Cuisinart CPT 440 best 4 slice toaster

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Modern toasters are creating a buzz as they are not only easy to use but also gives better results. One such best 4 slice toaster is Cuisinart CPT 440 just touch to toast toaster. This toaster has an incredible design with no lever functionality. It is a perfect modern toaster one can have with different sets of features and better results. Can an advanced toaster help you in toasting process? Let’s find out.

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Key Features

Blend of state of art technology and digital interface

This toaster has many modern features and technologies. First, it has a completely digital interface with excellent design. The front portion of the toaster is filled with the control. At the top, there are four slots in the sets of two. A set of controls and LCD displays are provided for both sides to give a high level of control to the user. It has a countdown timer. As it does not have a lever, you will not face the issue of toast jamming into the slot.

It has three functions with a cancel button

Along with the LCD to display the timer, the toaster has a pair of control buttons. The three options are a bagel, reheat and defrost. The cancel button is also provided to terminate the toasting process. The results were overwhelming as the texture of the bagel and defrost were perfect. It is better to use a timer for better control as well.

Individual shade setting and wide slots

The shade of the toaster determines the crunching taste or softness of the toast. This toaster has a shade controller with levels from one to seven. You can use level 1 to 2 for light shade, 3 to 5 for medium shade and 6 to 7 for data toasts. Even toasting was observed because the levels provide the right heat to the slices.

Motorized Lift Design with toast ready beep

Cuisinart CPT 440 toaster does not have a lever. Instead of a lever motorized lift design is used. This design helps in lowering the bread slowly when you press the lift button. Its operation is very smooth. Once the toasting process is over the toaster unit will make a beeping sound. The sound is loud enough but not very loud.

BPA free stainless steel housing with easy cord wrapping

The housing is made from stainless steel. The slots also have wide width to give proper space for slices. The toaster is free from chemicals such as BPA. You will not get any odor in your slices. The cord can be wrapped very easily as the thickness of the cord is decent enough to fold well and store.


  • Comes with better and impressive warranty coverage.
  • It includes a motorized lift to move the toast in and out of toasters slots.
  • Made of highly durable material of stainless steel.
  • BPA free.
  • Convenient display and digital controls.
  • Comes with a cord wrap and fold feature to reduce the space occupied.
  • Provides a consistent toasting output.
  • Comes with many other extra features apart from toasting.


  • Slots are not very deep or big for some of the toast sizes.
  • Toasting time is more and it can be improved.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You can buy one for sure. It is slightly higher compared to other products. No, 1800. You can hear the beeps. At least two beeps. It is not more than 24 inches or around that length. Yes at the bottom part of the toaster there is storage. Stainless steel. It is really good. Sometimes feels tricky. The durability of the motorized lever can be an issue but till now no issues. Unfortunately, the cord provided is not retractable. However, it is easy to wrap the cord and place it. It is noticed that the heat distribution is maintained well as only the top part of the slice gets toasted and bottom part remains pretty soft to give a better bagel texture to the slice.


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