recipes correctly. It comes with two different racks. There are six different adjustable positions. It comes with a custom broil feature to set a temperature between 5F to 525F.

The drawer under the oven features the broiler with a full rack with a drop-down door that creates all the space to prepare your recipes. It could have helped if the oven had a self-clean feature, but you won’t find it and do it manually, which is inconvenient. 

You can cook everything effectively with this cooking range. Using the controls is easy, and you can use them to prepare some mouth-watering dishes. 


  • There is a broiler under the oven.?
  • Its oven capacity is 5.1 cubic feet.
  • Four burners can produce nearly 50,000 BTUs.?
  • Control lock for the oven.?
  • It also comes with custom broil features.


  • There is no storage space in this cooking range.?
  • It catches fingerprints quickly.?
  • No self-clean features are there on this range.?

3. Frigidaire FFGF3054T – Best Freestanding Gas Range

The oven measures to be five cubic feet. There are five sealed burners present in this range as well. 

This cooking range features a storage drawer to store your frequently used kitchen utensils and other accessories. The range features continuous grates to move your pots and pans over them. 

This cooking range comes with a single-touch self-clean feature that will be very convenient to use. The grates are dishwasher safe as well. So, you won’t have to go through a lot to maintain this range. 

This CSA-certified range can quickly boil and simmer. It also comes with an automatic shut-off feature to conserve energy. Moreover, this range is available in four different finishes. 

But you will still notice it doesn’t come with a temperature probe or a hot surface indicator light. This range also features a kitchen timer and allows you to cook timed recipes. 

The burners on this cooking range can produce over 50,000 BTUs combined. You can use them for creating a range of recipes with perfection. 


  • Continuous grates from corner to corner.?
  • It comes with a storage drawer.?
  • The oven control type of this cooking range is digital.
  • Easy to use.
  • The cooking range can produce over 50,000 BTUs??
  • Delay bake and self-cleaning are also available.?


  • No hot surface indicator or temperature probe.?
  • It doesn’t come with a broiler pan.?

4. Kenmore 74133 – Best Self-Clean Gas Range

This freestanding cooking range comes with five cubic feet of oven space. The entire cooking range is made of stainless steel, so it has a robust construction. One of the best features of this cooking range is cooking at even heat, and you won’t have to deal with any hot spots. 

The power burner can quickly broil and produce around 18,000 BTUs, while the simmer burner can cook low and slow at approximately 5,000 BTUs. It can conveniently keep your food warm and prevent it from overcooking. There is a delay and timed baking setting as well. 

Moreover, there is a sensible storage drawer present right underneath the oven as well. It allows you to place all your kitchen utensils and other stuff at an arm’s length. The cooking range can automatically clean itself according to a schedule you have set with the self-clean feature. 

Its oven comes with a couple of racks, and you can adjust them in different positions. The UL-listed cooking range is convenient to use with other recipes. 

The cooking grates of this cooking range are porcelain-enameled. These grates can transmit heat evenly, which means you won’t have to deal with any hot spots during your cooking process. With this coating, they cool down and heat up very fast. 


  • The powerful broiler burner.
  • The simmer burner can cook low and slow at 5,000 BTUs.?
  • Self-clean
  • The UL-listed cooking range comes with porcelain-enameled grates.??
  • There is a storage drawer under the oven.??


  • It doesn’t come with any wireless features.?
  • Not many finish options are available.?
  • Catches fingerprint pretty quickly.?

5. Wolf GR366S – Best 36-Inch Gas Range

Here’s one of the best gas ranges by another top-quality kitchen appliances brand, Wolf. This cooking range comes with six different burners, and its oven sauce is around 5.5 cubic feet. This cooking range features an oven that runs on convection to be a lot easier with it. 

In addition to that, this cooking range also features an infrared boiler that effectively eradicates any of those hotspots and cooks evenly. There are continuous grates on the top, and they allow you to switch between burners when moving your cookware smoothly. 

It is available in island trim design. This is a Star-K certified product and runs on liquid propane. The best part is, it also burns fuel efficiently. 

The range features sealed burners that are dual-stacked to ensure accurate control. Apart from that, it’s easy to clean, and you won’t have to spend hours on it.   

It also comes with automatic resignation for user-friendliness and safety. The cooking grates are all porcelain-enameled. They are quick to burn and cool down fast. There are three adjustable racks inside the oven. 

This cooking range is Star-K certified and sabbath mode compliant. The stainless-steel construction of this cooking range doesn’t catch many fingerprints either. 


  • Six burners can produce almost 80,000 BTUs.
  • The oven comes with 5.5 cubic feet.?
  • Star-K certified and Sabbath complaint.?
  • Porcelain-enameled cooking grates.
  • Fully adjustable stainless-steel legs.
  • Large capacity oven and flame recognition along with automatic reignition.


  • There is no storage drawer.?
  • It’s not suitable for smaller kitchens.?

6. Bosch HGI8056UCX – Best Slide-In Gas Range

This slide-in gas model by Bosch looks stunning in a black finish and adds to any modern kitchen’s overall aesthetics. It has a sleek design that looks brilliant, but it also features a 4,8 cubic feet oven and five sealed burners. 

This model boasts a digital display that is extremely easy to access and use. You might have a little difficulty in using these controls at the beginning. But once you get used to them, this cooking range will be loads of fun to use. 

The finish comes with fingerprint resistance, and there is a warming drawer at the bottom of the cooking range under the oven. It does seem like a smart cooking range equipped with wifi and Bluetooth connectivity features. 

But sadly, that is not the case!

The oven runs on convection, and it handles any food conveniently. You won’t have to deal with any of those hot spots. It can self-clean according to a schedule that you have set for it.

The racks have a gliding design. With the help of a warming drawer, you can keep the food warm until everyone is ready to devour it. The touch controls make things easy once you get a hold of all the controls and their usage. 

This cooking range is also Star-K certified, and temperature conversion is also available. Its continuous cast-iron grates are pretty easy to use when shifting your pots from one burner to another. 


  • It comes with continuous grates.
  • The oven features a self-clean mode.
  • There is a warming drawer at the bottom.?
  • It looks pretty sleek and stylish.?
  • Full digital controls that are incredibly convenient to use.?


  • It still doesn’t have any connectivity capabilities.???
  • The stove on the top doesn’t have a recessed design to contain spills.??

7. Kitchenaid KSGG700ESS – Best Convection Gas Range

Another one of the top names in the cooking range industry is Kitchenaid. It is available in two finishes and has a solid-in design with a convection oven. The oven space measures to be 5.8 cubic feet, and there are five burners installed in this cooking range. 

It also comes with a steam rack that allows you to add some moisture to the oven’s internal environment. Therefore, your food doesn’t come out dry and overcooked. As it has a large cooking capacity, you can cook multiple dishes in one go.

The oven features True-Convection technology and produces even heat at all times. So your food doesn’t remain undercooked from any area. The combined BTUs that all the burners, if this cooking range can produce, are well over 50,000 BTUs. 

Installation of this cooking range is not that difficult either. You won’t have to do much to get it into space if the dimensions are right. It also comes with Aqualift technology to clean the oven within an hour and eliminate any odors. It is an innovative system that joins water with low heat and tackles those baking spills. 


  • This unit comes with a slide-in design.?
  • It looks pretty stunning.?
  • You can convert it to liquid propane as the kit comes with your purchase.?
  • There are two adjustable racks inside the oven.
  • Continuous cast-iron cooking grates.??


  • It doesn’t come with any auto-reignition features.?
  • There is no hot surface indicator as well.?

8. Viking RVGR33025B – Best Btu Power Gas Range

Viking’s freestanding gas cooking range features five sealed burners and an oven space of 4 cubic feet. There are continuous cooking grates present in the oven with self-clean features. 

This oven comes with a SureSpake ignition system that makes sure your burners burn clean, and there are TruGlide oven racks present inside the oven that are extremely easy to adjust. 

The five sealed burners can burn over 65,000 BTUs and allow you to cook a wide range of dishes. The cooking grates present on the stove are continuous, and you can quickly move around your pots with ease. 

The gliding racks allow you to move the racks and adjust them according to your requirements. You still won’t get any temperature probes or hot surface light indicators. 

However, this cooking range is available in six different finishes, and they all look pretty stunning. None of these finishes come with any fingerprint resistance, so you will have to scrub the surface with a piece of cloth to get rid of those smudges.

The cooking range has a single-piece porcelain construction. It means that cleaning any spills won’t be an issue for you at all. 

Inside the oven, there is even heat spreading thanks to the ProFlow Baffle that makes the convection work like a charm and ensures your food gets the right amount of heat from all sides. 


  • Two halogen lights in the oven.?
  • Large oven capacity
  • Self-clean.?
  • The kabobs are childproof and are made of diecast metal.
  • Removable caps, grates, and knobs for easy cleaning.
  • Powerful burners with SureSpark ignition system.?


  • No automated cleaning features.
  • The grates are not dishwasher safe.?

9. Maytag MGR8800F – Best Oven Capacity Range

The freestanding gas range by Maytag comes with a 5.8 cubic feet oven and five sealed burners. And there is a storage drawer present right underneath the oven as well. You can use it to place your kitchen utensils and accessories and access them quickly. 

The oven runs on True Convection technology, and you can conveniently cook anything with ease. You can utilize high-rise temperatures for fast cooking or baking and go for low and slow cooking. 

With the Precision Cooking System, the burners can burn precisely at the required heat according to the recipe you are working on. This cooking range also comes with Aqualift technology that can self-clean as per a schedule. 

This cooking range is made of fingerprint-resistant metal and doesn’t catch anything no matter what. So cleaning for aesthetics won’t be a trouble for you at all. 

The cooking range comes with continuous grates, and it also boasts Sabbath and holiday compliance. There is a keep-warm setting also available, so your food is ready when you are ready. You can broil at different temperatures and all the parts and components if this cooking range is covered under a 10-year industry-leading warranty.  

It comes with a digital temperature display, timer, and delay bake options. Three adjustable racks inside the oven allow you to use the oven space according to different requirements. 


  • Heavy-duty metal
  • Resistant to fingerprints.?
  • The parts and components come with a 10-year warranty.??
  • Three racks inside the oven.?
  • It comes with Aqualift technology and can self-clean.?
  • Food remains warm.?


  • Not many finishes available.?

Best Gas Ranges Buying Guide

There are many gas cooking ranges available from different brands with a variety of features. Hence, not all cooking ranges are suitable to meet your needs.

Only then will you be able to get the most out of your purchase. Here are some essential features that you must consider before buying the best gas cooking range. 

Design and style

These gas ranges are available in different styles and designs. You can go for a slide-in, freestanding, double oven. Slide-in gas ranges are convenient to use, and you can slide them right in between your cabinets for a more customized and feel.

On the other hand, freestanding is more popular because of its easy installation features. You only have to place these cooking ranges into space on your counter.

These double oven cooking ranges come with two oven compartments and their separate doors. These cooking ranges don’t have any drawers underneath the oven on the top. If you do a lot of baking, this is the right option for you to consider. 


These gas cooking ranges are versatile. The standard models come with all the necessary features like porcelain-enameled grates, storage drawers, 9500-BTU burners: knobs and dials, and smaller oven windows. 

There are mid-range models with 12000-BTU burners, digital settings, self-cleaning features, control locks, easy cleaning grates, and different color options. 

Premium quality gas cooking ranges come with high-performance 17,000-BTU five or more burners, removable griddles, convection ovens, pre-programmed settings, and hidden baking elements. 

It’s up to you which type you choose according to your budget and your requirement. There are pro-style cooking ranges with a huge space, usually more than 5.6 cubic feet. They also have two convection ovens and different color options. 

Size and capacity

There are different sizes of gas cooking ranges available. You can go for those small 24-inch cooking ranges. You can go as big as 48-inch cooking ranges. It all depends upon the size available and the amount of cooking that you do.

In most cases, 30-inch and 36-inch gas cooking ranges are the best, and for that reason, they are quite popular for a variety of cooking and baking applications. 

For reference, two cubic feet to 3 cubic feet oven capacity cooking ranges are suitable for many people. Three cubic feet to 4 cubic feet is the size right for three to four people. At the same time, anything over four cubic feet is suitable for four or more people. 

Additional features 

There are additional features that you need to consider according to your needs in the kitchen. For instance, you can go for different rack positions and can place multiple dishes at a time. Moreover, some ovens come with hot surface indicators, and they tell you when the surface is too hot to touch and when it has cooled down. 

You can also go for warming drawers or storage drawers. If you don’t have many storage compartments in your kitchen, you need to go with a storage drawer with a cooking range.

But if you want to serve warm food and this is something more of a priority, you should go for a warming drawer. In addition to all that, you can also look for self-cleaning features, so you have one less chore to handle. 

FAQs for the Best Gas Ranges

Are gas ranges better than electric ranges?

In terms of automation and precision in heating, electric ranges are far better than gas ranges. Buy gas ranges take the lead when it comes to user-friendliness and sudden temperature changes.?
If you know how to handle different temperatures during different recipes, you should go for gas cooking ranges because they can use burners at higher temperatures.?

Do these cooking ranges come with any warranty??

Different brands have different warranties on offer. Some of them don’t come with any warranty as well. But if you are looking at a good quality brand, on average, you will get a guarantee that extends to 1 or 2 years. Some companies also offer warranties on parts and components separately.

Which type of gas range is better: slide-in, freestanding or double oven?

There are three types of gas ranges, and they all serve different purposes. Slide-in models are easy to use and get in between the cabinets pretty comfortably.?
If you are looking for ease of installation, go for a freestanding design because you don’t have much to do to get it into the counter space.?
Double ovens are only going to suit you if you do a lot of baking. These models don’t come with any warming or storage drawers.?


The winner of this roundup of best of the gas ranges is the GE JGBS66REKSS. It comes with five sealed burners and an oven space of 5 cubic feet. It is equipped with a range of different features, including continuous grates, steam clean, delay bake, integrated griddle (non-stick), and so much more. Plus, it is available in different finishes to go with your kitchen interiors. 

The runner-up, Whirlpool WFG320M0B, comes with an oven space of 5.1 cubic feet and is equipped with four burners. There are continuous grates on the stove, and it comes with a broiler drawer. It has an oven light, a clock and timer, a control lock, and a range of other features.