Craft Wok Carbon Steel Pow Wok

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Not all Chinese materials are cheap. Many people struggle to cook Chinese food in their frying pans because of their size and shape. Craft Wok Carbon Steel Pow Wok is the best carbon steel pan available in the market with Chinese traditional design. The pan has everything in it from a good design to strong material.


Large cooking area

If you go to any Chinese restaurants, you will see one frying pan like this. The pan is large in its diameter and you can cook anything, which can fill your familys tummy. It is good for restaurants but if you want to cook for your family in a single pan then this is the best pan.

Wooden and Steel Handle

Not many carbon steel pans have this feature. This pan comes with a medium sized handle, which has both steel and wooden part. The wooden part is really good and it does not slip out of your hand. The look of this pan gives Chinese restaurant feeling.


With 1.8 mm thickness or 15 gauge, this frying pan is of commercial grade. The pan is very dark and handle is well fitted onto the steel. As it is hand hammered pan, the quality is good. You can even feel it by just holding it in your hands. Durability is not an issue.


Lower diameter of the pan is very less. As you go up the diameter increases. It has a semi hemisphere design to it. Steel and a wooden portion of the handle do not create any problem in holding. It is interesting to see if they launch all steel handle with better handle design. 

Nonstick and Stir Fry Carbon Pan

Like all the other premium pans on the market, this pan is also nonstick. Even the seasoning ability of the pan is decent. This pan is perfect for the stir fry as the large diameter helps you in holding the ingredients together. The depth of the pan is really good and you can even make a sauce in it.


  • Pans wooden handle perfect and does not slip
  • Great for the stir fry
  • Perfectly Priced
  • Large cooking diameter
  • You can even make soups and steam vegetables
  • Good for open fire cooking
  • Asian design with a traditional handle
  • Well built


  • Not compatible with flat Cooktops
  • Suited for large volumes of cooking

Frequently Asked Questions

Just unscrew the rivets and thats it. After removing the handle you can even season it in the oven. The oven can give you better assistance in the seasoning process.

It is a commercial grade pan. The heat conduction ability is really great. It can withstand a high degree of temperature easily.

The wooden part of the handle will keep you safe do not worry. The steep part can get a little hot but it is not an issue.

There are plenty. You can search in local markets or online. You will find many. But pick a lid with a large diameter as the pan has a large diameter.

Yes, you can use it. Bottom diameter is on the lower side but the heat conduction is good. So you can use this on the Charcoal grill without any worry.

It is a Chinese traditional pan. It weighs higher than other pans out there. It weighs around 4.6 pounds.

Follow the instruction on the leaflet. For better seasoning, let the pan temperature reach a high level. Then wipe it and season it with oil. Do it several times so that the pan can get the perfect nonstick property.

No, there is not. Sometimes, the acidic ingredients may react with rust and give you some odor.

Not sure. But most of them are with this design.

It is around 3.9 inches, which is good for cooking, isnt it?


Chinese Craft Wok Carbon Steel Pow Wok is worth all the hype it is getting. The pan is perfectly designed to fry everything. If you are after Chinese food you should have this. With its built quality, handle, shape and price point it is the best carbon steel pan from China.