Reviews Of The Best Meat Slicer Of 2021

We selected the Beswood 10″ as the best meat slicer because it’s high versatile, affordable and will last a lifetime.

Only the meat freaks know the worst part of cooking meat is slicing it into desirable sizes with a knife. The result is small, medium, large, and uneven pieces in one plate. But what makes everything perfect and easy today, is that meat slicer is a heaven-sent to most foodies and chefs. With your quarter, half, kilo or kilos of meat, you can now enjoy a properly presented dish of well-cut slices.

Meat slicer comes as a handy tool when you have guests over on short notice or during the holidays. You won’t have to run over to the market to pick up the sliced pieces. With this appliance, you can surprise your family and friends with perfectly cut and irresistible meat within a few minutes. In this buying guide, we include the best meat slicer in the market and factors to consider before purchasing one.

Our Expert Review on the Best Meat Slicer

The meat slicer comes in various models, each with its specific features to cut meat in different sizes and shapes. Some are versatile meaning you can use it to slice different foods like cheese, fruits, and vegetables. With a meat slicer, you will not only save your time but also your money and energy.

We researched, compared and narrowed down the best meat slicer models in the market. We have listed key features, pros, and cons and anything else you’ll need to know about the amazing meat slicers.

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Best Meat Slicer: Our Top Picks




Best of the best

It is most preferred due to its versatility and blade durability. Beswood 10, has distinctive features that are incomparable to the other slicers. Its outstanding features give an assurance of satisfaction and are best for both commercial and home use.

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Features We Love



Editor’s Note:

Beswood 10 is the best all-purpose slicer. It is easy to operate, safe to use and most important, it will boost your meat cutting speed. With its high standard performance, you can cut cheese, boneless meat, veggies, and ham.

Editor’s Choice

Sometimes, meat can be too stubborn for a cut and therefore requires applied force. For those frozen pieces and tough meat, KWS premium will work wonders on them. With its monstrous carbon steel and sharp blade, you can free yourself from using too much energy. Though expensive, it is a reliable tool for both restaurants and home use.

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Editor’s Note:

The cuttings of this flawless product are beyond any other. Whether it’s for your restaurant or home use, you can never go wrong with KWS premium. And with its powerful blade, you can get that frozen meat right.

Best For Thin Slices 

The name itself implies that this is the number one choice for food preparation experts. It is ideal for slicing food into super thin pieces at a high speed. The best thing about this item is that its big food carriage makes it easy to slice large meat like turkey.

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Editor’s Note:

Chef’s Choice 615A is a reliable tool for both professional and home cooks. It’s easy to clean as you can remove the food carriage, blade, food pusher, and the control plate. And if you desire thin paper slices for your meat and vegetables, then this will be the ideal choice for you. Lastly, its cantilever design easily delivers the sliced food straight into the platter.

Best Customized slices 

This is the best slicer if you are looking for something small for your kitchen. For proper and lovely food presentation, you can customize your slices with the adjustable thickness dial. And it being the cheapest product in this guide, it comes with access to Club Chefman step-by-step tailor-made recipes, cookbooks, tutorial videos and many more.

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Editor’s Note:

It’s sleek and small design makes it stand out in your cabinets and on the counterpart. This Chefman product will greatly work on beef, fruits, deli, bread, and veggies. To top it all, the access to Club Chefman gives you a good deal to be a food expert. The best part is that you don’t have to break the bank to get this appliance.

Best Electric Meat Slicer 

Want to be an expert Kitchener? Then this is the perfect and affordable choice for you. It allows you to have the thick, thin or jerky style slices for salami, turkey, beef, bread, cheese, and meat. With professional premium grade quality, you can comfortably enjoy tasty and freshly cut food in your home.

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Features We Love



Editor’s Note:

This brand is well known for its affordable products for anyone who wants to be a pro in the kitchen. The meat slicer is of high quality and allows thick and thin slices of many food items. A die-cast aluminum coating increases the durability of the tool. Even though it’s a bit slower as compared to the other slicers, it has lots of great features to embrace.

Buying Guide for Selecting the Best Meat Slicer:

Meat slicers are a lifesaver to many professionals and homeowners. But you need to remember that there are different types of these tools. Some are meant for deli cooks, seasoned chefs, and others for the novices.

If you are a first timer, do not worry as we’ve listed everything you need to consider before purchasing one. Keep in mind that safety comes first, so wear cut-resistant gloves before operating the slicer. Use the following factors to find the perfect choice for you.

Size and Blade Type

Different blade types and sizes are meant for different slices. A smooth or non-serrated blade works better on vegetables and lean meat. The serrated blade is best for denser meats and slicing bread. It is better if you have both knives to make things less cumbersome.

Sizes usually range between 9 and 14 inches.


If you cook lots of meat every day, then opt for a slicer that integrates high motor. Higher motor results to a greater blade speed which increases your productivity. It is best for slicing frozen meat and lots of cheese. A lower motor is ideal for those that do not cook lots of meat.

Ease of cleaning

You probably want to avoid contamination or food poisoning. That is why you should go for a meat slicer that is easy to clean. Some of them have removable parts that you can easily take off and clean. The carriage and blade are some of the parts that need to be cleaned after every use.


Go for a meat slicer that is metal than plastic; this way you can increase your years of use. Also, check whether the metal is stainless and rust-resistant. A good meat slicer should serve you a long time before it needs repair.


The rule of thumb before using any power tool is keeping safety first. Remember that this machine has a rotating sharp blade. To keep yourself safe, ensure that your exposure to the knife guard is little.

You can always purchase a cut-resistant glove to prevent your hands from cuts or accidents. Another thing, check if the slicer has an ON and OFF button that locks automatically when not in use.


Some of the meat slicers are space savers while others are bulky. If your kitchen area is small, then consider one that occupies a limited space and vice versa. Avoid using too much kitchen top space to avoid any accidents.


Know the intended purpose of the meat slicer. This way, you’ll have a clear picture of what to go for; either manual or automatic slicer, the blade type or the size. There are numerous choices to pick from and it’s up to you to know if you’ll use it at home or commercial purposes.


Meat slicers are effective, flexible tools, but also not cheap. Most of the products listed here have a one-year limited warranty. Some of them guarantee a money-back in case of any damage or loss of parts within a period.

Meat Slicer FAQ

 The demand for food slicers is high and that’s why you’ll find most of these products are multi-purpose. To get the best appliance then you’ll have to consider a few factors, type, your budget, intended usage, size, weight, and general features.
Some brands like Beswood, KitchenWare station (KWS), Chef’s choice, Chefman, and Kitchener are known to produce high-quality products. Types of meat slicers include automatic, electric and manual. Remember that a good buyer does proper research first before purchase.
So, to find your number one meat slicer, look at what other customers are saying about the models and also their ratings. Higher ratings often mean better quality. Also, go through what we’ve discussed above and see what meets your needs.

 Consider the blade size; what sizes of meat do you want to cut? For larger pieces, go for a bigger blade. Make sure that the size of meat can be accommodated fully by the blade.
The next thing to look at is power. More power means higher speed and productivity. Another thing is the cut thickness. Some machines offer one or two specific cutting options while others can be more. Check the product information to know which one suit you best.
Warranty should always be on your list. You don’t want to buy an item only to find out that it is not working, it is damaged, or does not consist of several parts. A warranty is a guarantee that assures a repair, new product or a refund depending on the listed specifications.
Which type of material is the meat slicer? Is it metal or plastic? Is it aluminum or steel? Knowing the material will save you a few bucks if it is durable. Stainless steel assures a great product free from stains and rust. Aluminum is cheaper and lightweight, but not as effective or long-lasting as prior.

 You don’t have to be a pro to use the slicer. All you need is a few basic tips and you are good to go. To use a meat slicer, first, read and understand the instructions on the manual. Take your time and study the machine properly; make sure that you notice all the parts and understand how they work.
Securely position your meat properly then switch on when you are ready. Be careful not to feed the meats to the blades directly by hand. When you are through, switch off the machine and pick your thin or thick slices on the platter.

 This will depend on your use. If you are always up and down in the kitchen trying to slice foodstuffs, a multi-purpose will be perfect. But if you are not a kitchen fanatic but you like a good dish presentation with exact sizes, then the single-use will do.
Multipurpose meat slicer comes in handy in commercial places or when you have guests over. The good thing about it is that you can use it for a number of items like cheese, beef, turkey, fruits, and vegetables. You’ll need to pay extra attention to it to avoid food contamination. That’s why it is always advisable to wash after every use.

 With your multi-purpose slicer, you can cut frozen meat (depends with the model), cheese, vegetables, raw meat, and fruits.

No. Meat slicers are not designed for cutting bones but to cut meat into slices. For the bones, you can always use a bone saw.

 Look at it this way, imagine during the holidays when you have a number of dishes to prepare. You have to rush into the market, shop then queue in the long line. Go home and wash the items, then cut them into different sizes and shapes for several hours. And then cook.
The end result is an exhausted person, too tired to even enjoy the meals. But with a meat slicer, things are easier for you. And since it is common to have meat related products in such days, then it will save you a lot of time and effort.
Other than that, you get to enjoy a well-presented dish with sizes of your own liking. You also save the budget as you get to preserve the leftover chicken or beef in the freezer.

Yes, they are. The blade guard protects you from any contact with the rotating knife. But you should pay extra care when operating one as accidents can happen. To avoid any damage or injury, place the slicer in an open kitchen top. Make sure that there is enough room for both the tool and for your movement.
Remember that it will all depend on the way you handle the machine. It is advisable you buy cut-resistant gloves to keep your hands safe. Lastly, always comply with the safety instructions in the manual.

Unplug the machine then set the adjustment knob to zero. Make sure that various parts are washed carefully in hot soapy water and rinse with clean water. After that wipe or wait for it to dry well before the next use. This will prevent rust and stains on your valuable asset.

It is all about how sharp the blade is, isn’t it? Dull blades are devastating to use. But with sharp ones, it is only a few seconds and you are done. Many premium meat slicers come with a built-in sharpener. Just make sure that your blade is sharp enough for the cut.

An oiled slicer works well without a single drawback and prevents rust. Use food-safe lubrication often to avoid any hitches.


Selecting the best meat slicer can be quite a challenge. The competitive market even makes it harder as you become confused in choosing the best quality. However, with this buying guide, you’ll be able to pick up the right slicer for your kitchen. Lastly, you can save your time and energy and enjoy a hassle-free meal.


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