Dalstrong knife set block-Gladiator series colossal knife set-German HC steel-18pc-walnut stand

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When you are searching for the product Dalstrong knife set block-Gladiator series colossal knife set, you will get a lot of positive reviews as some say they are the best steak knife set because of many reasons. We thought of giving them a try through our product review. We asses their quality by taking different inputs so that you can decide.

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Key Features

High craftsmanship with cutting edge technology

These are absolutely high-quality premium knives. Not everyone wants to buy them as they are costly. The knives are perfectly crafted and engineered to give perfect look, feel and high durability. With their peak level of advanced craftsmanship, they have used the best quality materials to produce these premium knives. If you read carefully you may find that we have used superlative words. It is because of the quality of the knife set.

Imported high carbon steel from Germany

What Defines quality? It is the ability to provide effective results with longevity. As the high carbon steel is from Germany it is expected to have premium quality. The knives are very sharp indeed. With the edges perfectly polished and crafted with 14-16 degrees on each side, you can use either side of the knives. They are strain resistance with higher lifetime.

Can perform well at 56+ Rockwell hardness

With a satin finish and amazing engineering, these knives are tapered to give better durability, flexibility, very less slicing resistance and hardness. As they are hard and sharp at the same time, they are one of the best in the range. Rather, they can be considered as the best in the range.

Multipurpose knives with a walnut wood stand or block

As there are 18 knives it is important to have a holder or a storage system. The package includes a block made from walnut wood. This will not only help you to organize the knives but also helps in keeping the knives and away from any kinds of wear and tear when you dont use them for a longer period.

Trusted by more than 70000 Professional Chefs

Chefs pay a lot of attention to the details, quality, and durability. When more than 70,000 Chefs have recommended these knives they should be helpful for normal households. The set includes different types of knives and they are Kiritsuke knife, Chefs knife, slicing or carving knife, paring knife, filet or boning, bread, birds beak, 6 steak knives, and a honing wheel.


  • High carbon material of ThyssenKrupp with German steel at Rockwell 56
  • Precision forged blades
  • Wear resistant
  • Ultra sharp
  • Hand sharpened from 14 to16
  • Single-piece
  • tall blade height
  • perfect balance maintained between achieving the ultra-thin blade slices and the maximum resilience
  • Tapered design provides hardness and more flexibility
  • Beautiful hand polished satin finish blade
  • Stain resistant
  • Polished spine
  • Precisely tempered
  • Premium quality as it has laminated pakkawood handles, which gives superior strength, beauty and refinement
  • Full tanged
  • Triple-riveted
  • Very sharp
  • Ergonomic handle designed shape
  • Durable
  • Stainless steel (end cap) adds counterbalance and distinction
  • Dalstrong center rivet Engraved
  • Fingers protective bolster.
  • Mirror polished sharp blades


  • A little Expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

Lifetime guarantee


Yes. You can as the manufacturer has confirmed it.

No. You should not as they are carbon fiber steel knives.


Yes, very easily. They will hang on to the strap perfectly if the magnet is placed perfectly. Buy a good quality knife strap.

It is made of steel. Obviously, they rust but these can last long.

These knives are certified at 62+ HRC ratings.

Custom order is not available. All you can buy is the stock sets available in the current market. Manufacturers should consider custom orders.

No, there are no sheaths included and you cannot even buy one outside from the same manufacturer. You can find some other manufacturer who might have produced sheath for these knives.


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