Top 10 Best GE Cooktops for 2021 [Reviews and Buying Guide]

best GE cooktops

GE has a wide range of consumer appliances and a huge line of gas, electric, and induction cooktops designed while keeping consumer convenience in mind. 

These cooktops by GE come with different features and each one is significantly different from the other in terms of functions and purpose. Therefore, you need to know which cooktop serves your purpose and make your buying decision accordingly. 

In the following list, we will look at the best GE cooktops separated by types (gas, electric, and induction)

Best GE Gas Cooktop:

1.GE-JGP3030SLSS Gas Cooktop 

Key features

  • 30-inch cooking surface
  • Power broil
  • Continuous grates
  • Sealed burners

With the continuous grates, you can easily shift your pots and pans from one stove to another conveniently. You won’t have to lift them to shift. The GE 30” built-in gas cooktop JGP3030 has dimensions of 33.5-inch x 27.3-inch 11-inch. It comes with four burners, and you get plenty of cooking area to cook your food. 

The GE Profile gas cooktop is made of standard cat iron and can cool down quickly. The MAX burner system of these cooktops makes sure gas comes out of it clean to produce a quality flame. The cooktop also features separate burners for boiling and simmering. 

Due to its cast iron construction, the cooktop is not very easy to scratch, especially when cleaning it. The burners don’t consume too much gas and if you want you can easily convert the cooktop to run on liquid propane. 

The control knobs of this GE gas cooktop are pretty smooth to use and the overall option of this cooktop is very user-friendly. 


  • User-friendly and manageable.
  • Can be converted to run on liquid propane.
  • The Max burner system ensures clean and efficient burning.
  • Doesn’t consume much fuel.
  • Continuous grate for easy shifting of the pans from one burner to another.
  • Separate burners for boiling and simmering.


  • Cleaning can take a bit of time.
  • Doesn’t come with any pre-drilled holes.

2. GE-JGP3030DLBB Gas Cooktop

Key features

  • Max burner system
  • ADA compliant
  • Sealed burners

This gas cooktop by GE is 30-inch in size and has a black finish that looks very elegant. It will go well with any kitchen interior and add to the overall look. But that’s not the only feature on offer here. The GE 30-inch gas cooktop comes with four high-quality burners with a Max burner system. 

They are extremely efficient in their fuel consumption and won’t waste any gas either. The best thing is you can convert it to run on liquid propane if you want. The cooking grates of this cooktop are continuous and you can easily shift your pots and pans from one burner to another. 

Being a gas cooktop, it has straightforward controls and the burners are sealed to make sure the flame is safe to handle. However, you still need to be a bit careful around this cooktop. 

Moreover, there are separate burners for simmering and boiling. The cooktop is made of cast iron and has a very resilient design. It won’t get scratched easily when you are cleaning it. Scratching is not even an issue if you are moving around the grates. Its dimensions are 33.5-inch x 27.3-inch x 11-inch and it is pretty simple to operate. 


  • Separate burners for simmering and broiling.
  • Sealed burners for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Its continuous grates allow you to slide your pans from one burner to another easily.
  • The black color of this cooktop looks pretty unique and elegant.
  • Comes with four quality burners.
  • Pretty straightforward to use.
  • Runs on liquid propane as well.


  • You will have to drill the holes yourself for installation.
  • Cleaning is slightly time-consuming.

3. GE-JGP5030SLSS Gas Cooktop

Key features

  • 5 sealed burners
  • Continuous grates 
  • ADA compliant 

This gas cooktop comes with the dimensions of 33.5-inch x 27.3-inch x 11-inch and similar in shape and size if you compare it with the previous two cooktops we have reviewed above. Thedesign here’s primary difference is that all the burner knobs are right in front of you horizontally. And of course, this one comes with 5 gas burners. 

There is a separate burner for broiling as well as simmering. It is also made of cast iron and is very durable. You won’t find it very easy to scratch this cooktop and can conveniently move around the grates for cleaning and burners. 

And speaking of the grates, this GE Downdraft gas cooktop also comes with continuous grates that allow you to shift your pans and pots between burners without lifting them. So the burner is ADA compliant as well. 

However, the only problem with this cooktop is it doesn’t feature any drill holes and you will need to do them yourself while installing the cooktop in our counter. That is very much the only hassle you have to go through with this cooktop. 

It is made of cast iron as well but with five heating elements, you will find it to be slightly heavy. So you need to be careful when moving around the cooktop 


  • Features five different burners.
  • Comes with separate simmering and boiling burners.
  • Simple installation and manageable.
  • Continuous grates make moving pans in between burners very easy.
  • All the control knobs are close to you in a horizontal line.
  • Stainless steel finish prevents scratching. 


  • Pretty heavy to lift.
  • The stainless steel finish is prone to smudges.

4. GE-JGP5036SLSS Gas Cooktop

Key features

  • 36-inch in size
  • Inbuilt gas setup
  • 5 quality burners

If you have larger space available at your disposal and looking for a bigger gas cooktop by GE, your search is over. This model is 36-inch in size and its dimensions are 39-inch x 27.3-inch x 11-inch. You need to be careful when you are drilling holes into it for installation because of its heavyweight.

The GE gas cooktop 36 features a separate burner for boili,ng and you can simmer it on a separate burner. There are five burners you may use and feature high-quality flaming units to ensure optimal consumption of gas. 

You can also convert the fuel source from natural gas to liquid propane. The GE Profile 36 gas cooktop will only require electricity for the spark and you can use a lighter as well. So it’s pretty convenient to use. Just make sure you have the right dimensions measured to avoid any mishaps. 

The knobs are extremely smooth to use and you won’t have to put in a lot of effort to turn the flame on or off. Cleaning this cooktop is not an issue and with the continuous cooktops, you can easily move your pots from one burner to the other. 

All the control knobs are compactly accessible. With the stainless steel finish you will have to deal with smudges from time and time again but getting them off is not a problem.


  • Straightforward operation.
  • Requires electricity to start but you can also use a lighter.
  • All the knobs are present in a compact and aligned manner at the center bottom
  • Cleaning this cag cooktop is not a problem.
  • Sealed burners prevent food debris from clogging the gas lines.


  • Can be smudged very easily.
  • It is a bulky cooktop.

Best GE Electric Cooktops

5. GE-JP3030DJBB Electric Cooktop

Key features

  • Four radiant elements
  • Easy to use knob controls 
  • Keep warm setting

Electric cooktops are extraordinary because they provide you a lot of conveniences. These cookwares are very simple to use and can heat things pretty fast. The best thing about these cooktops is you can be precise with your heat controls. 

This GE electric cooktop comes with a smooth top surface. It makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. There are no cooking grates here and you don’t have to clean the burners individually. Just clean the top with a dry cloth and start using it. 

You can also move your pots and pans easily from one point to another. If you don’t want to handle hot pots and pans when they are full, you can simply drag them from one burner to another. 

Another excellent feature of this cooktop is, it comes with a keep-warm feature to keep your food warm until you start serving it.

You have the option of going for the 30-inch size or 36-inch size cooktop as well. The 30-inch cooktop has dimensions of 21.5-inch x 29.88-inch x 4.19-inch and weighs around 37 pounds. The cooktop allows you to cook your meals evenly and quickly. If you are looking for some rapid heat, go for the two 8-inch boil elements. The keep-warm element is 6-inch in size.  

You can also access the melt setting and with these features without scorching or searing them. The GE 30 inch electric cooktop has indicator lights that will tell you the surface is too hot to touch. 


  • There is an indicator light to tell you whether the cooktop is on or not.
  • Melt setting allows you to melt any of your delicate foods without scorching them. 
  • There are separate indicators that will tell you that the elements are too hot to touch.
  • Keep warm features that will keep the food warm till you serve it. 
  • Smooth top for easy sliding your pans in between burners. 


  • It is an expensive unit.
  • No digital controls if you are looking for them.

6. GE-PP9830DJBB Electric Cooktop

Key features

  • Contemporary look
  • 3-speed exhaust system
  • Four burners

It is one of the premium quality electric cooktops by GE and is equipped with the company’s latest technology. This cooktop allows you to use different kinds of pots and pans with ease. There are a 9-inch and a 6-inch burner that can produce rapid heat. The cooktop doesn’t take much time to reach the maximum temperature. 

One of the top features of this GE Downdraft cooktop is you can conveniently bridge elements and combine all four cooking elements for a single cooking area. That is an important feature if you are looking to use a bigger pan on it. 

The cooktop also comes with control lock capability. This prevents any unintended activation of the cooktop and this is exactly why electric cooktops are far better than their gas counterparts. 

The GE 30 electric cooktop comes with a hot surface indication as well so you don’t accidentally place your hands on hot elements and get burns. There is a separate indicator light that tells you whether the cooktop is one or not. The dimensions of this cooktop are 21.87-inch x 29.75-inch x 2.18-inch and it weighs around 45 pounds.

The cooktop is user-friendly with its manual control knobs. There are no automatic controls so you can conveniently use this smooth top cookware like you use your regular cookware. 


  • High-quality exhaust system with 3 speeds.
  • The elements are bridgeable.
  • Four heating elements that you can combine to function as one. 
  • It saves you from any unintentional activations with locking systems. 
  • Indicator lights tell you whether the elements are too hot or not.


  • You need to use it with a bit more care because of the smooth top it has. 
  • No keep-warm feature.

7. GE-JP3030SJSS Electric Cooktop

Key features

  • 30-inch smooth top
  • 4 radiant elements
  • Keep-warm feature

This is a good option to consider if you are looking for a budget-friendly option in GE’s electric cooktop line-up. It comes with four different heating elements and you can control them with manual knobs. There are no digital controls that would make its operation difficult for you. 

The dimensions of this cooktop are 35-inch x 27-inch x 11-inch and weigh around 37 pounds. The control knobs are on your right in a vertical line up. The four heating elements are extremely efficient in producing heat and you don’t have to spend a lot of time to get to max temperatures. 

This electric cooktop also comes with a keep-warm feature. It allows you to keep your food warm until you serve it to your guests. Being an electric unit, this cooktop comes with indicator lights to tell you when the unit is on or not. The unit will tell you with these lights if the events are too hot to touch. 

The smooth top is pretty convenient to clean and you just need to use a piece of cloth to get the job done. And with such a price you won’t have to break your pocket to get this in your kitchen. So convenience and affordability both are on offer with this cooktop.  


  • Cleaning and maintenance are extremely simple.
  • Indicator lights tell you about the current status of the heating elements and the cooktop.
  • Doesn’t take much time to reach maximum temperature.
  • Looks pretty sleek in design.
  • The warm feature is there as well.


  • Its smooth top requires gentle handling.

8. GE-JP5036DJBB Electric Cooktop

Key features

  • 36-inch in size 
  • Digital touch controls 
  • Tri-ring burner in the center

This is a top-notch electric cooktop by GE that is full of outstanding features. The cooktop is 36-inch in size so it is bigger. And for this reason, it features five different heating elements. The heating element in the center comes with a tri-ring burner.

This electric cooktop comes with digital controls. So if you are a new user, it will be a bit of a learning curve. But don’t worry you’ll get used to them in no time. 

The heating element on the center of this cooktop has a tri-ring burner. You can use it to palace different sized pans and pots conveniently. There are dual ring elements as well and you can use them for power boil. 

With five elements you are getting a lot. And to add to that, you can access the controls precisely with the digital switches of this unit. This cooktop eliminates any guesswork from your cooking process and you will start cooking with accurate measures. 


  • Tri-ring burner and a dual ring burner to incorporate different sized pans and pots. 
  • Accurately control your temperatures with a digital system. 
  • Smooth and straightforward to clean 
  • Reaches maximum temperatures fairly quickly.


  • Doesn’t come with any indicator lights.
  • There is no keep-warm feature either.

Best GE Induction Cooktops

9. GE-PHP9036DJBB Induction Cooktop

Key features

  • Pan size sensors
  • Red-colored LED display 
  • Fully digital controls

If you have been looking to introduce something innovative and modern in your kitchen, there is no better option than an induction cooktop. And GE provides you a quality induction cooktop with full digital controls.  

This GE induction cooktop comes with five different induction elements and features an inbuilt timer. You have the access to its control lockout to prevent any unintentional activation. The digital display of this unit is red and quite clear to view from a distance as well.   

The GE induction cooktop 36 also comes with griddle indicator lights to inform you about your cooktop’s current status. Precise heating is not a problem with this cooktop and you can reach the maximum temperature in no time. 

Its surface is cool-to-touch and you can easily clean it when you are done. The heating elements can automatically adjust the heating area according to your pot size and conserves energy to keep your utility costs low. 

You can conveniently heat large griddles using the cooktop’s 7-inch synced elements with just a touch of a single button. Its dimensions are 40.2-inch x 26.6-inch x 10-inch and it weighs approximately 55 pounds. So you need to be careful when you are installing it. 


  • Red-colored LED display that is very convenient to see.
  • The cooktop comes with pan-size sensors.
  • An inbuilt timer. 
  • Fully digital controls for user-friendliness. 
  • Rapidly reaches high temperatures.


  • It’s bulky in size and delicate due to the smooth top surface.

10. GE-PHP9036SJSS Induction Cooktop

Key features

  • Inbuilt timer
  • Red-colored easy-to-read LED display 
  • Automatic pan-size sensors

This GE Profile induction cooktop has a large cooking area that features five different induction elements. These induction elements come with inbuilt sensors that can automatically adjust the size of induction elements according to the pan you have placed on it. 

There are two SyncBurners on your left that you can use to place bigger pots or pans. The cooktop features an inbuilt timer and you can conveniently focus on your other chores while the cooktop completes the cooking process for you. 

The red-colored LED display is convenient to read and the controls are user-friendly. The dimensions of this cooktop are 40.2-inch x 26.6-inch x 10-inch and it weighs around 55 pounds. 

The smooth top of this cookware is not difficult to clean. You just need a cloth to get the job done. Cooking becomes extremely simple with this cookware and your kitchen looks modern and stylish too. 

You can also lock the controls and prevent any accidental activation. The cooktop also goes with light indicators to tell you whether the unit is on or whether the induction elements are too hot to clean or not. 


  • Simple and straightforward design. 
  • The controls are user-friendly just like those in the GE Cafe Induction cooktop
  • Bright colored LED.
  • Inbuilt timer for automation.
  • SynBurners allows you to synchronize two burners for incorporating larger pans.
  • Hassle-free cleaning process.


  • No way to keep your food warm for longer periods.

GE Cooktop Buying Guide

As there are different types of cooktops available you need to make the right decisions by looking at some of the features. Make sure those features are well-aligned with your overall cooking goals as well. Here are some of the important features you need to consider before buying a cooktop for your kitchen. 

Power source

Before you start looking at the models you need to find out the power source or fuel type of your cooktop. There are three different options you can explore here; induction, electric, and gas. 

Induction cooktops are the most expensive and if you haven’t used anything like this before, you will find yourself on a learning curve. These things come with fully digital controls as well. But once you get used to them, there is no going back.

Electric cooktops are also very simple to usey, but they can add to your overall utility bills as they run on electricity. Some of them come with manual controls while other features digital controls. And these units are also expensive. If you’re looking for home budget-friendly units, go for the gas units because they have manual controls and run on gas that is the cheapest fuel available. 


Another important feature you must consider is the size of the cooktop. Of course, you will install it in your counter so you need to have the right dimensions and the right GE cooktop parts.  

You can go for a 36-inch cooktop if you only have space for a 30-inch unit and the same goes the other way as well. It is better to take the measurements first and start looking for your options. 


Make sure you go for a unit that comes with its controls that are very easy to use. The LED display needs to be very comfortable to read and you must understand what each of those numbers is trying to tell you. A user-friendly interface is always helpful. GE keeps things simple and concise; therefore, you don’t have to go through much to learn using even a newer unit. 


When you are using your cooktop, you are essentially working around the fire. It is potentially the most dangerous appliance in your household; hence, it needs to come with some safety features. 

Make sure you go for automatic shut-off features and control lock capabilities to ensure no controls can be unintentionally activated. Your cooktop should also come with various indicator lights that tell you about your unit’s current activity status. 

FAQs for the Best GE Cooktops 

What is the cost of a typical GE cooktop electric range?

A typical GE cooktop electric range can vary around $500 to $1000 for all the regular features. If you are looking for some additional safety features and design specs, it can cost you more. 

What can be put under the cooktop edges of the GE slide-in range?

You can use small pieces of wood and place them under the cooktop edges of a GE slide-in range.

What natural gas regulator should I use for a GE gas cooktop?

A normal natural gas regulator is required for a GE gas cooktop because it needs low regulated pressure (less than 2psig).

Where to find a profile cooktop decal sticker?

Cooktop decal stickers are available online from several sources and you can use Amazon for this purpose as well. 


GE is one of the top contenders in the cooktop market because of its versatile models. There are some other brands you can find that come close to GE’s technical expertise. And of course, there are some features where they outperform GE. 

You get to choose from a variety of different models that run on different fuel types. The only thing that GE lags is; versatility. These models don’t vary much from one another so GE has to introduce more features to rule the market.

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