Cuisinart CI22-24BG Chef’s Classic Enameled Cast Iron Skillet Review

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Are you searching for a best cast Iron skillet for your household use? You should consider Cuisinart CI22-24BG Chef’s Classic Enameled Cast Iron Skillet. This is an Enameled Skillet placed at a decent price and easily available on local and online markets. Let’s evaluate if this is a better cast Iron Skillet in the price range.

 A Pre-Seasoned Skillet with the Perfect Handle Holder Review

Key Features

Cast Iron for Odorless Cooking

What is odorless cooking? It is nothing but the Skillet will not have any kind of odor so that the food gets cooked properly. As the Skillet is perfectly molded and has cast Iron, it is best for all kinds of cooking.

Good Looking Skillet

A Skillet should have an enamel. This is not the best quality enamel but it is definitely one of the better skillets. Enamel increases the look of your kitchen if you purchase the right Skillet based on your kitchen decor.


The skillet is of good quality Iron. It is not known whether the skillet is 100% iron or 99% Iron. The material can definitely withstand all kinds of beating and high levels of heat. The durability and stability are at par and it could be maintained for long use.


You can get good looking colors for the skillet. Even though there are few colors, you can get different colors from different stores. The handles are in a slight arc shape with two wings on the side, which is really nice.

Perfect and Strong Handle

The handle is definitely one of the best handles out there in the market. It has an oven-safe knob along with a great grip. It is pleasing to see that despite the handle being a little curvy, it is comfortable to hold.


  • Durable handle with high comfort
  • Stylish looks for kitchen decor
  • Easy to maintain, clean and hang
  • Dishwasher safe
  • It has outstanding heat retention
  • Heat distribution is even
  • Its grip is comfortable
  • Three color option is a plus


  • Poor outer enamel quality
  • It starts to chip early

Frequently Asked Questions

Enamel quality is poor and after a few uses, you can see it coming off. The manufacturer should have used a stronger coating.

Yeah, you can easily use this iron Skillet in the dishwasher without any issues. But make sure that the enamel does not come off during the washing.

These skillets are made in the USA. However, some of the cast iron skillets are made in China also. Because of this, you should contact the seller once to confirm whether the version of Skillet you are buying is from the USA or China. Mind you both are the same it is just about enamel coating.

Yes, without any worries.

It depends on individual preferences. The Skillet weighs around 4 pounds. Considering the handle and the gauge, this is nominal. Almost all of the cast iron skillets weigh this much unless you have opted for lower size.

Yes, you can. You can even use it in the oven. As the handle is of good quality, do not replace it with some other handle.

This Skillet does not demand too much seasoning. It has some rough edges inside but you need not worry. The seasoning can be done with minimal effort.

For a good and restricted use, 500 degrees F is the max temperature it can withstand. Anyway, you can use it in the oven to even cook the chicken and season it.

Kind of pre-seasoned. But for better frying ability, season it for some time after opening the pan for the first time.

There is no definite time. Some users found that the enamel chips off within the first year and some are using it for a couple of years. So there is no definite answer to it.


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