CDN DTC450 Candy Thermometer

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If youre looking for the best modern candy thermometer, then the CDN DTC450 is your best bet. It is not only appealing to the eye, but it also makes you enjoy your task of measuring the temperature of the candy being prepared. This thermometer will help you ensure you do not have to wonder ever again, whether you have undercooked or overcooked your candy.

Key Features


The CDN DTC450 has a solid clip that allows you to attach it to your pot or cooking container without the thermometer sliding around. The probe is adjustable to fit pans of varying heights, which means it is deep enough to work in the pot you are likely to use, even if it is a 7-qt pot.

Dual-Temperature display

With the CDN DTC450, you dont need to memorize the temperature at which your candy will be okay. This candy thermometer allows you to input your target temperature and fixes it on the display while showing the current temperature instantly at the same time.


With 304-grade stainless steel, you can be rest-assured of durability where the CDN DTC 450 is concerned. This means you dont have to worry about it getting damaged after an accidental drop in the kitchen.

Thin tip technology

The measurement is taken by a very thin tip that wont intrude in your cooking. This means you dont have to worry about something bulky disturbing the sacred peace of your cooking pan.

Protection against bacterial contamination

With the CDN DTC 450, all you sometimes need is to wipe it clean with a damp cloth, you are allowed to also use soap. The thermometer is manufactured with BioCote. This means as long as you clean and store it properly, you can put your mind at ease regarding fears of food-borne microbes growing on it or bacterial cross-contamination.


  • Features up to 7 pre-programmed candy temperature settings.
  • Features dual progress display technology. I.e. Shows target temperature as well as the current temperature.
  • Comes equipped with a sound alert system.
  • Fitted with a heat shield for the thermometer heads safety.
  • Made by a reputable manufacturer.
  • Well-calibrated for accurate readings.
  • Made of high-grade quality stainless steel.
  • Features technology to lower the risk of contamination and maintain hygiene.
  • Can measure very high temperatures.
  • Designed to take very fast and accurate readings i.e., insta-read technology.


  • Features a rater high markup price.
  • Feels quite bulky.
  • Batteries need maintenance for continued accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to take the CDN DTC450 with you to space. It will work. However, you should note that the temperature requirements for your cooking will differ, as the barometric pressure on earth is not the same as that in space.

The alarm on the CDN DTC450 only sounds whenever it reaches the maximum temperature. This is a great feature as your attention gets drawn and you know you have to go watch what youre cooking before it reaches your intended temperature. This helps you avoid wastage.

Yes, you need to put water for about 2 into the container for the thermometer to measure accurately. It seems this thermometer is designed more for large-scale cooking than for small-scale. It still works in either condition though, you might just need to tilt the cooking pan to ensure part of the thermometer is somewhat covered.

You can buy and use 2 small round L1154F batteries and put them in it. You can always get this at any electronics store, pharmacy, supermarket, and so on.

It is advisable you just use it for candy as it is a candy thermometer. However, with the temperature range the CDN DTC450 provides, the thermometer can withstand the heat of frying.

You can clean the stem of the thermometer using soapy water.

You are advised to not submerge it into the water, apart from the metal tip.

You can do this by holding the set button down. This is one of the beauties of this candy thermometer.

Unfortunately, this model only measures in whole numbers.

Yes the CDN DTC450 is made with mercury being one of the materials.


The CDN DTC450 is a very awesome modern thermometer with its various features. The price and size might try to stand against it, but in all, it should give you all you need in a candy thermometer.