Cook N Home Ceramic Nonstick NC-00359 10-piece Cookware Set Review

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If you desire a good quality ceramic cookware set under the budget category, then Cook N Home Ceramic Nonstick 10-piece Cookware Set is your ideal choice. This versatile product consistently offers a reliable cooking performance. We have compiled a review of this favorite ceramic cookware set as below.

Cook N Home Ceramic Nonstick NC-00359 10-piece Cookware Set Review

Key Features


The cookware set comprises a sturdy casserole and saucepans featuring twin-handles. The handles are heat resistant rubber material that makes handling during cooking easy. The casserole is 3-quart, while the two pans have are 1- and 2-quarts respectively. Further, the Dutch oven pot has a capacity of 5-quarts. The frying pans diameters are 8-inches and 9.5-inches respectively. The sizes are convenient for a mid-sized family.

Heat Retention

Furthermore, Cook N Home ceramic cookware set has a high heat conductive aluminum casing that helps disperse heat evenly all over the cooking pan. It allows uniform cooking not only from the bottom of the vessel but through the sides as well. Further, the covers fit tightly over the pots, preventing heat escape.


Another important feature of this average price cooking set is efficiency. The see-through glazed cover allows inspection of cooking progress without opening the top, hence no heat is unnecessarily lost. The safety seal on the lid prevents food from burning, hence allows food to cook quickly and economically. Further, non-stick property eliminates food residue build-up, allowing for easy cleaning after cooking.

Healthy cooking

Healthy cooking is made possible through the steam cook feature. The food continues to slowly simmer even after switching off the flame. As such, the method helps retain food flavor and natural taste when compared to other methods of cooking.


This versatile set is ideal for all types of stovetops, except induction plates. Furthermore, the cooking set has all the pieces you require for normal kitchen operations. They include two-piece saucepots, casserole, Dutch oven, and two-piece frying pans. The pots come with matching lids.

Design and durability

The set features superb ceramic craft. The handles are firmly fitted to provide added safety when handling pots. The aluminum crusting and fine grade ceramic materials blend well to enhance its durability. The rims enable mess-free cooking experience.


  • The innovative even heat distribution enables equal and fast cooking and heating process.
  • The handles are made of soft but heat-resistant rubber, hence no need for protection cloth.
  • Non-stick inner surface maintains the natural food nutrients during food preparation and cooking process.
  • Three-ply surface combining aluminum and ceramic provides excellent heat conductivity.
  • Great value for money.
  • Easy to clean.
  • The cover rims and the pot rims are synchronized for a perfect fit, hence retain aroma and heat better.
  • The see-through glass lids allow for convenient cooking.
  • Limited 30-day return against manufacturing defects.


  • It does not work on an induction heater.
  • Not suitable for a dishwasher.
  • Only shipped within the USA
  • No warranty issued

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer:The cookware set is ideal for gas, electric and oven cooking. However, it is not suitable for induction plates.

Answer:Yes, you can stack the pots. However, use cloth protection between the stacks to prevent dents and scrapping of the pieces.

Answer:The set is not safe for dishwasher use. Avoid washing the cookware set in the dishwater to prevent damage.

Answer:The exterior gloss finish is delicate, hence avoid rubbing the items against other pieces of porcelain. The inner non-stick film is also sensitive to abrasive detergents. Use only warm water and gentle cleansers to clean it. No suitable for stacking to avoid scratches.

Answer:You dont require any special utensils for stirring the pots. You can use wooden, bamboo, plastic, silicone or rubber cooking utensils. However, do not use metal implements inside the delicate non-stick internal coating. They could scratch the surfaces and damage your cooking set. Silicone and rubber based utensils are perfect due to their high heat resistance.


Despite its limited warranty, Cook N Home ceramic nonstick cookware set is still favored by many users. Its robustness makes it a durable cooking set. Further, the secure lids and firm handle enhance cooking safety. The transparent lids allow for better cooking while saving energy. Finally, the non-stick filming and glossy outer case make the cleaning and maintenance easy.