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If perfection is truly what you desire in kitchen for meat slicing for either home or commercial use, then the BESWOOD Meat Slicer is truly the definition of perfection, its very design lays credence to the revolution it has made in the exquisite art of meat cutting and slicing for both home use and the food industry as a whole, so just why does the BESWOOD Meat slicer gets so much attention?


Less Weight, more convenience

With just only 33 pounds of weight, the BESWOOD Meat Slicer remains a meat cutting powerhouse with exquisite precision, besides this, the BESWOOD Meat Slicer is very mobile and can be moved around effortlessly, thanks to its classy design and well-optimized structural makeup.


No one wants a meat slicer that would disappoint with the slightest mechanical issue, this is why the BESWOOD Meat Slicer gets the thumbs up as its chromium-plated design and aluminum body keeps it rigid and even stronger in spite of being used constantly under heating conditions, making it stay sturdy, ready and dependable for a very long time.


Talk about a meat slicer that has set the bar and is still the bar for rival meat slicing appliances in the food business, the BESWOOD Meat Slicer is everything and more as its Chromium Plated design makes it strong and not susceptible to corrosion damage which is the one mechanical issue that can end most meat slicing appliances, definitely! You would have a meat slicer that would be around for a long time because of its robust design.

Noiseless during usage

Cant hear yourself as you use your meat slicer? Then, you need to see the BESWOOD Meat Slicer in action; it is an absolute wonder as it works its way into every meat, cutting through each in a pristine fashion without the usual cringing noise made by other meat-slicing appliances. This is due to the V-belt feature which sucks in all the noise and also prevents it from vibration.

New innovative features

The BESWOOD Meat Slicer is power packed as it parades a built-in blade sharpener to consistently ensure that the blades are smooth and ready anytime so that it can perform to perfection always, this innovation just goes to show that the BESWOOD Meat Slicer is miles apart from other meat-slicing appliances, therefore ensuring that its users have no reason to manually sharpen the blades and also ensures that it is free from mechanical failure for a long time.


  • Great Edge retention
  • Easy to operate
  • Has a top-mounted whetstone
  • Durable sharp blades
  • Little noise and vibration


  • Not a lightweight
  • Expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course! It has a knob used for adjusting it to your desired shape and size.

Of course! You can choose to be creative and be the first to have a go at it, but other users have tried it to slice deli meat.

The Gouda cheese is usually cold and it definitely will work, you should give it a try!

The Beswood 10 premium meat slicer is certainly going to be a good fit as it is 12 long and 6 wide.

Definitely, the blade is always smooth and sharpened by its inbuilt blade sharpener.

Of Course, it is, it has a wide cutting deck and would fit in just fine.

The design of the BESWOOD Meat Slicer keeps it ready for use anytime and does not need further lubrication.

Definitely, you can always get new tooth blades for it online.

The BESWOOD 10 Premium comes with a built-in sharpening system mechanism that sharpens it before and after use.

Of course! It also comes with a special manual for it.


The BESWOOD Premium is nothing short of amazing for a meat slicer weighing so much less, it is also closely complemented by the extra special features which certainly are the icing on the cake for potential buyers, no wonder it stands head and shoulders above its rival in the kitchen and in the food business world.