Black Decker TR1400SB best 4 slice toaster

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Toasters are hard to handle as they are prone to wear and tear. The mechanics of toaster is very simple yet the failure rate is higher if the mechanism and the material used does not have the quality. When you search the best 4 slice toaster, you will see Black Decker TR1400SB in your search list. It has a decent blend of features and durability. Let’s see whether it has what you need.

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Key Features

Twice the toasting

Single toaster with two slice toasting is a time-consuming process. This toaster has the double capacity so that you can use 4 slots to toast your bread slices very easily. The slots are wide enough to cover all kinds of bread and pastry. Two slots are placed together with the control option. With 4 slot toasting mechanics, it has a faster toasting rate.

Dual control systems

It is not feasible to use dual control systems in a toaster as it might lead to high cost. However, Black Decker TR1400SB is an exception to that as it has dual control setting systems for both sides of the toaster. You can set different toasting shade using these controls. The self-centering slots will assist in getting perfect and desired toasting levels.

Auto Eject Tray

This toaster includes a crumb tray, which ejects automatically. This is really good because the crumbs will not spread all over the kitchen. It not only allows you to maintain the kitchen clean but also the toaster will not get jammed because of residues and crumbs leftover because of toasting.

Storage system for retractable cord

Lengthy wires or cord is important as you can use the toaster anywhere in the kitchen. But, it leads to tangle and increased space. With retractable cord, you can just use the toaster by pulling the cord. After the use just leave the cord as the cord gets retracted. You can store the cord in the storage space. This will make it compact as it saves a lot of space.

Durable and heavy

As it has two control settings in both analog and digital form, the toaster feels a little heavy. The material used is Brushed stainless steel. This gives the toaster its durability factor. The design is very good with the right aesthetics. The placement of crumb tray, four toaster slots and control systems are designed and placed in to give easy to use and control feel.


  • Easy to understand and use interface.
  • Excellent design aesthetics.
  • Dual control setup for both side of this toaster.
  • Extra wide toast slots to cater to different sizes of the bread and pastry.
  • Removable crumb tray is placed on two sides of this toaster.
  • Durable Aluminum body with a stainless steel texture and finish.
  • Both digital and analog control systems.
  • Settings are provided to control or get the right shade of inserted toast.
  • The power cord is retractable and it helps in excellent space management.


  • Quite heavy.
  • No warranty, guarantee mentioned clearly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. It has both analog and digital controls.

No. This toaster works with a 110-120 v input supply.

Unfortunately no. They could have provided a beeping sound for better progress tracking. However, it has an auto eject lever so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Yes. With the adjustment button, you can adjust it.

Not more than 2 minutes.

Around 30 inches.

Yes. The mechanical ejector ejects it in the perfect spot so that you can remove it easily.

All toasters give you results sometimes, which looks uneven. Most of the time the toasting results are good.

It is underneath the toaster. Easy to pull and use design.

The outside body remains cool even if you use it for longer periods of time.


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