The 6 Best Kenmore Ranges of 2021 [Complete Review and Guide]

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The best Kenmore ranges are designed to create ease for you in the kitchen so that you can cook whatever you want and whenever you want. We’ve studied and examined various Kenmore ranges both in-person and online and have reviewed them in detail for our readers. 

As per the assessment, the Kenmore 74133 is the best of the rest. Because it comes in different finishes and is packed with some powerful features to cook some delicious recipes, and it won’t cost you more than $1000. 

But wait, there’s more! We’ve developed a list of the best Kenmore ranges for your convenience and will review each product in detail.

So keep reading to find all the information about these quality ranges!

The Top Kenmore Ranges Reviewed

Product ImageProduct's nameOven CapacityNo. of BurnersBest ForMore Info
Kenmore 74133
5 cubic feet5 (18,200 BTUs)
Best Gas RangeView latest price
Kenmore 95113
4.8 cubic feet
4 (4000W)Best Electric Range
View latest price
Kenmore Elite 42623
4.6 cubic feet
5 (9000W including broiling, convection, and baking)
Best Kenmore Induction Range
View latest price
Kenmore 951236.4 cubic feet
5 (5800W)
Best Kenmore Slide-in Range (Electric)
View latest price
Kenmore Elite 75223
5.8 cubic feet
5 (31,000 BTUs)
Best Kenmore 30-inch Range
View latest price
Kenmore 74412
4.2 cubic feet
4 (21,500 BTUs)
Best Kenmore Budget Range
View latest price

Find the right Kenmore Ranges for you 

1. Kenmore 74133 – Best Kenmore Gas Range

Kenmore 74133

The Kenmore 74133 comes with a full capacity of 5.0 cubic feet. This freestanding gas range also has self-clean capabilities and is made of stainless steel. You will enjoy tackling even those complicated recipes with ease. 

Whether you have a larger family or just love to enjoy cooking some delicious and versatile recipes, this is the best Kenmore range you will find on the market to cook anything you like. 

It can power up to over 18,000 BTUs and do a great job in fast cooking. You also won’t have to deal with any of those hot spots. It’s all about even cooking with this cooking range. 

The controls present on this cooking range are pretty easy to manage, and they are all at your fingertips. You can set the timers conveniently, and the burners respond instantly. 

You won’t have to waste too much time cooking a perfect dish with a taste that you have always desired. It also comes with the Warm&Hold function that will keep the food at that ideal temperature for as long as you want, from minutes to hours. 

It’s all about timed and delayed cooking with this cooking range. The grates are easy to clean, and they come with porcelain coating, which means that they are a way to wipe down. They are much expanded from end-to-end, and you get plenty of space to move around your pots. 

These porcelain grates are dishwasher safe as well, so detailed cleaning is not a problem at all. When it comes to fast cooking, a lot of credit goes to the Turbo Boil feature that gets searing and bubbling going in no time. 


  • A good quality conventional cooking range.??
  • You can conveniently delay your cooking times.?
  • Keep your food warm even for hours.?
  • Porcelain-enameled grates are easy to clean.?
  • Stainless steel construction.


  • It doesn’t come with any automatic features or sensors.?

2. Kenmore 95113 – Best Kenmore Electric Range

Kenmore 95113

The Kenmore 95113 cooking range is the best electric unit by the brand, and it comes in a freestanding design. The cooking range also features Turbo Boil and is entirely made of stainless steel. 

The range comes with 4.8 cubic feet, and it has a rugged inbuilt look that will redefine your cooking space forever. When you are using this cooking range, you use its dual element to boil and simmer according to your requirements. 

The oven comes with a large capacity, and it can bake and broil and roast a variety of dishes simultaneously. Due to the large capacity, you can conveniently cook more at a time. The racks are pretty easy to clean, and you can adjust them based on your dishes’ size. 

This cooking space is seamless by design, and it will fit pretty well into your kitchen counter as if you have designed the counter for this cooking range to fit in. 

It also comes with a versatile dual element that comes with adjustments and can be altered between 6-inch and 9-inch. Therefore, you get to choose the burner size based on your need and the pot you are using. 

Apart from that, a bottom drawer allows you to store additional cookware and use it later on. It is a huge convenience and will come in handy if you don’t have much space available in your kitchen. 

The cooking range also comes with a self-clean functionality and makes cleaning quite simple tasks. It can conveniently deal with various messes and stains without a problem. 

Plus, it comes with stainless steel construction, so it’s a durable model designed to take some toll.


  • A seamless design that fits pretty well.?
  • It comes with the Turbo Boil feature that sears food fast.
  • There is a storage drawer right at the bottom.
  • It comes with a capacity of 4.8 cubic feet.
  • Dual Element adjustment can be made according to your cooking pot size.


  • It tends to consume more energy.?
  • Doesn’t feature any warming drawers.

3. Kenmore Elite 42623 – Best Kenmore Induction Range

Kenmore Elite 42623

The Kenmore Elite 42623 is a top contender for one of the best Kenmore cooking ranges. This cooking range can produce a magnetic field that heats pans and pots directly with induction technology.  

It also means you can cook your food fast and evenly without any hot spots. Therefore, you won’t have to spend a lot of time on your recipes and can get them done to focus on other chores. 

The cooking range comes with a Power Boost feature that will temporarily boost the output if induction and deliver a spike in the temperature. It can crisp up sandwiches, melt the cheese, and quickly warm meals so you can get them out on the table.  

With proper convection technology, the cooking range comes with a powerful fan and a hidden heating element. It means that it can spread heat evenly and can assist you in baking and cooking from anything, including roasts, turkeys, pies, and brownies. 

There is an electronic surface element control unit that ensures digital precision, and it can adjust induction power and gives you the freedom to cook anything in no time. 

This cooking range is built to perform like no other, and it comes with a brilliant design. The cooking range delivers such a good performance that many professional chefs have considered it one of the best units. 

The oven can clean itself on its own, and the ranges have a slide-in design. There are four different racks, and you can use five different rack positions to palace your pots in them. There is a warming drawer present in this cooking range as well, and the model is entirely ADA compliant


  • Venting is present on the top of the oven door.
  • Fully stainless-steel construction.?
  • Extra-large oven door window.?
  • Self-cleaning with no fuzz.??
  • Comes with a storage drawer at the bottom.
  • Fully even finish all around.?


  • Power Boost doesn’t seem to work at times.?

4. Kenmore 95123 – Best Kenmore Slide-in Range

Kenmore 95123

The Kenmore 92123 features a total capacity of 6.4 cubic feet and comes with a slide-in design. It’s an electric cooking range that comes with True Convection technology. So, there is a lot on the offer here. The stainless-steel construction of this range makes it pretty durable, but it tends to catch some fingerprints, so you will have to keep cleaning it to maintain its good look.

You can conveniently cook up your favorite meal with this elegant look range that features a seamless design. One of the best features of these ranges by Kenmore is that they all come with very seamless construction, and they almost look as if they are custom-built. 

The cooking range comes with Turbo Boil features that can quickly boil, simmer and bake to perfection. The cooking range comes with a large capacity to bake, roast, and handle multiple dishes simultaneously. 

There are three different oven racks, and you can use the entire space conveniently to cook anything you like. It also has a slide-in design that can conveniently fit into a freestanding space. 

The front knob and touch controls are pretty convenient to use. The True Convection technology comes with a fan and a hidden heating element that ensures uniform cooking without hot spots. 

Apart from that, the Turbo Boil burner ensures you can quickly cook and liquids can boil in no time at all. You can use a bottom drawer for storage, and the range also features Lo Temp Clean to make quick work of any touch recipe without making any messes or stains. Triple adjustment of the element to handle different pots and pans. 


  • Cleaning is pretty straightforward and easy.?
  • Triple adjustment element to handle pans and pots of different sizes.?
  • The cooking range is ADA compliant, and UL listed.?
  • Front knob and touch controls for easy access.?
  • Storage drawer.


  • No temperature probe.

5. Kenmore Elite 75223 – Best Kenmore 30-inch Range

Kenmore Elite 75223

The Kenmore Elite 75223 comes with an overall capacity of 5.8 cubic feet and a gas front control range. The cooking range is entirely made of stainless steel, and it is durable in construction. But it also catches fingerprints, so you will have to use wipes frequently to get rid of them.

The front control design makes the cooking area easily accessible, and you have the flexibility to prepare something quickly. This cooking range comes with plenty of capacity, and you can handle your holiday feast well. 

This cooking range comes with accurate and powerful heat elements that can handle any cooking item with ease. Whether you are cooking turkeys or frying eggs, this cooking range can help you get the job done in no time. 

Cleaning is not a problem either, and with a reduced cooking time, you can significantly focus on other things. It also comes with the Turbo Boil feature, Kenmore’s specialty, and allows you to get the heat up to 19,000 BTU. 

Sadly, this cooking range doesn’t come with any storage drawer, but it comes with a warming drawer at the bottom of the cooking range. 

This cooking range also comes with the Sabbath Mode, and it is a UL-listed and ADA-compliant product. Moreover, his cooking range is one of the best for fast cooking, and you won’t have to deal with any hot spot in your cooking process. This cooking range can cook evenly from all corners. 

It also has that beautiful sleek look that merges well with most kitchen interiors. But it will look better in a contemporary kitchen because of its stainless-steel luster. 


  • The oven can self-clean pretty conveniently.
  • The oven capacity of this cooking range is 5.8 cubic feet.?
  • It comes with Sabbath Mode.?
  • The cooking range is UL listed and ADA compliant.
  • It cooks pretty quickly and can handle a variety of dishes.


  • It doesn’t come with a storage drawer.

6. Kenmore 74412 – Best Kenmore Budget Range

Kenmore 74412

The Kenmore 74412 cooking range runs on gas, and it packs quite a punch for such a price tag. It comes with an oven capacity of 4,2 cubic feet, and there is a Serve&Broil Drawer as well. This cooking range is all about providing you with a stress-free cooking experience. 

With the Power Boil feature, you can conveniently use the fast cooking process and cook anything you want. The burners that this cooking range can produce up to 9500 BTUs can prepare various dishes. 

This cooking range comes with four different burners, and there are two other racks for the oven that you can place in 5 different positions. The oven is entirely dishwasher safe and can help you save your time and energy well. 

This cooking range is not only the best budget buy, but it is also elementary to use because there are no unique controls in it. Therefore, you won’t be dealing with extraordinary high-tech features. 

The electronic controls of this cooking range are all straightforward to set and operate. You have to push the button and get going. All the grates are dishwasher safe, and they are easy to clean as well. You will only have to wipe clean your grate and start cooking on them for the next session. 

Despite being a budget-friendly cooking range, this unit is pretty durable and robots in design and construction. But the best part is that it is not going to catch any fingerprints if you go for the light gray finish. The silver and the black finish attract more fingerprints, though.


  • Power Boil burner can burn at 12,000 BTUs and can cook fast.
  • The burners have 9500 BTUs and can handle different types of dishes.?
  • There are four burners, and the oven capacity is 4.2 cubic feet.
  • There are two racks, and they come with five different rack positions.?
  • The grates are all dishwasher safe.


  • It doesn’t come with any automated cleaning features.?

Buying Guide

When looking for the best cooking ranges, you will have to look for different features and attributes to make the best of your purchase. But it’s not just about the features. You should keep your needs and requirements in your mind and buy accordingly to get the best value out of your investment. 

Here are some of the important features that you will have to keep in your mind. 

Style and design

There are different types and designs in cooking ranges. And they all have other purposes of serving. You will find freestanding cooking ranges, and there are slid-in models as well. Freestanding designs are comfortable to install.

The slide-in one is more customizable according to your requirements. You can slide them into those cabinets. There are different versions in terms of controls and access. Some if they have controls right in front while others have them on the top. 

You can also find double ovens and can also go for different models based on sizes as well. However, if you are looking for a double oven, then Kenmore doesn’t have them. But they do offer cooking ranges with warming drawers and storage drawers. 

Fuel type

Cooking ranges can be found in various types in terms of fuel source as well. There are electric cooking ranges, and there are gas cooking ranges. You can also fund dual fuel cooking ranges, and some of them also feature induction cooking features. In addition to the induction cooking ranges, you can also find cooking ranges with electric smooth tops. 

The cooking ranges that come with electric smooth-tops have radiant smooth-tops, and they come with a powerful burner. Some of these models you will find on the market also have a warming burner. This burner will keep the dishes on the side warm for a more extended period.  

The Induction cooktops come with magnetic coils that are present under a ceramic surface. These cooking ranges can send pulses to your cookware directly. These cooking ranges are pretty accurate in terms of their heat measures. And they also keep any residual heat under control. But to use this cooking range, you’ll need to have induction cookware as well.  

Gas and electric cooking ranges are the most common models, and they are so common because they are simplest to use. Most of these models come with 4 to 5 burners, and they are quite powerful. 

Electric cooking ranges are better in heat control precision, while gas cooking ranges are pretty rugged in the heat responses. However, gas cooking ranges are the slowest ones to boil water. 

You need to look for the right option based on your cooking preferences and the dishes you like to prepare. In terms of cleaning and maintenance, the induction cooktops are the best. 


Another essential feature that you need to keep in mind is the cooking range you need to consider for your kitchen. There are different sizes available on the market. You Can go as big as 48 inches and as small as 24 inches. 

There are cooking ranges even smaller than that, but they are not that great in performance. The most commonly used cooking range size is either 30-inch or 36-inch. These sizes are suitable for handling various foods and compact enough to fit most kitchen counters comfortably. 

Mostly the cooking ranges that are bigger also come with more burners. But a high-powered burner with a simmer burner is a common trait that you will find in the modern cooking ranges. 

Number of burners

It’s a no-brainer that if you look for an extensive cooking range, you will get more burners with more space. If you tend to make different dishes simultaneously and do it frequently, it would be better to go with a cooking range that comes with multiple burners.  And it’s just not about handling different dishes simultaneously. 

At times you need to simmer something and boil something else at the same time. So there are different burners with these various functions. The units with multiple burners come with a main powerful burner for searing food at high temperatures. 

But of course, with smaller-sized cooking ranges, the number of burners will also decrease. If you need a more straightforward unit, you can go for a cooking range that only comes with a couple of burners and limits oven space.


Of course, one of the most important features to look at is the capacity of your cooking range. If you are looking for a cooking range that can bake, you will need to have proper oven capacity inbuilt. More extensive cooking ranges come with bugger oven capacities. 

If you are looking for a unit that can handle various dishes and can boil, simmer, bake, and grill pretty effectively, you will need a large-sized cooking range that comes with at least five cubic feet of oven space. 

You can also find cooking ranges with open spaces that go over five cubic feet. Some units come with 6.7 cubic feet and even more. Larger units come with blogger space, and they are more versatile in terms of handling different recipes.  

It all depends on how you are going to use your cooking range. Some of the units also come with dual ovens, and in such a case, their total capacity is mentioned in terms of combined cubic feet. 

On a smaller scale, you can also go for a cooking range that is much smaller in space if you have limited space available in your kitchen. The smallest one you can go with is typically around 2.9 cubic feet, and it is a suitable choice for small apartments. Of course, you are also limited with the cooking options on such a small unit. 

Cleaning and maintenance

Another one of the most important features to look at is cleaning and maintaining a cooking range. This aspect is quite frequently overlooked because most people are too carried away with the cooking part of such a range. 

When it comes to easy-clean features, you need to look at a cooking range that comes with a self-clean feature for its oven cavity. It makes the overall cleaning process of your cooking range pretty simple. 

Apart from that, you can also look for simplicity in the cleaning of the cooking grates. Most manufacturers solve this problem by using porcelain-enameled grates. These grates are pretty simple to clean and don’t need much effort at all. 

Smooth glass tops that are recessed are also pretty handy in easy cleaning because you can use simple wipes to get the cooking surface clean, and such a design can contain spills well. So, handling the mess is comfortable with these recessed tops. 

FAQs for the Best Kenmore Ranges

Is Kenmore a good brand when it comes to cooking ranges??

Kenmore is one of the best brands in terms of durability and aesthetics.? The company has been in the business for a long time, and it understands its customers’ requirements. You might not say that it’s the most innovative brand of them all, but it certainly makes products that are very practical to use, and this is Kenmore’s unique selling proposition.?
If you show your Kenmore cooking range some love and take care of it, it will continue to perform for pretty long. It is one reason why Kenmore is one of the top brands in the industry when it comes to cooking ranges.?

What warranty does Kenmore offer on its cooking ranges??

Kenmore makes sure that it only uses high-quality materials and craftsmanship in the construction of these cooking ranges. Therefore, Kenmore stands behind all its products and offers a 1-year warranty on all its cooking ranges. It just gives you that peace of mind that the brand you invested in is working up time for your benefits in the long run.


The winner of this Best Kenmore Ranges roundup turns out to be the Kenmore 74133. It comes with an open space of 5 cubic feet, and it also features five powerful burners that can produce more than 18,000 BTUs. There is plenty of space available for you to cook a range of different recipes. 

Of course, the runner-up is the Kenmore 95113, another powerful unit that you can use in the brand’s electric line-up. It does come with a slightly smaller oven space of 4.8 cubic feet and features four burners. But it still does a fantastic job in handling a variety of dishes. 

Kenmore is one of the best brands you will find on the market, especially if you are looking for a durable and resilient product. The brand has been around for many years now, and it understands what the customers need from it.