Carbona Biodegradable Oven Cleaner

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[toc] One of the biggest advantages of online shopping is you can read reviews of the product and then you can purchase. But, with increased e-commerce competition, many companies use fake reviews to get attention. So, we have brought you a competitor in the best oven cleaner and it is named as the Carbona Biodegradable Oven Cleaner. The main question is, is it a good contender. Let’s evaluate.
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Biodegradable and Non-toxic

This should be the number one feature in an oven cleaner as the harmful chemicals will have a negative effect on the health. The Carbona Biodegradable Oven Cleaner is a Biodegradable cleaner, which is not harmful. It does not have highly acidic chemicals in it. This makes it a better competitor. Can it be the best? Let’s look at other features.

Effective and Fume Free Gel

The texture of the gel is not too watery or not too thick. This makes it a better gel for cleaning the oven in an effective manner. Fume-free gels react with the stain in a better way, giving perfect lather and density. With SCS certification, this product has definitely placed itself in the range of affordable products.

Comes with a Spray Nozzle

This is a great feature to have as you can easily control the amount of gel you are applying for cleaning. It was made in Germany and it is considered as the first Biodegradable Oven Cleaner, which actually cleans the stains effectively.


The design of the bottle is really good. The bottom part is pretty flat with good plastic material. The nozzle and the spray handles are mounted at the right distance. The top is narrow with blue and white coloring. It has a long pipe inside to pump the gel in the right amount.

Perfect for Oven

The oven needs a little bit of extra care as detergents may ruin the borders. As this is gentle, it can be used for all kinds of ovens including self-cleaning ovens. However, they could have provided a pad or scrubber along with the bottle.


  • The first working biodegradable oven cleaner
  • It can help you to finish the cleaning very easily
  • Nozzle drops the perfect amount and helps in applying gel
  • It is fumes free and Non-toxic
  • The price listing is perfect


  • Jamming of the nozzle is an issue
  • ?You need to apply it multiple times for better results
  • Can help in cleaning but the time it consumes is high

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this product does not come include scrubber. It is an oven cleaning gel, which has a spray nozzle for better control over liquid spray on the oven. If you want you can. If you don’t, still this gel works well enough to clean the oven without leaving any residue. A little bit of heat will help in removing the stains quickly. No. The gel is consistent. So no need to worry. No need to take too much care. Use this the way you use it for normal ovens. No. The formula used in this gel has a perfect blend, which allows you to clean porcelain surfaces. In general, 5 minutes is the optimal time. But, you need to do it a few times before you see the satisfactory result as the gel is not too acidic in nature. It is a gel. But not a thick gel like hair gels. It is perfectly balanced. You can buy a spray on the market. If you have an old bottle, then you can replace it. But you Yes. It is dishwasher friendly. You can spray a little bit amount of the liquid a few times to get better results. Not much. Most of the chemicals have corrosion but this is an exception to that. ?


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