The BioLite Kettlepot Outdoor Cooking Pot and Kettle

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If you are two to four campers who are about to do an urgent camping trip, you should consider checking the BioLite Kettlepot Outdoor Cooking Pot and Kettle. This appliance is designed in a way that allows it to serve as a pot and as a kettle. Having a 1.5-liter volume, this device will meet your emergency cookery needs.

It is not always easy to plan a camping or backpacking trip beforehand. Sometimes you do it quickly and it is during this moment that you require a handy cookery device like the BioLite Kettlepot Outdoor Cooking Pot and Kettle. If youre looking for the best camping/backpacking cookware for your home, you should consider the BioLite Kettlepot Outdoor Cooking Pot and Kettle.

It can be ferried and used easily and quickly, and thats what you need when you must do an emergency camping trip. We have featured this item on our list of the best camping/backpacking cookware because of its strong stainless steel construction, non-stick surfaces and the simple fact that it supports urgent camping needs.BioLite Kettlepot Outdoor Cooking Pot and Kettle

It consists of the following pieces:

  • One stainless steel pot
  • One stuff sack
  • One bowl
  • One kettle lid.

Key Features

High-temperature top

This is BPA-free and it is great because you can see everything you are cooking so you can pour it when it is fully cooked. Above all, you will cook using completely safe appliances that are approved for human use.

Silicone seal

This one is designed to allow you to pour liquids without spilling even a small amount of it. This seal will save your time and money in the sense that it reduces wastage.

Ultra-slim stainless steel body

In addition to being long-lasting, this body is also less bulky and safe than any other that is made of anodized aluminum. So it is easy to carry, safe to use and durable and it is all you want to get.

Heat shield

This one is used to block the breeze and contain the flames where they are needed. This promotes faster and comfortable cookery and ensures that you save time.

Vertical cook touch handles

These ones are made for easier handling and pouring of whatever is being cooked. As they dont shake, you can avoid spillage and fully enjoy your cooking.


  • The compact design of this outdoor cooking device simplifies movements and storage as it conserves space.
  • As it is made of stainless steel, the appliance is more long-lasting than similar items made of anodized aluminum.
  • Boasting a dual feature for pouring like an ordinary kettle and cooking just like a usual pot, this product is extremely versatile and useful.
  • It has non-stick surfaces that do not catch stain and so they are easy to clean after cooking a meal.
  • The cooking appliance is super-thin, less bulky, compact and portable. Due to these qualities, it suits campers with urgent plans.


  • The product is only sold to customers living in the United States.
  • There are no extra utensils apart from the pieces we have listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer:It works by resting on a stove, such as the Biolite Wood Burning stove, CookStove, CampStove or Campstove 2, when it is producing fire. Then it transfers that heat to whatever you are cooking within the pot. There are holes at the base of the pot too that enable the fire to vent.

Answer:This BioLite stove only is 5 inches in diameter by 8.25 inches tall. When the kettle pot is nesting inside, the measurements become 5.2 inches in diameter and 10.2inches tall.

Answer:No, this should be highly avoided. There are stoves that the manufacturer has marked as compatible. Just use those.

Answer:Yes, you can do that.

Answer:Yes, you can cook spaghetti as long as you can keep the flame from becoming too high.

Answer:Yes, it is. The remaining system fits inside the pot. There are usually three parts of the system: pot, stove and BBQ grill. These are bought separately.

Answer:Yes, absolutely, the owner marks this one as a compatible stove to use.

Answer:Yes, there is a bag that can hold it as long as everything is safely inside the kettle pot.

Answer:I dont know what the manufacturer says but I have put it in the dishwasher before.


This seems like a super convenient cookware set. The kettle pot pours like a kettle and cooks like a pot, allowing you to carry just one lightweight parcel. If you are going on an urgent camping trip, then consider getting this product as it will support your cookery needs while away. We think it is one of the best cooksets for those looking to do emergency backpacking trips.