8 Best Viking Ranges For 2021 [buying Guide And Reviews]

If you’re looking for high-end cooking ranges, you must come across Viking ranges because the brand offers stunning pieces. Viking ranges are the most versatile and evolved appliances that meet the modern lifestyle.

These ranges come in categories of 3-series, 5-series, 7-series, and a premium Tuscany series. The prices start at $4000 for base models and go up to $12000 for high-end models.  

The Tuscany series is the most common in the Viking range because it’s a perfect combination of Italian elegance and functionality. Plus, it comes with a dual fuel range, five cooktop options. Moreover, it comes with double ovens offering conventional cooking. 

Moreover, the main left-side oven comes with easy access and is handy for more decadent dishes. The only drawback you might find with the Viking range is the price. But you can’t put a price tag on luxury and convenience. 

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down to find out all about the best Viking ranges:

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Best Viking Range : Our Top Picks




Viking 3 Series RVGR33025BSS
Viking 5 Series VGR5606GQSS
Viking 5 Series VGIC53024BBW

Here’s our in-depth review of the Best Viking Range.

Expert Reviews of the BestViking Range

overall best 

Viking 3 Series RVGR33025BSS

If you plan to shop freestanding gas range with five sealed burners, shop Viking 3 series. It is a self-cleaning burner range that offers exceptional features with perfect grace and ultra-chic design. 

This new burner range delivers precise control with varying BTUs allowing you to move the pans and pots all over the surface seamlessly. The oven comes with a 15000 BTU broiler and 30000 BTU u-shaped burner, a self-cleaning nature. It comes with TruGlide oven racks with six positions. 

Viking offers a perfect finish to your kitchen and meets all your cooking needs with five sealed burners in this range. Moreover, it comes with a sure spark ignition system, which lit up every time, ranging from low to high. Slide the pots seamlessly with the continuous grates on the range. 

It comes with a Pro flow convection baffle to indulge in a mesmerizing baking experience with complete perfection. It features incredible heat circulation evenly throughout the oven, and each range is engineered to maximize the cooking needs. 

Here’s a drawback; it does not offer steam cleaning, no Google Home or Alexa features. 

Besides that, you will fall in love with the spill-resistant cooktop. It comes with a vast spill collection space around the burners helping buyers prevent any spills, making the entire cleaning process more manageable. 

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budget pick 

In this Viking 5 series range, the burners come with a SureSpark ignition system, which offers reliable, consistent ignition. Turn now into a professional chef with this cooking range and indulge in six excellent functions like natural airflow baking, convection baking, and convection infrared broil. 

Infrared broil, convection defrost, and convection dehydrate are included as well. Moreover, this awe-inspiring range also comes with halogen lights, which offer enough visibility. 

This model comes with an open burner cooktop and features four burners. The oven capacity featured in this model is around 4 Cu. Ft. 

It comes with continuous grates and offers convection. This 30-inch gas range is the original open burner range with professional styling and exceptional burner performance. 

The knob turning offers a 15000 BTU power over the delicate VariSimmer setting. The oven comes with a stunning 30000 BTU u-shaped burner plus the ProFlow Convection Air Baffle, which ensures even heat distribution. 

Viking came up with this professional cooking range with six different cooking functions. It includes natural airflow baking to professional chef style Gourmet-Glo infrared broiling. 

The only downside you might face with this range is it lacks any self-cleaning feature and has no Sabbath mode. 

It is available in an exclusive color finish for the buyers, including stainless steel, white, black, apple red, cobalt blue, burgundy, and graphite gray.

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best rated 5 series 

This best dual fuel range comes in 48 inches with TruConvec cooking. Moreover, it comes with Vari-speed dual flow convection. The cooktop features a sealed burner and comes with six burners and a 4.7 Cu. Ft. oven capacity. 

What makes this range unique is its timeless design with stunning features admired by the home chefs. 

The VariSimmer setting in this range allows all the burners to offer a gentle simmer to the pots, allowing exquisite flavors’ entrapment. 

It comes with a porcelainized cooking surface with raised edges that contains all spills making it easy to clean. Moreover, the finish of this range is highly durable. 

Furthermore, it features a SureSpark ignition system, which automatically ignites the burners during cooking if they extinguish. 

The TruConvec convection cooking installed in this range uses heat only from fan-forced air and rear element, which circulates an even amount of heat. Moreover, this stunning range comes with dual speed Vari-speed dual flow convection, capable of switching on the fan bi-directionally, offering maximum airflow. 

The significant downside with this range is that it lacks Sabbath mode, comes with no temperature probe or hot surface indicator light.

However, a Rapid Ready preheat system with a concealed baking element makes cleaning easier. 

So, what are you waiting for? Enhance the complete appearance of your kitchen with this mind-blowing range, which offers the buyers stunning features.

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Best high end 

Is your kitchen missing the perfect classy look? Upgrade the entire kitchen with this mesmerizing high-end gas range. 

This 60 Inch, freestanding gas range upgrades your kitchen’s entire look and attains the exceptional, classic style. This range comes with a cooktop that features six sealed burners. It comes with Viking VSH Pro sealed burner system that offers the ultimate cooking experience to the buyers.

Each burner in this range comes with VariSimmer, which provides a gentle simmer. Get hands-on with this stainless-steel griddle, which is a commercial-grade range offering a perfect restaurant-style meal. Indulge in a mess-free cooking experience with this stunning range. 

If you love grilling, get your hands on this range for vegetables and meat searing. It comes with a SureSpark ignition system, which automatically re-ignites if it shuts off during cooking. 

Moreover, it features dual ovens, which offer a spacious capacity of around 8 Cu.ft. Indulge in cuisine with the Pro flow convection range, which maximizes the even distribution of heat. Besides that, it comes with a Gourmet Glo broiler, which utilizes intense heat. The VSH burner system in this range offers a stunning cooking experience in all settings. 

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Best Viking Ranges Buying Guide


The low-level simmer is considered standard for all Viking burners. The precise low heat settings allow even simmering of food. It also helps make sauces, melting chocolate, and much more that too without burning.  

Rapid Ready Preheat

This feature heats the oven without even waiting immediately. It is a time-saving option present in both the dual-fuel 5 and 7 range series. Also, it helps the buyers preheat the oven directly using baking and infrared broiler elements.

The VSH (VariSimmer-to-High) Burner

This pro sealed burner system indulges in a mesmerizing cooking experience with delicious meals using precise temperature control and a powerful 18500 BTU burner Tru PowerPlus. Such cooktops with unique surfaces make them easy to clean. 

GourmetGlo Infrared Broiler

This infrared glass broiler results in intense heat without drying out the food. It is a perfect option for making pizzas and upgrading the skills. This attractive option is present in both gas ovens and electric ones. This broiler produces around 18000 BTUs heat.

SureSpark Ignition System

This system is for buyers to get rid of all frustration. This offers a reliable spark ignition system, which eventually ignites the spark if it extinguishes accidentally. This system automatically reignites once it switches off. This technology is present in all dual-fuel and gas ranges allowing the buyers to indulge in a seamless cooking experience. 

Elevation Burners

The top-notch quality brass burners are present in the seven series range. These elevation burners offer 23000 BTU output. Other BTU versions are also available, including 15000 and 8000 BTU, which allows different cookware usage. 

Elevation burners raise to 2 inches above the porcelain surface. It prevents the cooktop from staying cool, prevents any spills, and offers complete access to burners for easy cleaning. 

GentleClose Door

This technology ensures that the oven door closes silently and gently. It ensures Viking pays attention to the luxurious ergonomics for buyers.

Quick Cook Surface Elements

If you are an impatient chef and plan to get started cooking right away, get Viking range, which comes with Quick cook surface elements. The electric cooktop burners immediately reach power within 3 seconds.

MagneQuick Induction Elements

It is a perfect choice for buyers who plan on saving energy and indulge in cooking with precision. The induction elements eventually react with the cookware’s iron that transforms the cookware into a powerful vessel. This vessel heats up quickly, responds efficiently, and works precisely. 


The premium air circulation is offered in Viking convection ranges. This technology uses a convection element in the rear oven area vs. the direct heat through a fan present at the bottom or top of the oven cavity. It offers maximum control allowing you to bake with perfection.   


Are you in love with new technology? This feature ensures you can monitor food temperature from more than 200 feet or away using Bluetooth, android, or Apple devices.  

TruGlide Oven Rack

The full-extension racks in the Viking range feature easy, safe removal of all heavy bakeware. It is a stunning feature that makes your life easy as a baker. 

Size and Fuel Type

Viking range is available in 30 inches, 36 inches, 48 inches, 60 inches plus 66 inches width. It’s best to measure the dimensions of your kitchen to get hands-on the best range. The most common ranges are 30-inch and 36-inch with a wide variety of cooktop plus oven combinations. These ranges are quite flexible. 

Suppose you plan on indulging in baking the get hands-on 48inch and 60inch range. Such stoves feature a double oven and enough space for baking. Cooktops of these ranges come with a griddle. 

Now, when we talk about fuel types, the Viking range is available in gas and dual-fuel type. Dual fuel offers a gas cooking surface with an electric oven. Viking provides a small variety of induction and electric ranges. 

People mostly prefer dual-fuel because it allows precise control of the heat. Plus, the self-cleaning feature in the electric oven is highly desirable. 

Cooking surfaces are available in electric, gas, and induction types. The gas flame cooktop is the most favorite choice as it’s highly responsive. 

On the other hand, electric burners come with a smooth stovetop, which is easy to clean. Induction cooktops use electromagnetic energy for heating the entire surface. 

Cooking surface options

Viking ranges come in several options of customized cooktops based on what you like. For instance, if you love grilling, get a range that comes with a grill. However, if you love French toast, pancakes, burgers, pizzas, choose a cooktop with a griddle. 

Moreover, if you have a huge family, it’s best to get double oven systems with large cooktops and more burners. It’s predominantly found in 48-inch ranges. 

Viking range comes in both open burners and sealed. Open burners are meant to deliver direct flame to the pain with intense cooking power. However, they need extreme cleaning. 

On the other hand, sealed burners come with a small-cap, resulting in a change in the direction of flame all around, thus preventing spillage on the burner’s nozzle. 


There you have it. Now you know all about the best Viking ranges out there. It’s your turn to decide and pick the one that serves your needs. 

Our Viking range’s top pick is Viking 3 Series RVGR33025BSS, which is the best freestanding range and comes with five sealed burners. Moreover, it is a self-cleaning burner with an ultra-chic design and exceptional features. It delivers precise control with seamless movement of pans. 

Our runner-up is Viking 5 Series VGIC53024BBW, a budget-friendly option with four burners and an open burner cooktop. It features continuous grates with restaurant-style performance.

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