The 8 Best Ge Ranges of 2021 [Complete Review and Guide]

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The best GE ranges or stoves should make life easier and allow you to cook whatever you want and keep it warm as well. For a long time, we have thoroughly researched and examined different types of GE ranges online and in-person and have reviewed them in detail for our readers. 

The GE JGBS66REKSS stands out from the rest. It comes in 5 different finishes and has a full set of features that will assist you in your cooking endeavors.

But that?s not all! We have developed a list for your convenience and will review each product in detail. 

So read on to find everything you need to know about these quality ranges!

The Top GE Ranges Reviewed

Product ImageProduct's nameOven CapacityNo. of BurnersDimensionsBest ForMore Info
GE JGBS66REKSS5 cubic feet5 (15,000 BTUs)Width: 30-inch
Depth: 28.75-inch
Height: 47.25-inch
Best Gas RangeView latest price
GE JB645RKSS5.3 cubic feet4 (~6000W or 20,500 BTUs including broiling and baking)Width: 28.125-inch
Depth: 29.5-inch
Height: 19.25-inch
Best Electric RangeView latest price
GE Profile PHS930YPFS5.3 cubic feet5 (9600W or ~32,700 BTUs including broiling and baking)Width: 29.875-inch
Depth: 28.25-inch
Height: 37.25-inch
Best Induction RangeView latest price
GE JGSS66SELSS5.3 cubic feet5 (49,500 BTUs)Width: 30-inch
Depth: 29.25-inch
Height: 36.25-inch
Best Slide-in RangeView latest price
GE Profile PGS960SELSS6.7 cubic feet5 (50,500 BTUsWidth: 30-inch
Depth: 29.50-inch
Height: 36.50-inch
Best Double Oven RangeView latest price
GE JGAS640RMSS2.9 cubic feet4 (29,000 BTUs)Width: 24-inch
Depth: 28.875-inch
Height: 41-inch
Best 24-inch RangeView latest price
GE JB645RKSS5.3 cubic feet
4 (8600W)
Width: 29.875-inch
Depth: 28-inch
Height: 47-inch
Best 30-inch RangeView latest price
5.0 cubic feet
4 (7300W)
Width: 30-inch
Depth: 28.75-inch
Height: 47-inch
Best Budget RangeView latest price

Find the right GE range for you  

1. GE JGBS66REKSS – Best GE Gas Range


The 30-inch gas range by GE features a free-standing design and comes with 5 sealed burners that allow you to cook multiple dishes at a time. Its oven capacity is 5 cubic feet, which enables you to bake anything you like. Apart from that, this oven also features a broiler drawer, delay bake, continuous grates, and steam clean. 

The burners include the central oven unit, the power boil unit, and the simmer unit. Apart from that, this range also features a non-stick griddle. So, there are plenty of options available for you to explore when cooking or baking. 

Its stainless steel construction nos elegant and contributes to the overalls durability of this cooking range. It will look sleek in your modern kitchen, and you can cook anything you want. 

You might notice it is missing some smart features like a hot surface indicator light or temperature probe. But it’s a good old traditional style range with a modern look and quality construction. 

The only significant downside of this range is, it doesn?t come with any fingerprint resistance, and you might find yourself running around it with a cloth to keep it tidy. There are five different color options available in this model as well, and you can pick one according to your kitchen interiors. 

GE?s cooking range comes with a total burning power of 15,000 BTUs and can instantly deliver high heat for quick boiling. Moreover, its cooktop is recessed and edge-to-edge, which means it can contain any spills for quick cleaning up and provides a large area for you to cook on. 


  • The oven comes with an audible signal for preheating.?
  • It can also shut off automatically to save energy.?
  • There is a delay bake option also available.?
  • You can also lock the oven control to prevent any accidents.
  • There are 2 racks available with 6 different rack positions.?


  • It tends to catch fingerprints quite frequently.?
  • It doesn?t come with a temperature probe or an indicator light for the hot surface.?

2. GE JB645RKSS – Best GE Electric Range

If you are looking for the best electric range by GE. It comes with 4 powerful burners that can fire up at approximately 6000W in total, which can roughly equate to over 20,000 BTUs (1 W = 3.41 BTU) and with a space of 5.3 cubic feet. 

So, it does everything that the GE JGBS66REKSS gas range does, only a little better. But the reason it’s not leading the list is that it tends to consume more energy than the GE JGBS66REKSS gas range. And, of course, you get to work with one less burner. 

The range also features a storage drawer where you can store your kitchen accessories and utensils. Moreover, it is a self-cleaning oven, and you won?t have to clean the oven cavity for your next cooking session. The oven features a dual element for baking, and both these upper and lower elements produce even heat for better results. 

The range also features a ceramic glass top that ensures easy cleaning. Additionally, it also boasts an audible preheat signal, and the oven can shut off on its own when not in use. You can lock the controls and bake with a timer. This range still doesn?t come with a temperature probe, but it does come with an indicator light to keep you safe from the hot surface. 

This cooking range comes in five different colors, and you can go with any one of them according to your preferences. 

But there?s a catch! 

You will still have to deal with those fingerprints because this range?s stainless steel surface picks them up very easily. 


  • The range features a smooth-top for easy cleaning.?
  • It comes with an indicator light when the surface is hot.?
  • Storage drawer to place your kitchen tools and accessories.?
  • This oven comes with a capacity of 5.3 cubic feet.
  • The electric oven is UL-listed.?
  • There is an audible signal for preheating.?


  • It can consume more power than the gas model.?
  • The range catches fingerprints pretty easily.?

3. GE Profile PHS930YPFS – Best GE Induction Range

The GE profile brings you the PHS930YPFS cooking range that has a slide-in design. This slide-in cooking range has its controls right in front and easily accessible. Cleaning such a design is easy even though the range has self-cleaning and steam clean capabilities. 

It uses induction technology, which is still quite new, but it has its advantages. For instance, it can heat up quickly and can cool down equally fast. Apart from that, it can consume up to 70% less energy. Here, you are not dealing with any flames, so you are safe. And it looks way cooler than gas or electric ranges. 

This cooking range is for the people who want their range to be spotless all the time. Here?s the best part, it doesn?t catch any fingerprints either. So, cleaning and maintenance are not a hassle. 

But this cooking range is not all about cleaning and maintenance only. This range boasts four heating elements and comes with an open space of 5.3 cubic feet. This model is ADA compliant and also features WiFi capability. 

You can use this cooking range for induction and convection. It also has the Sabbath Mode. as it comes with WiFi capability you can conveniently connect it with your Google Home or Alexa and control it remotely. This cooking range also comes with 5 burners and can produce up to 9600W, roughly equal to over 32,000 BTUs. 

The ceramic glass top is edge-to-edge and allows you to utilize the cooking area to the full extent. Moreover, this cooking range also comes with an auto shut off, preheat audible signal, self-clean, bake timer, electronic control locker, quick preheat, and various others. 


  • With true convection, it can even bake your food.?
  • You can remotely access the controls through WiFi.?
  • Google Home and Alexa enabled.?
  • There are glide-touch controls present on this cooking range.?
  • It has a storage drawer and is fingerprint-resistant.
  • It can auto shut off and self-clean as well.?


  • Slightly expensive.?

4. GE JGSS66SELSS – Best GE Slide-in Range

A slide-in design cooking range comes with a protruding cooktop that tends to rest on each side of the countertop. It is an excellent feature because it prevents food debris from falling into the range or the adjacent cabinetry. 

The cooktop comes with sealed burners, and there are five of them in this range. It comes with an oven capacity of 5.3 cubic feet, and there are continuous grates present on it as well. It means you can easily move your cookware on it and drag it from one burner to another. 

This cooking range also comes with the Sabbath Mode, and there is a storage drawer present at the bottom for you to place your kitchen accessories. 

This cooking range can produce up to 49,500 BTUs at full power and is CSA and ADA compliant. Your purchase of this cooking range will also include an LP conversion kit, and with an edge-to-edge cooktop, you can effectively utilize the cooking space. 

This cooking range features an integrated griddle that is non-stick and can use the oven to broil. There are 2 oven racks included in your purchase, and you can place them in six different positions. 

It’s a powerful cooking range that can broil and bake fast, but it doesn?t come with automatic shut-off or self-cleaning features. You also won’t find a temperature probe or an indicator light for a hot surface on this cooking range, but it still gets the job done quite efficiently. 

Apart from that, you will also have to compromise on one more thing, and that is this model is prone to catch fingerprints. So, you might want to go with a silver color instead of a black or dark gray color.


  • 5 burners can burn to produce over 49,000 BTUs at full capacity.?
  • The oven features a 5.3 cubic feet space.
  • The cooking range is CSA and ADA compliant.?
  • It comes with an integrated non-stick griddle.?
  • Storage drawer to place your cooking accessories.?


  • Cleaning this cooking range might be a bit of a hassle.?
  • Doesn’t come with any remote features.?

5. GE Profile PGS960SELSS – Best GE Double Oven Range

Here?s another entry from GE Profile that integrates the slide-in design and has a double oven configuration. With the double oven capability, this range features an oven capacity of 6.7 cubic feet, which is significantly higher than anything else that we have reviewed above. 

So, if you are looking for more oven capacity, then this is it! But that?s not the only thing that this cooking range has to offer. It comes with 5 burners that have continuous grates and boasts European convection technology. 

The Star-K, ADA, and SCA-certified convection cooking range are made of stainless steel, but this one doesn?t come with fingerprint resistance like the one we reviewed above. 

However, this unit comes with WiFi connectivity and is compatible with Google Home and Alexa. Additionally, it also comes with a Sabbath Mode, steam clean, self-cleaning, and temperature probe. Therefore, you can control it remotely and monitor the entire cooking process. 

On the top, there are continuous grates present that allow you to move your cookware conveniently from one burner to another. Plus, with convection heating, you can benefit from the even heating process from all sides and delicious tasting food. 

This cooking range can produce 50,500 BTUs with its five burners, and the cooktop is deep recessed and edge-to-edge in design. It means you can conveniently use the entire surface and don?t have to deal with cleaning any spillages because the top is designed to contain them. 

This cooking range does come with an LP conversion kit. Moreover, it features an automatic shut-off, preheating signal, recipe conversion, control lock, and a host of other useful features that will make your life in the kitchen very comfortable. 


  • The maximum BTUs that it can produce is over 50,000.
  • The combined oven capacity of this range is 6.7 cubic feet.?
  • You can boil in your oven.
  • There are continuous grates on this cooktop for each cookware movement.?
  • With WiFi connectivity, you can remotely monitor and control your cooking range.?


  • No fingerprint resistance capability.?
  • Doesn?t come with a storage drawer.?

6. GE JGAS640RMSS – Best GE 24-inch Range


The JGAS640RMSS cooking range is the right option for you as it is only 24-inch in size. This gas range features 4 burners and has a very compact 2.9 cubic feet of oven space. 

If you are looking to get more out of your available kitchen space, this one is for you. It has all the basic features in it to fulfill every kitchen?s needs. The cooking grates are continuous, and you can move around the cookware conveniently over it. Apart from that, it also features steam clean that will keep your oven space free from any aromas. 

As it has a basic design, you won?t find any special features in it. The oven still allows you to broil food, and with an edge-to-edge cooktop, you can get the most out of your cooking area. 

This cooking range features a modular construction with a traditional look, and it flips down to give you that slide-in appearance. The front controls also contribute to this design and keep things modern. 

This cooking range is certified under ADA, CSA, and California Prop 65 and comes with LP convertible kit. The cooktop surface is fully porcelain-enameled and heats up and cools down pretty quickly. The 4 burners in it can produce up to 29,000 BTUs. 

There are 2 racks available in the oven, and you can place them in 4 different positions. The range has a stainless steel construction, but it tends to catch fingerprints. Moreover, you will also have access to a storage drawer right at the bottom to place your kitchen utensils and tools.


  • The cooking range has continuous grates on top.?
  • Features steam clean.
  • The grates are porcelain-enameled.?
  • Top choice for a compact kitchen and small apartments.?
  • 4 burners can produce up to 29,000 BTUs.?


  • This range doesn?t come with any modern connectivity features.?
  • With no recessed design, cleaning any spills is a mess.

7. GE JB645RKSS – Best GE 30-inch Range

If you are looking to spend less but don?t want to compromise on style and design, this is the right choice. This cooking range comes with 4 elements and features 5.3 cubic feet of oven space. 

There are five different colors from which you can choose. And as it doesn?t come with any fingerprint-resistant features, therefore, you need to go for the lighter colors instead of darker ones if those prints bother you. 

The smooth top of this cooking range allows you to move around your cookware easily. Moreover, it also comes with a light indicator that will tell you whether the surface is hot or not to touch. The standard steam clean feature is there as in most of the models by GE. But you won?t get that temperature probe feature here. 

2 power boil elements in this cooking range burn 25% faster than standard elements by GE. The cooking range also features a storage drawer that you can use to place different accessories while cooking. The self-clean oven doesn?t need you to scrub it, and with the double bake elements, your food will get even heat from above and below. 

The cooktop top has ceramic glass features, and you can easily clean it with wipes. The UL-listed cooking range comes with automatic shut-off features; a preheat audible signal, a fully lockable control panel, and a kitchen timer in action to a range of other features. 

There are 2 racks available for the oven, and you can place them in 6 different positions according to your needs and requirements. The cooking range has a straightforward yet contemporary design that works in just about any kitchen.


  • The unit comes with a light indicator to tell you whether the surface is hot to touch or not.?
  • Has 4 burners with 8600W in total power.?
  • The automatic shut-off feature is there.?
  • Delay bake and delay cleaning options are present with an electronic clock.?
  • It also has an oven ON light.?
  • Can self-clean the oven and doesn?t need scrubbing.?


  • The glass top doesn?t contain spills.?

8. GE JBS160DMCC – Best GE Budget Range


If budget is your ultimate concern, the JBS 160 DMCC is the best option for you to consider. You won?t have to compromise on the overall quality of the materials used in the construction of this cooking range. But it certainly lacks some important features. 

First of all, it doesn?t come with continuous grates, so no more easy shifting of cookware from one burner to another. It also doesn?t come with any self-cleaning or steam clean features, so you will have to scrub the oven from the inside after a few weeks. 

But all is not bad with this cooking range! As the cooktop is coiled, it only comes with 4 burners, but the oven capacity is 5.0 cubic feet. You will also get a storage drawer and use it to place your kitchen tools. 

It doesn?t come with any fingerprint-resistant capabilities. Still, it is available in three different colors, three out of which are light shades, and they won?t catch many fingerprints, but the black one is an exception. 

The cooking range also features the traditional rotary knobs placed on the backsplash. Your purchase will also come with support rods for lift-up cooking. As it is an electric cooking range, it also comes with a light indicator for hot surfaces. 

The four burners that it comes with can produce 7300W, and the grates are porcelain-enameled, so they get hot and cool down pretty fast. The range also features an internal light in the oven so you can see what’s going on in there with your food. 

There are two racks. You can place them in four different positions. It also comes with Sensi-Temp technology that allows you to cook with the coil?s conventional power and safety. So, it is UL-listed.


  • With Sensi-Temp technology, you can enjoy the power of the standard coil system.
  • UL-listed safety features.?
  • Dual elements for baking.?
  • Fully removable storage drawer.?
  • The oven capacity is 5.0 cubic feet?
  • 4 burners can burn at 7300W.?
  • Comes with a hot surface indicator light.?


  • No automated cleaning features.?

Best GE Ranges Buying Guide

There are different features you need to keep in mind when buying a cooking range. Different units come with a host of different features to focus on your requirements and demands. For your guidance, here are some important features you must consider. 

Design and style

When it comes to cooking range types, there is a variety of them available on the market. Some of them are free-standing, and they are trendy and the easiest in installation. You can also find slide-in units that will give you a more customized look, and you can easily slide them in the right between the surrounding cabinets. 

Your backsplash will be on display here, and you won?t find any back panel here. There are double oven style cooking ranges as well that features dual ovens. Mostly, they don?t come with any storage drawers. 

Fuel type

There are primarily three types of ranges based on fuel; dual fuels, gas, and electric. Dual fuel models may feature an electric oven with a gas cooktop. When we talk about electric units, there are further two types: one is electric smooth top, and the other is induction. 

The electric smooth top comes with radiant smooth-tops, and they mostly feature one powerful burner and some models also come with a warming burner in the center that will keep the dishes on the side warm. 

Induction cooktops have magnetic coils under the ceramic surface, and they send direct pulses to your cookware. They are more accurate in heat control, and you won?t have to deal with any residual heat here. But for this, you will need to have induction-capable cookware as well. 

Gas cooking ranges are the most commonly used ones for a long time. They have been so popular because you can see the flame, and controlling it becomes much easier. Most of these ranges come with 4 or 5 burgers, and they are quite powerful. 

Responses to temperature or heat control are pretty swift, especially if you compare it with electric smooth-top ranges. But gas burners are the slowest to bring water to boil as well. 


Most of the gas and electric cooking ranges are 30-inch in size. Most pro-style cooking ranges can go up to 48-inch in size as well. And there are 24 and 26-inch cooking ranges also available. You need to consider the space available in your kitchen or counter to judge the right size for your cooking range. Most of the units now come with a high-powered burner and a simmer burner. 


When you are looking for a cooking range that can bake and entertain, you need to look for the right side of the oven. Of course, the larger cooking ranges will feature bigger oven capacities. You will quite frequently find 5 cubic feet and 5.3 cubic feet in these cooking ranges. You can also go for a dual oven option with two ovens having a combined capacity of up to 6.7 cubic feet. 

Or you can go for a smaller one based on the availability of space. Here, you can choose a cooking range with an oven capacity of as low as 2.9 cubic feet. It all depends on how much you will be baking in your cooking range and how much space is available to you to place that cooking range. 

FAQs for Best GE Ranges

Is GE a good brand for cooking ranges??

GE has been manufacturing cooking ranges for a long time. And it has been at the forefront of innovation, continuously introducing new and unique features to set itself apart from the competition.

And it’s not just about the innovation aspect. GE cooking ranges are one of the best in terms of durability and looks. If you take care of them properly, they will continue to perform for a long time to come.?

Do GE cooking ranges come with any warranties?

GE cooking ranges come with a 1 to 2 years warranty covering any faults in workmanship or quality of the materials used in the construction of the cooking ranges. The company stands behind all its products and ensures full customer satisfaction upon any issue.?


The winner of this Best GE Ranges roundup turns out to be the GE JGBS66REKSS. It comes with five separate burners, and its oven space measures to be five cubic feet. GE has designed this range for you to cook anything on it, and with 15,000 BTUs, it does a pretty fine job at what it does. 

The runner-up is the GE JB645RKSS that does pack a punch but falls short when it comes to value for money as it is slightly expensive to what it has to offer. These cooking ranges come with loads of features to assist you in cooking, and they come in all sorts of finishes and sizes to match your needs.