Black Decker GD2011B

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[toc] Electric griddles can definitely help you to cook your favorite breakfast very easily and that too very quickly. To do that you need to find a griddle, which is not only big enough but also it needs to have better heating and temperature control options. One such best electric griddle is Black Decker GD2011B. This griddle looks very good on the paper but it is important to analyze whether it is the best or not.

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Key Features

Family-sized electric griddle

Black Decker GD2011B is a big electric griddle. It has a better surface with better edges. Total cooking area available is good engorged a family as it is of area 200.00 square inches. As the surface is very even and has a rectangular design, it is relatively easy to cook most of your favorite food and breakfast. It is also possible to cook 8 servings of food

Even and faster heat

When you have a griddle, which is flat and smooth you expect it to give a better heating output. This electric griddle has higher input power and this results in faster conductivity. When the surface heats up quickly, the heat will transfer to other parts of the griddle in an even manner. As a result of this, you will notice even cooking. You will not burn your pancakes.

Nonstick cooking surface

Providing a pre-seasoned and polished griddle is a good thing for every household. This griddle has a large surface with better Nonstick coating. As it is made from cast iron and has even coating, the Nonstick property will last long for sure. Surface feelings thick but smooth. This is an indication that the material used is of good quality.

Click and Lock Thermostat and Cool Touch Handles

This electric griddle has a slightly unique design with click and lock design of thermostat. It is interesting to see whether the lock last long. However, with its temperature settings, cooking becomes very easy. If the temperature gets too hot and you cannot touch the handle, then don’t worry handles have insulation from heat. As a result, handles will be cool.

Removal drip tray and immersing base

If there is an excess amount of food or material, this grid has a drip tray, which will remove the excess amount for you. It has LED indicators to show the progress as well. When you finish cooking you can just place the griddle in water for cleaning as the bottom part of the griddle is immersible in water.


  • Light indicators quickly alert you regarding progress.
  • Made of very strong, reliable material of cast iron.
  • The cooking surface is convenient as it has 200.00 square inches of cooking space.
  • Features a good drip tray to absorb or catch the excess drippings when you are cooking.
  • Decent temperature or heat control system.
  • Drip tray of the griddle is easy to remove for cleaning.
  • Features a cool touch handle for better safety.
  • The temperature or heat control system can be detached, which allows cleaning of the griddles main cooking body in your dishwasher.
  • Comes with the company 2 years limited warranty guarantee.
  • The surface is highly non-stick as it is coated.


  • A bit on the heavy side as there are some plastic components.
  • Features some decent plastic components but they are breakable.

Frequently Asked Questions

[mks_toggle title=”Does this work with 230 v input?” state=”close “]No. It will work on 110 v to 120v.[mks_toggle title=” Can I replace my drip tray?” state=”close “] Yes. Call the number  1-800-231-9786.[mks_toggle title=”How is the quality of the handle?” state=”close “]Kind of mediocre. But heat insulation is good.[mks_toggle title=”Is this easy to carry?” state=”close “]It is heavy and big. Hard to carry if you don’t have the original box.[mks_toggle title=”Can I remove the base?” state=”close “]Yes. You can even wash it separately.[mks_toggle title=”Does this have a nontoxic coating?” state=”close “] Yes. It is free from toxic materials.[mks_toggle title=”What is the total guarantee?” state=”close “]It has 2 years guarantee.[mks_toggle title=”My family has 8 members. Is this big enough for us?” state=”close “]Yes. It’ll be perfect for your family.[mks_toggle title=”What is the size of this griddle?” state=”close “]This griddle is large with 10 X 20 cooking space.[mks_toggle title=”Is it 700-watt electric griddle?” state=”close “]No. This griddle can take 120 v input and a 500-watt power.


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