CDN DOT2 thermometer

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Spending a lot of money on an oven thermometer might not be a good idea if you after a decent thermometer, which has enough features to assist you in cooking. With the low price, the CDN DOT2 thermometer has good features, which makes it a better value for money thermometer if not the best oven thermometer. Priced not more than $5 it has similar features provides by a $10 thermometer.

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Key Features

NSF certified with better range measurements

NSF certification ensures that the product has better accuracy, durability and compatible for the oven and other equipment where temperature measurement is necessary. This thermometer has a temperature range from 150 degrees Fahrenheit to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

Big display with easy to read dial

When you place the thermometer in the oven, because of the lid and temperature inside you might not see the readings clearly. In CDN DOT2 thermometer, the manufacturer has provided a big display and dials are vivid enough so that you can see the readings clearly. At this price point, the size is really a big factor and company have taken this into consideration while designing.

High Durability with 304-grade stainless steel

As this product is a low-cost device you might think that the thermometer will have a lower quality glass and material. To our surprise, it has a good quality glass with clear optics. The 304-grade stainless steel is very good for the price but not the best. Glass can withstand high temperature and it will provide better longevity for sure.

Two-way mounting design with a target range indication

Sometimes, the oven will not have enough place to place your thermometer in the middle. Sometimes, there will be enough place and you place the thermometer in the middle. Because of this, the designers have opted for two-way mounting. Either you can hang the thermometer or you can just place it on even surface inside the thermometer.

Comes with five years warranty and dual measurements

Even though this is a budget thermometer, it has five years warranty. They have given readings and measurements in both degree Fahrenheit and degree Celsius scale. You can use any of the methods to read the scale and it is universally compatible. The markings are distinct and clear on the dial.


  • The package of the product contains two same thermometers.
  • Easily affordable.
  • Features a big or large dial, which is a little more than 2 inches.
  • Well-marked reading scale for the better and even more precise and accurate readings.
  • Has a big and wide base, which allows you to place it on the oven rocks comfortably.
  • Also comes with a fitted hook, which allows you to easily hang it.
  • Made of quality steel for an enhanced and sturdiness with high durability.
  • Has both ?F and ?C scales.
  • NSF certified.


  • Some readings were off by a couple of degrees.
  • The scale has improper calibration and slightly off the mark.

Frequently Asked Questions

[mks_toggle title=”Does this have an external reader?” state=”close “] No. [mks_toggle title=”Is there a pre-calibration?” state=”close “] Yes. [mks_toggle title=”How can I recalibrate it?” state=”close “] There is no way unless you remove the dial and manually calibrate it. [mks_toggle title=”What to do when the dial is stuck?” state=”close “] Give it a tap and try to reuse it after it cools down. If nothing works, then replace. [mks_toggle title=”Is there a waterproof coating or sealing?” state=”close “] No. At this cost it is hard or near to impossible to find an oven thermometer with waterproof sealing or coating. [mks_toggle title=”Can I use them on a charcoal grill?” state=”close “] Yes. You can use them on a charcoal grill as this product has strong glass. But, the problem is the flames may damage the product. [mks_toggle title=”What is the degree Celsius ratings?” state=”close “] Typically, it is from 70 degrees to 280 degrees. This is enough for most of the kitchen operations. [mks_toggle title=”Can I buy an extra hanger for them from the same manufacturer?” state=”close “] No. You can find a hard chain in the market as it is not hard to find an extension for oven thermometer. [mks_toggle title=”How reliable is the output?” state=”close “] Most of the times it is accurate but occasionally there will be a reading, which will be a couple of degrees off from the actual reading. [mks_toggle title=”What are the other models from the same manufacturer?” state=”close “] You can buy other models such as CDN POT750X, CDN MOT1, CDN EOT1. They have different design and specifications.


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