The 8 Best Samsung Ranges, Full Reviews For 2021

A new range is the center of every kitchen. It handles most of the cooking needs in the kitchen making it an essential device in the modern kitchen.

Our Best Samsung range is the NX58R5601SS as it comes with most of the top choice of a high end range at a reasonable price. 

After researching several models, this narrows the choices down to the 8 best Samsung range to nudge you in the right direction.

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Best Samsung Ranges: Our Top Picks




Samsung NX58R5601SS
Samsung NE63T8511SS
Samsung NE63T8511SS
Best of the best

30 Inch Freestanding Gas Range with 5 Sealed Burners, 5.8 Cu. Ft. Convection Oven Capacity, Continuous Cast Iron Grates, Storage Drawer, Cast Iron Griddle, Self Clean, Child Lock, Delay Start, and Star-K Certified: Stainless Steel

Samsung NX58R5601SS is a powerful gas range designed to cater to all your cooking needs. It features a powerful cooktop and grates indicator marks. Users get five sealed burners that can handle all cooking functions like baking, simmering, roasting, frying, etc., using the latest technology.

Users get an even cooking temperature due to the presence of fan-forced convection, which ensures that your food is roasted and baked evenly. This is a strong range that can support heavy cast iron pots with their content.

The manufacturers included impressive safety features like Child Lock, and delay start makes the gas range safe for use. Users get an extra storage space right below the oven to get rid of clutters from their kitchen. Maintenance of this gas range is easy as the device does not require any elaborate cleaning ritual. The self-cleaning capacity makes use and maintenance easy.

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Best Elecctric Range

30 Inch Slide-In Smart Electric Range with 5 Radiant Element Cooktop, 6.3 Cu. Ft. Oven Capacity, Storage Drawer, Air Fry, Self + Steam Clean, Convection, Wi-Fi, Rapid Boil?, Sabbath Mode, CSA Certified, Star-K Certified, and ADA Compliant: Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel.

Samsung NE63T8511SS is a versatile electric range with impressive qualities and various features to make life easier for you in the kitchen. This is a 6.3 cubic Feet Large capacity with five heating elements and different sized elements to serve the various cooking need. It can accommodate several meals at once or several roasting pans.

This is a Wi-Fi enabled range that allows you to control multiple cooking options right from your smartphone, thanks to the SmartThings app. The range supplies as much as 300W to serve various cooking needs. Users get to air-fry their food with little or no oil, and the convection capacity makes it ideal for roasting and baking

The device features a self-cleaning system that steam cleans itself to melt off grease and food residue. It retains its beautiful finish due to the fingerprint-resistant capacity. The range features an intuitive control system, which makes it easy to cook with ease. It is certified (CSA and Star-K) by the necessary authorities, which guarantees the authenticity of the range.

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Best Induction Range

30 Inch Induction Slide-in Range with 4 Induction Elements, 5.8 cu. ft. Dual Fan Convection Oven, Virtual Flame Technology, Wi-Fi Connectivity, Delay Start, Steam Self-Cleaning Mode, Warming Drawer and Sabbath Mode: Stainless Steel.

You get a quick and fantastic way to cook with Samsung’s virtual induction ranges from Samsung NE58K9560WS. While it cooks with induction range, this range projects a bold blue virtual flame that heats the bottom of your pan. It is easy to use, cooks quickly and neatly. The range is powered by two fans, which supports convection cooking. This circulates heat through the oven, which ensures even cooking.

With three oven racks, you can cook various meals at once. The Wi-Fi connectivity makes it possible to control and monitor the device, adjust the temperature, time, and turn off the oven remotely.

It features unique virtual flame induction technology in which LED lights are projected on pans and pots. It features a sleek and classic design that will give your kitchen an upgraded look. This is a range to give your kitchen a facelift without spending on remodeling. The presence of an auto shut off function and child safety lock makes it safe for use.

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Best Slide-In Range 

Samsung NE63T8711SS

30 Inch Smart Slide-In Electric Range with 6.3 Cu. Ft. True Convection Oven, 5 Radiant Elements, Air Fry, Self Clean, Storage Drawer, Wi-Fi, and Voice Control: Fingerprint Stainless Steel.

Samsung NE63T8711SS is a classic, elegant, and sleek slide in electric range with various top features that make it worth a spot on our list. The smart assistance integration allows you to control the device from your smartphone through the App. It features an intelligent control that retains your favorite setting to make cooking easy.

With a capacity of 6.3 cubic feet, you get enough space to cook. The heating element ensures true convection, which circulates heat consistently throughout the oven. This ensures smooth and consistent cooking.

The five radiant elements accommodate all your cooking needs, be it roasting, frying, or steaming. It also comes with the self-clean feature, which makes maintenance of the device easy. There is a storage drawer that safely houses all your pots and pans. Users get five burners with various capacities ranging from 100W to 3600W. There is a one year warranty on the range.

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Best Double Oven Range

30 Inch Freestanding Electric Range with 5.9 cu. ft. Flex Duo Convection Oven, Flexible Cooktop with 5 Heating Elements, Self-Clean with Steam, Soft Close Door, Warming Drawer, Self-Clean with Steam and Star-K Certified Sabbath Mode: Black Stainless Steel

For people that want a double oven Samsung range, Samsung NE59J7850WG is a terrific choice. There are two ovens with capacities of 2,7 cu ft and 3.0 cu. ft located at the top and bottom section, respectively. With this, users can cook at two different temperatures. The dual door design allows user to open either section independently.

It features a large interior capacity that lets users cook multiple dishes at the same time. The range can accommodate pans of various sizes thanks to the specialized five-burner cooktop. Even oversized pots and pans will fit on the oval burner.

Users can keep their cooked foods at the right temperature in the warming drawer before serving. This removes the need for a microwave oven. With the self-clean capacity, users can expect a deep and thorough cleaning of the range. It comes with five burners with a power ranging from 1200W to 1800W.

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Best Budget

30 Inch Freestanding Electric Range with 5.9 Cu. Ft. Oven, Fan Convection, Five Radiant Ceramic Elements, Storage Drawer, Self & Steam Clean, Delay Start, and Sabbath Mode: Stainless Steel.

For everyone that needs a Samsung range on a budget without sacrificing quality, Samsung NE59R4321SS is a terrific choice. Running on electricity, it comes with a capacity of 5.9 cubic feet and five potent burners. There are many features that make this range a top choice among users.

There is a hot surface indicator light, and the burner capacity ranges from 1200W to 3000W. The self-cleaning ability, which utilizes the steam-clean option, makes maintenance a breeze. The 1.4 cubic feet storage drawer allows additional space to store dishes and eliminate clutters in your kitchen.

Impressive safety features like the child lock, delay start makes the range all worth it. It features an expansive view glass window and a kitchen timer, which gives a clear view of the food so you can check it without opening it.

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Best 30 Inch Range

30 Inch Slide-In Smart Electric Range with 5 Element Cooktop, 6.3 Cu. Ft. Oven Capacity, Storage Drawer, Convection, Self + Steam Clean, Wi-Fi, Sabbath Mode, CSA Certified, Star-K Certified, and ADA Compliant: Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel.

Samsung NE63T8311SS is one of the top choices in the 30 inch range series. It features a whopping 6.3 cubic feet oven with five heating elements. There are many impressive features that make Samsung NE63T8311SS one of the best electric Samsung range.

Users get between 1200W to 3000W of heating capacity to meet various cooking needs. The range is Wi-Fi enabled, which gives you absolute control of the device from your smartphone. One of Samsung’s best products features a series of convenient features that make cooking and maintenance a breeze for users.

This range is a real beauty that will spice up your kitchen and give it a nice facelift. The convection capacity saves time and makes it cook food evenly by baking or roasting. Samsung NE63T8311SS is CSA and Star-K certified. Other features like child safety lock and delay start give peace of mind when using the range.

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Best 36 Inch Range

6.3 cu. ft. 36″ Chef Collection Professional Dual Fuel Range in Stainless Steel

For everyone in need of a good quality 36-inch range, Samsung NY36R9966PS is a terrific choice. It comes with many top quality functions which make it beat its contemporaries. With this cooking range, users get intense heat, six powerful burners, steam cook technology, etc. There is also a Wi-Fi connectivity feature that allows you to control the range from your mobile phone’s comfort.

The device uses a dual convection cooking system to deliver modern cooking for users. The self-clean feature makes it easy to clean cleaning after use pretty easy. With a 6.3 cubic feet capacity, this range can accommodate various food sizes. The device complies with various regulations like ADA compliance.

There are many features that help prevent food from burning and keeping the device safe. For instance, there is a child safety lock, kitchen timer, etc.

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What to look for in a Samsung Ranges

Before we proceed into the buying guide that will help buyers make the best choice of the Samsung range, it is essential we define some actual terms.

What is a Range?

A range is a general term that stands for kitchen appliances with a cooktop alongside an oven, all incorporated into a single device. One might think it is a stove or an oven. A kitchen range, however, combines both stove and an oven.

A range is one of the essential devices that must be present in every modern kitchen. Many people use their range daily as it can perform a wide range of functions.

This is a virtual device that is important in every kitchen. As a result, it is vital to know it and understand how they work since you might likely need to buy and use one someday.

The Parts and Features of a Range

A range is primarily a combination of a stove and an oven that has been combined into an excellent package. The range comes in various types based on dimension, fuel, etc. As a result, there are 24-inch ranges, 30-inch ranges, and 36-inch ranges. In some cases, a range with a large dimension might offer abundant features.


The mode of heating of the range also matters. Users have a variety of options when it comes to the heating method. These days, the most common range is powered by gas (propane or natural gas), electricity, and induction. There is also a third option known as dual fuel range. With this range, users can cook with whatever power source they prefer, which could be gas or electricity. They are available in the form of a gas cooktop with an electric oven. This is the option that many chefs and professional bakers love.

What is Cooktop?

We defined a range as a combination of a cooktop and an oven. However, some people might want to confuse a cooktop with a range, but they are two different appliances. The definition of a cooktop is in the name, a cooktop.

It is usually fixed to kitchen counters and might be an induction, gas, electric, or gas cooktop. A cooktop can also be called a stove. A cooktop is not as complicated and significant as a range. They don’t take much space and can serve as an extra cooking device.

Types of Range

In addition to the size, a range can be classified based on the fuel. As a result, we have gas, electric, induction, or dual fuel range.

Many people might have heard and seen a gas or electric range before. Besides, the source of fuel is pretty obvious. Dual fuel ranges have been explained above. Induction ranges employ a magnetic field to generate heat alongside an electric oven that takes care of all your cooking needs.

Essential Things to Know About Ranges

This section will explore the essential things to help you when looking for a new range to buy.

Fuel Types

The primary fuel source brings about a significant difference in the various range type available. In addition to the mode of operation, here are some essential things to note about the fuel types:

Gas ? Water boils faster even though cooktop temperature might be low. The flame is often located centrally, which brings about a potential for uneven baking.

Electric: Water boils slowly, even though the cooktop temperature might be high. Heat is distributed over the coil, which produces an even cooking

Dual Fuel ? Water boils faster. There is even cooking or baking since heat is evenly distributed over the coil.

InductionUltrafast water boiling. Cooktop temperature could be very high and low. As a result, users need unique cookware.

It is not uncommon for someone to prefer one fuel type over the other due to personal preference or quality of food you want to cook or bake. It is important to note that induction and dual fuel type range are high in price for obvious reasons.

Understanding Convection and True Convection

One of the most important terms to look for before buying a range is True Convection. This is particularly important for people that desire to use their range for lots of cooking on different racks.

True convection is an extra oven setting available in selected ranges. It often includes installing an additional heating element alongside the fan in the oven. The different heating element and the fan distribute hot air to various parts of the oven evenly. As a result, no matter the number of cakes and cookies and the rack they occupy, there will be an even baking.

This is a useful feature as it prevents cookies closer to the heat source from cooking faster compared to others far away. Make sure to look for “True Convection” or “European Convection” if you will love this feature. A range that does not mention the above but only mentions convection does not have this feature.

Bear in mind that not all range comes with the True convection capacity. The major con with this oven type is that cooking and baking will take more time. True convection is a feature for people that bake frequently as it saves time and ensures even baking.

Slide-in and Freestanding Range

Although the slide-in range is designed to incorporate into your countertop, the freestanding range can stand distinctly in the kitchen. Even though the difference seems to be negligible, there are two ways it affects the use of your range: ease of cleaning and finish

Since freestanding range stands independently in the kitchen, they are usually visible on all sides. This presents a pretty finished look when you view it from the side.

Slide-in range, on the other hand, has been hidden in the cabinet. The finish you will have from this might not be as appealing as the real side.

In terms of cleaning, slide-in ranges are easier to clean since they are incorporated into the countertop. The absence of a large lip around their edge makes this possible. Freestanding, on the other hand, comes with huge lips near the edge of the cooktop, reducing crumbs and food debris on the floor. 


Front Mounted Control and back Mounted Control

A lot of freestanding ranges and some slide-in ranges do come with their control at the back. There are, however, advantages and disadvantage of both arrangements

Cons of Back-Mounted Control Panel

  • Possibility of reaching over hot food to set the oven temperature
  • Chance of accidentally hitting something else on the control

Pros of Front-Mounted Control Panel

  • The controls can be accessed easily

Cons of Front-Mounted Control Panel

There is the possibility of accidentally brushing a knob

In picking either the front or back control panel range, the deciding factor should be ergonomic of using the device.


Dimensions are pretty important, especially for people that want to buy a slide-in range. This is because the sizes cut out for you must correspond with the dimensions (height, width, and depth) available on the spec sheet of the range.

All range should have these three dimensions

Depth: We define depth as the distance between the front and the back of the range. Typically, this number is usually between 26 inches and 30 inches since the range is trying to fit into your cabinet

Height: The height from the top of the range to the bottom is referred to as the height of the range. Usually, a range’s height varies from 36 inches to 38 inches since the cooking surface must be flat with your countertop. Some products might have sizes of 46 to 48 inches. This measurement includes the control tops and not the cooking surface top.

Width: This is the distance from the left to the right side of the range. The typical value for this measurement is 30 inches, even though it can vary immensely. The width could be available in 36 inches, 48 inches, and 60 inches. Ranges with wider width are a good idea if you want more burners or more cook space. It, however, does come with a higher price tag.

For people that will be getting a freestanding range, the product’s dimension is still essential to ensure that the range will fit perfectly in the space allocated for it.

Extra Cooktop Options

For professional chefs and people who will cook in an industrial range, it is good to consider a couple of extra features on your range. For cooktops, the standard number of the burner is four. Although some cooktops have five or six burners, it might present some difficulty in fixing a large piece of cookware like a frying pan on different burners at the same time.

Ranges that come with extra burners most of the time are specialty burners that take care of unique cookware like a griddle. Also, there are bridge burners designed to raise the temperature of the food item without cooking them.

There is also the possibility of having a dual-ring burner. This is a burner that comes with an intense heat source that surrounds a weak heat source. With this, the smaller heat source allows you to cook at a lower temperature, while the stronger heat source helps you cook at high temperatures.

Extra Oven Features

There are special oven features designed to help make baking a breeze. This could simply be accessories like a unique over a rack or special cooking features like true convection. Other special oven features you can expect are:

  • Fast preheat– speeds up the process of preheating
  • Bread proofing ? oven setting which forces bread to rise by activating the yeast
  • Steam cooking ? involves pouring water in the reservoir and using the heat for cooking
  • Air fry mode ? fry fresh and frozen foods like an air fryer

A high-end oven comes with two ovens in which you can cook in any of them. These are double oven range that offers the flexibility of a large and small oven with a cooktop.

Samsung Range FAQ

When it comes to fuel, they all have their distinctive features alongside the pros and cons, making it pretty difficult to classify one type as the best.
Gas cooktops often give users enough flexibility when cooking due to the open flames
The induction range is the right choice if speed matters to you while cooking
Electric range stand out for their convenience and ease of use
It is evident that various fuels stand out in their distinctive ways. Your choice should solely be a factor of what works best for you in terms of needs and preference.

The meaning of BTU is “British Thermal Unit.” It is simply the measure of heat a burner supplies. The BTU value differs with each cooktop but the higher the value, the more powerful the burner.

Drop-in ranges are usually fitted into a specific section of a cabinet that has been cut out.
The slide-in range will blend in easily with your countertop?
A freestanding range, on the other hand, can stand independently anywhere in your kitchen without fixing into a cabinet


We have examined various Samsung ranges in our review, and we are confident that most of our selection will meet the need of users. Our top choice is Samsung NX58R5601SS due to its impressive features and fantastic smart features.

It is a unique model that met nearly all the buying considerations discussed here. The price is reasonable, and no matter what you want to cook, fry, or bake, you will enjoy the entire process.

If you are on a budget and you need a good range, Samsung NE59R4321SS will serve you. It features many of the qualities of a high-end range at a reasonable price.

Colin Matthews

Colin is a passionate chef by trade and a kitchen nerd on the side. Growing up in the kitchen, Colin has always had a passion for learning the absolute best way to cook a dish. He quickly realized most kitchens have duplicate cookware and small appliances and had to decide which ones were going to be the “keepers” – causing him to take a closer look at all his products.

As it turns out, small differences make a big impact on the experience. Whether it’s how hard you have to press a microwave button, to how long a cast iron skillet stays warm after you turn off the heat, these little difference changed everything.