Chefs Star Professional Grade Stainless Steel Cookware, 17-Piece Set Review

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If you are looking for the most versatile stainless-steel cookware set for your home, consider the 17-piece Chefs Star Professional Grade Stainless Steel Cookware Set. Read this review to understand why this amazing set is the best cookware set for variety.

Chefs Star Professional Grade Stainless Steel Cookware, 17-Piece Set Review

Key Features

The ultimate variety

This is the very best stainless-steel cookware set when it comes to variety in cooking processes, different amounts, and modes of cooking. The set contains amazing 17 pieces. Each piece is different and carefully designed to meet the needs of a modern, large family. Actually, this 17-piece set can be used by professionals as well. It offers everything a chef needs. Once you choose this set, additional utensils and accessories are not required, as Chefs thought of literally everything. The set contains 2 frying pans, 2 saucepans, a casserole, a slotted spatula, spaghetti boiling basket, a stock pot, 2 cooking forks, additional helping handle, a saut pan and matching lids.

High-quality materials

Each piece of the set has high quality 18/8 stainless steel. It is this type of steel that is responsible for the extra durability of this superb set.

Impact-bonded aluminum base

Each vessel has the impact-bonded aluminum base. This enables even heat distribution, saves your energy, regardless of the stove type you are using, prevents the formation of hot-spots and food burning, and, in the end, leads to evenly cooked, healthy food. As it does not require high temperatures, the cooking process will not eliminate valuable nutrients. Medium heat and just a little bit of oil or grease are all you need.

Oven, refrigerator and dishwasher-safe

All parts of this cookware set are dishwasher and oven-safe. The handles have a high-quality satin finish which enables a good grip, washing in the dishwasher and use in the oven. The maximum temperature the set can endure is 550 degrees Fahrenheit. The set is completely suitable for using in the refrigerator too. Storing your food in this way will not diminish its quality, form, nor smell, as the lids provide a tight grip to the pot/pan.

Tempered glass lids

Transparent lids allow you to check and control the cooking process, level of water, and the color of your meal without opening the lid. This is especially important for dishes which require a constant temperature.

Good for different cooking surfaces

This set is suitable for use on different cooktops, infrared, induction, and electric stoves, as well as on ceramic surfaces.

Durable and scratch-free

A durable, dent-free and scratch-free cookware set is important if you are buying a lifetime product. Otherwise, constant dishwasher or hand-washing will damage your set and you will probably be unsatisfied with its appearance after several years. As this is a unique, 17-piece set, durability and scratch-resistance are very important features.


  • Ergonomic design: the lids, handles and the vessels themselves are designed with special attention to the ergonomics, providing extra-easy handling and super-grip.
  • High-quality lids: transparent, glass lids have vents and match all vessels.
  • Freezer-safe: good for storing your dishes in a safe way. Super-grip lids prevent air from entering the vessel.
  • Limited Lifetime warranty.
  • Good for electric, induction, gas, and ceramic stoves. Oven-safe.
  • Lightweight: due to the aluminum base, the vessels are lightweight.


  • None of the vessels have the non-stick feature, whatsoever. Use of small amounts of oil or grease is recommended.
  • Cleaning is rather difficult if the food sticks to the base.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer:Yes. The set can be used on a variety of cooking surfaces, including the electric one.

Answer:Yes, the set is safe for oven-use, up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

Answer:Yes, it does. One of the greatest benefits of using impact-bonded technology is reduced cooking time and even heat distribution.

Answer:No. The aluminum core is located between the two stainless-steel layers. There is no contact between the food and aluminum.

Answer:Yes. All parts of the set are dishwasher safe, including the lids.

Answer:There are two frying pans, an 8-inch, and a 9.5-inch pan. Saucepans have 1.6-quart and 2.5-quart capacities. The casserole has the 4.25-quart capacity. The stock pot is rather large. It has an 8.6-quart capacity. The saut pan has a 5.5-quart capacity.


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