Reviews of the Best Knife Sharpener of 2021

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Many chefs attest that a sharp knife is a safe knife. Nothing is more annoying than spending hours cutting food in the kitchen with a blunt knife. The hands are tired and the fingers are sore because of applying too much pressure on the knife. And most likely instead of slicing, you are smashing. A blunt knife is the beginning of the failure of a well-desired meal. Most people shy away from honing their knives as they imagine it as a daunting process. But this should no longer be an issue as a knife sharpener gives you control. It will save you time, energy, and money as you get to sharpen your knives right in the kitchen. You dont have to use any force, just pass the blunt knives a couple of times in the stages and there! You have a very sharp knife. Lets look at the top five of the best knife sharpener models in the market.

Our expert review on the best knife sharpener

A knife sharpener is designed to give you the sharpness you desire. You dont have to fear about stroking away the blade violently at a steel rod or even a Japanese Waterstone. In fact, a knife sharpener makes things easier for you. It is not as complicated as it might seem. They come in two, a manual and electric sharpener. Whichever you choose, you get a chance to have fun in the kitchen. Thats why we came up with this buying guide to make things much simpler for you. We did our research carefully and listed the best top five knife sharpener in the market, the best manual and the best electric.

Best Knife Sharpener : Our Top Picks

Best Knife Sharpener Reviewed

Best of the Best – ChefsChoice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener for Straight and Serrated Knives Diamond Abrasives Patented Sharpening System Made in USA, 3-Stage, Gray

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A professional three staged knife sharpener, that sharpens even the blunt and abused knives. Stage one and stage two uses 100 percent of diamond abrasives to sharpen the knifes edge. Stage three employs a unique abrasive stropping action that polishes the sharpened edge. It takes about two minutes to sharpen a blunt knife, and 10 seconds to hone or resharpen.


  • Sharpens both straight and serrated knives
  • Advanced patented flexible guides
  • Ultra sharp 15oXV technology
  • Easy to use
  • Best value of money
  • Highly durable


  • A bit heavy
  • High price

Key stats:

  • Made in the USA
  • Three Stages
  • 3 years limited warranty
  • Stainless steel
  • Electric sharpener

Though a bit expensive, Chefs choice has made on top of the list as it is versatile, long lasting, and perfect for converting 20-degree factory sharpness. The polishing stage makes sure to remove any little chips and create a smooth clean blade. Other than that, it is easy to use, though you may want to refer to the manual first.

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Best Budget – Bavarian Edge Kitchen Knife Sharpener by BulbHead, Sharpens, Hones, Polishes Serrated, Beveled, Standard Blades (Bavarian Edge)

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It is a manual sharpener that looks like modern art. This is a portable tool and professionally designed that brings your knives to factory sharpness at a cheaper price. With the two spring action arms, Bavarian sharpener can flex on any blade beating the regular standard electric sharpener.


  • Can sharpen Japanese, chefs, serrated, boning, pairing knives and many more
  • Affordable
  • Razor sharp knives in seconds
  • Ideal for smooth and serrated knives
  • Tungsten carbide flexes and contours blades of any type
  • Lifetime money back guarantee
  • Spring action arms let you sharpen blades in any angles
  • Easy storage
  • Quick sharpening
  • High-quality sharpening and polishing
  • Lightweight


  • Manufacturer information has not been disclosed too well

Key Stats

  • Dual spring arms
  • Made in the USA
  • Weight: 0.6 lbs
  • Material: Carbon steel and ABS plastic
  • Silver plated in color
  • Limited lifetime guarantee

You dont have to throw your old dull knives in the trash. The Bavarian knife edge has been designed to sharpen even the dullest knives you have. The best thing is that it sharpens and polishes all knives in seconds and at a cheaper price.

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Best Electric sharpener – Wusthof PEtec Electric Sharpener, Gray

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With only three stages, PEtec sharpens knives and restore them to factory edge quality. It is electric and you can appreciate the results as the knife sharpener is in control of the whole sharpening and honing process. Though designed to work with Wusthofs PEtec knives, it can work with other knives too.


  • Diamond abrasives that result in high-quality stropping results and clean edges.
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Rubber feet for a firmer grip on the counterpart or table
  • Dependable German engineering
  • Three stages offer different options for your knives
  • Amazing quality for the price
  • Lightweight for easier storage
  • Easy to use
  • BPA free parts
  • Highly durable


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Occasionally produces scratches on knives
  • Expensive

Key Stats:

  • Three stage design
  • Precision edge technology
  • Diamond abrasive wheel
  • Advanced stropping material
  • Non-slip rubber
  • Powerful electric system

Not long ago, stones and files were the only options to sharpen a knife and it was frustrating. But with the improved electric sharpeners like Wusthof PEtec, things are now easier. This three-stage sharpener sharpens and secures most knives. It is also highly durable due to its stylish shell.

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Best Manual – Zulay Manual Stainless Steel Knife Sharpener

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A manual two staged sharpener perfect for sharpening a chefs knife, pocket, hunting or serrated knives. Its traditional yet modern design makes it easy to store in the kitchen and to use. Moreover, you can expect a lifetime warranty and a money back guarantee.


  • Tough surface for durability
  • Cost efficient
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Sharpens all straight and serrated knives
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • High results in a few seconds
  • Ergonomic handles
  • A non-slip base


  • Not best for ceramic knives
  • Extra force to sharpen

Key Stats:

  • Tungsten carbide blades in stage one
  • Ceramic in stage two
  • Limited lifetime warranty and a money-back guarantee
  • Two-stage platforms
  • Sleek and modern design

Not too many people want to spend a lot of money when buying a knife sharpeners. Zulay manual sharpener is the best choice for a cost-effective and high-quality knife sharpener. It has combined the traditional and modern design giving you a stylish look. Moreover, it is the perfect definition of razor-sharp precision and ease of use.

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Best Kitchen Knife sharpener – LINKYO Electric Knife Sharpener, Kitchen Knives Sharpening System

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It is a unique two staged kitchen knife sharpener with an urban design. The first stage reshapes and refines the edge while the second one polishes the blade. It uses electricity, eliminating all forms of mistakes and at the same time leaving your blades super sharp.


  • Easy to clean
  • Automatically adjust angle
  • Safe and secure
  • Best value for money
  • Heavy duty non-slip cup feet for a firm grip
  • Built-in stop feature to prevent damages


  • Not waterproof
  • Not for use on serrated blades or scissors
  • Cannot work on EU or non-USA standard voltages

Key stats:

  • Two stages
  • Non-slip suction cup feet
  • 1-year warranty
  • Weight: 2.6 pounds
  • 5 feet cord and a polarized plug
  • Auto blade positioning guides

If you are looking for something unique, then LINKYO kitchen sharpener will be ideal. The automatic blade positioning gives you a chance to sharpen your knives without any mistake. Though not waterproof, you can still easily clean the residue as it falls in a tray.

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Best Knife Sharpener Comparison Table

Bavarian Edge Kitchen Knife Sharpener by BulbHead, Sharpens, Hones, Polishes Serrated, Beveled, Standard Blades (Bavarian Edge)3.935 degree7.7" x 6.9" x 5"Limited lifetime$$
Wusthof PEtec Electric Sharpener, Gray4.614 degree12" x 5" x 5"3 years $$$
Chef’sChoice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener for Straight and Serrated Knives Diamond Abrasives Patented Sharpening System Made in USA, 3-Stage, Gray4.615 degree10" x 4.2" x 4.2"3 years $$$
Zulay Manual Stainless Steel Knife Sharpener4.619 degree8" x 2.2" x 2.5"Limited lifetime$$
LINKYO Electric Knife Sharpener, Kitchen Knives Sharpening System4.290 degree8.25"x5.75"x3.25"1 years $$

Buying guide for selecting the best knife sharpener

A knife sharpener is a guarantee of having sharp knives all the time. It is impossible not to get great results with it. Even though they might save your time in the kitchen, you may find it difficult to choose the right one. The choices are many and the promises are almost the same, but the features and the results may differ.

So, to find the best knife sharpener, here are the factors you need to look at.


The material of the knife sharpener will tell you a lot about its durability and functionality. You can go for diamond flecks, ceramic, carbides or steel. Carbides and diamond flecks are used as abrasives. The only difference is that the diamond ones are a bit expensive than the carbides and doesnt have aggressive friction.

Ceramic and steel are best for honing and for polishing the blades.


Watch out for sharpeners that require you to hold them down while sharpening. This increases the likelihood of cutting yourself. Instead, go for a knife sharpener that favors ergonomic features and which you can use for any of left or right hands.

Number of stages

This is the where you need to place your knife for it to sharpen. The stages may differ from models. Some come with one, others two or three and others have more than three stages. A multi-staged knife sharpener will mostly include an abrasive sharpener and a honing part.

Sometimes it can be coarse and fine sharpeners with no honing section. A coarse sharpener is used to reshape the edges on damaged or extremely dull knives. The fine ones are perfect for polishing and touch-ups.

Recommended Knives

Some of the knife sharpeners are only meant to sharpen different knives. Some models can only be used for smooth knives and others for serrated knives. Others can accommodate both types. So it is important that you know which knives you have and which ones you want to sharpen.

Sharpening Angles

A good knife sharpener should let you sharpen the knife away from the body. There are different angles for different sharpeners. Some may require a 15-degree others may need a 30-degree angle. Just be sure not to get one that requires a touchdown when sharpening.


You definitely want to go for a knife sharpener that is easy to use. And since some of them come with instructions manual, make sure to refer to it at all times. Most of the user-friendliness knife sharpeners are electric or pull-through models.


Well, the types are many but the most common ones are manual and electric. The electric sharpeners come in two or three stages. It is best for faster sharpening and simplifies the process. Most of them come with guides that direct the user to the perfect angle.

The manual sharpeners include handheld sharpeners, sharpening stones and sharpening steels. Most of them are easily portable and may require a little bit of extra energy to sharpen.

Frequently Asked Questions when buying the best knife sharpener

Question 1: Which model is the best knife sharpener?

Answer: Before choosing a knife sharpener, there are several things to consider, For example, are you left-handed or does noise bother you? Which types of knives do you have or how patient are you? Whats your kitchen space and how much do you plan to invest in a sharpener?

After that, know that the best knife sharpener will depend on a personal preference e.g. a manual or electric and maybe design. The best brands include Bulbhead, Wusthof, LINKYO, Chefs choice, Zulay Kitchen, Love this Kitchen among many more.

Bavaria Edge Kitchen Knife and Chefs choice are the best since they are versatile and highly durable. Remember to look at the pros and cons of each model so as to find the best for you.

Question 2: How do you use a knife sharpener?

Answer: As easy as it might seem, using a knife sharpener requires some bit of skills and expertise. You also need to be safe. So, in order to use the sharpener effectively, then hold the knife firmly by hand. Remember that this process will differ depending on the tool you are using. Be it steel, electric or manual.

For a steel rod, hold the knife tightly and the tip pointing upwards. At an angle of 20 degrees, you can stroke the knife gently on the rod and you will be done after about 10 to 20 strokes.

For electric sharpeners, use the coarse feature to reshape very blunt and damaged knives. Depending on the angle required by the sharpener, make sure to stand away from it while pulling it through. Never pull the knife up and down. After sharpening, make sure to wipe off any residue before use.

Question 3: Do knife sharpeners sharpen serrated knives?

Answer: This will depend on the model. But most electric sharpeners can sharpen serrated knives. Before buying one, make sure to check the specifications of recommended knives and if serrated knives are one of them.

Question 4: What is the proper way of cleaning a knife sharpener?

Answer: There is no need for using either water or detergents. Instead, clean your sharpener with a damp cloth. If it is electrical, turn off from the switch first then start cleaning. Do not be tempted to put the knife sharpener in a dishwasher as doing so might lead to rusting and spoiling the appliance. Make sure to also check and empty the removable tray if any, for metal debris.

Question 5: How do you identify a bad sharpener?

Answer: Cheap is most certainly expensive, but that doesnt mean that cheap products are bad. Even expensive ones can be bad. And you cannot identify a bad sharpener with an eye. You have to use it first so that you may know its performance. A bad knife sharpener tends to remove too much steel, hence destroying the blade. Another thing is that it will sharpen the blade in the wrong angle, producing an uneven edge or not sharpening at all.

Lastly, a bad sharpener has poor results. So youll find that youve spent hours of sharpening with no change.

Question 6: Can ceramic knives be sharpened with a knife sharpener?

Answer: Not all knife sharpeners can sharpen ceramic knives. You have to confirm with the listed specifications first to know if you can sharpen a ceramic knife or not.

Question 7: How often should you sharpen your knives?

Answer: As often as possible. Remember that a sharp knife is a safe knife and a blunt knife will spoil your food preparation. So to avoid the embarrassment, you should sharpen your knives when you notice they are becoming dull. Whats the use of owning a knife sharpener if you cant put it into good use? A couple of days or weeks will do or maybe after every heavy use.

Question 8: Do electric knife sharpeners wear out?

Answer: It is most unlikely. An electric knife sharpener tends to wear out if its mishandled and not taken care of properly. Another thing, its life can end once you submerge it into the water. In addition, heavy use of the knife sharpener may also result to wearing off.

Question 9: How can you tell if your knife is sharp enough?

Answer: After honing your knife, it is impossible to tell if it is sharp enough. So to know if your knife is good to go, you can use two tests; the tomato test or the paper test. In the tomato test, try slicing through with the knife. If the knife cuts smoothly on the skin through the tomato, then it is sharp. But if instead of cutting you need some pressure or you end up smashing the tomato, then the knife is far from being sharp.

Take a piece of paper and try cutting through. If it cuts the paper easily, then it is sharp.

Maintenance Guide for Knife Sharpeners

Since youve spent a couple of bucks on your knife sharpener, the idea of it damaging too fast may be a nightmare. But for you to prevent this, then you need to properly take care of the machine. The following tips will last your knife sharpener a very long time.

  • Never submerge the knife sharpener in water

First, if it is an electric sharpener, dipping it into water will destroy its system leaving it dysfunctional. Water will also damage the abrasives used for sharpening and may cause rust. So to avoid any of these, wipe the machine with a cloth, or use a brush with soft bristles to wipe off any residue.

  • Proper storage

Understand that proper storage means storing the item in the correct way away from possibilities of falling, away from places with water and dust. Since you will need to use the knife sharper a couple of times a week, consider storing at the furthest corner of the kitchen top; But also away from the edges of the table.

But if your countertop is full, then store the sharpener in the cabinets or drawers and only take them out when its time for use again.

  • Use the appropriate knives

If the knife sharpener is only meant for sharpening straight knives, dont go ahead trying to sharpen serrated knives. Make sure to read the specifications so that you may know which type of knives to sharpen.

  • Read the instructions manual

If the product has a manual, read it first. It will guide you to the manufacturers way of proper handling and care of the knife sharpener. So, never ignore this. Some of the brands direct their customers to their websites where they have everything listed. So be sure to check on that too.


The proper way of using a knife is only when it is sharp and the only way to achieve that sharpness is by using the best knife sharpener on the market. This item will save you time in the kitchen and help in slicing those vegetables and fruits the right way. Whether cheap or expensive, small or big, two staged or multi-staged, your knives will thank you for taking good care of them.