Best Slide-In Ranges For 2021 [Buying Guide And Reviews]

Bring an aesthetic look to your kitchen with the slide-in range at competitive prices. There are several best slide-in ranges in the market, but you need to evaluate the cooking performance, reliability, refined look, and much more. 

Slide-in ranges are designed to overlap over the countertop on each side, which gives a seamless, blended feel from the countertop to the stove. The range has an easy cleaning system and prevents any spills and drips down from your oven. 

We have reviewed the best slide-in ranges that are stylish, modern, and well-designed, allowing you to dive into the best cooking experience. 

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Best Slide-In Ranges: Our Top Picks




Best of the best

This slide-in gas range comes with an integrated non-stick griddle, which allows you to make enormous platters for the entire family. There are various burners of all sizes, which allows optimal usage. 

It comes with a power boil, which can be used for substantial water pots. And the precision simmer burner, simmering sauces to the authentic flavors. 

The cooktop comes with continuous grates, allowing easy cookware movement like moving pots from potent to simmer burners without lifting them. 

It comes with a vast window to keep track of all baked foods without opening it. Plus, it comes with a steam cleaning feature, making your oven look pristine without any need for an additional water kit. Moreover, this range is Sabbath mode certified.  

GE is a top-notch brand, industry-leading one that offers buyers stunning equipment. They offer industrial, commercial, plus residential solutions for all your needs. You don’t need to worry about large cookware, roasting pans, or Dutch ovens. 

This range comes with an edge-to-edge cooktop giving enough cooking surface for pans and pots. 

Enjoy a hassle-free cooking experience, which comes with steam-cleaning features and in-oven broiling. The additional features in this range come with certified, sabbath mode, dishwasher-safe continuous grates, Fit guarantee, and much more. 

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Premium Choice

The Whirlpool This 30-inch, slide-in gas range comes with five sealed burners. No need to undergo any meal preps as you can fit the Whirlpool range easily in your kitchen with delicious tastes. 

Moreover, it comes with fan convection to cook tasty roasts, bake bread, and achieve stunning texture.

You don’t need to preheat the oven. You can cook all your frozen favorites immediately while using the 5-burner stove that comes with stunning Frozen bake technology. 

Moreover, it comes with a FIT system that allows easy upgrading to a full-depth slide-in range. It fits nicely in the kitchen cutout. 

AquaLift self-cleaning technology allows easy cleanup of spills and mess without using any odors or harsh chemicals. 

Get stunning cooking results with the advanced performance of this 30-inch slide-in range, which uses less energy and less water. The Whirlpool brand’s best thing is that they offer precise details to the field with comfortable, smart, and fast features. 

The true convection cooking range helps cook foods easily using a third element and a fan that distributes heat evenly worldwide. 

If you seek to convert all your traditional recipes to convection cooking, it?s best to get your hands on this range. It adjusts temperatures easily and the cooking times. 

This range has a frozen bake technology that allows efficient and immediate cooking without preheating. Have fun cooking with this range that features a temperature sensor. 

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Editor’s Choice

If you are a diet freak, this range is the ideal choice as this 30-inch front control. The electric range comes with an air fry option. Upgrade your kitchen’s entire look with this freestanding range. It easily fits nicely into 30″ cutouts. Indulge in delicious yet healthy meals using this range that comes with air fry. 

The Frigidaire range comes with flexible five burners and True Convection. It allows flexibility in handling all cookware while meeting all cooking needs. The True Convection will get fast baking and a powerful convection fan plus a third heating element. It allows the circulation of hot air all over the oven. 

Frigidaire ensures to offer products with exceptional design, sleek performance, style, and extreme convenience. This range comes with a storage drawer, which allows easy placement of accessories, kitchen tools, and more without taking extra space.

It features three elements in a single Triple Expandable element with a 6-inch inner ring that holds small pans and pots. 9 and 12″ external ring fits well for large cookware. Indulge in quick-cooking for the entire family with a quick boil burner with a powerful 3200 watts. It also features steam cleaning free from all chemicals, odors and messes with a 30-minute cycle. 

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Best Electric Range 

Upgrade your kitchen’s entire look with this 30-inch, slide-in electric range that features five smooth top elements and is one of the fastest boiling cooktop ranges. LG believes in offering flexibility to the users, allowing you to match the cookware to any element size. 

The space provided by this range allows easy cooking of several meals for the entire family. 

The LG’s Probake convection technology allows you to deliver even baking results with optimal heat distribution all over your foods. Moreover, this stunning range comes with ProBake Convection, which delivers stunning baking results with delicious results.

Once you are done cooking, you don’t need to worry about the hassle of cleaning this range. It comes with the EasyClean feature. It works in three easy steps in ten minutes 

Get your hands on this innovative technology by LG, which is worth investing in. 

Bring your Turkeys to this range or cook your favorite side dishes using this range with a massive capacity of 6.3 Cu.ft capacity. 

In this slide-in range, the convection system allows you to cook food faster and offer even heat all over the racks immediately without any delay. Moreover, it comes with a storage drawer that will enable users to place accessories and kitchen tools, freeing up some space. 

This range comes with eleven cooking modes, including broiling, baking, roasting, multi-rack convection baking, and much more. 

A convection conversion translates conventional baking and temperatures to convection baking using a single button. Enjoy cooking with an energy-saving feature and automatically shuts down for safety. The easy-clean feature takes around 10 minutes for the oven to turn sparkling clean without high heat or chemical fumes. 

It offers a Smart Diagnosis feature to get in touch with the representative over the phone without any hassle. 

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Best Voice Control Range 

Samsung offers smart gas range with 6.0 Cu.ft. capacity and five sealed burners. The power sealed burners, the Wi-fi connectivity feature, and the fingerprint-resistant texture makes it an ideal choice. It also comes with voice control capabilities plus smart assistant integration, which offers complete control of temperature.

This range is Star-K certified and ADA compliant. Samsung is a brand that comes in innovative technology and offers an attractive solution. The voice-control feature enabled in this smart gas range works well with Google, Samsung Bixby, Amazon Alexa, etc. 

The storage drawer in this range allows storage of pans and pots. Make several meals now at once using this range. This range comes with edge-to-edge grates enabling you to move the pans and pots. 

It comes with an air fry option. You don?t need to use much oil, allowing you to prepare foods easily. 

The convection option in this range allows easy baking, roasting, frying, and much more. The self-cleaning option in this range will enable you to keep the range clean, neat without any efforts of scrubbing. 

The wi-fi connectivity option in this range allows you to monitor and easily adjust the cooking temperature, time of the oven using a smartphone easily. 

It comes with an 18k BTU dual-ring brass power burner, allowing easy boiling of water and searing meat. 

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Best Touch Control range 

Bosch has equipped this slide-in electric range with European convection. It is a stainless-steel range that protects the range against fingerprints and scratches. This full-depth, slide-in range fits nicely into the freestanding range cutouts offering a perfect built-in look.

Enjoy even baking using this range as it comes with genuine European convection on all levels. Plus, it comes with a warm drawer to keep the food warm till you serve it. This precise, powerful appliance comes with a stylish, elegant look with advanced technology. 

It comes with an easy-to-operate touch control system to control this range immediately. Moreover, it comes with a large window, which allows easy monitoring of the entire cooking process. 

Achieve a premium look of this range, which features heavy-duty metal knobs and comes with a sleek look. You can enjoy cooking in this range, which comes with eleven specialized cooking modes. 

Preheat the oven immediately using this range, which comes with a fast preheat option. The large capacity of this range measures around 4.6 Cu.ft for easy cooking and accommodation of pans and pots. 

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Best Smart Connectivity Range 

This smart gas range comes with the true European convection plus offers expansive six burners helping you ease the cooking process. Plus, it features an edge-to-edge cooktop that easily accommodates cookware ranging in all sizes. 

The cast-iron integrated griddle offers enough room for making cakes, stunning favorites, and much more. Achieve tantalizing desserts with the attractive heat circulation feature due to the True European convection and precise air. 

Controlling this range is easier as it features a smart device plus to control the range using the voice through the Wi-fi Connect feature. 

Create a lavish dinner for the entire family using this range as it comes with 21k tri-ring burners. It simmers, sears, and creates perfect foods with a 15k power boil burner. It boils water immediately whether you plan to make pasta, lasagne, or much more. The Chef Connect feature in this appliance allows you to interact well. 

You can synchronize well with the appliance, whether about their surface lights, clocks, or vents when you do not use the range burner. 

The Cafe brand is known for the production of appliances, integrated equipment, and lighting. They offer stunning solutions for the users, whether for industrial, commercial, or residential use. 

This range ensures convenience, comfort, temperature control, and electrical protection. 

This smart device also comes with a remote-control feature to access it easily. The remote monitoring offered with this range allows easy access without any hassle of visiting the range repeatedly. 

Not only this, it comes with remote diagnostics, which helps the professionals to access your device without visiting. 

Control the range now as it comes with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, Nest, Innit, and much more. The 21k triple ring burner allows you to make lavish dinner ranging from simmering, searing, and much more. Besides that, this range comes with a self-clean feature, which will enable you to get rid of all the mess and spills easily. 

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Best For Frozzen Food 

This Whirlpool slide-in electric range comes with 6.4 Cu. Ft and also offers true convection. A spaciously designed range with high performance and a storage drawer allows you to indulge in a powerful cooking experience. 

This range comes with five smooth top burners offering a combined output of around 8600 Watts. Each burner’s power ranges between 100W to about 3000W, whether you want a rapid boil or simmer. 

It comes with FlexHeat triple radiant element, which features three elements having an inner ring of 6″ and two outer rings of 9 and 12″. Not only this, it comes with Easy wipe ceramic, which is breezy for getting a cleaning range. 

Cook food fast using the third element, which also comes with a fan that distributes hot air evenly all over the oven for perfect food. This range also features frozen bake technology, which cooks food quickly and eliminates any need to preheat the oven. 

You just need to choose the temperature, food type and cook the frozen item with easily customized features. Once you are done cooking, you want your range to be odor-free and free from chemical usage. So, it offers perfect cleaning in just 50 minutes. 

It comes with aqua-lift self-cleaning technology, which uses water and removes all mess and spills immediately. 

If you seek a convenient range that is spacious and easy to maintain, get your hands on this range, which delivers eco-efficient performance.

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Best Capacity Range 

The Maytag slide-in electric range features five radiant elements and is constructed with a fingerprint-resistant, stainless steel design, which gives an elegant, sleek look to the kitchen. The flexible cooktop with spacious TrueConvection design allows easy cooking. Enjoy spacious cooking with a true Convection element for an incredible cooking experience. 

This range’s ceramic cooktop comes with five heating elements, which offers enough cooking output whether you need simmering or searing. It also features a third heating element, which distributes enough heat all over the foods to achieve perfection. Max Capacity Rack is highly durable and accommodates huge cookwares. 

You’ll love this range, which is packed with powerful, convenient features. It comes with a warming drawer, which keeps your food warm till the time you serve it. 

Besides the True Convection, it also comes with a third heating element plus the sturdy fan, which circulates enough heat and even temperature for immediate roasting and baking. Cook your meals evenly as it comes with the precision cooking system. 

Adjust the perfect timing and temperature with this range as it comes with auto convection conversion. 

Moreover, it comes with a hidden bake element that protects any drips and spills. Once you are done cooking, this range also comes with a warm setting that maintains low heat for keeping food warm. 

This range has a delay bake setting, which allows you to put dishes in the oven before baking them. Clean the oven now immediately as it features Aqua lift self-cleaning technology.  

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Best Slide-in Ranges Buying Guide:

Have a look at how to choose the best slide-in ranges for your kitchen and enhance the cooking skills: 


Slide-in ranges come in two subtypes based on installation:

True slide-in ranges need installation between the two cabinets. The cooktop edges overlap with the countertop about one inch on each side, making it look beautiful and built-in within the cabinets. This type prevents liquids and debris from falling. The sides of such range are unfinished, with a particular gap between cabinets and stove. 

On the other hand, there is no such need for installation between the cabinets for the front control range. This type does not overlap with the countertops and doesn?t leave any gap. 

Heating Elements

Slide-in ranges offer various heating elements like magnetic induction, solid disks, radiant and spiral coils. Bright features and solid disks offer high electricity in comparison to the coil elements. The induction heating element is efficient and better than the helical coils, but it does not allow all cookware types over induction.

Cooking Power & Range:

The cooking power burners come with 17000 BTU. With the potent burners, you can heat your pans and pots immediately with fast heat saving energy and time. Some ranges come with 5000 BTU simmer burners within the back row for melting, warming, and simmering. The Frigidaire burners also come with 500 BTU burners. 

Most slide-in ranges come with five burners, which are easy to use and are strong enough. 

The continuous grates in the slide-in ranges are made from cast iron or steel, making cooking easier and allowing proper food balance. 


Most gas and electric ranges come in 30-inches in width. In contrast, the pro-style ranges come in 30-inches in width but can come 48 inches too with custom-configurations. You can buy a range with additional burners plus add-ons like griddles, grates, and woks.


Once you are done with all cooking, you seek a range that offers massive cleaning. Choose the range that comes with Aqualift cleaning technology or self-cleaning technology. It makes your range look neat and clean at all times without any hassle of repeated cleaning. 


There are several designs of slide-in ranges available in the market, so choose the one that matches all your needs. Plus, the design should be such that it matches well with your cabinetry. 

Other features:

Look for a griddle, temperature probe, and other cooking accessories. Also, check the range whether it comes with additional cooking modes, preset heating mode, delayed starts, scan-to-cook mode, or proofing modes and all. 

Other than these features, check whether the range comes with a Wi-fi connectivity option. It is quite useful and allows easy control over the oven settings. 

Best Slide-in Ranges FAQ

The choice between slide-in ranges and freestanding models depends on various factors. You need to consider the kitchen?s existing layout, cabinet location, and countertop before making your decision.?
When considering an entire kitchen remodel, it?s best to go for slide-in ranges as they come with a built-in look and have modern, upscale features with enhanced cleaning options. If you are remodeling the existing kitchen, you need to give proper dimensions.?

The essential difference between freestanding and slide-in ranges is based on installation. The freestanding ranges can easily sit between two cabinets or stand-alone. On the other hand, slide-in ranges need to be installed between the cabinets.?


Our top-pick from the best slide-in ranges is GE JGSS66SELSS, a non-stick, integrated griddle that allows you to prepare meals for the entire family. It comes with several burners and allows easy usage. There is no need to bother about cleaning this range as it comes with a steam-cleaning feature that allows you to maintain a pristine-looking range. 

The runner-up is Whirlpool WEG745H0FS, a gas range and features five sealed burners to prepare delicious, irresistible meals. This range comes with Aqua lift self-cleaning technology plus its eco-efficient, which is also the right choice. 

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