Best Induction Cooktops of 2021: Expert Reviews, Comparison, and Price Lists

In our search for the best induction cooktop, we scrutinized less than a dozen of them before picking the ones below.

In this review, we cut across several segments and our top picks are undeniably leaders in their class.

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In the lines that follow, we reviewed different brands of over the range microwaves. To make it easier to navigate, we split them into two sections based on their sizes.  

Best Induction Cooktop: Our Top Picks




Best Induction Cooktop Reviews

With experience selling many of the cooktop models listed below, we are confident our induction cooktop recommendations will help you find the perfect unit for your kitchen.

Best 36-inch Induction Cooktops


Empava EMPV-IDC36 Electric Induction Cooktop

There’s a readily visible hot surface indicator that warns you that the surface of the cooktop is still hot.

Design wise, we think the cooktop is ok, although it’s not as premium looking as some other models we’ve seen. It makes up for its lack of finesse by sporting a handful of important features.

Across the surface of the cooktop, the elements draw different amounts of energy.

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Features We Love

There are two 2100W elements, two 1500W elements, and one standalone 2100W element. However, the unit has a power requirement of 2100W in all.

In addition to this, there are 9 heat levels to choose from – you get to cook even faster.

The Empava EMPV-IDC36 cooktop measures 35.4 x 20.5 x x2.3 inches. At 35.4, it’s suitable for countertop spaces which are 36-inches wide and have a depth of 2.5 inches.

Installation isn’t a breeze, at least, not for newbie DIY enthusiasts. Professionals may find it a lot easier to do it. And to get a professional to install the unit for you, you’ll have to part with about one-fifth of a thousand.

Premium CHoice

Frigidaire FFIC3626TB 36″ Induction Cooktop

The Frigidaire FFIC3626TB 36″ induction cooktop is one out of the many cooktops made by Frigidaire.

As a matter of fact, it’s one of the few induction cooktops that are being marketed by the company. Like the Thermador 36″ induction cooktop, the Frigidaire FFIC3626TB induction cooktop has 5 heating elements.

We tested the cooktop in the home of one of our review team members and honestly, we weren’t disappointed.

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Features We Love

The large size of the unit is a negligible downside of owning this cooktop. This leads to a large cut on the countertop and if eventually, you decide to move away from this model for any reason, you’ll have to either replace the countertop or get another 36″ unit.

Size wise, the cooktop has a measurement of 21.5″ x 36.8″ x 4.4″ and comes in black color. Sorry, no shiny silver surfaces for you.

It is easy to clean and the popular Cerama Bryte cleaner can be used for cleaning it.

The controls on the unit are intuitive. You will most likely notice the instant results as soon as you change the settings.

Each burner can be set to work independently via dedicated intuitive control buttons. Using the timer can be a little bit tricky. It takes a bit of playing around with it to get to know how to make it work with the 5 burners.

Power wise, the Frigidaire FFIC3626TB induction cooktop comes with auto pan resize feature. This ensures that the unit is able to work with both small and large cookware.

Editor’s Choice

Top on our list of the best induction cooktops with 5 burners is the Gasland Chef induction cooktop.

The Gasland induction cooktop is available in a sporty black color. It sports a distinctive design that sets it apart from the rest of the induction cooktops on our list.

Firstly, there are 5 burners each with the ability to sync with the other burners. In addition to that, the cooktop has a pan presence and pan size sensor.

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Features We Love

The digital touch controls at the center of the cooktop make it easy to control your cooking. Aside from that, the cooktop also sports a timer as well as a central lock feature to prevent accidents.

All these work in tandem to make cooking fast and stress-free.

The Gasland induction cooktop has a power rating of 6800W.

Inside the Gasland cooktop is a fan that comes up occasionally to cool down the interiors of the cooktop. It makes an audible whoosh sound but not enough to be categorized as noise.

Perhaps, if you’ve ever used the smaller portable induction cooktops, you may have heard such noise.

There are a plethora of power options to select from when you are cooking. The lowest settings allow can be used to melt items like butter and chocolate. On the other hand, the higher settings live up to expectation.

We did notice that our test model had a few scratches. The owner of the test model has had the product for just about a year and cleans it after each use with the Ceramabryte cleaner.

It’s easy to control the unit via the intuitive control layout located in the default position for all cooktops. As the owner rightly pointed out, the touch units are slow to respond when they are wet as a result of spills.

However, that doesn’t impede the functions in any way.

Not So Good

To survive in a competitive industry, one has to either stand out or be outstanding.

The Thermador 36″ induction cooktop is one that stands out distinctively whenever you mention the best induction cooktops. First, it’s premium looking and as such is very pricey.

Secondly, there’s nothing that beats the beauty of the cooktop’s silver color. It’s breathtaking, to say the least. Additionally, the silver color is polished in such a way that the cooktop is reflective, thus, it can double as a mirror, literarily.

For homeowners who have a white kitchen, the silver finish of the Thermador induction cooktop will add a touch of class and finesse to your kitchen.

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Features We Love

The Thermador induction cooktop measures 36″ inches and has 5 burners. Cooking 5 meals at the same time has never been any easier.

After cooking, it takes only a few wipes from a clean cloth to restore the clean state of the cooktop. Surprisingly, you won’t see any wipe marks on the silver model.

This is in contrast with the wipe marks that are left behind after cleaning the black model – that’s what a team member who knows someone that owns the black model said.

Controlling the Thermador induction cooktop is pretty easy. The burners can be controlled individually, thanks to the intuitive control buttons.

As with most induction cooktops, you can set the cooktop and walk away. When the desired setting is reached, the cooktop turns itself off automatically.

However, the Thermador cooktop is energy efficient, although it may not be 90% efficient as the 30″ True Induction cooktop.

There’s one feature that caught our attention. It is the keep warm feature. This allows you to set the cooktop to keep food on a particular burner warm for a certain period of time.

It’s important for households and perhaps restaurants that cater to a large number of individuals. The only downside is that with constant usage of this feature, your power bills will likely increase.

If you’re looking for cookware that will work with your induction cooktop, then you need to see this article.

Best 30-inch Cooktops


The Sincreative 30″ induction cooktop is a great induction cooktop and is one of the appropriately priced ones in the market. Need I say that it’s looking every bit premium yet costs far less than some of the premium models?

At a glance, you’ll see the 4 cooking elements on the cooktop. Sincreative left space on the top right corner of the cooktop – perhaps they omitted a burner there for a reason.

The 4 cooking elements on the unit all look nicely polished and reflective but that’s not all.

They have the all-important auto-sizing pan detection feature which helps induction cooktops adjust its heating elements to the size of the pan.

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Features We Love

The burners are sealed on this unit as you’d expect. In addition to that, they’re easy to clean after use.

With respect to size, the Sincreative induction cooktop measures just about 20.5 x 29.9 x 2.28 which places it in the 30-inch cooktop category.

Sincreative also offers the cooktop in a 36-inch version.

Power-wise, the cooktop needs about 3000W of power to get it up and running. It heats up within a few minutes and distributes the heat evenly among all the 4 burners.

Installation can be a pain in the butt, but for a little under $200, you’ll get a professional to come install it for you. That’s quite pricey for installation.

As for the controls, they are a bit confusing to understand initially. But subsequently, you’ll get used to it. And we think they should have been placed a little bit higher than the cooking surface.

Unfortunately, the Sincreative is only available in one color. That notwithstanding, the black color looks quite great.

The True Induction cooktop is the next best induction cooktop on our list. Like the Samsung 30″ induction cooktop, the True Induction cooktop is also a 30″ model.

It’s quite interesting to see an unpopular brand like True Induction produce a great induction cooktop. That’s not to say that they are new to the business of manufacturing kitchen appliances.

There’s not much difference between the True Induction cooktop and other induction cooktops on the market. However, the arrangement of the burners and perhaps the aesthetic features of the True Induction cooktop make it stand out.

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Features We Love

Talking about aesthetic features, the True Induction cooktop is available in black color. This is in contrast with the Thermador Induction cooktop which is available in silver color.

It has a glass surface which is popular amongst induction cooktops. This glass surface is easy to clean and doesn’t get dirty easily.

You’ll appreciate the fact that this cooktop is ADA Compliant. Simply put, the cooktop integrates special features that makes it 90% energy efficient.

This, however, cannot change the fact that the cooktop uses 7400W to power all the four burners simultaneously. The cooktop doesn’t sport the Flex zone which is found on the Samsung induction cooktop. We wish it did though.

Installing the unit requires the services of a professional. It will save you from making any mistakes.

Finding a space to install the cooktop wouldn’t be a task as the compact size of the unit makes it easier. This explains why they are one of the most sought-after induction cooktops for RVs.

Read Our Review of The True Induction 30″ Induction Cooktop.

Not So Good

Even though the Samsung 30″ induction cooktop is on the expensive side, it’s still not worth the amount spent on it.

They should have stuck with manufacturing their phones and other household electronics.

This Samsung 30″ induction cooktop is premium looking and has “a good built quality” from a distance, but all that changes after a few months as it just starts having one issue and then another.

The cooking zones on this Samsung cooktop are divided into three: they include the Flex zone, one large induction zone, and a smaller induction zone.

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Features We Love

This flex zone is undeniably one of the coolest things we’ve seen on an induction cooktop. This zone consists of four segments which automatically adjusts to the shape of your cookware.

In its entirety, the Samsung 30″ cooktop measures just 30″ x 4″ x 21.3″.

Ever seen an induction cooktop with Wi-Fi connectivity?

Of course, it’s rare. Well, this Samsung induction cooktop comes with Bluetooth connectivity that syncs effortlessly with the Samsung hood.

This enables the hood to automatically turn on when you’re using the cooktop. It’s one of the few induction cooktops we’ve seen with the hood.

The digital and analog control knobs and interface make controlling the cooktop easy. There is a control lock feature that can be easily activated. It ensures that the whole family especially one with small kids are protected from shocks and burns in the event that the cooktops elements are accidentally turned on.

Other handy features include the safety shut-off, Direct Access feature, and quick controls. The quick control allows you to easily stop, start and pause the cooktop whilst you are cooking.

In addition to the long list of features on the cooktop, we should also mention that there is a virtual flame. This adds a touch of beauty to the cooktop – frankly, it looks great when the kitchen lights are dim.

The Samsung 30″ induction cooktop is quite pricey.

Best Portable Induction Cooktop


If portability, ease of use and budget are of major concerns to you, then the Dutox Portable induction cooktop will meet your needs.

It’s got almost all you need in a portable induction cooktop in terms of affordability, ease of use, size, and ease of cleaning.

The unit has a power requirement of 1800W but when tested with a watt meter, its power was just a tad over 1530W which, however, may be enough to handle most of your cooking tasks.

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Features We Love

For a cooktop with just one burner using 3500W of power, the MDC induction cooktop is definitely a cooktop worth mentioning.

Given its size, one would expect the cooktop to be classified under portable induction cooktops.

Well, it does more than the conventional portable induction cooktop, so it’s a leader in its own class.

It sports a nice looking stainless steel finishing and weighs about 13 lbs. Surprisingly, it can support weights of up to 133 lbs – that’s ten times its body weight.

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Features We Love

Hardly have we seen a single burner cooktop with the ability to be used continuously for 24 hours. This makes it fit for use in places like restaurants that need on-demand heat for cooking.

The MDC induction cooktop is medium sized. It measures about 13.9″ x 17.5″ x 4.13″ and will probably fit into a 14-inch space on the countertop. We recommend using it as a portable induction cooktop.

There are no control buttons on the cooktop. Instead, you make use of the control knob which is paired to a single digit digital display.

Unfortunately, a few things are missing from this near the perfect one-burner cooktop. There’s no definite temperature control button/knob although you can change the heat of the cooktop through five power levels and through temperatures ranging between 1400F to 4640F.

There’s an overheat sensor which warns you of the heating level of the unit. It is supported by an auto shut off feature which kicks in to turn the unit to prevent fire accidents.

The MDC induction cooktop is priced a little higher than we expected. However, it makes up for that by giving you a good value for your money.

Best 2 Burner Cooktops


Away from the MDC induction cooktop, we present the Empava EMPV-IDIC12 induction cooktop. It measures compact sized and is a good fit for people on a tight budget.

It features two burners; one is over 10 inches in diameter while the other is less than 10 inches. They’re compatible with 12 inches and 9 inches cooking pans respectively. The cooktop itself measures 11.4 x 20.5 x 2.3 in.

The Empava IDIC12 induction cooktop has a power requirement of about 3000W of electricity.

It’s just a tad lower than the 3500W on the MDC induction cooktop. The power is split between the two burners 1800W and 1200W respectively.

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Features We Love

Appearance wise, the cooktop is smooth and shiny in its all black color. Its cooking element is surrounded by a white mark that gives it a characteristic glow.

There are 9 heat levels on the cooktop and the digital control buttons help you to control them. It’s paired with digital displays so you can keep track of what you are doing.

For safety, Empava includes a hot surface indicator to warn you of the hot surface after you have turned off the indicator.

There’s also a boost function to help you accelerate cooking times.

Price wise, the Empava EMPV-IDIC12 induction cooktop is appropriately priced and shares the same characteristics with the K&H induction cooktop.

K&H INDH-3102Hx Double Burner Induction Cooktop

For a relatively new brand like K&H to outdo big names like Frigidaire and GE in the 2 burner induction cooktop segment, there’s something they’re doing right.

The K&H 3102 induction cooktop is one of the two burner cooktops we looked at in the course of this review.

It’s a relatively inexpensive cooktop that offers about 3100W of power which is enough to cater for your cooking needs. In addition to that, it features a massive 17 power levels.

That’s probably the highest we’ve seen on a portable induction cooktop. The best thing about the power levels is that each burner has the power zone control independent of the other.

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Features We Love

With respect to design and build quality, the cooktop gets a thumbs-up from us. It’s only available in black color, but that’s ok although a silver colored model would have been a nice addition.

The top surface is covered in scratch-resistant ceramic type glass which is easy to clean.

There’s the digital display screen which is paired with the touch responsive control buttons. The K&H induction cooktop supports cookware of up to 9.5 inches.

One thing is missing when you get the K&H Induction cooktop – it’s the power plug. It doesn’t come with a power plug, therefore, you have to purchase another one.

Other features include child lock, auto shutoff in event of liquid overflow, overheating protection as well as auto pot identification.

Best Induction Cooktop Buying Guide: What You Should Know

Buying an induction cooktop is a major investment and shouldn’t be done in haste. There are several factors that should be evaluated, which we’ve outlined below:


Get ready to spend a minimum of $1,000 for a quality induction cooktop, and even higher. They are the latest and greatest in cooktop technology so you should expect to pay more.

You should always keep in mind that this investment should pay for itself if you ever listed your home for sale.

Thermador CIT365KM 36 in. Induction Cooktop image

Size of the cooktop

Induction cooktops come in various sizes; the most common being the one with a width of 30 inches. This width is large enough to accommodate only two burners and thus can only cook with two pots at the same time.

On the other hand, large cooktops with widths of up to 36″  have up to 4 burners/cooking zones.

It is important to take note of the size of the cooking top you are about to purchase especially if you are about to replace the one that used to be in your kitchen.

Type of Induction Cooktop

There are only three types of induction cooktops categorized based on their physical features.

Portable Induction Cooktops: They are small, and weigh just a couple of pounds. Taking them from one place to another is simple.

Fixed Counter-Top Induction Cooktops: This type of induction cooktop is permanently fixed to a surface. They tend to blend well and look great. However, they mostly require professional installation which in turn, can increase the price of owning one.

Oven Induction Cooktops: An oven induction cooktop is ideal for a large household. Moreso restaurants that cater to an extensive number of customers need an oven induction cooktop. They can have as much as 4 to 5 cooking zones/burners.

Portable or Fixed

There are portable induction Cooktop as well as fixed models. If you intend to cook more often in outdoor places or in grandma’s house, a portable model is what you need.

On the other hand, a fixed model is appropriate if you will do most of the cooking in your kitchen.

It is, therefore, important to take the installation process and cost for the fixed model into consideration.

DIY geeks may not be able to install fixed models especially if they have little experience with electrical appliances. In essence, a professional should be the one to install the fixed model.

Your cookware

Induction cooktops are specifically designed to work with induction cookware.

To this effect, you may be needing new pots and pans.  However, you can check your old pots and pans to see if they are compatible with the Cooktop. You need a magnet for this.

Get a magnet and place it at the bottom of the pot which is placed on the cooktop.

If it sticks, the pot will be compatible with your induction cooktop. Simply use a marker to mark the pot with C whilst the non-compatible ones should be left unmarked. This is undeniably a great kitchen hack that can save you several dollars.

It’s important that you learn how to keep your cookware clean – we wrote extensively on how to clean it.


Induction cooktops consume power no doubt, but a power efficient model with certain power management features will significantly lower the cost of the cooktop.

Most of the cooktops available on the market have a power rating between 1000W and 1800W at 120V or 240V. The higher the power rating, the faster the cooking time, and unfortunately, the higher the electricity cost.

Based on the power requirements, certain appliances need to be installed alongside your induction cooktop. This will prevent damages to the regular power outlet in your home. Product user manuals often list the required items.

Furthermore, induction cooktops often allow a user to adjust power settings. This is necessary as some certain type of food requires lower power so as not to get burnt.

This adjustable power setting is a standard feature. For example, you’ll find an induction cooktop with varying power levels – about 10, 15 or more. They can be increased from 100 to 1800W through those 10 settings.


There are a plethora of features you’ll find on induction cooktops. Some are standard on all cooktops while others are available only on high-end models. Let’s take a look at some of the features below.

Touch controls

One thing that distinguishes induction cooktops from electric and gas cooktops is the absence of knobs. Instead, you will find touch controls. This adds to the aesthetics of the Cooktop and makes cleaning easy.

In place of touch controls, you may find buttons on the less expensive and budget-friendly cooktop models. With these buttons and touch controls, you can easily adjust settings at the flick of a finger.

Please ensure that you don’t touch the cooktop with wet hands while it’s in use.

Safety Sensors

Safety sensors are often installed in the bottom of most induction cooktops. A safety sensor monitors temperature changes in the bottom of the cookware placed on top of the cooktop.

If you leave an empty pot/pan on the cooktop while it’s on, the safety sensors alert the cooktop. This prompts the cooktop to lower the power output on the burner and this prevents damage to the cookware.

Auto Switch off Feature

This is one of the standard features you’ll find across all categories of induction cooktops irrespective of price. An auto-off feature automatically turns off the unit if it overheats or you remove the pot/pan from the cooktop. This prevents damages to the user and also reduces electricity cost.

Auto Heat Up

There might be occasions you’d need to heat up your food to a certain level before allowing it to cook. The auto heat up feature can serve the purpose of heating up the food.

However, this is not a standard feature across the board. On some induction cooktop models, there will be a booster feature in place of the auto heat up feature. They both serve the same purpose.

Auto Pan Detection

Most cooktops auto-detect the pan placed on it. Using unsuitable cookware will trigger the cooktop to shut off pending when you place the right cookware on it.

Additionally, the auto pan detection feature helps regulate the auto off and on. More so, on some induction cooktops, the cookware needs to be placed correctly on the burner for the cooktop to be activated for cooking.

Child Lock

Child lock on an appliance such as this is very important especially if you have little kids at home. Opt for an induction cooktop with this feature. It will be worth it.

Spill Protection

For safety purposes, some induction cooktops come with a spill protection feature. This makes a small beep and shuts off the machine via the auto shut off feature.

The cook is required to clean the machine before continuing to cook. You can choose to turn this setting off if you so desire.

Digital LCD

This isn’t a must-have feature, however, having it on your induction cooktop won’t hurt at all. An LCD screen will display vital data such as temperature, time, wattage, etc. A countdown timer will come handy especially if you cook time-sensitive food.

Preset Cooking Setting

Induction cooktops can come with preset cooking settings for grilling, boiling, stirring etc. Selecting any of these presets will activate the necessary settings that have been preprogrammed into the machine. It is not a standard feature on all induction cooktops.


Buying an induction cooktop can be financially intensive especially if you have a penchant for high-end induction cooktops. Not to worry, a simple application of some of the tips we’ve shared in this review will no doubt take care of that area.

It’s an embodiment of craftsmanship and it certainly takes on the day to day cooking tasks thrown at it effortlessly.

Colin Matthews

Colin is a passionate chef by trade and a kitchen nerd on the side. Growing up in the kitchen, Colin has always had a passion for learning the absolute best way to cook a dish. He quickly realized most kitchens have duplicate cookware and small appliances and had to decide which ones were going to be the “keepers” – causing him to take a closer look at all his products.

As it turns out, small differences make a big impact on the experience. Whether it’s how hard you have to press a microwave button, to how long a cast iron skillet stays warm after you turn off the heat, these little difference changed everything.