Crock Pot CSC051 Express Multi Cooker Review

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Multi cookers are good for many different meals, but not each multi cooker can turn you into a professional meat chef. If you are looking for a device like that, Crock Pot CSC051 Express Multi Cooker is your best option. It is good for all kinds of meat, including large, thick pieces, a whole chicken or a whole, smaller turkey. Let?s take a look at all the pros and cons of this model.

Crock Pot CSC051 Express Multi Cooker Review

Key Features

Set of 4 pieces

Crock Pot CSC051 Express Multi Cooker comes with some useful accessories that will make your food preparation much easier. These include a stirring spoon designed especially for this cooker. It will not damage the inner surface. Secondly, there is an additional steam rack which enables preparing two meals at the same time and an inspirational recipe book.

Excellent for meat browning

As this multi cooker by Crock Pot is designed mainly for preparing all kinds of meat in different ways, meat browning is a piece of cake for this device. The cooker?s perfect heat and steam control systems lead to impeccable, delicious meat, every time!

Perfect for slow cooking

Crock Pot is famous for its slow cookers. This multi-cooker has an amazing slow cooker option. Its 5.6-L capacity can handle the whole chicken or other large pieces of meat surrounded by lots of veggies. Programmable cooking time, as well as the ?keep warm? option, enable maximum flexibility.


Timer with a delay time is perfect for busy people who don?t want to order food or eat in a restaurant every day. Set your timer delay, put the ingredients into the pot, choose the ?keep warm? option and enjoy your food whenever you want!

8 kg-weight

This multi-cooker is rather heavy. This is one of its flaws, but sturdy and durable materials, structure and lots of options, as well as its meat-oriented nature dictate such weigh.


  • Energy-saving
  • Time-saving
  • Excellent heat distribution
  • Best choice for preparing meat
  • Slow cooking option
  • Pressure cooking option
  • Steaming option
  • Browning meat option
  • Has 12 pre-set programs
  • Has a 5.6-L capacity
  • Comes with a removable bowl
  • Comes with a stirring spoon
  • Comes with an additional steaming rack
  • Recipe book gift
  • Has a delay timer
  • Has a high-tech digital display
  • Durable
  • Good safety systems.


  • All parts of the cooker are not very easy to clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer:?Yes, this model of Crock Pot does come with a steaming rack. It is made of stainless steel. You can place it into the pot and save your time and energy by preparing two meals at the same time.

Answer:?Yes. The manufacturer took care of the basic cooking tool ? the stirring spoon. Furthermore, this device comes with a gift recipe book and a steaming rack.

Answer:?Yes, definitely, you can. This multi-cooker is perfect for all kinds of meat, including chicken. If you put a whole chicken into the pot, it will be ready in only 30 minutes!

Answer:?Yes, the inner bowl is non-stick and removable.

Answer:?This multi-cooker is made of stainless steel. This high-quality, durable material is one of the best choices for cookware. It heats up quickly and evenly distributes the heat. At the same time, it is completely harmless, as it does not contain any toxic substances and does not interfere with the food.

Answer:?It comes with a UK plug. It is suitable for the 220-240 V network.

Answer:?No, it is not complicated to use any of the many programs that this multi cooker comes with. All programs are just a touch away. All you have to do is decide which program you want.

Answer:?Yes, the dessert program is one of the pre-set programs of this multi-cooker. You can make various desserts, including puddings and cake biscuits.


Crock Pot CSC051 Express Multi Cooker is one of the best multi cookers in the market and definitely the best choice for preparing meat. However, it is still a versatile device. You can prepare rice, chili, curry, vegetables, and lots of other different kinds of meals.