Top Picks For The Best Oven Thermometer Of 2021: Expert Reviews & Price Comparison

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For anyone involved in the food industry, theyll confess that temperature is an important aspect of the whole cooking or food preparation process. In this case, were focusing on cooking done in ovens.

Like most cooks will confess, a lot of the time the temperature indicated by the actual ovens is not all that accurate hence the need for oven thermometers. They are especially useful since they are able to be placed in the oven as the cooking is occurring and give accurate temperature readings of temperatures in the oven.

Accurate temperature readings are integral towards ensuring the food comes out properly and as such oven thermometers are much-needed items in most kitchens where no room for error is allowed. To that end, we have dug through as many products available on the market to compile our guide for selecting the best oven thermometer for you.

Our Review on the best Oven Thermometer

As stated above, we have sifted through numerous products available in the market as well as some more information to come up with this guide. The process was not easy since as youll see, there are a number of excellent products to satisfy this one particular need.

Our parameters for consideration are also discussed later on in the guide and you can apply them in your own decision making and reach a conclusion of your own as to what really is the best oven thermometer for you. We have strived to be as objective as possible over our research and compilation of this guide so we do hope you get one or two things out of it.


Best Oven Thermometer: Our Top Picks

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Professional Oven Thermometer Reviews

Best of the Best Best All-around Oven Thermometer – Rubber Maid FGTHO550

Rubber Maid FGTHO550

Features We Love

  • Maximum temperature range of 590 F.
  • Analog dial.
  • 2 long by 4.5 wide.

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#137815″]

  • Noted for its high-level
  • Made of stainless steel, meaning its durable.
  • Has a large, easy to read dial.
  • The scale is clearly marked around the dial for easier reading.
  • It is NSF approved.
  • Can be either hung from an oven rack or placed on its sturdy base.
  • The dial has a shatterproof lens.
  • The scale comprises both F and C.
  • Small, compact and easily portable.

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#891212″]

  • The base is not ideally suited to work on largely spaced oven racks.
  • No warranty included.

[mks_toggle title=”Editor’s Review – Click to Expand/Collapse” state=”close ” color=”#FF0000″]

The George Foreman GGR50B is a solid piece of kitchenware and fully deserves the title of best electric grill here on our list. It makes great food and is quite easy to clean and maintain, hence why it takes the top spot for us.

Full Review of Rubber Maid FGTHO550

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Best Value for Price A handy Oven Thermometer – CDN DOT2


Features We Love

  • 25 dial.
  • Max temperature reading of 550 F.
  • Weighs around 4.2 Oz.

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#137815″]

  • The package contains two of these thermometers.
  • Easily affordable.
  • Features a large dial a little over 2.
  • Well-marked scale for better and more accurate readings.
  • Has a wide base so you can comfortably place it on oven racks.
  • Also comes fitted with a hook to allow you to hang it.
  • Made of steel for enhanced sturdiness and durability.
  • Has both C and F scales.
  • NSF certified.

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#891212″]

  • Some readings can be off by a few degrees.
  • The scale isnt very well calibrated and marked.

[mks_toggle title=”Editor’s Review – Click to Expand/Collapse” state=”close ” color=”#FF0000″]

The CDN DOT2 is first and foremost a great bargain. If you want great value for your money, this is the one to go for. It has adequate features for its humble price and it comes in twos! A few shortcomings to mention but overall it can deliver as needed.

Full Review of CDN DOT2

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Best Budget A conveniently priced Oven Thermometer – Taylor Classic 5932 Series Oven Thermometer

Taylor Classic 5932 Series Oven Thermometer

Features We Love

  • 25 display.
  • Weighs around 2.8 Oz.

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#137815″]

  • Cooking surface is non-stick coated.
  • Good amount of cooking area.
  • Comes with an adjustable stand to switch between indoor and outdoor use.
  • Superior temperature control features.
  • Has approval for use inside apartments.
  • Removable grill plate for better cleaning capability.
  • Marginally sloped surface for easier drainage of excess drippings during grilling.
  • Well priced given the features offered.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Light and compact.
  • Made of quality metal for durability.

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#891212″]

  • Not waterproof.
  • Occasional inaccuracies reported.
  • Occasional pointer failure.
  • No warranty guarantees.

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Given the current market of oven thermometers, this has to be one of the best budget thermometers available it was simply the best in our case. It avails a good number of features that any kitchen enthusiast would find appealing.

Full Review of Taylor Classic 5932 Series Oven Thermometer.

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Best for convenience An Oven Thermometer that provides enough – AdmetiorT803BH Kitchen Oven Thermometer

AdmetiorT803BH Kitchen Oven Thermometer

Features We Love

  • Weighs around 0.8 Oz.
  • Max temperature range of 500 F.
  • Made of stainless steel.

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#137815″]

  • Wide temperature range up to 500 F.
  • Made of durable stainless steel material.
  • Can either be hung or set on the oven racks due to its solid wide base.
  • Offers a consistent, accurate reading.
  • The dial is vivid and easy to read.
  • Light and easily portable.

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#891212″]

  • Only features a F temperature scale.
  • Not NSF certified.
  • Dial size could have been bigger.
  • No warranties included.

[mks_toggle title=”Editor’s Review – Click to Expand/Collapse” state=”close ” color=”#FF0000″]

As stated earlier, this device makes it to our list because of its pure simplicity. It has nothing fancy about it and quite literally just gets to the point. Great accuracy, great visibility, easily available thats all a beginner would need in an oven thermometer.

Full Review AdmetiorT803BH Kitchen Oven Thermometer

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Best warranty Offer An Oven Thermometer that provides enough – AcuRite 00620A2 Oven Thermometer

AcuRite 00620A2 Oven Thermometer

Features We Love

  • Weighs around 1.6 Oz.
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Max temperature range of 600 F.

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#137815″]

  • NSF certified.
  • Conveniently sized 2.5 dial.
  • The wide temperature scales up to 600 F.
  • Made of stainless steel guaranteeing durability and protection from corrosion.
  • Temperature scale includes some stages of oven cooking.
  • The scale is well marked and very vivid.
  • Brightly colored pointer for accurate reading of temperatures on the scale.
  • Also suitable for use on grills.
  • The dial and glass lens is made of tempered glass.
  • Comes with a warranty guarantee.
  • Conveniently priced.
  • Wide base to allow for placement on oven racks.

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#891212″]

  • Temperature scale only features readings in F.
  • The base may not be wide enough for some oven racks.

[mks_toggle title=”Editor’s Review – Click to Expand/Collapse” state=”close ” color=”#FF0000″]

Warranties are a pretty important factor whenever we decide to buy something. In this case, warranties are not easy to come by but this device not only offers that but a lot of other great qualities all necessary for your kitchen oven activities.

Full Review AcuRite 00620A2 Oven Thermometer.

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Best Oven Thermometer Comparison Table

BrandProduct NameWeightMaterialWarrantyTemperature Range °FRatingPrice
RubbermaidRubber Maid FGTHO5500.16 OzStainless SteelN60-5904.3$9.47
CDNCDN DTO24.2 OzStainless SteelN50-5504.2$15.12
TaylorTaylor Classic Series 59322.88 OzStainless SteelN100-6003.9$7.48
AdmetiorAdmetior T803BH Kitchen Oven Thermometer0.8 OzStainless SteelN50-5004.2$15.99
AcuriteAcurite 00620A2 Oven Thermometer1.6 OzStainless SteelY150-6003.9$16.50

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Buying Guide when Choosing an Oven Thermometer

As earlier mentioned, oven thermometers have proven to be an integral part of the food preparation that goes on in kitchens. From the list above, it is also evident that in this category of thermometers, a lot of options are available. To help you out on your own selection of the best oven thermometers, here are a few aspects or points to keep in mind when youre in the market for an oven thermometer:

Temperature Range

This has got to be at the top of the things you consider when shopping for an oven thermometer. This is because a lot of people make assumptions that all oven thermometers have the same range and scale.

This is far from accurate since a lot of different models have varying temperature ranges. The temperatures used in the oven can be quite high and as such, it would be prudent to go for one with the broadest range. This ensures you can get accurate readings for foods that need specific high heat ranges in order to get done.


Though all thermometers are pretty much used to do the same thing, they are not all made of the same material. When shopping for the best oven thermometer for your use, you need to go for one made out of sturdy material.

This is necessary since the thermometer will be subjected to high heat ranges numerous times. Making sure it is made out of strong durable material like stainless steel ensures you can actually expect consistency and good service from your oven thermometer for a long time since it wont break down easily.

Positioning and Stability

The first thing a lot of people imagine when they hear thermometer is to recall the one most of us have seen used in hospital visits and naturally assume all thermometers more or less look the same.

In the case of oven thermometers, however, this case cannot be further from the truth. Some of the best candy thermometers on the market are well designed for use in the oven. This is achieved by considering if:

  • The oven thermometer is to be used to just monitor the temperature of the oven itself. In which case it should have a steady base or a latch that can be attached conveniently within the oven.
  • The oven thermometer is to be used to monitor the temperature of the food itself. In this case, it should have an appropriately sized probe and a fastening mechanism on it as well.

Ease of Reading

This point is also another pretty clear consideration point when shopping for an oven thermometer. This is so because as is the case with many foods that are made in the oven, they require that consistency of heat in the oven meaning the cooking process should not be disturbed with you opening the oven door severally to check on whats happening.

With this in mind, you should opt for an oven thermometer that has a large enough dial or its display unit is vivid enough to read without having to open the oven door a bunch of times as youre using your oven.


When it comes to proper food preparation, the temperature used throughout the process is very important as evidenced by this guide. With that in mind, to make sure you get the proper oven thermometers for your kitchen


  • If the thermometer is well calibrated. A few simple tests exist to check on this particular point.
  • If the thermometer you want to go for has its scale in either F or C or both. This way you can keep to the temperature needs of your recipes accurately.

Technology Used

This part is pretty straightforward as well. Thermometers are available as either digital or analog. This difference boils down to mainly the look of the dial and the components used to show the temperature readings.

Nowadays there exist instant-read thermometers as well that take a few seconds to give you an accurate reading once they make contact with the intended material.


This was always going to come into play. When making a purchase, you consider the features and attributes a product gives you in relation to its price tag shopping for an oven thermometer is no different. Keep to a sound budget while making sure the one you go for checks all the boxes you need to be checked.

Frequently Asked Questions

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According to our research, we have found the Rubber Maid FGHO550 to be the best oven thermometers available in the market right now. It offers a good number of features as well as great design, including a nice big dial for viewing purposes, a strong material base so its quite durable and a great temperature range sure to cater to all your cooking needs.

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When selecting an oven thermometer for your kitchen, remember to include the following aspects in your considerations:

  • Accuracy

Precise readings are an important factor in all cooking. You need a thermometer that can give accurate readings to allow you to best work in line with your recipes.

  • Pricing

A good thermometer offers good value for its price. It should be able to do everything as advertised otherwise it becomes a bad investment.

  • Range of Temperature

A proper oven thermometer needs to be able to cover a wide range of high temperatures. This ensures it can keep up with the temperatures involved in whatever foods youre handling.

  • Visibility Features

This basically means making sure the size of the dial is good enough for you. Since the thermometer will be placed inside the oven as it cooks, the dial or display indicating the temperature needs to be well visible from outside without having to open the oven door every once in a while to read it.

[mks_toggle title=”Where can I get a good oven thermometer?” state=”close “]

They are pretty common kitchen appliances so finding them is not too difficult. Whether from your local supermarkets or stores that handle kitchen equipment. For better deals, you can also try online stores like Amazon to make your purchase.

[mks_toggle title=”Are oven thermometers safe?” state=”close “]

Oven thermometers are pretty straightforward and simple to use. They are made of sturdy material so they dont break easily. Some come with extra safety features to ensure no injuries occur when using them.

[mks_toggle title=”How long can I use my oven thermometer for?” state=”close “]

This pretty much comes down to how well the oven thermometer you have actually is. Its design quality and material build influence how well it can work and survive over time for continued use.

[mks_toggle title=”Do oven thermometers come with warranties?” state=”close “]

A good number of the available models in the market do offer warranties on oven thermometers. When making your purchase, it would also be prudent to make sure you get one that is covered by a reasonable warranty so that you can rest easy as you continue using the gadget.

[mks_toggle title=”What temperature scale is normally used in oven thermometers?” state=”close “]

Oven thermometers often come with different scales. This is largely due to the place of manufacture of the thermometer. To counter this problem, however, most thermometers nowadays come fitted with both F and C scales so as to ease the customers needs as well as enhance the accuracy of the readings they work with.

Maintenance Guide for Oven Thermometers

In the bid towards making sure your oven thermometer stays in shape and properly functional at all times, consider the following points:

Where its stored

When not in use, oven thermometers need some degree of care and attention in this regard. Depending on the type of technology it uses i.e., analog or digital, it may need extra care. This is because digital thermometers should especially not be near damp or moist surfaces since it can seep in and destroy its inner workings. This can lead to the thermometer being faulty or totally breaking down.


As is the case with all your other kitchen tools, oven thermometers need adequate attention to their hygiene. For starters, after each use, it is advisable to clean the thermometer before storing it for use next time. Take care to especially clean out the dial or display and that nothing is stuck on it that can affect your reading of the temperature. Regularly cleaning them also ensure that dirt or bacteria isnt transmitted in your oven because of them.


It may not happen often or it could occur unexpectedly, but when your oven thermometer incurs some kind of damage, repairs or replacements are needed immediately. This is because ignoring such will, in the long run, raise the probability of inaccurate readings and in worst case scenarios, the whole thing just breaks down.

How you use them

Oven thermometers are best suited for just that usage in ovens. Using them for other activities can go a long way in contributing to its deterioration. To better understand this point, picture the following scenario: An oven thermometer has a set temperature scale which means it can be used in or tolerate higher temperatures than those indicated. Using an oven thermometer to take temperatures of substances or materials outside the kitchen that have higher temperature thresholds can be extremely detrimental to it.


In the case of some thermometers, the accuracy of the readings happens to wane over the course of its life. There are steps to recalibrate such thermometers and get back to receiving accurate readings and manufacturers usually have instructions on how you can achieve this on one of their equipment.


The undertaking to find the best oven thermometer has been one riddled with lots of information and stats to look at. Narrowing down our list to just a few listed in the guide was no easy task. Ultimately for us, however, we arrived at the Rubber Maid FGTHO550 as our number one pick in this category of thermometers.

From our list of oven thermometers worth considering, it is pretty clear that the market for this piece of equipment is huge and a lot in terms of choice is available. Taking into consideration the few factors to keep in mind when selecting an oven thermometer as well as some of your own values, you cant miss out on something that works well for you.

Also worth noting is the fact that a properly maintained oven thermometer will continue serving you better. Consider a few points from the maintenance guide above and you cant go wrong with your equipment.