BLACK & DECKER Lightweight Hand Mixer White

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With Black and Decker, the user gets what he has paid for and the cash is justified, despite all the trouble. This Hand Mixer is a decent decision for customary utilization since it can play out an assortment of undertakings. The 175-watt engine powers two expert style beaters and the five mixing speeds complete any task rapidly, from basic treat hitters to pizza dough and cake blends, one can get nearly anything from this apparatus.

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Key Features

Professional Style Beaters

The strong beaters work through a wide range of hitters, sauces, and dough. Removable for simple dishwasher cleaning. Had great power and functions admirably, the beaters that accompany it are doing great, however, will likely need supplanting. They could be bowed to some degree effectively, however, other than that, great item for the cash.


The Black and Decker Lightweight Hand Mixer is a light gauge hand mixer, having a mass of 1.1 pounds. This makes it reasonable, notwithstanding for older operators that are unable to grip the heavy apparatus. This mixer lessens the weight on the wrists and does not cause abundance arm weakness. Additionally, the object is not chrome or treated steel, it is plastic, consequently, it is not overwhelming, not normal for different mixers that are substantially outside.

175 Watts Power

Black and Decker MX1500W Hand Mixer drives control for mixing, circulating air through, whipping and beating undertakings starting a 175-watt engine, it is sufficiently amazing to beat solidified Shea margarine into a rich and smooth blend.

5 Speeds with Turbo Boost

The hand mixer has 5 changed speed settings, which are appropriate for an assortment of tasks. The slower ones at first handle the soft combination of waterless fixings, staying away from a wreck on the floor or kitchen ledge. The extra highlights incorporate a heel rest and bowl that enable the client to relax the mixer amid readiness, devoid of causing drippings of the blend everywhere.

Heel and Bow Rest

The heel point of the mixer is intended to lay up standing on the counter or sit on the edge of the bowl.

Comfort Grip

The lightweight mixer includes an ergonomic hold for agreeable activity. The lightweight, truly has any kind of effect, you will normally just utilize a stand-mixer and abhorred hand-mixers in light of the fact that your arms would get so worn out, however at times you need an additional mixer. This mixer is light to the point that your arms never get sore and the power-completion astounded most users, given its weight.


  • The professional beaters are durable
  • Ergonomic grip for comfortable operation
  • Prevents arm fatigue
  • Good speed and power
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • Turbo boost option for the toughest mixing tasks
  • It is durable.


  • The product weight is light
  • It has no snap or full storage case.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no snap on or full storage case for this hand mixer model. No, it is not. Yes, it is. This model features a 20% slower speed for better controls. No, this model does not have room for cord retraction. It has 5-speed settings. No, it is only AC corded. Press and hold down the speed control. This hand mixer does not have cord storage. However, to secure the cords, you can coil it in loops. This hand mixer comes with 2 beaters. Check on the Black & Decker website.


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