Cuisinart CPT 180 best 4 slice toaster

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There are different types of modern toasters. Some use digital control and some use both digital and analog. If they are not maintained properly, the results might not look good. Classic toasters give decent results every time and they are easy to use as well. We are reviewing Cuisinart CPT 180 toaster, which can be considered as the best 4 slice toaster with classic design.

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Key Features

Classic design and Versatile

Classic toasters are very easy to use, maintain and control. The design looks very elegant and it can increase the overall beauty of kitchen setup and decor. Classic design provides easy access control. It also provides fingertip control for easy analog operation. This toaster is versatile as it can toast all kinds of bread slices and pastry.

Dual control analog system

Analog systems might be an older concept but the effectiveness is really high. As this toaster has four slots in the form of sets of two, it is easy to adjust different levels for the pairs. For example, if you want a darker shade for one slice and lighter for others, you can place the slides on either side of the toaster with desired settings to get desired results.

Brushed stainless steel design with Chrome Accents

Even though the Cuisinart CPT 180 has a compact design with high-performance value, it is made from Brushed stainless steel material. The chrome accent gives a rich look to the toaster. The durability is also high as the housing of the toaster is strong enough to hold wear and tear.

Multifunctional adjustments

The toaster has wider slots so that all kinds of bread slices can be toasted. For different options, the toaster includes individual settings. You can use functions such as bagel, defrost, and reheat for desired results. You can even stop the toasting process in the middle by using the cancel button. The shade control settings are provided so that you can set the shade from level one to six.

High lift lever

The lever ejects your toast as soon as the toasting process is over. If the slice is too thick, there are chances that the slice holds the slot tightly. This leads to failure in the ejection process. With Hi-Lift lever option, you can get your toast as the lever will push the toast to a better height.


  • Easy to use interface with both digital and analog controls.
  • Made of brushed stainless steel for durability and better look aesthetics.
  • Features cord storage capability to reduce the space it occupies.
  • Very affordable.
  • Embedded led indicators to inform you of your selections or settings.
  • Wide toasting slots.
  • Removable crumb tray for easier cleaning.
  • Good warranty cover included with purchase.
  • Comes bundled with an easy to understand instruction manual.
  • Has a shade control setting.
  • It features dual control systems.


  • Winding the cord can be a bit tricky.
  • The lever system sometimes feels a bit awkward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it has cord storage. Yes, on both sides. It is very good and it comes in handy when the slice is thick. Controlling the lever is slightly uncomfortable but it works. No. It is for home use only. Buy commercial grade quality toaster for better results. There is a cancel button at the front. Just press it wherever you want to stop the toasting process. Sometimes, it takes a little over 3 minutes. Mostly 2 minutes is enough for property toasting. No. This toaster does not have any chemical coating. So there will be no odor. Two trays are provided at the back for bread crumb collection. Both the trays are placed at the perfect height. No. There is no such option. Yes. All the control options have LED indicators.


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