Reviews Of The Best Induction Cookware Of 2021

The Cuisinart MCP 12N is the best cookware set for induction cooktops. Not only does it also work on both gas and electric cooktops, it’s highly reviewed, affordable and backed by one of the biggest names in the industry. The food sector is rapidly expanding with newer technologies always in the offing. One of those has been the induction cooker. When you try to imagine convenience, conservation and efficiency in cooking, induction cooktops nowadays tend to top the list. In this guide, we want to take a look at one aspect of using this great appliance which is the induction cookware to match it. Having the induction cooktop or range just doesn’t cut it, you need to own an equally good cookware set. It is with this in mind that we wrote this guide, the quest to determine which induction cookware set available in the market right now is truly the best. Having a great induction cookware set ensures that not only do you properly utilize your induction cooktop, but you also get to fully immerse yourself and enjoy the cooking process itself right down till when the food comes out perfectly! 

Our Review on the Best Induction Cookware

Over the course of our research and information gathering for this guide, we took a look at a lot of induction cookware sets available in the market. A lot of buzz is catching on with this mode of cooking so many of them were slapped with the “best induction cookware set” tag already. A closer look revealed this not to be the case. Based on a number of criteria and select features, we have come up with this guide, including our pick of the best induction cookware sets available in the market to guide you in your purchase. We have strived to be objective and hope you find it useful. If you find our review on induction cookware helpful, please see our induction cooktop reviews to better understand what makes the best induction cooktop!

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Best Induction Cookware: Our Top Picks




Cuisinart MCP-12N
Cooks Standard NC-00232 12 Piece Set
Duxtop10PC-1209Whole-Clad Premium Cookware Set
Best of the best

The first to make it onto our list is the Cuisinart MCP-12N induction cookware set. Based on our considerations and research, it takes the title of best induction cookware set for us.

The Cuisinart Multi lad Pro Cookware Sets are the quintessential cookware set one must definitely own in their kitchen. Suitable for use over induction cooktop, gas stove or oven, the Cuisinart MCP-12N comes with a 7 cookware set of different size and 5 interchangeable lids. This one cookware set is the solution for most of your cookware needs. Such is the quality and usability of Cuisinart Multiclad Pro Cookware set that the celebrity culinary chefs like James Beard and Julie Child were instrumental in promoting this product. With this induction cookware set, you no more have to worry about the health, safety, and quality of the cookware. You need not to waste your time comparing and reviewing the different induction cookware products before buying. To get one for your kitchen, make up your mind by reviewing the following key features in this article.

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Features We Love



Best Value 

Featuring next on our list is the Cooks Standard NC-0023212 Piece Set. With its multitude of features, durability, and versatility, it promises great service for most of your kitchen needs.

With Cooks Standard NC00232 12 piece induction cookware set, your search for a quality cookware set, befitting your budget, comes to an end. This 12 piece cookware set offers healthiest cooking surface. The cookware set is not only elegant and smart looking but is also very efficient in terms of use. In the category of all-clad brands, this cookware set takes a lead due to its affordability in comparison to its counterparts. The thoughtful design, high-quality material, and fine craftsmanship make the Cooks Standard NC00232 12 piece induction cookware set, a favorite of the homemakers and professional chefs. So if it is time for you to buy new induction cookware set the Cook Standard NC00232 12 piece set is the one you can settle upon the following features explained explicitly, will help you in making up your mind for this product.


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Best Budget

The next entry on our list is the Duxtop10PC-1209Whole-clad Premium Cookware set. The premium part should already insinuate that this is a great product to have. It makes it to our list in this guide, because, despite all its quality and features, it can be purchased cheaply.

Duxtop, keeping in mind the chef in every home, specially designed the wonderful Duxtop 10 PC 1209 Whole-Clad Premium Induction Cookware Set. The set provides you with most of the cookware you need to create an exceptional, fancy meal. This cookware set is going to take your cooking experience to another level with advantages like ease of handling, maintenance, and affordability going hand in hand. This cookware set consisting of 10 pieces can be a perfect gifting option for a budding chef or if you want to just treat yourself. With the years of maintenance and cleaning, you can spend more time with your family rather than on cookware cleaning. So when it’s time to buy new induction cookware for your kids in the following key features will help you to make up your mind for the Duxtop 10PC 1209 Premium Induction Cookware Set.

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Best Durability 

Circulon Premier Professional Cookware Set

The next entrant into our list of recommendations in this guide is the Circulon Premier Professional Cookware Set. It features some very desirable qualities and more as will be seen below.

Circulon revolutionized the cookware industry by introducing the first ever hard anodized nonstick cookware. The durability produced by hard anodization coupled with the advanced non-stick coating by the Dupont produced remarkably high-quality cookware. The technology got recognition worldwide and was patented by the US government. All the Circulon cookware are well received in the market, but the one that made its mark is the Circulon Premier Professional 13 Piece Hard Anodized Cookware Set. If you are looking out for a best induction cookware set, your quest has come to an end with this amazing cookware set. The set is a perfect mix of compact cookware needed for routine as well as occasional purpose. It definitely vouches to upgrade your cooking experience. Let’s get to know about some unique features of this product.

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Best Quality

The final entry in our list for this guide is the Anolon Nouvelle 82835Copper Cookware set. It’s a product that particularly stands out due to a number of good reasons as well as one not so great one. It, however, checks a lot of the boxes you’d want to be checked when buying an induction cookware set.

Anolon Nouvelle 82835 11 Piece Copper Cookware Set is a contemporary, stylish cookware set featuring hard anodized copper. This set of 11 pieces offers everything that one may desire in a gourmet kitchen. To set your heart upon the cookware set which is suitable for induction cooktops let’s get to know some key features.

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Buying Guide when choosing an Induction Cookware Set

As mentioned earlier in the guide, narrowing down our selection of the best induction cookware sets involved applying a number of criteria. These factors are a necessary consideration when you’re out shopping for induction cookware. Keeping them in mind as you look around will help you make a better-informed decision in the long run while ensuring you get the best equipment for your kitchen needs.

No. of pieces in the set

Considering what kind of investment this kind of purchase is for your kitchen, it’s best to make sure it’s worthwhile. Different models offer a different number of pieces in the set and if you’re one for ensuring you get the most out of your purchase, this is certain to be an important factor. That being said, it isn’t necessarily better to go for models with the most number of pieces purely because of that one aspect. Consider your kitchen needs, what you lack, what you already have and make a well-informed decision to go for a model with the number and type of pieces you need for your kitchen activities.

The material of the Cookware

When it comes to induction cookware, this point is especially important. Unlike other modes of cooking i.e. using gas or electricity, induction cookers can work only with cookware made out of certain kinds of material. The material of the cookware should meet the following two criteria:

  • The material or any other coating should not react with the food being cooked.
  • It should be made of or comprise of ferromagnetic materials. These criteria must be met before looking at any other aspects since induction cookers work by creating a magnetic field that can only heat up ferromagnetic material.

Some of the best induction cookware is cladded with such material to ensure even heat distribution all around the pan or pot. Under this point also, consider the material of the other components of the cookware set aside from the pots and pans their selves. Are the handles made of a material that insulates against heat properly? Are the lids made of the same stuff or are they made of glass so you can look at the progress of your cooking?

Dishwasher and Oven Friendliness

Keeping things clean in the kitchen can be quite a hustle, but thankfully there’s the dishwasher. The downside of things is that not everything is dishwasher friendly. In this scenario, however, considering the number of pieces used in the set at a go when preparing a meal, it would be wise to go for dishwasher friendly sets so as to ease the cleanup hustle. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something versatile enough to be used not only on induction cookers, then opting for sets that are oven friendly can also be a great investment. Most If not all induction cookware is compatible with the common gas and electric stoves as well, but bagging one that is oven safe as well as a true winner.

The Induction Cooktop

This is something worth carefully keeping in mind as well. A lot of consumers have in the past reported they made erroneous purchases because of not keeping this point in their minds as they were shopping for induction cookware. Consider the size of your induction cooker. Then consider the size of the bases of the pots and pans in the cookware sets and see if they can comfortably fit on it. If they can’t comfortably fit, then you can expect more than a few issues when cooking so ensure you fully consider this point.


This aspect will surely never miss on any list of things to consider when making any kind of purchase. In this particular case, induction cookware sets have been seen to be quite pricey and as such you must make sure the set you go for meets all your needs. When looking at cost, consider if:

  • The number of pieces offered in the set is worth the investment.
  • The material and design quality of the set is as good as what you had in mind.

Also in the case of pricing, it is advisable to note that not all high priced sets are necessarily the best, nor are the cheaper lot worse than the other available sets. A number of considerations go into coming up with the pricing scheme of this cookware, but it’s all up to how well you can discern the cost for yourself.

Induction Cookware FAQ

The number of pieces included in an induction cookware set varies from model to model. There aren’t a set number of pieces that are included in the induction cookware range. When shopping for induction cookware sets, go for those that include a good number of varying pieces that are acceptable to you and necessary for your kitchen.

Based on our research, we have arrived at the conclusion that the Cuisinart MCP-12N set is the best. Taking into consideration a number of factors like a number of pieces included in the set, the price, material and customer feedback on it, it emerged the best. Putting together what it avails having taken the above into perspective, it is sure to be a good bet for your purchase.

Normal cookware sets work using a simple principle. You place them on top of the heat source, they heat up and the coking can go on. In the case of induction cookers and cookware, the story is a bit different. For starters, the induction cookware has to have some element of ferromagnetic material on its base in order to work with the induction cooker.

Depending on the type of model you have, then this is possible. Some of the best induction cookware in the market can be used on more than just the induction cooker. If your aim is to have some versatile equipment for your kitchen that can be used for a number of things, then ensure you opt for one that is marked safe for use in the oven.

Yes, they are very easy to clean, because of their very smooth surface. Furthermore, some of the models have a built-in self-clean option. You can also use them on portable induction cooktops

Selecting an induction cookware set for your kitchen doesn’t have to be a difficult process. To make sure you end up with a good deal, however, make sure to consider:

  •  Price: So that you make sure you end up with a worthy purchase.
  • The material: Has to have a ferromagnetic base so that it can get heated up by the induction cooker.
  • No. of Pieces: The set has to have a good number of pieces for it to be a good investment.

Maintenance guide for Induction Cookware

For continued service and longevity, proper care needs to be taken of your kitchen equipment. When it comes to induction cookware, the case is no different. Below we’ll highlight a few things to keep in mind in order to continue enjoying the services of your induction cookware:

How you use them

This part cannot be stressed enough really. Using the cookware properly ensures it doesn’t incur any unnecessary damage which would otherwise hinder how it works. For instance, though a lot of the models in the market have been labeled as having an array of applications, some of them are not oven friendly. Using such an oven can damage its composition and render it unusable on your induction cooker. Another scenario is using the cookware pieces for purposes other than cooking i.e. some use pots and pans to knock other stuff (like nails) into position not knowing this can damage your cookware.

Cleaning them

Like all other kitchen equipment, your induction cookware needs some proper cleaning. This can be done easily by using some good old water and soap. Most of these cookware sets come with non-stick element embedded on them. As such, they need extra care when cleaning by just using a soft material to clean them so that the non-stick element isn’t damaged. For some, however, the ease of cleaning doesn’t stop there. A lot of models of this induction cookware come labeled as ,dishwasher safe, meaning they can comfortably be cleaned in your dishwasher. Strictly keep in mind that models that aren’t dishwasher safe can be damaged if placed inside a dishwasher.


This part kind of builds upon the first point mentioned above. When you don’t use the cookware properly, it can incur some bit of damage. One of the most notable damage induction cookware can incur is damage to its base. This is a big deal since the base is where it meets the induction cooker. If the base is damaged and uneven, you can experience some disturbing noise as you use your cookware on the induction cooker. The handles of the pieces also need to be kept in check to ensure you can safely handle them when cooking.


We have tried all we can to ensure you get a good assessment of the sets we ended up listing as well as providing objective aspects that are worth considering when shopping for induction cookware sets. We have seen some models offer a lot of options and versatility to them as well as more modest but surprisingly great ones and at the end of it all it boils down to choice and what works best for you. Similar to how induction cooktops work with cast iron, properly maintaining these cookware sets ensures they give you long service and the satisfaction that the investment for them was well merited.

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