Cast Elegance Pizza Stone

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The idea of having a freshly cooked cheesy pizza on your barbecue, in the backyard, where your family and friends are eagerly waiting for the homemade pizza! The thought itself sounds so amazing. Well, with such a wonderful thought, you shouldn’t go wrong with your pizzas. So for that slightly smoky, cheesy and crispy crusty pizza base, you must have a pizza stone which works wonders on your grill or barbeque. In that case, you definitely should try the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone. Your backyard barbeque pizza parties will be fun-filled and the family and guests will definitely go crazy over the pizzas made by you on this Cast Elegance Pizza Stone. The crispy crust pizza base is the signature of this brand. With this amazing pizza stone, set yourself free and don’t just limit the pizza baking experience to your kitchen oven. You can enjoy beautiful weather out in the garden, baking some yummy, delicious, lip-smacking pizzas over this pizza stone. To buy the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone, let’s get to know the key features of this wonderful appliance.


Key Features:

Cordierite Material:

Since this pizza stone is made up of cordierite claystone, you really need not to worry about the durability as the cordierite material is known for this particular property. This material helps retain more heat offering greater strength to the pizza stone. The pizza stone will not crack even at high temperatures.

Thermarite Cover:

The Cast Elegance Pizza Stone is coated with a Thermarite cover over the cordierite material. This coating adds special features to the pizza stone like high heat retention up to 2000F, absorb more moisture from the pores and greater heat transference to bake food with the best crust. The Thermarite cover gives the strength as this pizza stone is specially engineered to last longer.

No Smell Upon Heating:

Unlike a few other Pizza stones, this stone does not produce bad odor upon heating.

Can Be Used In Ovens Or On The Grills:

The pizza stone is designed in such a way that it works the best even when used with oven or on the grill, be it charcoal or gas.


The pizza stone is 16 inches in diameter, which can fit in any standard oven or on the grill.

Round Shape:

The round shape of the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone helps in even baking of the gourmet pies. The heat radiates from the center to outwards, cooking the center first so that your pizzas aren’t soggier at the center.

FDA Certified:

This pizza stone is certified by the US FDA and other international food safety organizations, rendering it safe for use.


The Cast Elegance Pizza Stone weighs around 8.6 pounds.


The thickness of the stone comes around ? inches, which helps good heat retention and the pizzas get cooked faster in the batches.

Scraper and Recipe EBook:

Along with the pizza stone, you will receive a scrapper of 4 by 5 as a bonus and a complimentary recipe eBook to try different recipes on this pizza stone.


  • Certified by FDA, European, US, and German Food Code
  • High durability
  • Ready to use
  • Creates the best crispy crusts
  • Lacks odor
  • Includes a scraper, manual and recipe E-book
  • Well packaged


  • Takes long to heat up on charcoal

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: The Cast Elegance Pizza Stone does not need any kind of seasoning prior to use as it is already seasoned and ready to use. The Thermarite coat comes seasoned with oil.

Ans: The stone can be scraped off for any residue with the scrapper that comes along with this stone and then wipe it with a damp cloth. In case of stubborn residues, soak the stone in plain water, no soap water, and the residue will come out on its own. Do not dish wash the stone.

Ans: There is no harm in cutting the pizza after baking, while still on the stone. That will not crack the stone.

Ans: The pizza stone will not crack when exposed to high temperatures as it is made up of Cordierite material. The chances of cracking are there only if it falls from a height.


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