Chefs Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

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If you want to buy an all-purpose and top-grade best knife sharpen then you need to open your wallet a little bit. Low-cost sharpeners do not work well for long term use. Chefs Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener is definitely the best electric knife sharpener when it comes to the technology and material used. For better understanding, let’s analyze.

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Key Features

Trizor Edges with 15XV Technology

Chef’s Choice knife sharpener has Trizor edges placed in a strong metal fiber housing to provide high durability and strength. This allows the user to sharpen all kinds of knives including military grade knives. The edges will give a smoother finish to the dull knives in a few minutes.

Single Level or Double Level Sharpening

The sharpener has a different knife sharpening housings. You can use these housing to give your knife a sharper finishing angle. You can use a single level or double level sharpening with 15 degrees of sharpening.

Three Stage Sharpener with High Durability

As there are three housing, you can sharpen the knife in three stages. This allows your dull knife to go through layered sharpening. One stage sharpening might break the knife but three stage sharpening will not have such angled pressure on the knife. This will keep your knife in good condition unless your knife is very weak.


There are three important things. The sharpener has three stages. In the first two stages, it has diamond abrasive with canonical disks. In the third stage, it has flexible abrasive with stripping disk system. It has strong housing, which does not vibrate much when the sharpener is structuring the knife.

Electric Stability

Even though this is an electric knife sharpener, it has three years of warranty. Even its Razor Sharpe blades are very strong and give stability to the different stages. Faster sharpening means more force. However, it includes a stable canonical disk to provide better output.


  • It Sharpens straight, uneven and serrated knife
  • Advanced patented flawless flexible guides
  • True edge Ultra sharp Trizor 15oXV technology
  • Very Easy to handle and use
  • Best value for your money
  • Durability is High


  • A bit on the heavier side
  • High price considering its housing

Frequently Asked Questions

It is designed to work with 110 v input supply.

If the knife has an angle of 15 degrees or 20 degrees you can easily use it to Sharpen it. The condition is it should not be a ceramic knife.

It is pretty strong and there was not much of vibration when the surface of the knife was not even.

Yes. You can skip the stages based on your requirement. Only an experienced knife sharpener will use this sharpener and skip stages based on knife dullness.

Yes. Without a worry in the world, this sharpener will Sharpen your pairing knife in minutes. Use differed stages for better sharpening results.

It has different stages. First supports 15 degrees and others support 20 degrees. When it comes to 30 degrees, the grinder converts your 30-degree knife to 20-degree knife.

Yes. You can replace the grinder of this product. You can take the product to their service center and they will replace the old grinder with a new one. Cost depends on the warranty and the type of grinder you choose.

No. Scissors are slightly different compared to the knife as they have different blade design and thickness. It is not recommended to Sharpen Ceramic knives or any kinds of scissors in it.

Yes. When it is giving 15 degrees of sharpening, you should not worry about sharpening your knife at 30 degrees.

It comes with three years of limited warranty. Read the warranty terms and conditions before you buy this product. As the warranty is limited there will be some catches such as no physical damages will be covered etc.


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