The 8 Best Wolf Ranges Of 2021 [Complete Review And Guide]

Wolf stands as one of the cooking range industry’s most historical and reliable brands. It started as a subsidiary of Sub-Zero and has since grown into a recognizable modern production company. 

You can recognize Wolf’s cooking ranges through their stainless-steel exterior and bright red knobs. But the real beauty lies inside. Each of Wolf’s in-built ovens is lined with cobalt-blue porcelain enamel, which adds to the unit’s visual appeal. 

But visuals aside, how do Wolf’s cooking ranges perform? Are they suited to your applications? And most importantly, which Wolf cooking range is the best of them all? 

In this review plus guide, we look at 8 of the best Wolf ranges and talk about some of their features. 

So let’s get started!

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Best Wolf Ranges: Our Top Picks




Wolf DF304LP
Wolf DF364G
Wolf GR364C
Wolf DF304LP
Best of the best

The Wolf DF304LP is a dual-fuel oven and cooking range. It’s called “Dual Fuel” since it can work on natural gas and Liquid Propane (LP). And this duality is featured on both the gas burners and the electric oven. 

At first sight, you’ll notice the gorgeous stainless steel exterior and a lavish steel bezel around the knobs. What makes the exterior quite interesting is the fact that you can customize its look to some extent. 

All 4 of Wolf’s burners are dual-stacked and sealed. “Dual-stacked” here refers to Wolf’s proprietary burner design. Through this, you can control the temperature to be either at its full power or lower it down to a simmer. 

This feature ties in with another Wolf burner feature: Flame Recognition. If these burners detect the flame has gone out, they will automatically attempt to reignite. This prevents gas leakage and ensures a safer environment. 

But that’s not all. 

Each burner has its own BTU output, ranging from 9,200 to up to 20,000 BTUs. This makes the cooktop perfect for a variety of applications. The 9,200 BTU burner even features a Melt function. In addition to that, the grates atop the cooking surface are all continuous, so pot transfers are easy. 

As for the oven, it’s a convection oven that flaunts a cobalt blue porcelain interior. The oven can be set to 10 cooking modes, including Proof, Sabbath, and even Dehydrate. You need special accessories to use the Dehydrate and Bake Stone modes. This oven is self-cleaning, and you can run the cycle to get it cleaned quickly. 

The temperature display is digital, and a temperature probe is also included, as is a broiler pan and element. Unfortunately, the door cannot be removed, and you also don’t get a power cord. 

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Best Energy-Level Induction 

The Wolf IR304TESTH is a smooth-top induction cooking range that comes flush with an oven and four induction zones. It’s an elegant product built with stainless steel all around, including the handle and the knobs. 

Induction cooking employs a set of induction coils that generate heat in a compatible pan. In the Wolf, you get four such coils, in 4 temperature zones, with each coil offering a different thermal output. 

The output ranges from 1,400 BTUs to 2,600 BTUs. Admittedly, the BTU output isn’t a lot, and you’ll hardly be using this range for high-temperature cooking. 

However, this only means that the Wolf is suited for low-temperature cooking. It features a special Melt setting and a True Simmer for getting that low, sizzling simmer. 

Forgot to turn the stove off? No worries. The Wolf features a special cookware sensor that will turn the stove off as soon as you remove the pan. And it even has a hot-surface indicator light to ensure your safety.

This Wolf cooking range packs more features in its oven. The interior is coated with cobalt blue porcelain enamel, and the oven uses two convection fans with their heating elements. This results in lesser cold spots and an evenly distributed temperature. 

In addition to that, you can control the oven by knobs and digitally. It has a total capacity of 4.5 cubic feet and features a large viewing window with an interior light. It includes a Proof Mode, Sabbath Mode, and a Self-Cleaning Mode. 

Unfortunately, unlike other smart induction smooth-tops, this stove does not have its smart app. It would’ve made monitoring the temperature more comfortable. The temperature probe does that for you, but you have to keep checking it from time to time.

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Best Flexible Induction Cooktop

The IR365TESTH is another Wolf smooth-top range that features a flexible cooking surface and a higher heat output. From the outside, it looks like any other stainless steel induction cooktop. 

Immediately, you’ll notice just how flexible the cooking surface can be. This is an induction cooktop that features five cooking zones. And the best part is that you can merge two or four of these zones to get a larger cooking area. This means you can accommodate larger pots and pans, as well as casseroles. 

Since this is an induction stove, the heating element will only turn on when you place a compatible pan on it. Once on the stove, the five zones will work to heat it. Each zone has a different BTU output, ranging from 2,100 BTUs to 3,700 BTUs. It’s not a lot, but it’s suitable for most cooking applications. 

But what if you accidentally touch the hot cooking zones? Don’t worry. This induction cooktop comes with a Hot Surface indicator light that will inform you when the zone is hot to the touch. 

In addition to that, this Wolf cooking range comes with a great oven that features a porcelain cobalt blue interior. The oven functions on two convection fans, which helps eliminate cold and hot spots. 

What’s more, is that the oven can work on ten different cooking modes. This includes a Proof Mode, Dehydrate Mode, as well as a Sabbath Mode. And it can clean itself entirely on its own. So, there’s little to no work for you. 

It’s a bit short on racks, though, featuring only two racks. And the oven doesn’t have a digital temperature display, which would’ve been more intuitive than reading from a temperature probe. Still, the probe is the right choice and might even be more accurate than the digital version. 

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Best Budget 

Wolf GR364C

The Wolf GR364C is a dual-stacked sealed gas cooktop with cast iron grates and an infrared broiler. This Wolf gas stove is characterized by its smooth stainless steel finish paired with its red control knobs. 

It has four burners, each with a different BTU output, ranging from 9,200 BTUs to 15,000 BTUs. However, you don’t get much of a variety here. Three of the burners provide 15,000 BTUs, and only one has 9,200 BTUs. 

Each burner is double-stacked and sealed to allow for caramelizing, melting, and simmering. Ignition takes seconds. And if the flame goes out, the Wolf re-ignites itself through its automatic re-ignition technology.

The grates are made from porcelain-enameled cast iron, but they’re only continuous in one half. The giant gap takes away much of its continuity. But this gap only allows the oven to be a lot bigger, 5.5 cubic feet in volume to be exact. This is by far the biggest oven on this list and has an infrared broiler for super-fast cooking. 

To be clear, the broiler has a heat output of 18,000 BTUs and can be used to sear and char salmon, beef, steak, and much more. The infrared heat is responsible for generating a higher temperature than usual. 

The oven also features a grill but no griddle. It also doesn’t have a digital temperature display, a Proof Mode, Sabbath Mode, or any Self-Cleaning options. So it has its flaws. But the main gist here is that the oven is quite big and can accommodate all your food with its three racks. 

There’s a broiler element located at the top, along with a broiler pan and an interior oven light. As for the extern, it’s the same proprietary stainless steel construction with its signature red knobs. 

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Best Performance 

The Wolf DF364G follows a similar model as previous gas Wolf ranges, except it looks and feels more premium. This unit has a general stainless steel construction, with platinum bezels surrounding all the knobs. You can also choose both the color of the knobs as well as the bezel material. It’s highly customizable, so it sits flush in your kitchen’s interior plan. 

Speaking of interiors, the Wolf gas range boasts a 5.4 cubic feet oven with a convection fan that evenly distributes heat. This fan enables the Wolf to work on ten cooking modes, including Convection Bake, Convection Broil, and Convection Roast. 

You can also set it to Proof mode if you want to culture yeast. And with the right accessories, you can also use this oven to dehydrate and cook over baking stones. 

This is a self-cleaning oven that will take care of your chores for you. It features a digital temperature display. This makes temperature readings more intuitive and quick. The oven can be set with a timer to turn off after some time, so you don’t have to keep checking up on it. 

It also includes a recessed broil element along with a broiler pan, three racks, and a temperature probe. It’s CSA certified and has dual halogen lighting to keep the interior as warm as possible. There is a Sabbath mode, and the range is Star-K Kosher certified. 

As for the gas cooktop, it’s made from dual-stacked sealed burners. All of the burners can be used to simmer and feature automatic re-ignition if the flame goes out. The temperature ranges widely from 9,200 BTUs to 20,000 BTUs. The 9,200 BTU burner even has a Melt function. 

What’s unique about this gas range is; it has dual fuel options, meaning you can switch between natural and LP gas at any time. But it doesn’t feature LP conversion. The grates are made from porcelain-enameled cast iron, the right choice for distributing heat. And the grates are continuous, making pot transfers easier. 

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Best For Versatility 

The Wolf M Series gas range is unique because it features two ovens, not just one. The secondary oven can be operated at different temperatures than the primary one.

This Wolf gas cooking range has two convection zones that allow for maximum distribution of heat. It employs Wolf’s own Dual VertiCross technology that supplies even heat to all the racks in the oven. In this oven, there are three racks, to be more specific, which create an internal volume of 5.1 cubic feet. 

In addition to that, this Wolf works on ten cooking modes, and 50 Gourmet presets. The presets may at first seem overwhelming, but after gradual use, you’ll become more accustomed. The ten modes include Sabbath, Proof, Convection, and Self-Cleaning. 

Along with that, the interior features a special infrared char-broiler that can be used for super-fast charring and searing.  

But the oven isn’t the only area the Wolf conquers. This Wolf M Series gas range is just as spectacular in its burners as its oven. First, there are six burners on the device, ranging from 9,200 to 20,000 BTUs in output. 

This provides a much more versatile range for you to choose from. Each burner is dual-stacked and sealed, allowing for easy simmering and caramelization. 

The grates are made from cast iron and coated with porcelain enamel to prevent rusting and heat damage. And they’re continuous, so pot transfers are easy and spill-free. 

And if that’s not enough for you, consider that this Wolf gas range has Wi-Fi remote control. That’s right; you can preheat, set temperature, and select modes all from the comfort of your living room. The only problem you might face is that it’s a bulky model. 

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Best Independent Burners 

Six burners are not enough for you? Then try the Wolf GR488, which features eight independent burners set beneath continuous cast-iron grates. Unlike other models, there is no space left between the burners, so you get smooth pot transfers with no spillage. 

Each burner is dual-stacked and sealed, with the upper-tier delivering powerful bursts of heat. And the bottom tier can be used for melting and simmering. The burner output varies from 9,200 BTUs to 15,000 BTUs. 

However, you don’t get as much versatility as you might first think. To be a bit more precise, only one burner is 9,200 BTUs. The rest all give an output of 15,000 BTUs, so there’s little to no variability. 

However, you do get a spark ignition system that automatically reignites if the flame goes out. And the burners have a medium amount of adjustability, so you do get control over the temperature. 

As for the oven, there are two. However, even though this is bigger, the primary oven is smaller than similar dual-oven models. The primary oven has 4.4 cubic feet, while the second one has that of 2.5 cubic feet. The secondary oven can be used for preheating smaller meals and accommodating larger meals if you’re feeding more people. 

The primary oven features Wolf’s proprietary 18,000 BTU infrared broiler. This broiler generates extreme amounts of heat, resulting in faster cooking and rapid searing. 

Unfortunately, the oven does not feature a Sabbath Mode, Proof Mode, or Self-Cleaning Mode. It means you’re mostly on your own in terms of maintenance. However, it does feature five racks that will help you accommodate more food. 

A single broiler element is also included, along with a broiler pan and an oven light. Unfortunately, you don’t get a temperature probe, nor do you get a digital temperature display. 

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Best Oven Capacity 

This is a standard 6-burner gas cooking range, but with one major twist: both the ovens are the same size. And each oven is about 4.5 cubic feet in volume. This means you get twice the baking space with the same features shared by previous models.

This is a 6-burner gas stove in which all the runners are dual-stacked and sealed. Dual-stacked simply means that there are two flame levels. The higher setting can be used for searing and charring, and the lower setting can be used for simmering and melting. The burners’ output ranges from 9,200 BTUs to 20,000 BTUs, providing you a more dynamic range to choose from. 

There is a large gap between the stove top’s two halves, which makes it look asymmetric. The gap is likely there to accommodate the large ovens, but it can ruin the integrated look and affect continuity. Still, it’s not bad considering what you get for it in return. 

The two ovens feature ten cooking modes, including Bake Stone, Proof, and Dehydrate. They’re also self-cleaning, which means you don’t have to worry about maintenance. In addition to that, each oven has a digital thermometer display as well as a temperature probe. 

There’s also a hidden bake element as well as a recessed broil element. And each oven has a spring/damper system for the door. The interior is coated with cobalt blue porcelain-enamel.

From the outside, it looks quite exceptional. The first and most obvious thing you’ll notice is a large size. It’s about 60 inches in width to make room for the 4.5 cubic feet ovens.

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Best Wolf Ranges Buying Guide:

Types of Ranges:

There are three types of ranges in terms of installation style: slide-in, freestanding, and drop-in. 

Slide-in ranges, as the name suggests, can be slid into the clearance. They differ from freestanding ranges in that these ranges have been designed to sit flush in a clearance. And hence, the sides seem “chopped off.” And the range looks awkward if used as a freestanding. There are no back-guards to protect the wall behind from spills and stains. 

Freestanding ranges are designed to stand on their own, and as such, don’t look awards or “cut out.” They feature back-guards and are for most modern kitchens. 

As for drop-in ranges, they’re designed to sit on top of low-lying cabinets, such that they sit flush with the island surface. Many people don’t like this design, and it can be harder to install a heavy range by “dropping it in.” 

Wolf Range Power Types:

Wolf’s cooking ranges can be found in three fuel types: dual fuel, induction, and natural gas. 

Dual fuel ranges can switch from natural gas to LP gas. They’re highly versatile and should be used by anyone who wants an LP-convertible cooking range. 

The second type is induction. Induction cooktops are becoming more and more popular due to their flush design, quick heating, and added safety features. 

These ranges automatically turn off when you take the pan off the stove, so there’s no fear of fire. It does require electricity, though, which might not be as inexpensive as gas. 

Lastly, we have the classic natural gas. Natural gas has been the traditional stovetop fuel choice for many reasons. It can reach higher temperatures, is cheaper, and will feel more familiar to most people. The only drawback is that it has too many safety hazards, and you’ll have to clean the grates as well as the burners. 

Single Oven or Double Oven?

When talking about ovens, it’s always a good idea to decide whether you want a single oven or double. Many factors may influence your decision. 

Single ovens are suitable for most people. They can cook and bake for small to medium-sized families. And take up lesser space in your kitchen. 

On the other hand, double ovens will take up more space and are only recommended for people with larger families. If you have to bake a lot of food for the whole family at the same time, you can go for double ovens. 

Convection Function:

A convection oven is a type that uses a particular convection fan to circulate hot air throughout the oven. These are the most common types of ovens that provide more even heating than when the flame is directly applied to the food. 

Convection heating is a lot faster than regular heating. It circulates the heat better, and the food heats up more evenly. Try going for a convection oven. 

Controls and Remote Operation:

Most gas ovens only have a limited number of controls. They’ll feature a rotary knob to control the temperature level of each burner. And that’s pretty much it. 

There are more controls in the oven, such as digital temperature control, a timer, and maybe even a temperature probe. It’s always a good idea to get either a probe or a digital temperature display since it’ll be much easier to use. 

For cleaning, Wolf’s gas and induction ovens have a Self-Cleaning function, but not all of them. This function allows the oven to clean itself, so you don’t have to take on that burden yourself. 

Some Wolf ovens even feature remote access via the Wi-Fi app, which allows you to preheat and set timers on the go. 

Durable and Iconic Design:

Next, look for a good design. Wolf’s signature design is a stainless steel body with crimson red knobs. These knobs can be customized in color and style, including a custom bezel material. Most of Wolf’s gas cooking ranges have a gold or silver bezel, but some do feature a platinum bezel. 

But the exterior isn’t all that matters. The interior also makes a difference. In terms of looks, Wolf has a proprietary cobalt blue interior that stands out as a highly mesmerizing interior design. 

You also need to keep in mind the durability of the product. Stainless steel is the right material choice, as it’s not prone to rust and is cheaper than aluminum. 

Power and Control:

Consider how much power the unit takes up. Even on a gas stove, you still need ignition and to keep the oven fans going. Plus, gas costs always count as energy expenses. 

You’ll generally want to avoid induction cooktops if you like to save up on power. Look at the wattage rating of the oven. That’ll tell you how much energy your cooking range is sucking up. 

Consistent Temperature:

Finally, consider how consistent the temperature is throughout the cooking range. There are a few things that contribute to this. The cast-iron grates will be responsible for even the heat distribution on the gas stovetop, which they’ll do perfectly well. 

Inside the oven, the convection fans will decide the level of heat circulation. Ovens that use two or more than two fans will generally have a better heat output. 

Best Wolf Ranges FAQ

Yes, some Wolf range is self-cleaning. However, you need to be wary, as not all ranges have this feature. Look for the features of the product to check if it has a Self-Cleaning mode or not.?

In self-cleaning mode, the oven is left on at a high temperature to burn off any dust and grease. This usually takes care of the dirt, but just in case, it’s a good idea to wipe down the racks. Only do so after the oven has cooled down, though, preferably after an hour.?

Wolf ovens typically take 2 hours to self-clean and need one additional hour for cooling down. The easiest way to enter the cleaning cycle is to touch down the “Enter” button twice.?

To turn off the process, move the bezel to the “Off” position. The door will automatically lock itself for safety purposes.?

All of Wolf’s appliances are made in the USA using the best components available. Each gas and induction stove is made from stainless steel with a cobalt-blue interior and bright, sparkling bezels.


Wolf has a diverse catalog of gas and induction cooktops, and we looked at just 8 of them today. What set them apart from the rest was that each cooktop had its perk, and no clear winner was visible. 

However, for the sake of the comparison, if we had to choose one, it would be the Wolf DF304LP. It’s one of the best Wolf ranges out there and has all the signature Wolf features. It has a gorgeous exterior paired with a cobalt blue interior and ten different operating modes. These modes include Sabbath mode, Self-Cleaning mode, and Proof mode. 

It’s a highly versatile cooking range that has almost no cons. The only con is that the power cord does not come included, common for Wolf ranges. 

Regardless of which cooking range you go for, be sure to check against our buying guide. So, grab your skillet and get cookin’!


Colin Matthews

Colin is a passionate chef by trade and a kitchen nerd on the side. Growing up in the kitchen, Colin has always had a passion for learning the absolute best way to cook a dish. He quickly realized most kitchens have duplicate cookware and small appliances and had to decide which ones were going to be the “keepers” – causing him to take a closer look at all his products.

As it turns out, small differences make a big impact on the experience. Whether it’s how hard you have to press a microwave button, to how long a cast iron skillet stays warm after you turn off the heat, these little difference changed everything.