The 7 Best Induction Ranges of 2021 [Reviews and Buying Guide]

Reviews of the Best Induction Range

Frigidaire FGIS3065PF 30 Slide-In Induction Range

After extensive online research and hands-on testing, we settle on the best induction range: the Frigidaire FGIS3065PF 30 Slide-In Induction Range. This durable, affordable and nice looking unit with 5 burners will no doubt handle your cooking needs without giving you any hassles.

Induction is the latest and greatest technology available for ranges and cooktops. They are safer to use and heat up much faster than both their electric and gas counterparts.

In this guide, we’ve reviewed the best induction ranges in the market today, outlined the pros and cons and what verified users are saying about the ranges.

We’ve also included a few induction cooktops in case you haven’t considered one. Finally, if you’re looking for a high-end range, be sure to check our latest Bertazzoni review!


Find the Induction range that fits your needs

Product ImageProduct's nameBurnersOur ratingBest ForMore Info
Frigidaire FGIS3065PF54.4Best OverallView latest price
True Induction 30″45Highest ratingView latest price
GE PHB920EJES55Best valueView latest price
Kenmore Elite 9507344.3Best Self-CleaningView latest price
GE PHB920SJSS54Best TechView latest price
Frigidaire FGIC3067MB53.8Best Range alternativeView latest price

Best Induction Range: Our Top Picks

Best of the best – Frigidaire FGIS3065PF 30″ Slide-In Induction Range

Frigidaire FGIS3065PF 30-inch slide-in model

The Frigidaire FGIS3065PF 30-inch slide-in model is the best induction range in the market according to our experts when it comes to the burners, self-cleaning feature, pan detector, and the warranty. This model comes as a single product together with the oven, which may be a drawback for some users. However, its extraordinary specifications will definitely make you want it in your kitchen.

Key stats

  • 5 burners
  • Pan detector
  • Self-cleaning feature
  • 1-year limited warranty.


  • Smudge-proof
  • Stainless-steel
  • Durable
  • Self-cleaning technology
  • Steam-clean system
  • 5 burners
  • Expandable cooking zones
  • Fast boiling
  • Energy-efficient
  • Exceptional heat control
  • 30-inch
  • Slide-in system
  • Responsive keypads.


  • Comes connected to an oven

Editor’s Note:

This superb product has 5 burners, which allows preparing lots of different dishes at the same time. The best thing is the fact that the pot zones can be expanded and the range comes with an additional warming zone. This is peculiar for this Frigidaire model, as there are only a few models with these features in the market.

Highest Rating – Empava 30” Electric Stove Induction Cooktop

Breville BPR700BSS Fast Slow Pro Multi-Function Cooker, Brushed Stainless Steel Overview
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This superb model by Empava has a 30-inch panel and excellent safety features. It has four burners and a very attractive design. Its state-of-the-art technology solutions make it stand out from the competition. Let’s take a look at its pros and cons.

Key Stats:

  • 4 burners
  • Quick-heat boost function
  • 2-year warranty.

Editor’s Note:

The engineers from Empava integrated the so-called rapid boost technology into this induction range model. This allows a burst of 300-600W for rapid heating. The users will not experience any problems with the power supply at full capacity of the appliance.


  • Rapid boost technology
  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Safe
  • Children safety features included
  • Sleek design
  • Quick response time
  • Touch controls
  • Safety turn-off system
  • Easy to clean
  • 2-year warranty
  • Not very noisy.


  • Doesn’t have the self-clean feature.

Best Value – GE PHB920EJES 30-inch Induction Range


If you are looking for an extra-safe, reliable, and convenient appliance with lots of national and international certificates regarding safety, durability, and heat precise technology, the GE PHB920EJES model is the best way to go. This appliance is made in the USA and has all we expect from a decent induction range. Let’s take a look at its full specs.

Key stats:

  • 5 burners
  • Self-clean
  • Limited 1-year warranty.

Editor’s Note:

This induction range truly deserves all the certifications. Its precise heating technology exerts the specific amount of heat necessary for the pot. It is energy-saving, very fast, and convenient. Users are especially satisfied with the heating system.


  • Digital temperature display
  • 90% made in the USA
  • California Prop 65 certification
  • UL certification
  • Self-cleaning option
  • Steam-clean option
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Alexa connectivity
  • Google assistant connectivity
  • Edge-to-edge design.


  • Flawed connectivity
  • Comes only with the oven
  • No pan sensor.

Best Self-Cleaning – Kenmore Elite 95073 Induction

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One of the best induction range models in the market is the Kenmore Elite appliances. It has a standard 30-inch wide freestanding induction smooth top range with four burners and individual control elements. It comes with a built-in fast cooking system, though it is connected only to two of the individual four burners. It also has a high-quality warming element and a warming drawer.

Key Stats

  • 4 burners
  • Pan detector
  • Self-clean
  • 1-year warranty (the user can buy additional warranty).

Editor’s Notes

This is definitely a highly recommended induction range, with all its digital features and safety regulations that will ensure a carefree cooking process. The manufacturer offers to purchase additional years of warranty at affordable prices, which is also a good option to consider. It’s amazing self-cleaning programs will save your time and energy.


  • Touchpad
  • Removing the pot shuts down the appliance
  • Works with cast iron pots
  • Sleek design
  • Energy-saving
  • Stainless steel
  • Pan detection sensor
  • The self-clean system with 2-4 hours cleaning options
  • 4 burners and a warmer.


  • The grease spots are easily visible
  • Fingerprints are visible
  • It doesn’t come separately from the oven.

Best Tech – GE PHB920SJSS Stainless Steel Electric Induction Range

Breville BPR700BSS Fast Slow Pro Multi-Function Cooker, Brushed Stainless Steel Overview
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This model comes with a precise air-technology, superb control systems, and state-of-the-art technology systems. The touchpad, 12 burner settings and an excellent self-cleaning feature are good reasons to consider this extraordinary appliance. Furthermore, like the majority of GE models, this is an edge-to-edge design-based appliance which is easy to clean and maintain.

Key stats:

  • 5 burners
  • Self-cleaning option
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

Editor’s Note

You can choose this beautiful induction range model in four colors: stainless-steel, slate, black slate, and black stainless steel. Furthermore, it has the option of connecting two cooking zones into one large zone. This is a true surprise as this feature can be found very rarely in induction range appliances.


  • Edge-to-edge cooktop
  • Stainless steel
  • Precise Air technology
  • Wi-Fi-connection
  • 12 settings per burner
  • Superb control
  • Made in the USA
  • Self-cleaning


  • Comes only with the oven
  • No pan detector.

Best Range Alternative – Gasland Chef IH77BF 30″ Electric Induction

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Here’s a star product by Gasland Chef. This excellent appliance has 4 burners, extra-fast boiling technology, sensor touch control and hot surface safety sensors. It looks very elegant and a successful drop-in installation will turn your kitchen into a modernly designed space.

Key stats:

  • 4 burners
  • 9 power levels
  • Multifunctional timer

Editor’s Note

Even though this appliance doesn’t have the self-clean feature, it is easy to clean as all materials are stain-resistant. Using warm water with a little bit of mild detergent and a clean, gentle wipe will be enough to regain the shine of your cooktop. Never use aggressive cleaning products as the finish and shine might fade away over time.


  • 9 power levels to allow for precision to switch from boil to simmer
  • Power assist option
  • Express-select system
  • Excellent temperature control
  • Built-in model
  • Child-lock safety features
  • Timer function
  • Auto Shutdown Protection
  • Scratch-resistant surface


  • No self-clean feature.

Best Portable Induction Cooktop – Evergreen Home 1800W Double Digital Induction Cooktop

Breville BPR700BSS Fast Slow Pro Multi-Function Cooker, Brushed Stainless Steel Overview
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Besides the amazing, 4-burner or 5-burner induction range models, we had to include this superb portable double induction cooktop with the highest possible user rating, superb quality, and easy cleaning features. This countertop induction cooker has sensor touch controls and 15 different temperature modes! It is perfect for a small kitchen or as an addition to a large, full-size induction range.

Key stats:

  • 2 burners
  • 1-year warranty.

Editor’s Note

Many users state that they had bought this product as an addition to their main induction range. The greatest asset of this double induction cooktop is lots of space between the burners (pan zones), as it allows using extra-large pans and pots simultaneously.


  • Easy to clean
  • Portable
  • No more gaps easy cleaning technology
  • 15 heat levels
  • Sensor touch control
  • Affordable
  • 4-hour timer
  • Lock feature
  • Sleek design.


  • No self-clean feature
  • No pan detector.

Induction Range Comparison Table

FrigidaireFrigidaire FGIS3065PF 30" Slide-In Electric Range with Induction Technology5YY1-year limited$$$$$4.4
T R U ETrue Induction 30" Electric Built-in Induction Cooktop Stove4YN2-year warranty$$5
GEGE PHB920EJES 30-inch induction range5NY1-year limited$$$$5
KenmoreKenmore Elite 95073 Induction Range4YY1-year $$$4.3
GEGE PHB920SJSS Stainless Steel Electric Induction Range5NYlimited lifetime warranty$$$$4
FrigidaireFrigidaire FGIC3067MB Induction cooktop5YN5-year warranty$$3.8
Evergreen HomeEvergreen Home 1800W Double Digital Induction Cooktop2NN1-year warranty$4.9

Induction Range Buying Guide

Buying an induction range is a very wise choice because of its technology is so advanced that it provides irreplaceable benefits. The most prominent advantages include energy-efficiency and time-saving.

There are some important things you must know and analyze before making this investment. Here are the four key features that will help you buy the best induction range model for your kitchen.


You should get an induction cooker with multiple burners. This enables the simultaneous preparation of multiple meals. However, if you live alone or prepare food only for yourself, opt for a double or a single cooktop induction device.

If you have a large family and usually prepare several different meals at the same time, getting a 5-burner induction range is a smart choice. If you can buy a model with cooking zones that can be connected into one large zone, don?t miss that opportunity.

Pan detector

Some induction cookers come with an auto pan detector. This enables it to detect the size of the pan and provide heat for just that size. This feature is very useful as it keeps the rest of the surface cool to touch and safe from any hazard.

The auto pan detection also enables the device to detect when the pan has been taken off so that it shuts down almost immediately. This feature saves energy and increases induction range safety.


This feature saves your time and effort. Some advanced models come with a built-in self-cleaning option. It is based on the principle of heating the panel, which burns and melts the accumulated grease, preparing it for your final step. All you have to do is wipe it off.

Furthermore, some state-of-the-art models have the steam-clean technology, which does the whole job by itself. Such models are more expensive, as expected.


Some induction cookers come with very good manufacturer warranty contracts. This enables you to return the appliance in case of malfunction. That is always the safest way to go regardless of the product, especially if you decide to purchase an expensive model.

Induction Range FAQ

Are induction ranges safe?

Yes, they are one of the safest cookers you can find now in the market. Let’s explain why. Induction range works on the principle of creating a constantly changing magnetic field. It does not create direct heat. You can put your hand over the induction panel and you will not feel anything. However, never put your hand onto the panel you have just used for cooking, as it is probably hot from the pot for the following 30 seconds or so.
However, only 30 seconds after removing a boiling water pot you can put your hand on an induction range without fear. That’s one of the security features mentioned earlier.
Another safety feature of the induction range is the fact that it needs an appropriate cooking pot to close the electromagnetic circuit. When the pot is removed, the circuit is interrupted and the risk no longer exists. Also, after a programmed delay, the induction board switches off by itself.

What is the key difference between an induction and other types of ranges?

The biggest difference between the induction and other stovetop types is efficiency. The open flame of a gas cooker heats the pot, but it also heats the air around and above the pot before it warms up its contents. Likewise, the glass-ceramic stovetop creates a lot of heat on the surface, which then has to be transferred to the pot.
When it comes to the induction range, the cooking utensil itself becomes the heating tool. When you place the appropriate cookware above the induction board, the magnetic field penetrates into its metal parts. The fluctuating magnetic field is created at the bottom and the sides of the pot and the current flow is generated (this is actually called induction).
As it revolves in the metal structure of the cooking vessel, energy is released. This is how the metal gets warmed up and thanks to the conductivity and flow of heat; it gets transferred to the solid or liquid food found in the vessel.
Another big difference is the safety level. Induction tops are safer than any other type as removal of the pot immediately shuts off the process.

Should I buy an induction range?

If you like the speed and control provided by the gas cooker as well as the convenience and ease of maintenance offered by glass ceramic cooktops, and if a slightly higher cost does not represent a problem for you, then the induction range is definitely the very best choice for you.
However, do check your existing pottery before you buy an induction range, as not all types of cookware are suitable for this kind of a stovetop. You might have to buy a whole new set of quality pots and cooking utensils and this could significantly increase your costs of switching to induction.
In conclusion, this is a worthy investment that will definitely positively change the way you prepare food.

Do inductive ranges save energy?

Yes, they do save the energy by emitting the exact amount of heat needed to cook the food and also by going off as soon as the pot is removed. Induction range does not get warm during the cooking process, i.e. there is no heat loss. All heat goes to the pot and the food.

Are induction ranges easy to clean?

Yes, they are very easy to clean, because of their very smooth surface. Furthermore, some of the models have a built-in self-clean option.

Are induction ranges supposed to make noise?

A little bit of noise is produced by the cooling fans placed within the device. It is emitted in the form of vibrations. Other than that, there shouldn’t be any sounds.

Can I place my cookware pot anywhere on an induction range?

Yes, you can because the induction cooker will detect it, but avoid placing it on the controls.

How do I clean an induction range?

It is very easy to clean the induction cooktop. All you have to do is soak a towel in warm, soapy water, squeeze off the excess liquid and gently clean the range. Repeat the process several times with clean water to rinse off the soap. Don’t use abrasive wipes or aggressive cleaning products.

How much does it cost to replace the broken glass of an induction range?

Depending on the version and brand, it can cost from 100 dollars to 800 dollars.

Is it safe to use the induction range in a house with two small kids?

Yes, it is safe. Induction range usually comes with the kid’s safety control, and if you activate it, the children cannot use it. Also, most induction cookers will not work unless if the pot is on the panel. As soon as the pot is removed, the induction cooker shuts down.

Maintenance guide for an induction range

Induction range is a highly sophisticated appliance which will serve you for decades if you learn how to properly use and maintain it. Each manufacturer provides specific maintenance and user guidelines, rules and recommendations. However, there are some general tips on induction range maintenance you should follow.

Always check the anti-tip safety bracket

It is possible to overturn the induction range if the safety bracket is not locked-in. In order to protect your children and elderly, always make sure to lock-in the bracket as soon as you position your new induction product according to the instructions from the manufacturer.

Use the original cord and parts

In case of damaging your original cord, order a new one from the manufacturer. Never use a damaged cord or parts that are not original.

In case of fire

In case of fire, you should never use water on grease flame. Turn the controls off and unplug the appliance. Use the multi-purpose fire extinguisher to put out the fire.

Avoid spillovers

Use proper amounts of oil according to your pan/pot depth. Avoid spillovers at all costs. Unattended cases of oil spillovers at high temperatures can lead to a fire. Furthermore, this will cause smoke and stains which might be hard to remove.

Use induction-suitable cookware set

Not all types of cookware sets can be used on induction ranges. You can look for specialty products designed for this purpose. The induction friendly cookware set must have a flat bottom and be magnetic itself. It can be made of cast iron or magnetic stainless steel.

Here’s a tip: stick a magnet to the bottom of your cookware. If it stays, you can use it on your induction range.

Use manufacturer-approved cleaning instructions

The best practice is cleaning your appliance with mild products, a gentle wipe, and warm water. However, stick to the specific instructions provided by your manufacturer.


A superb appliance like the induction range is a must-have in any home. Energy-saving, time-saving, and safety features are its strongest assets compared to other stovetop types. Induction range is definitely something you want to add to your kitchen.

Pay attention to its burners, pan detection technology, self-cleaning ability, and warranty when buying a new induction range. Our experts concluded that, based on these factors, the Frigidaire FGIS3065PF 30″ Slide-In Electric Range with Induction Technology is the best induction range model in the market.

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