The 8 Best Whirlpool Ranges Of 2021 [Complete Review And Guide]

When we talk about Whirlpool, it’s impossible to say no to their products. The company believes in producing the world’s best products with innovative designs. Whirlpool ranges are amongst the best products, both gas, and electric. 

A range is one of the essential products or centerpieces of the kitchen, which needs to be of the best quality and with fascinating features. If you love gas models, you’ll surely fall in love with Whirlpool’s WFG505M0BB, which is the best spacious gas range with a modest size and affordable price. 

This cooking range comes with a sealed burner, broiler drawer, five burners, continuous grates, and 5.1 cu. ft. Capacity is enough for medium-sized cooking meals. 

We have picked top Whirlpool ranges that offer you a massive range of stunning features to meet your everyday kitchen needs. 

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Best Whirlpool Ranges: Our Top Picks




Best Freestanding

This freestanding whirlpool gas range makes sure to offer flexible and highly efficient conventional ovens. It helps you prepare stunning meals and comes with an oven capacity of 5.1 cu. ft. This cooking range offers four burners with a 29 7/8-inch width, 27 inch depth, and 46 inch height. 

So, what are you waiting for? Toast a colossal batch of cheesy burgers or garlic bread now for the entire family using this easy-to-use, full-width under-oven broiler. 

Broil the entire food rack with this large-capacity oven allowing you to tantalize your taste buds within minutes. 

It features multiple power burners and that too with 15000 BTU making it ideal for high heat cooking procedures like frying, searing and more. Plus, it comes with a 9500 BTU burner, which is enough for cooking everyday dishes. 

Besides that, it comes with a 5000 BTU AccuSimmer burner that allows precise control of temperature. And that is ideal for simmering sauces or melting chocolate. 

It comes with a satin-finish cast-iron grate, which allows the buyers to put heavy pans and pots over an optimal cooking area. 

The only downside seen with this Whirlpool range model is, it lacks self-cleaning property and temperature probe. But overall, it offers stunning features with easy clean-up and a complete view of the cooking progress.

Plus, it offers an upswept porcelain Spill guard cooking top, which offers easy clean-up after spills. You can visualize the cooking progress through the large oven window. 

You don’t even have to open the door or interrupt the oven temperature. Indulge in an ECO-efficient cooking operation with flexibility and smart cuisine. 

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Best Freestanding Electric

This 5.3 Cu. Ft. Smooth top cooktop range comes with five burners. It measures the width of around 29 7/8 inches, depth of 27 inches, and height of 47 7/8 in. 

This 30inch freestanding electric range comes with Flex heat dual radiant element. It offers two components: a 6” inner ring while the other for a 9” expandable outer ring. The inner one is meant for smaller pans, while the outer one for larger cookware. 

It features easy to wipe ceramic glass cooktop, which allows you to wipe off the spills. The frozen bake technology enables users to skip the preheating feature and directly cook the lasagnas, pizzas, and much more. 

Clean up faster with the upswept Spill Guard cooktop that prevents spills due to the raised edges. Plus, the temperature sensor in this cooktop allows preparing evenly baked foods with adjustment of cooking elements. 

The only drawback that some buyers might face is it lacks convection and induction method. 

Moreover, it comes with a closed-door broiling feature to maintain the temperature while preventing overheating. You don’t need to use any harsh chemicals or cleaners. It also comes with a control lock mode feature, which prevents unintentional use. 

Shop now as this whirlpool range is Star-K certified and also offers buyers with Sabbath mode. The additional features in this range include warm settings, warm zone elements, dishwasher-safe knobs, and a large window to visualize the cooking progress. 

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Best Spacious 

Shop this 30-inch freestanding gas range that comes with five sealed burners and offers a capacity of around 5.1cu.ft. This Whirlpool freestanding gas range is available with a broiler drawer, AccuSimmer burner, speed heat burners, and more. Plus, its ADA compliant and offers efficient, flexible cooking. 

Get this Whirlpool gas range now for meeting everyday cooking needs. It is the spacious gas range to prepare several dishes for a vast family. Plus, you can cook Turkeys and an extensive range of meals. 

In this gas range, the power burners generate enough heating power allowing rapid boiling, frying, searing, and much more, offering around 15000 BTUs. The middle burner offers around 8000 BTU offering enough cooking power for your favorite dishes. Add enough flexibility to your cooking with these spacious burners. 

It comes with the 5000 BTU AccuSimmer burner allowing pr?cised control temperature, which is perfect for simmering sauces. A 9500 BTU burner with efficient cooking power to make everyday dishes is a huge plus. 

The only drawback that some buyers might find is that it’s not a convection type of range. 

Enjoy easy clean-up with an upswept, porcelain spill guard cooktop. Enjoy easy clean-up and avoid messing up with spills as it features raised edges. Fell in love with the sleek design, recessed cooktop with a low level of grates, which prevents spills from falling down the cooktop. 

It comes with satin-finish, continuous cast-iron grates, which offer flexibility and allow buyers to slide pans and pots over the cooking surface. 

These grates are manufactured being dishwasher-safe with a satin finish that resists wear and tear. 

Enjoy cooking with a clear view through the large oven window and monitor the entire progress. 

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Best Freestanding Electric Convection

Upgrade the finished appearance of your pantry with this mesmerizing freestanding electric range. Cook now for the entire family without any hassle during your busy schedule using the best freestanding electric convection range

This cooktop features five heating elements. It features a dual Flex Heat element, which accommodates the cookware size. 

This oven offers 5.3 Cu.ft. Capacity to the users allowing you to prepare several meals at once. Plus, it features a self-cleaning cookstove and a ceramic glass cooktop that makes your cleaning easier.

What makes convection cooking easier is, you can indulge inconsistent results throughout the food. Moreover, a temperature sensor works well to adjust or monitor the oven’s temperature. 

It comes with a Frozen Bake technology to skip any long preheats and automatically adjust the cooking time. Indulge in spotless cooking experience with this cooking range that comes with a self-cleaning feature. 

Plus, you get Flex Heat with this range to indulge in different cooking processes while accommodating any cookware. You also get some additional features with this range that includes five heating elements. 

Some buyers like steam cleaning more than self-cleaning, so they might find this as a drawback in this potential range. 

The Spill Guard cooktop featured in this cooking range prevents spills from dripping, allowing easy clean-up while keeping your food warm. Besides that, it’s Star-K certified and is ADA-compliant. 

For buyers who love safety, this cooking range also comes with a hot surface indicator light, making it an ideal choice. Shop now and enjoy the more straightforward cooking experience that too with fun!

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Best Fingerprint resistance 

If you seek the best freestanding electric range that is fingerprint resistant and comes with a smooth top cooktop. The primary oven capacity range comes with five burners. Plus, it measures 29 7/8 Inches in width, 27 3/4 Inches in-depth, and 47 7/8 inches in height. 

It comes with Sabbath mode and also features a hot surface indicator light. Cook your favorite frozen foods now with this range that allows you to skip any preheating option plus, it comes with preprogrammed settings, which helps you adjust the cooking times quickly. 

This awe-inspiring range features Flex Heat dual radiant element, which offers buyers double components, including a 6” inner ring, which works well for smaller pots. Plus, it comes with a 9” expandable outer ring that’s ideal for huge cookware. 

Moreover, it features an upswept Spill Guard cooktop that helps in immediate cleaning because of the raised edges that prevent any spills from dripping and making your kitchen messy. 

The only drawback seen with this range is that it lacks any self-cleaning feature. However, it comes with a steam cleaning option. 

You can also select a control lock option for disabling the control panel to prevent any unintentional use. Indulge in mess-free cooking with the steam cleaning option offers immediate cleaning of the light mess. Later, it becomes saturated over the oven’s bottom using high heat and water. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you are a soul who loves his or her range neat and clean without any fingerprints, definitely invest in this one.

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Best Convection Sabbath Slide-In

Indulge indirect cooking experience with this mesmerizing front control stove, which is designed in such a way that it easily fits your kitchen. Tantalize your taste buds with delicious results using a fan convection cooking range. 

This 30-inches slide-in gas range comes with five sealed burners. Allowing you to prepare tastier roasts and baked garlic bread in fewer minutes, too, with the stunning texture. 

Enjoy cooking your frozen favorites without any preheating using this five-burner stove that comes with frozen bake technology. 

It comes with a FIT system that allows easy up-gradation to the full-depth, slide-in range, designed to upgrade your kitchen’s entire look. This true convection cooking range comes with an AquaLift self-cleaning technology for clean-up, which helps you wipe away the mess in the slide-in gas stove, too, without using odors or harsh chemicals. 

The only drawback is you need to buy a separate trim kit and side panels, which are not sold in the box. 

This convection range comes with a third element and has a fan that distributes even heat all over the food. Plus, this cooking range is smart enough to adjust temperatures and cooking times for your recipes. It comes with a built-in temperature sensor that monitors temperature and adjusts the cooking elements. 

Save time while baking as the rapid preheat option uses a rear fan and elements which thoroughly heats the oven rapidly. Besides that, it comes with EZ-2 hinged cast-iron grates, which can be easily wiped off without complete removal. 

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Best High-End Slide-In

Intensify the look of your kitchenette with this outstanding 30-inch, slide-in gas elegant range. It comes with five sealed burners and offers a capacity range of 5.8Cu.Ft. 

It features a storage drawer and self-cleaning system. Plus, this cooking range has scan-to-cook technology and frozen bake technology, making it an ideal choice for tech lovers. 

This white cooktop comes with five sealed burners, and the most stunning feature of this technology is that you can control out with your smartphone at your convenience. Enjoy this high-end gas smart range with an intelligent element with just a push button. You can use the simple voice commands to control this range only by sync to your smart home assistant. 

Get simple access to the favorite settings with this intuitive touchscreen, which learns all about your kitchen routines with a single-use. If you want your meals to be ready immediately, you can utilize the Speed Heat burner. 

Use a simmer burner for preparing sauces or light meals, which require time to get the taste. You can also design your favorite grilled veggies and fajitas with the griddle included in this smart range. 

The only significant drawback is that it lacks a temperature probe and hot surface indicator light. 

You also get the EZ-2 lift hinged cast-iron grates, which allow immediate access if there are any spills. The Scan-to-cook feature will enable you to get perfect settings. It would help if you scanned the food’s barcode through a smartphone to achieve a personalized cooking setting. 

This true convection comes with Wi-fi connect option. It’s compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Nest, and more. Use your phone now to control the appliance whether you are at the home, office, or anywhere else. 

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Best Sealed Burner

Enjoy efficient and flexible cooking with this 30 Inch Freestanding Gas Range that offers you a capacity range of around 5.1 Cu. ft. This conventional oven comes with four sealed burners, a simmer burner. Plus, it features an oven light, hidden bake element, a broiler drawer, and more. If you love the white, contemporary look of your cooktop, this one is the ideal choice. 

The width of this cooking range is around 29 7/8 inches, depth of 27 ? inches, and height of approximately 46 ? inches. The number of burners in this cooktop is 4, with a primary oven capacity of 5.1cu.ft. Prepare holiday meals and much more with this spacious cooking gas range. Toast a massive batch of cheesy burgers or garlic bread for the entire family with this under-oven broiler to broil a whole food rack. 

It comes with several power burners offering around 15000 BTUs perfect for excess heat cooking procedures like frying, searing and more. Plus, it comes with satin finish cast-iron grates, which allows you to slide heavy pans, pots, and all cooking ware.

The only drawback with this range is that it lacks any temperature probe. 

The porcelain, upswept Spill Guard cooktop prevents spills from dripping and allows easy clean-up. Moreover, there is a large oven window. It enables you to check the cooking progress without interrupting oven temperature and opening the gas range door.  

It also comes with a 9500BTU burner, which offers enough cooking power to cook everyday dishes. Plus, the 5000 BTU AccuSimmer burner allows pr?cised temperature control that is perfect for simmering sauces, melting chocolate, and more. 

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Best Whirlpool Ranges Buying Guide

There are several cooking ranges on the market and offering several stunning features to the buyers. You must be wondering which one seems the right choice for you. 

Keep reading our buying guide, and you’ll get enough help about things you should consider while buying any Whirlpool range:

Types of Ranges

Ranges are considered as the workhorse and the center of the kitchen. Being stylish, highly functional, and efficient are the essential features of any range. 

– Slide-in

Slide-in ranges come with a built-in, customized look, which allows you to easily slide in between different cabinets. Oven controls in this range are present over the front with no back panel, which means the backsplash is showcased. 

Slide-in ranges lack any finished sides and can slide only in dedicated spaces. They lack any blackguard and come with controls in front. The slide-in ranges are easy to clean and offer a safe cooking experience. 

 – Freestanding

A freestanding range is the most commonly sold and is one of the most easily installed ranges. The oven control panel is over the back panel and on top of the cooking surface. It has finished sides that easily slide in within the cabinet space or stand-alone. 

 – Drop-in 

Drop-in ranges are the ones that fit snugly within the existing cabinetry. Plus, they lack any storage drawer or extra warming one underneath the oven. They need a cut-out, customized fit because they are less common than slide-in or freestanding models. 


Among the several cooktops includes coil one, smooth top induction, and smooth top radiant electric range. 

– Coil:

The spiral coil plates are an older technology, but they are more comfortable and cheaper to replace. They come with an exposed heating element, so it’s not a safe option. Plus, they are not energy efficient similar to ceramic glass surfaces. Moreover, it’s challenging to clean the coils. 

 – Induction

Electric ranges that come with an induction cooktop utilize magnetic coils present underneath the ceramic glass surface, directly sending pulses over the cookware. This helps in faster boiling and simmering, plus you can also make immediate adjustments to the burner easily because its elements don’t turn hot. 

You need magnetic cookware for the induction to work correctly. When this magnet firmly sticks over the cookware’s bottom, it starts working through an induction cooktop. Other than that, stainless steel cookware is also capable of induction, while some are not.

– Radiant electric

Ranges that with radiant electric smooth tops are top-rated. Most models come with one high-power burner. Other models also come with expandable triple or dual elements that allow users to switch from high power to low-power smaller components. Some ranges also come with a warming element that helps the dishes in the center to warm up.

Single Oven or Double Oven:

Ranges mostly come in single or double oven configurations. Dual oven ranges come with a smaller oven top on the upper part while a larger oven underneath. They are great for roasting or baking multiple food types at various temperatures. 

For reheating, it allows you only to activate the upper part of the oven and same ample time and energy on preheating. Moreover, if you plan on cooking a large roast within the lower range, it might seem challenging to remove it because of the door being close to the floor.

An average single oven serves larger than a double range allowing you to cook turkey quickly. 

Convection Function

Fan Convection: It is one of the simplest types of convection tech found in ranges starting at $600.

Dual Convection: It is a type of exclusive feature you can only find out in high-end ranges. You can also choose between using one or two fans in these ranges to enhance the cooking results, especially those having delicate pasties. 

True Convection: This type of convection is also known as European convection. It adds an extra heating element over the front of a fan. It aids in hurrying up the cooking time while maintaining consistent temperatures. It, however, adds around $100 more to the price. 

Controls and Remote Operation 

When talking about controls, you can opt for lock controls if you have small children around you. There are also smart controls in most of the high-end ovens these days through which you can control the range’s features using your phone. 

The remote option on the smart ranges and wall ovens allows the users to start the oven using SmartHQ app over the smartphone or using hands-free control using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. You need to connect it with the home Wi-fi network before you initiate the Remote Enable pad. 

Set up built-in Wi-fi using Amazon Alexa or a hands-free voice controller of the smart appliance. The remote option allows you to turn off the cooking cycle as soon as it ends. For more details, you can check the Owner’s Manual for further instructions. 

Best Whirlpool Ranges FAQ

The average lifespan of the Whirlpool ranges is around 15 years on an average for gas ranges. At the same time, the electric ones last for approximately 13 years. Its best advised to maintain and clean the stoves and oven properly, ensuring their long life.?

Whirlpool ovens come with touchpad controls that automatically shut off after twelve hours. This benefits the users as it offers peace of mind and saves energy if you accidentally leave the oven. Such models have a clock or a timer, which allows automatic shutdown.

If you want to switch off the automatic shutdown offer, you need to check the owner’s manual.

Press the button/ keypad over the oven marked with OFF/ Cancel or any other similar phrase to shut down all processes within the oven, including cooking or self-cleaning.

If you plan to shut down the timer, press the button or keypad marked with Timer Set off/ timer, or timer off, which results in stopping the timer.?

Precise cleaning on Whirlpool oven means that the oven’s neat feature will activate and clean the oven properly depending on the soil level. It allows the self-clean cycle to continue for as long as required. Moreover, no harsh cleaners or chemicals are used in precise cleaning.


The top-pick from our massive range of products will be Whirlpool WFG320M0BW, which serves as the best freestanding gas range. This oven offers an enormous capacity of 5.1Cu. Plus, it comes with an under the oven broiler. Broil over the entire food rack and also enjoys cooking using 15000 BTU power burners. Plus, it features satin-finish cast-iron grates, which allow you to indulge in cuisine using heavy pots and pans. 

If you seek a high-end product, our runner-up will beat other products as it has stunning features, but it is slightly pricey. Whirlpool WEG750H0HW is a 30-inch, slide-in gas smart range that features five sealed burners and offers massive space. Plus, it features a storage drawer and has self-cleaning features. 

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Colin is a passionate chef by trade and a kitchen nerd on the side. Growing up in the kitchen, Colin has always had a passion for learning the absolute best way to cook a dish. He quickly realized most kitchens have duplicate cookware and small appliances and had to decide which ones were going to be the “keepers” – causing him to take a closer look at all his products.

As it turns out, small differences make a big impact on the experience. Whether it’s how hard you have to press a microwave button, to how long a cast iron skillet stays warm after you turn off the heat, these little difference changed everything.