Cuisinart GR-4N

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Cuisinart is a renowned name in cookware. But with its sturdy GR-4N model, you instantly become a professional chef. After all, what would stop you from attaining your wildest cooking dream if you possess such a high-quality material and superb features present in the GR-4? Let?s piece together the vast assortment of feature that props this best electric grill to the second place and the best electric grill in terms of value for money.

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Key Feature


If you want a full-scale grill, a contact grill, a griddle, a half grill or a panini, do not worry. The Cuisinart GR-4 four-in-one grill tackles all these functions effortlessly. You get different cooking variety using one plate. You have the option to use the hot plate to griddle by panning it to enlarge the cooking surface or closing it to make different meals. It also has a drip plate below the grill plate to drain excess oil and grease. This addition eliminates your worry about oily meals.

Sturdy and durable

Made from brushed stainless steel casing, this electric grill offers a long, trouble-free service. It’s easy to clean and retains its shine even after many years of punishing use. The reinforced die-cast iron base plate offers the stability needed to make a perfect recipe. Further, you can flip the lower plate to either a plain flat base or a lined enamel hot plate. This action allows you different cooking styles and brings out more perfect meals. Further, it allows heat to penetrate all sides of the meal.

Advanced electronics

The large round, smooth dial-up knob controls allows you easy operations. Further, they are separated to meet your individual cook desire. The griddle knob manages the temperature regulation for each meal ? with a range from 200 to 425 degree F. The second knob allows you to select your preferred cooking function. You can choose grill, Panini or griddle as well as switch off the device. Lastly, the third spin affords you the option to select grill or Panini function. It also allows you to set the heat at low, medium or hot heat. When the dials are operational, the LED light is on, warning you and the children of the eminent heat around the grill. These lights improve the safety aspects of the electric grill. Its highest setting gets as high as 1500 watts of power.

Secure cover

Another feature that inspires you in this electric grill is the large safe top cover. The cover dons brushed stainless steel. It also has a large handle to exert adequate pressure on the cooking ingredients. Besides, the fasteners have a safe large size food latch to keep the lid penned to the meal when cooking. This feature also prevents unintended food splash.

Easy to clean

The easily removable cooking grill is dishwasher friendly. Simply extract the pieces and dip in a dishwasher for a clean shine. No need for manual washing.


  • Fits a small worktop, not bulky
  • Offer five different meal preparation options.
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel.
  • Dishwasher friendly cooking plates for quick cleaning.
  • Excellent temperature gauges.
  • Indicator lights to keep you aware of progress.


  • Slow in heating, needs a bit of time to heat up.
  • The grease drain mechanism is not perfect. Leave some greasy surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

[mks_toggle title=”What is Cuisinart GR-4 made from?” state=”close “]Its build mainly from a stainless steel frame! However, the drain tray and the cooking plates comprise highly durable and BPA-free composite plastic components. [mks_toggle title=”How do you inspect the drain tray?” state=”close “]The grease plate is located at the bottom of the grill. You release by pressing a button on the side of the grill to pop it out. When you insert it back the latch locks in position. [mks_toggle title=”What?s the warranty period?” state=”close “]The warranty on this product is three years. [mks_toggle title=”What is the power rating?” state=”close “]The grill uses 110 volts and 1500 watts power. [mks_toggle title=”What can you cook with Cuisinart GR04?” state=”close “]Almost everything from steak, turkey, to veggies, it allows you to grill, grate, pan fry as well as waffle if you purchase waffle plates. [mks_toggle title=”How long does the preheat time take?” state=”close “]The grill takes about 5 minutes. This duration is a lesser time than for most of the other grills. [mks_toggle title=”How do I care for the grill?” state=”close “]Follow the operations and maintenance instruction to get the most out of this product. Preheat the grill for faster cooking and only use a rubber spatula for scraping food piece off the plate.


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